The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1297

Chapter 1297 Utmost Respect

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Su Yu snapped opened his fingers to reveal an ancient scripture glowing with the light of Star River.

In the past, there were no less than ten God-level wild beasts captured within. The remaining presence of God-level wild beasts was unparalleled.

Sure enough, although the little mermaid growled profusely and wanted to kill Su Yu, she was extremely frightened once she saw what was in his hand.

Indeed, she sensed the bloodlust from this human species. Not only the blood of fellow God-level tomb guard spirits but the blood of many other deities.

Her intuition told her that this human standing in front of her was extremely dangerous!


After letting out a roar, the little mermaids brows suddenly slit open and a blood-red, threadlike worm flew out and quickly disappeared into the vast underwater.

The little mermaid became limp and fell unconscious.

Ba Yi stepped forward to catch her but was beaten to it by a five-colored light that lifted her gently.

Su Yus pupils became white as he inspected every inch of the little mermaids body and sneered, Sure enough, it still refuses to give up its evil designs!


Su Yus right palm was emanating starlight and he pressed it against her chest.

The mermaids faces were a little bewildered after witnessing such a scene.

Ba Yi shouted sullenly, You! How dare you touch the princesss body?

Ba Yi reached out to attack Su Yu, but was blocked by the big mermaid, Stop, Ba Yi!

The big mermaid approached and stared at Su Yus palm. Although his palm was indeed at a place that he should not be touching, anyone who still suspected that Su Yu intended any harm would be very foolish.

Sure enough, the silver light in Su Yus palm slowly drew a faint blood-red line from the little mermaids chest. All the while, it was twisting and turning in a futile attempt to resist.

Is thatthe God-level tomb guard spirits divine clone? the big mermaids face stiffened as she recognized what it was.

The God-level tomb guard spirit was insidious!

However, when she turned to look at Su Yu, her eyes were filled with astonishment.

Su Yu had previously said that he could kill the tomb guard spirits with ease, but she was not convinced.

However, judging by what had just happened, she was willing to take his word for it.

He had managed to scare the God-level tomb guard spirit away right in front of her own eyes!

She did not believe that the fearsome tomb guard spirit could be so easily intimidated. Su Yu must have had some special power to make it so uncomfortable.

With a clench of his fist, Su Yu crushed the divine clone and handed the little mermaid over to her sister. He then shook his sleeves, recovered the Five Elements Mountain that was blocking the entrance, and entered the ship leisurely with his hands placed behind his back.

Ba Yis expression was cold, he shouted, Stop! Who allows you to enter without permission!

The big mermaid was livid. After he had saved both the mermaid sisters not once but twice, and prevented a catastrophe in the mermaid clan, how could her brother treat their benefactor with such disrespect?

Shut up Ba Yi! the big mermaid scolded.

Ba Yi said, But he

I told you to shut up! the big mermaid said with a stern expression.

Ba Yi clenched his fists tightly and his cheek muscles twitched a few times before he eventually backed away and kept silent.

He continued to stare at Su Yu, but this time with brewing resentment.

Su Yu looked back at him, and a little upward curl could be seen at the corner of his mouth.

The interior of the battleship was completely different. It was a place of exceptional charm and beauty. There was a host of complex gadgets and huge bulky machinery densely packed inside the giant ship.

Unfortunately, most of them were damaged. Only a small proportion remained in operation. The barrier that was protecting the battleship was one of those that were still working.

Su Yu relished the opportunity to acutely observe this ancient civilization that had been lost for billions of years.

What remained in the battleship was far in advance of anything that Star River had to offer.

In its full glory, the battleship would be equivalent to the whole of the Western Alliance!

Furthermore, Su Yu had not taken into account the thing that he was most interested in, the artillery.

When he discovered the towering giant cannons, Su Yu was disappointed to find that all of the interiors were destroyed. They were no longer in operation, no one could use them, or even copy them.

Sir, I apologize for Ba Yis rudeness. The big mermaid appeared from behind and bowed apologetically.

Unmoved, Su Yu did not bother to take his eyes off what he was doing.

The big mermaid assumed Su Yu was still angry and continued, Ba Yi is usually very smart and capable, butmaybe because my sister and I seem very close to you he got jealous

So a smart and capable person cannot evaluate the situation? Su Yu turned around and said lightly, As the gatekeeper, he ignored his subordinates advice to close the entrance to ensure the safety of the entire mermaid clan. Instead, he led them out to fight without grasping the situation fully. Your Royal Highness, why do you imagine he qualifies for such an important position?

The big mermaid was slow to understand. Do you mean

Su Yu shook his head, This is internal politics within the mermaid clan, I will not meddle, but for my safety, let me make a suggestion. Judging by his performance just now, he cannot be a capable gatekeeper. He has some personal issues and I advise you to replace him as soon as possible. The sooner the better! Read more chapter on

That would be the big mermaid hesitated. Su Yus words were logical, and thinking about it further, she had to admit that Ba Yis conduct was a disappointment.

Send down my orders! Ba Yi is commanded to hand over the entrance key to me and reflect behind closed doors!

Shortly, a group of mermaids brought her the key.

Ah, I see that you hold quite prestigious status here in the Mermaid Clan. Su Yu looked at her.

For some reason, the big mermaid felt overwhelmed by Su Yu, as if she was dealing with a man of great importance.

You can call me Luzhu., the big mermaid said as her expression turned grave, If I may ask, when did you find out that my sister was possessed by the God-level tomb guard spirit?

Su Yu examined his surroundings and then said, I noticed it when I first met the two of you.

Once he had cast his perspective vision, Su Yu had noticed something peculiar about the body of the little mermaid. As the other party was well hidden, he had decided to wait and see.

Since the beginningso, my sister was already long possessed by the God-level tomb guard spirit! Luzhu said with surprise.

No wonder we met so many tomb guard spirits there, all of it is beginning to make sense now! Luzhu murmured.

There are very few tomb guard spirits in those water territories. I wondered why there were so many appearing at once, the reason was that there was a God-level tomb guard spirit nearby! Luzhu murmured.

After some thought, the big mermaids eyes began to sparkle as the truth gradually dawned on her.

Perhaps you are right, we do appear to have some problems within the mermaid clan. Is it a coincidence that the moment we two princesses left, we encountered a large number of tomb guard spirits that were trying to hunt us down? Come to think about it, someone must have divulged our whereabouts. The fact that my sister was possessed must be the work of the same mastermind that is pulling the strings behind the scenes, but who could it be?

Su Yu said lightly, Its very simple. If you look at what is happening with your clan today, you can already guess who is responsible

If Im not mistaken, the mermaid clan has recently had a serious power struggle, and you are a very promising candidate for that power.

Luzhu stared with her eyes wide open and said, Who told you that?

Su Yu was a man who had more than just common sense. But how could he know about the mermaid clans secret power struggle? Even the ordinary mermaids were not aware of it.

Since Su Yu arrived, he had not spoken to the rest of the mermaids. So how could he know?

It wasnt hard to deduce that from your actions. It would be unusual for a princess to so easily change the guardian of an important location on the battleship. This is something that would not ordinarily happen unless you had taken over power from the supreme leader. But from how they address you, you are still a princess. The power you wield has not yet been legitimized, and so this will inevitably lead to a power struggle.

Let me guess, the supreme leader is either recently dead or seriously ill? Those are the scenarios where it would be highly likely for a power struggle to ensue.

Luzhu was stunned and it took her a long time to catch her breath. She stared at Su Yu and her eyes were brimming with admiration. You are amazing! You have been able to grasp the whole picture through my actions!

She was overwhelmed by Su Yus brilliance. If she had not seen it with her own eyes, she would never have believed that there could exist such an intelligent and admirable spirit in this world.

As you say, the supreme leader is now seriously ill and he is also my father. He handed power to me before he fell into a coma. In the end, out of the three generals that served under him only one of them is supportive, the other two have soldiers under them and are prideful. They did not pay me much heed and I suspect they intend to compete for the position of the mermaid king.

Su Yu listened in silence.

Luzhu asked tentatively, Sir, if I may ask your opinion, between the two of them, which one is most likely to be the mastermind of the conspiracy?

Them? Su Yu smiled and his eyes sparkled, I think you should beware of the general that you claimed to help you so much.

Luzhu disagreed, Sir, General Blackfish helps me sincerely from the bottom of his heart. Without him, I would not be able to make it through the day. It would be impossible for him to be the conspirator!

Su Yu smiled, Look, even you think that he could not be the murderer, let alone anyone else!

What do you mean?

Its very simple! If you die, who will be the first beneficiary? Of course, it will be the two generals who are prideful and lead an army. They will undoubtedly become the prime suspects! Then, the most unlikely conspirator, General Blackfish, comes and swears revenge for you and your sister. Who do you think the mermaid clan will favor? The traitors that they suspect of killing the royal family, or the loyal Blackfish general?

Luzhu had never even considered this possibility.

But, but he has always helped me defend against the other two disloyal generals!

Oh, if he allowed you sisters, to be defeated, wouldnt the power go to those two generals? So, naturally he must support you against the other two generals! Then, you would no longer be of any use to him. As soon as you two are dead, he would get the support of the mermaid clan.

Luzhu was once again dealt a heavy blow, her senses were now in complete disarray.

Although what Su Yu said was all just speculation, every sentence was incisive and logical. It was as if Su Yu was a higher level being that could see and analyze everything.

Well, thats all for now, it is up to you to choose how you handle this matter. I am not interested in what is happening within the mermaid clan, I am only here to find out some information.

Luzhu snapped back into her senses and her attitude towards Su Yu became more respectful, as if worshipping a god.

Please tell me what you need, the mermaid clan will assist you as much as we can.

Su Yu nodded, Well, I have two things to investigate. First, how do I leave the Ancient God Realm? Second, I wish to collate all the information about advanced weapons in the Ancient God Realm.

He could not stay in the Ancient God Realm for too long, the Xing River battle was ongoing and he needed to return.

He would have the ability to turn the tide if he could only bring back those weapons, that were lost for billions of years, from the Ancient God Realm to fight against the demons.