The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Preying the weak and fearing the strong
Chapter 130: Preying the weak and fearing the strong
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With the arrival of the two elders, the contest began.

"First round, Luo Hao against Song Yu!"


A lady and a man flew into the practice venue. They were dressed in black and their expressions were merciless. A ferocious energy surrounded their bodies.

"Luo Hao is ranked fourth among the Four Rising Stars and is a Third Level Lower Tier Holy King. Song Yu is ranked third, she's also a Third Level Lower Tier Holy King," Mo Wi introduced them both impassively.

Su Yu observed the two. They were of the same cultivation level, but the lady Song Yu was ranked slightly higher than Luo Hao.

"The contest begins!"


The two fighters made their moves!

Song Yu was a lady, so her flexibility was naturally superior. Coupled with the technique she used, she became light as a sparrow. Her movements were agile, striking elegantly yet accurately.

Luo Hao was muscular, but it did not affect his agility. He struck with both his arms and legs, attacking and defending with the same technique.


They exchanged multiple moves. Their movement techniques, as well as their attacking and defensive capabilities, were more or less equal.

It was hard to discern why Song Yu was ranked above Luo Hao.

After ten moves, the two clashed palms before stepping away from the other.

"Your movement techniques have improved, not bad. You still need to spar more with outsiders, this contest is over." Song Yu had an expression of approval.

Luo Hao cupped his fists in respect. "Thank you for your pointers, Senior. Please, don't hold back any longer. I wish to see if I can last longer than I did last time."

Song Yu had deliberately suppressed her abilities to spar with Luo Hao.

"Alright!" Song Yu lowered her chin, her fingers pointing in the air.

A water bubble the size of a palm materialized in her hand. Clenching her fist, the bubble turned into a ribbon encircling her arm.

"Wave of the Heavens!" Song Yu exclaimed as she pressed forward!

The ribbons around her body danced in the air like flying dragons!

Su Yu's expression turned serious. "A Legacy level technique!"

This was the first time he had seen a disciple use a true Legacy level technique since coming into the faction!

Luo Hao's expression turned serious. He extended his arms into the shape of large wings and suspended himself in the air!

"Wings of Flight!"

With a low grunt, his legs twisted like tops as his body descended.

The quick spinning motion agitated the surrounding air which exploded with a loud boom!

The waves of strong wind assaulted their surroundings. Su Yu's silver hair danced wildly.

"That is nearly at the level of a Legacy level technique," Su Yu muttered.

Song Yu had a look of admiration. "Not bad! In just a month, your understanding of the Legacy level technique has improved. Unfortunately, it's not enough!"

The ribbons in her hands danced gently, suddenly turning sharp as a whip. The water ribbons struck downwards, causing the air to shimmer!

Crack Crash

A thunderous boom filled the room.

Luo Hao was struck, his spinning body coming to a sudden halt and flying backward out of the arena!


The water ribbons turned into a ball of water, cushioning Luo Hao's fall.

"Thank you Senior for holding back." Luo Hao thanked her in gratitude but was visibly bitter. "To think that I still cannot take one of Senior's attacks."

Song Yu had a smile on her face. "The power of a Legacy level technique is immense, it's a huge boost to a person's combined strength. In the future, after you completely learn a Legacy level technique, the difference between our strengths will naturally narrow."

Song Yu kept her smile, impassively looking toward Su Yu with wrinkled brows. "You're Su Yu? Come up, I have received orders to spar with you."

From her expression, it seemed that she was not happy about fighting Su Yu.

Is it finally my turn?

Su Yu stepped forward, cupping his hands in respect. "I am Su Yu, I hope to learn something from Senior Song Yu."

"Learn something? How could I teach anything to such a lawless person!" A murderous intent developed between Song Yu's brows.

She was a disciple of the Law Enforcement Tribunal and bore deep hatred for anyone who broke the rules of the faction.

Su Yu had not only barged into the Inner Sanctum, killed Xu Rong, and injured the guard of the steel bridge, but he had even caused trouble at the wedding of the disciple of the Great Elder. He was a troublemaker!

His reputation was not good in the Law Enforcement Tribunal

Without the protection of the Second Elder, he would already have been punished by the Law Enforcement Tribunal!

Sensing Song Yu's animosity, Su Yu remained calm. "I was only trying to save my fiance. Under the urgent circumstances, I might have broken a few of the faction's rules. If that's any cause for Senior's unhappiness, I hope that you can understand."

"Hmph! Nonsensical logic! The rules of the faction are absolute. No matter what reasons you have, breaking them would warrant punishment!" Song Yu's expression was turning colder by the minute.

Su Yu wrinkled his eyebrows. This lady was too obsessed with the rules. "So based on your logic, knowing that my fiance was being forced to marry someone else, I should have just observed from the side?"

"Yes!" Song Yu's answer was short and decisive. "The rules of the faction are above everything. How can your fiance compare to the rules of the faction?"

His gaze turning colder, Su Yu did not want to continue arguing with such a lady. He calmly said. "Let's battle, I have no more words to say to you."

"Hehe"Song Yu's lips curled upward"it seems that you have grown overconfident of your abilities after defeating the guard of the steel bridge.

"That's good! I shall use my abilities to teach to you respect the Law Enforcement Tribunal! In front of the Law Enforcement Tribunal, your abilities mean nothing!

"Wave of the Heavens!"


A water ribbon encircled her arm.

As Song Yu pressed forward, she spiraled in the air with deadly precision. The water ribbon pointed toward Su Yu.


"Scram!" Song Yu was furious as she struck downward! The water ribbon whipped out at Su Yu!

Though his back was targeted, Su Yu did not try to evade the attacks. Instead, he extended both of his hands, using one hand to strike Song Yu who was in front of him. He used the other hand to point towards the water ribbon at his back!



The palms of the two collided in the air.

Song Yu, a Third Level Lower Tier Holy King, fell backshe was unable to stand the collision!

She spat out a mouthful of blood, flying backward with a shocked expression. At the peak of the battle, she had been defeated by Su Yu!

She was indignant. "Scram!" She flicked her arm, the water ribbon assaulting Su Yu's back. It was a Legacy level technique from a Third Level Holy King, its power was not to be underestimated!

Su Yu did not look back. Instead, he merely pointed a finger.


The ferocious water whip stopped midair, turning into an ice sculpture! An alarming chill spread through the whip rapidly.

Song Yu made to let go of the water ribbon, but it was too late! The chilly energy had traveled up the length of the water-whip, turning Song Yu's arm into ice.

With a fearful shriek, her entire body turned into a crystalline ice sculpture.

With just one move, Su Yu had defeated Song Yu!

Luo hao was immensely surprised. Even someone as strong as Song Yu had been defeated with one move!

Su Yu calmly retracted his palms, turning to look at the frozen Song Yu. "Actually the one who was overconfident was yourself." He tapped the ground gently with his toe.


The frost on Song Yu's body shattered, freeing her body.


Taking a few deep breaths, Song Yu's face turned redpartially due to her lack of oxygen, but also due to shame.

To think Su Yu was so powerful! His defeat over the black-armored guard that day was not a fluke!

Cao Xuan's unfeeling eyes showed a shred of emotion for the first time. "Hmph! His basics are not bad!"

The Second Elder and the Tenth Elder showed a little surprise. Su Yu had not shown his true powers at the wedding. Many had assumed that Su Yu's limit was fighting someone of one tier higher than him, like the black-armored guard. They did not expect the powerful Song Yu to also lose to him.

"The third round will begin, Song Yu against Chen Xiang!"

Chen Xiang was ranked second out of the Four Rising Stars of the Law Enforcement Tribunal, under only Wang Shenxue! His abilities reached Third Level Upper Tier Holy King. He was extraordinarily terrifying.

Song Yu steadied her breathing, flying into the practice venue.

"Senior Chen, please teach me." Song Yu was expectant. Sparring with a person like Chen Xiang resulted in lessons rather than victories, which she appreciated. She could only get such a learning opportunity once a month.

Chen Xiang, a stern and stable figure, had a sinister aura around him. The looks he gave people were often dull and sinister.

Chen Xiang nodded his head. "Your move."

Song Yu was elated, putting her all into her attack! "Wave of the Heavens!"

A water ribbon encircled her body as Song Yu pressed forward. This was the battle she had been waiting for. Just as she was about to cross attacks with Chen Xiang, his look turned fierce!

"Dragon Splitting Palm!"

Chen Xiang's palm struck down like a heavenly great sword!

His power was unparalleled, the resulting dust storm created by his attack made it hard for people to observe the fight!

Su Yu's gaze turned serious. Had Chen Xiang used a Stage One Upper Tier of a Legacy level technique?

No; the attack was only very close to Stage One Upper Tier, just a slight distance away. Still, the attack's power was terrifying!


With a pathetic howl, Song Yu fell onto the ground helplessly! Her cracking ribs could be heard around the arena.

What a merciless attack. Though it was only a sparring match, Chen Xiang was merciless!

Song Yu had blood all over her mouth. Bearing the intense pain, as she stood up with difficulty. She was afraid and frustrated as she looked at Chen Xiang. "Senior Chen, we had said that this was a sparring match, why did you not hold back?"

Chen Xiang stood with his hands behind his back, his gaze sinister. "Hmph! You have the guts to ask? You can't even win against a Second Level Holy King, utterly trash! You disgrace the Law Enforcement Tribunal! This palm was a punishment, this shall not happen again!"

Biting her lips, Song Yu dragged her injured body down the stage in humiliation.

Chen Xiang looked toward Su Yu. "I would advise you to surrender immediately before facing me, otherwise you shall suffer!"

Su Yu's expression was calm. "I would also advise you to take your opponents seriously. No matter how much you look down on them, you should never disregard them."

"You're not even worthy of my direct gaze!' Chen Xiang chided coldly.

"The fourth match, Chen Xiang against Cao Xuan!" the referee announced.

Was it finally Cao Xuan's turn? Su Yu wanted to observe how powerful he would be after suppressing his cultivation level to match Su Yu's.

"I admit defeat!"

But, before Cao Xuan could step onto the stage, Chen Xiang admitted defeat.

Cao Xuan slowly retracted his step, lightly arranging his robe. He frowned. "You know your place."

Chen Xiang's sinister face had formed beads of cold sweat. The stern Chen Xiang had forced out a patronizing smile.

His visible fear and respect for Cao Xuan, warrior of the Dragon Realm, ran deep in his heart. He did not even dare battle Cao Xuaneven though Cao Xuan's cultivation level was severely suppressed.

Wang Shenxue, who was observing from the side, shook his head. "A martial artist can lack power, but must never lack spirit."

Chen Xiang sniffed.

The Dragon Realm Even if Chen Xiang had lowered his cultivation level, the abilities he had cultivated and his experience in battle were still present. How could Cao Xuan ever beat him?

"The fifth round, Su Yu against Chen Xiang!"

Chen Xiang replaced his patronizing stare with a sinister expression. "Boy! I'll give you a chance to admit defeat now. Otherwise, you might not be able to get back down the stage on your own! The honor of the Law Enforcement Tribunal will not be easily sullied by you!"


Flying towards the stage, Su Yu calmly smiled. "Not everyone is like you, preying on the weak but fearing the strong. Furthermore"Su Yu's gaze turned cold"I think you are not that strong at all. A single move will be enough to defeat you!"