The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1298

Chapter 1298 Imperial Sacred Faction

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Leave the ancient god realm? Lzhu was stupefied. What are you saying, young lord? I dont understand.

Su Yu was silent for a moment. Hesitantly, he answered. It means head for the world beyond the ancient god realm.

There is a world beyond the ancient god realm? Lzhu questioned in return.

Su Yu was pensive for a moment, he realized that he had been a little impetuous.

Back when he was in the galaxy, had he ever thought about the existence of the ancient god realm within the galaxy?

Ill rephrase my question. Where did we first meet? Su Yu asked. It was that endlessly profound passageway, very likely the only passage between the ancient god realm and the galaxy.

Lzhu was surprised. You mean there? It is known as the Endless Origin. Every second, a never-ending stream of the heavenly rivers water flows into it. Thats why it is named the Endless Origin.

The Endless Origin Indeed, the waters of the galaxy continuously flow into the Heaven Pool.

Su Yus eyes glittered. Has anyone ever succeeded in passing through the Endless Origin?

Lzhu turned solemn. Never! Not one! Since the recorded history of the ancient god realm began, countless Imperial Sacred Factions have attempted to explore the end of the Endless Origin. Not a single soul succeeded!

Su Yu was thoughtful. What are the so-called Imperial Sacred Factions? How powerful are they?

Lzhu had a look of reverence in her eyes. The Imperial Sacred Factions are the descendants of the imperial rulers of the world billions of years ago.

Although the ancient imperial rulers have perished, the descendants of their bloodlines still exist, managing everything in the ancient god realm. They are the supreme rulers.

Every Sacred Faction consists of strong men from the Sacred Master level. I cant tell exactly their strength, but they are extremely powerful. In their hands, the divine-level tomb-guarding spirits could perish in a single breath.

Finishing off divine-level wild beasts in a breath? Su Yu was stunned. Within the galaxy, there were many deities who could kill divine-level wild beasts. At least the top twenty deities of the Great Eastern Alliance had such strength.

However, killing them in one breath made them entities far beyond the ordinary deities. Such individuals did not exist in the Great Alliances.

In comparison, their strength was almost on par with the Demonic God of Six Paths.

Could it be possible that all the descendants of the worlds imperial rulers were that powerful and intrepid?

Besides, Lzhus tone implied that there was more than one such Sacred Faction.

If entities like them had not succeeded in traversing the Endless Origin in the past billions of years, it seemed like an impossible challenge for Su Yu to return.

What was the cause of their failure?

Lzhu thought for a moment, and replied, Because there is a Nine-headed Mutant God living in the Endless Origin, that has been there for a billion years.

Anyone who gets near it has only a slim chance of getting out alive. Legend has it that it was the spiritual pet of a worlds imperial ruler of the past, nestling in the Endless Origin.

Once you alarm it, even if youre a Faction Master of the Imperial Sacred Faction, you will not survive!

Su Yu was shocked. As he recalled the humongous black shadow that flashed past above his head, he couldnt help but shudder inside.

That, was probably the Nine-headed Mutant God.

Even an entity like the Demonic God of Six Paths was easily devoured by the Nine-headed Mutant God. How powerful could the Nine-headed Mutant God be?

The reason he got to live was probably because in the eyes of the Nine-headed Mutant God, he was insignificant, and therefore it did not bother with him.

Besides, theres another crucial reason for their failure. A paramount Power of Rules exists in the Endless Origin. Anyone attempting to travel against the water flow would be suppressed by the Power of Rules, making them unable to go against the tide.

Su Yu thought of the unknown sucking force he felt in the water, it was irresistible indeed.

Even a powerful individual like the Demonic God of Six Paths would have to rely upon the Giant of the Bitter Sea to painstakingly crawl out of it.

As he reflected on that, Su Yu was downhearted. It was more trouble than he had imagined, Returning to the galaxy was full of challenges, or perhaps impossible.

However, it is said that during that expedition, the four great Imperial Sacred Factions joined forces, and succeeded in penetrating the Endless Origin with a force.

Unfortunately before they received any response, they were detected by the Nine-headed Mutant God, which hurried over and engulfed all the Faction Masters of the Imperial Sacred Faction.

What? Su Yu couldnt but recall what he had read about the Heaven Pool in the Alliance Masters mansion.

Many years ago, a terrifying beam of light was emitted from under the Heaven Pool. It penetrated the galaxy, devastating the Demonic Dimension, and severely injuring the Giant of the Bitter Sea.

Could it be the force unleashed by the Imperial Sacred Faction?

If that was the case, penetrating the Endless Origin with the help of this force seemed to be a viable solution!

What exactly was the force? Are you certain about that?

Lzhu shook her head. That was a by-gone era, our mermaid tribe keeps no detailed records. It is passed on by word of mouth.

However, the Mermaid Emperor believed that it could be replicated by the four great Imperial Sacred Factions based on a lost weapon from the ancient times, the World Annihilation Plate.

Su Yu was moved. A weapon passed down from the time of the ancient god realm?

What is the World Annihilation Plate?

Lzhu explained. From the limited sources we have, it is known that it was the treasure of the greatest emperor of the world, the World Annihilation Emperor.

It is the fifth-ranking Emperor-based Saint Artifact, which possesses the nature-defying strength to break the rules of the universe!

Upon hearing that, Su Yus pupils shrank forcefully and he inhaled a cold sharp breath. The fifth-ranking Emperor-based Saint Artifact?

The Milky Way Star Sand was only ranked 21st and yet it already possessed nature-defying abilities. Just how horrifying would a fifth-ranking artifact be?

The Demonic Dimension had been penetrated and the Giant of the Bitter Sea injured, yet it was only a replica. The power of the real one would be phenomenal.

By seizing control of such a force, would he be able to break through the restraints of the universal laws, negotiate past the Endless Origin with its help, and return to the galaxy?

Where is the replica of the World Annihilation Plate now? Su Yu had a hopeful gleam in his eyes.

In the belly of the Nine-headed Mutant God, Lzhu replied, When the Faction Masters of the four great Imperial Sacred Factions were devoured, the World Annihilation Plate went missing. It must have been swallowed into the belly of the Nine-headed Mutant God as well.

It was like a pail of cold water had been poured over Su Yu when he heard that.

Even entities like the Demonic God of Six Paths were devoured by the Nine-headed Mutant God in one gulp, how was it possible to retrieve the World Annihilation Plate from its belly?

Has the blueprint for creating the World Annihilation Plate been passed down? Su Yu asked eagerly. Since the four great Imperial Sacred Factions managed to replicated it, the method of building it must have been handed down.

I dont know about that, our mermaid tribe only makes up a very small portion, how can we possibly get to know the affairs of the Imperial Sacred Faction?

Su Yu did not give up. Do the four great Imperial Sacred Factions still exist?

They no longer do. When the four great Faction Masters were devoured, 90 percent of the masters and experts of their organization also perished.

Very soon, they all met their downfall or were merged into other bludgeoning Imperial Sacred Factions. For millions of years, they have been thoroughly eradicated from the world.

Disappointment flashed across Su Yus eyes.

However, it is said that some people of the four great Imperial Sacred Factions during that time still exist in the world, but they appear to have vanished, and its very difficult to find them.

Su Yu nodded. Thanks a lot.

How much knowledge of the weaponry of the ancient god realm does the mermaid tribe hold? The blueprint for building this Sacred Sky Warship, for example, do you have it preserved?

Lzhu chortled awkwardly. Youre kidding me, young lord. Even the Imperial Sacred Factions have lost the method of building the Sacred Sky Warship, how could a mere mermaid tribe like us have its blueprint?

But as for the blueprints of certain spare parts, we do have some of those.