The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1303

Chapter 1303 The Heavens Collapsed

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Su Yus Celestial Energy Spheres rotated at his abdomen area, releasing pure divine power and wrapping the two of them in it.

Divine power are you a deity? Luzhu was shocked. She never expected that Su Yu was actually a god.

Thinking about it, that could actually explain everything that had happened with Su Yu so far.

In the meantime, they descended into the deep pit that was storming with divine powers.

Boom! Pssh!

Right at the moment when they entered, the remnant divine power swooped in from all directions, trying to crush them into bits.

Fortunately, they had the sanctuary of Su Yus divine power and successfully deflected the attack.

Just as they descended into the pit, the three generals led by General Blackfish arrived at the scene and saw them diving in.

There is ferocious power below! How come they dare to dive in without the protection of divine power? General Blackfish was slightly surprised.

General Hu and General Li secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Its time to go back and report about the mission. Without the presence of a deity, they have no chance of surviving that fall. Even if he has that Nine Divine Warriors shroud, it will not be enough to stop the penetration of the divine power, General Hu said.

General Blackfish stared at the deep pit and thought about it for a long time before lifting his head up and agreeing with what General Hu deduced.

The shroud might have been able to block the attack of the gods, but in this pervasive vortex of divine power, without a deity to protect them, it was impossible to survive.

General Blackfish still had a lingering doubt about the whole situation.

Why would they do that?

Nevertheless, the trio returned to the mermaid clan and reported to the Mermaid Emperor.

The Mermaid Emperors eyes narrowed and he smiled slightly. Hehe, this is interesting. He actually dug up some clues and wants to investigate my provenance?

The Mermaid Emperor had never met anyone as clever as Su Yu. His intellect was something the Mermaid Emperor had personally experienced himself.

Of course, he did not believe that Su Yu entered into such a dangerous place without a good reason.

General Hu, you go back to the edge of that deep pit and stand guard there. Within ten days, he will come out.

Upon hearing the order, the three generals were all surprised. Su Yu was not dead?

I dont have much energy to deal with him so I shall leave him to you! The Mermaid Emperor said coldly. Pass down the command, gather all the soldiers in the mermaid clan, and be prepared to fight!


Su Yu could only hear the sound of whirring wind in his ears, and the incessant collisions of the remnant divine power continued around them. Eventually, they passed through the vortex of divine power and reached the bottom of the deep pit.

There, a deep fissure was clearly visible.

Lets go in! Su Yu said softly and immediately entered the fissure.

It was pitch black and he could barely see anything, but the auras of a large number of tomb guard spirits could be faintly perceived.

Luzhu only saw darkness, but nothing could escape Su Yus keen eyes even in these circumstances.

He saw that the wall within the fissure was covered with countless little black eggs.

Through the transparent egg wall, he saw that the gestating tomb guard spirits were resting inside. They were all strangely shaped and looked different from one another.

Su Yus scalp tingled after witnessing such an unpleasant sight.

It was not just one black egg, but countless of them hanging densely on the walls of the fissure. The number of them seemed endless.

There are so many tomb guard spirits! It seems my guess is correct, Su Yu murmured. There is indeed an ancient tomb of the Divine Warrior of Heaven and Earth at this place.

What? Luzhu was shocked, as Su Yus words came to her like thunder, shaking her down to her very core.

The holy royal family closely protected all the ancient tombs of the Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth.

The only nine tombs of the Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth were well-known and they certainly were not here. Therefore, she found it hard to believe when Su Yu said that there was an ancient tomb suppressed under the spirit vein near the mermaid clan.

Su Yu was not surprised and calmly said, Did you not say that the tomb guard spirits were born from the ancient tomb of the Divine Warrior of Heaven and Earth? The tomb guard spirit who occupied the Mermaid Emperor came from this place, and furthermore, there are also hundreds of millions of tomb guard spirits waiting to be born here. What is this place if not the ancient tomb of a Divine Warrior of Heaven and Earth?

Luzhu was shocked. She was thinking that the Mermaid Clan and the Yaksha Clan could never expect that the spirit vein they were fighting for was actually the tomb of a Divine Warrior of Heaven and Earth.

If the royal family of the Empire of Eternal Darkness learned about this, not only would the spirit vein be confiscated, but the two clans would also be razed to the ground.

Let us go in and take a look, Su Yu said, following the cracks on the ground and walking deeper.

Along the way, countless black eggs could be seen. Once they all hatched, if so many tomb guard spirits were let loose in Star River, it would definitely cause a disaster that would destroy all realms, and only a small amount of beings could survive it.

At the same time, Su Yu also noticed that there were many remaining traces of the battle along the way, including the aura of the tomb guard spirit who occupied the body of the Mermaid Emperor, and also one extremely terrible being.

As they stopped in front of a deep hole about ten feet wide, Su Yu squatted, his eyes looking down intently.

In the deep hole, faint grey flames were burning quietly.

Those grey flames were unknown and mysterious, but there was something extremely dangerous about them.

As he stood at the edge of the deep hole, Su Yu felt very uneasy.

What what is this? It seems terrible. Luzhu was trembling and feeling very disturbed.

Su Yu whispered, I dont know what exactly is it, but I know that if the Mermaid Emperor touches it, he will certainly die.

Undoubtedly, there was existence terrifying being in the depths of the tomb.

He hesitated for a while, and then bypassed the hole and proceeded.

Sir Su, only the holy royal family has the right to dip their fingers into an ancient tomb of a Divine Warrior of Heaven and Earth. Even if they managed to explore the tomb, they often suffered heavy casualties before they could excavate a part. Lets go back and not proceed.

Su Yu turned his head. He said, I have people I need to protect. For them, I am willing to do anything. This ancient tomb, since it is the tomb of a Divine Warrior of Heaven and Earth, must contain objects and knowledge about the ancient civilization. Only through obtaining it can I go back to save them.

Su Yu walked on resolutely and ventured deeper into the fissure.

Luzhu sighed slightly. He had someone to protect, but what about her?

Other than her sister, who was trapped in the mermaid clan, who else in this world would she fight for?

For the Mermaid Emperor? He had already departed from the world.

For the mermaid clan? Did they still acknowledge her as the princess?

After letting out a soft sigh, Luzhu caught up with Su Yu. It seemed that she had no choice but to follow the man.

The journey took five days.

It seemed they had walked through the whole long spirit vein.

Eventually, deep in the fissure, they came across a stone door that was sealed off.

The stone door was extremely tall and its material was extremely hard. Although it had existed for billions of years under the dark waters, there was no sign of corrosion.

Even stranger was that the door was round, in the shape of a Tai Chi.

Thousands of blood charms were imprinted on the walls on both sides of the Tai Chi stone door.

Each blood charm contained an unusually powerful aura, which did not belong to the deities but was similar to that of the demonic royal family.

Staring at the blood charms, Su Yu felt pain in his eyes. His divine powers weltered and he felt that he was not in control.

This is the blood of the Divine Warrior of Heaven and Earth?! Luzhu exclaimed.

Su Yus gaze fixed upon the charms. You mean, these ten thousand blood charms were written with the blood of the Divine Warrior of Heaven and Earth?

Luzhu nodded. Yes. When I went to the Empire to pay tribute with my father, I have seen from afar how the Emperor showed some writing left by their ancestors to the public. That word was written with the blood of the Divine Warrior of Heaven and Earth, so I can guess that these charms must have been written in the same way, but it seems there is something else here too.

Su Yus heart was heavy. Is a Divine Warrior of Heaven and Earth really buried under this ancient tomb?

What kind of Divine Warrior needed to be suppressed by the blood of other Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth?

After a moment of contemplation, Su Yu used his transparent eyes to penetrate beyond the Tai Chi stone door.

As he was unleashing his magic, the ten thousand blood charms flickered and an extremely potent force blocked Su Yus vision.

Su Yu stared at the door in frustration.

Sir Su, there is a stone tablet over there. Luzhu followed the flickering of the blood charms, and suddenly had a glimpse of a dark stone tablet that stood in a corner at the end.

At first, she thought it was some kind of monster, but after looking intently, she realized that it was an ancient stone tablet.

Hmm? Su Yu hurried over and stood in front of the stone tablet.

Sir Su, these inscriptions are so strange, I dont even know any of them, Luzhu said.

The ninety-nine clans in the southern part of the Empire all had different languages. In order to communicate, the princesses of the mermaid clan had to learn the letters of the various clans from an early age.

Therefore, Luzhu was familiar with every language in the Empire.

However, the words on the stone tablet were really strange. They were seemingly concise, but also seemed to be really sophisticated, which confused her.

In the midst of it all, she did not notice that Su Yus eyes were flickering with anxiety. He felt extremely uneasy deep down in his heart.

After a long time, Su Yu took a deep breath and said, Of course you dont know the words. There are only a handful of people in this world who can recognize these words that came from the Book of First Heavens.

The Book of First Heavens was the last thing that Yun Yazi gave to Su Yu.

That was an amazing book full of the secrets of heaven and earth, as well as the truths of the world. If one fully comprehended the book, he or she would be able to master the eight supreme enigmas of the world.

Unfortunately, Su Yu had no time to continue studying it and only read a part of it.

Now, he actually could apply the teachings of the book to the ancient tablet.

Through that content, Su Yu happened to understand the words written on the tablet.

The original wording was, When the evil woman of former times came into the world, the way of justice shattered, and divine warriors were slaughtered. I and the other divine warriors drew out our divine blood, stripped off our flesh, extracted our soul, and cast the Nine-Emperor Tablet to suppress the evil woman. However, the evil woman came from the heavens, born to carry the wills of Heaven and Earth. The Nine-Emperor Tablet can suppress her for billions of years, but not for eternity. If one day the ancient tomb is broken, those who are proficient in these inscriptions must leave with this tablet immediately. Escape from the realm of the spirits! When the evil woman is born again, the world will be destroyed. Save yourselves! All the best to you.

Although there were only a few lines, it took Su Yu half an hour to translate them.

However, the content of the translation was shocking to Su Yu.

Who was this evil woman? The former Nine Divine Warriors of Star River actually cast this tablet to suppress her at all costs, sacrificing their flesh and soul!

Just how formidable was she?

Could it be that the destruction of the Ancient God Realm was related to this evil woman?

Even more shocking to Su Yu was that the inscriptions said that if the tomb were broken open, the evil woman would return to the world. Well, didnt the tomb break open just now?