The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304 Terrifying Black Dragon

Sinful Lady

Su Yu stared at the Tai Chi symbol, then at the ten thousand blood charms, and suddenly shuddered.

The Ancient God Realm was actually suppressing an extremely evil live spirit of such unimaginable magnitude.

She came from the heavens and was born with the will of heaven and earth, so even the Nine Divine Warriors could not suppress her forever.

Everything was foretold on the Nine Divine Warriors tablet. Now, after billions of years, the Sinful Lady could not be suppressed any longer and the tomb was broken.

It cannot be coincidental! Just when I come to the Ancient God Realm, I get caught up with this reborn Sinful Lady? Su Yu secretly bemoaned.

He tended to believe in what the Purple-Eyed Demonic God said about him, about how he was the source of turmoil.

Wherever he went, turmoil would definitely ensue.

Deluding enemies, gaining positions, strengthening himself and those around him.

However, Su Yu could not bring himself to laugh at this moment. The trouble he got himself into this time was simply too shocking and horrifying. It involved the secret of the destruction of the Ancient God Realm billions of years ago, as well as the fall of the nine divine warriors.

The past Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth were wiped out overnight.

The tens of thousands of cavern worlds that were densely packed together were completely destroyed, leaving only the two major Eastern and Western alliances.

Perhaps the explanation lay here.

Su Yu reinterpreted the inscriptions and stared intently at the tablet.

According to the inscriptions on the tablet, it said that if one could read the words, they should leave with this tablet and lead the live spirits in the Ancient God Realm to escape.

But where could he go?

Su Yu walked up to the tablet and reached out to touch it. Almost immediately, nine remnants of the divine warriors auras immediately surged from the tablet and swept past Su Yus soul.

The scriptures of the heavenly books that Su Yu had studied could not help but come to his mind.

Then the nine auras receded, and the tablet shook violently. After that, the entire underground fissure began to tremble as well.

One by one, the tomb guard spirits eggs fell off continuously.

Does the tablet want to acknowledge its master? Su Yu was startled.

The Nine Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth made the tablet from their blood, body, and soul. It would surely be strong enough to suppress all beings, even the heavens themselves.

Being in possession of this tablet was no less than possessing the heritage of the ancient civilization!

The stone tablet slowly broke away from the ground, leaving a deep hole behind.

Su Yu was surprised when he realized there was something else in the hole.

Upon taking a closer look, he saw it was a pair of weirdly shaped wings about the size of a palm. The left wing was white while the right wing was black.

The black and white light emitted by the pair of wings merged into a Tai Chi pattern in the air.

It was exactly the same as the one on the Tai Chi stone door.

Luzhu stared at the wings for a long while and seemed to be thinking about something when suddenly she exclaimed: This is the Yin and Yang Tai Chi wings of the Taiqing Divine Warrior!

Su Yu shuddered. What exactly could a Divine Warriors weapon do?

Without thinking too much, Su Yu took a breath and pulled the Yin Yang Tai Chi wings into his palm.

When the wings came into contact with his hand, they were absorbed into Su Yus body.

Su Yu was shocked and immediately looked within himself. He found that this Yin Yang Tai Chi wing was located in his abdomen area, between his two Celestial Energy Spheres.

The divine powers of the two Celestial Energy Spheres were slowly sucked into the wings.

Su Yus heart trembled. As he became worried that his two Celestial Energy Spheres would be depleted, the wings stopped absorbing.

Compared to just now, the wings that absorbed Su Yus divine power mysteriously added a layer of connection with Su Yu. It was as if the wings merged with his body and became a part of him.

Who is the Taiqing Divine Warrior? How much do you know about these Tai Chi Yin Yang wings? Su Yu asked.

Luzhu stared at Su Yu without blinking. She was awed.

The Yin Yang Tai Chi wings were actually refined by Su Yu.

Without a doubt, this object was what the Nine Divine Warriors had left behind for the one who would obtain the tablet.

Getting over her shock, Luzhu said, The Taiqing Divine Warrior is the last Divine Warrior of the Ancient God Realm and a master of incomparable heavenly power. He once forged the first-ever aerial holy weapon with his own divine bones. These are the Tai Chi Yin Yang Wings. This weapon is ranked 19th in the list of all the emperor-based holy artifacts and is the strongest flying weapon in the Ancient God Realm. It allows one to travel a billion miles in a moment.

After he heard her explanation, Su Yus heart kept on thudding. This weapon was ranked 19th among the emperor-based holy artifacts? Compared to the 21st-ranked Milky Way Star Sand, it was even more powerful.

Su Yu was overjoyed as he unexpectedly obtained such a powerful emperor-based holy artifact.

Thinking about it, the process of just now meant that Su Yu was the master of the artifact, as he controlled and manipulated the Yin Yang Tai Chi wings.

Obtaining this treasure made the whole adventure worthwhile.

However, more importantly, the Nine Divine Warriors sacrificed themselves to forge the tablet.

The value of the tablet was far more than of the Yin Yang Tai Chi wings.

The stone tablet was gently drifting in the air, and one after another, the auras penetrated through the tablet, turned into nine silk threads and extended towards Su Yu.

These were the great auras of the Nine Divine Warriors. They were extradited from the stone tablet to refine Su Yu.

Who else in the world could refine what the Nine Divine Warriors had forged?

Su Yu stared without batting an eyelid. His breathing got a bit heavier.

Luzhu was completely mesmerized as she stared at the stone tablet.

However, at this moment, a dark, giant claw suddenly came out of nowhere and struck on the stone tablet.


The stone tablet rumbled and vibrated constantly, the threads of auras putting up resistance.

However, under the giant claw, the drifting tablet was actually being pressed down slowly.

Su Yu and Luzhu were taken aback. The stone tablet that could suppress the heavens was losing its resistance!

Looking along the giant claw and up, they suddenly found out that above the stone door, there was a giant snake-like creature with a long body and black scales.

It exuding a horrifying aura that could stun the gods. After one look at it, Su Yus heart began to beat wildly.

This feeling was even more terrifying than facing the Demonic God of Six Paths.

Su Yu only had this feeling before when he faced the Giant of the Bitter Sea.

Even more shocking to Su Yu was that the head of this snake-like behemoth was the head of a dragon.

In other words, this was a Real Dragon!

In fact, it was a God-level Dragon!

A long time ago, Su Yu had seen divine dragons. Even if it was a prospective deity, a drop of divine dragon blood was more refined than that of any other mature deities.

According to the Evil God, a divine dragon was a being above most other live spirits and was inherently proficient in the ways of heaven and earth.

It was precisely the reason why it was able to suppress the stone tablet.

Furthermore, the dragon in front of him was obviously not just an ordinary dragon, but a supreme being that was comparable to the Giant of the Bitter Sea!

At this moment, the dragons dark red eyes stared at Su Yu quietly in the darkness.

It felt as if the supreme master of the universe was looking at an ant.

As the dragon looked at him, Su Yu became paralyzed and his body was out of his control.

Su Yu was desperate. He bit his own tongue, and the sharp pain jolted him out of the paralysis and grounded him.

Come on, lets go! the moment Su Yu regained control of his body, he grabbed Luzhu and escaped without even thinking.

As for the stone tablet, Su Yu could not care less about it.


Taking a few breaths, Su Yu hurried out of the vicinity of the stone door and flew quickly towards the exit of the fissure.

His Five Elements divine powers were turned to the extreme, transforming into a water element and using its power to propel them forward.

Su Yu knew that the slightest attack by the black dragon would be fatal to them!

The black dragon stood on the stone door, and its dark red eyes turned slightly and locked onto Su Yus faraway figure as it slowly and indifferently forming a trace of killing intent.

He gently let out a breath through its huge nostrils.

Suddenly that breath turned into a little grey flame the size of a nail.

As Su Yu was attempting to flee away, the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron in his mind trembled with madness and issued a rare pressing warning.

Su Yu looked back and shuddered.

Wasnt that the grey flame they saw before, the one that melted a deep hole into the ground?

That turned out to be Dragon Breath!