The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1305

Chapter 1305 World Annihilation Dragon

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The dragons breath sprayed out, and nothing was spared. The tomb guardian eggs along the path were all reduced to ashes.

Even the leader of a tribe could hardly handle these flames, much less Su Yu.

Without hesitation, Su Yu sacrificed a large piece of golden wreckage, which was a fragment left over from the day the Golden Flames Forbidden Wooden boat was forged.

With a spin of his palm, the pieces condensed into a wall behind Su Yu.

Almost at the same moment, another streak of Dragon Breath was sprayed on the wall.


In a moment, the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood, the famous forbidden wood, melted away under the Dragon Breath!

The water of the Bitter Sea had failed to disintegrate the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood, but the breath of the dragon was even more potent.

However, be gaining a second, Su Yu managed to yell, Domain of Life!

A group of turquoise rays, centering on Su Yu, radiated out a hundred feet to the surrounding area.

The dragon breath struck again, seemingly wanting to turn Su Yu and Luzhu into flying ash.

However, Su Yu managed to restore both of them to life as soon as they became ashes.

Come on, lets go! Su Yu pulled Luzhu with him, dashing away like mad.

The Dragons breath was chasing after them very closely and immediately caught up with them. It turned the two of them into ashes once again.

With the assistance of the Domain of Life, the two were restored again.

The dragons breath gradually weakened.

The Black Divine Dragon stood by the stone gate. Its dark red blood eyes flashed cold. It raised its huge claws and tried to reach Su Yu across the air.


Some kind of loud noise came from within the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron. The carved emerald dragon on the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron issued a soft groan!

The aura of the Domain of Life around Su Yu was now like a candle in the wind. It suddenly disappeared!

The Demonic God of Six Paths would never be able to destroy the Domain of Life, let alone make the dragons on the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron perform strange sounds!

Su Yu had no time to think, as the remnants of the dragon breath were looming.

Without the Domain of Life, if they were to come in contact with the dragons breath, they would die!

Alter space and time! At the critical moment, Su Yu used one of the special items that he had with him.

Time, space, soul. The three heaven and earth supreme powers merged into one and engulfed the dragons breath.

The dragons breath that was just about to come in contact with Su Yu was suddenly embroiled in the rest of time and space. It not only settled down but actually disappeared from view.

However, at this moment, the Black Divine Dragons eyes flashed with killing intent. The strength of the dragon was massively overwhelming, so how could Su Yu possibly resist it?

The alternate time and space were instantly shattered!

This was the first time that the skill of space, time and soul had been broken.

The dragons claws shattered the alternate universe and went straight for Su Yu.

Su Yu was horrified. The alternate space and time spell could be broken with one dragon claw! The power of it was terrible.

Nine Emperor Shroud! Su Yu shouted and took out the shroud.

The shroud swelled and wrapped the claws of the dragon.

How powerful was the shroud that had been stained with the blood of the Nine Heaven and Earth Emperors? Everything it wrapped would be turned into blood by the great thoughts of the nine emperors.

However, the dragons claws easily tore this sacred item!

The dark dragon claws seemed to contain a massive amount of Great Way, breaking through all obstacles that Su Yu had set up.

At this moment, Su Yu felt the terror of looming death.


The Nine-Emperor Tablet shook suddenly, and the engraved text was completely separated from it. It was then imprinted on the black claw of the Black Divine Dragon.


Suddenly, the black claws of the Divine Dragon seemed to be blasted with boiling oil, emitting black smoke.


The Black Divine Dragon roared and immediately retracted its claws. Its dark red eyes displayed monstrous resentment and hatred: The Nine Emperors of Gods Land! You have trapped me and my master for hundreds of millions of years, and I want you to die now!


With another loud howl, the Black Divine Dragon forcibly sought to rip off the text of the heavenly book.

Taking advantage of the help of the Nine-Emperor Tablet, Su Yu fled immediately!

The ant that steals the Great Way, dont you dare flee! The Black Divine Dragon opened its mouth and roared. A piece of rusty black debris cut through the void and headed for Su Yu.

Su Yu didnt look back but felt a tremor all over as if there was something immensely terrible that had locked on him.

The Yin and Yang Tai Chi Wings dormant in his body seemed to feel Su Yus terrible crisis and decided to self-activate.


A pair of black and white feathers three feet in length suddenly unfolded behind him.

The Tai Chi symbol intersected by black and white was suspended above Su Yus head. At first glance, Su Yu was wrapped in a two-color divine light of yin and yang, much like a god.


With a pair of wings, Su Yu suddenly felt that the yin and yang of the heavens and the earth were reversed and everything was turned upside down.

The next moment, Su Yu appeared directly above the veins outside the crack!

This Su Yu was stunned. It took five full days to walk through the crack before finally reaching the tomb.

However, in a moments time, he left the tomb and returned to the outside world?

This was beyond the power of gods, for no one could ever attain such speed!

Recalling the moment when the wings moved, Su Yu now understood the true meaning of the Yin and Yang Tai Chi Wings.

It could shuttle one through yin and yang, one step moving through a billion miles.

You how did you come out? On the edge of the deep pit, General Hu stared at Su Yu in horror, looking unbelievably astonished.

At the request of the Mermaid Emperor, he waited secretly for him at the edge of the pit.

The Mermaid Emperor said that if Su Yu managed to stay alive, he would definitely return in ten days.

However, it was only the fifth day when he actually did come out.

Even stranger was how he managed to exit the pit. General Hu had failed to notice how he did it.

Su Yu glanced at him but had no time to pay attention to him. The feeling of being locked on by a supreme being of heaven and earth had not dissipated.

With a mental effort, Su Yu tried to control the Yin and Yang Tai Chi Wings, and once again launched an alternate time and space.

Once the idea was conveyed, the Yin and Yang Tai Chi Wings began to absorb the power of Su Yu God Source Origin once more!

However, unlike a mere sip of his Divine God Source Origin previously, they were now seeking to absorb all Divine God Source Origin from all sources!

Su Yu was startled. Without the nourishment of the Divine Power, his Divine God Source Origin amount would most definitely shrink!

However, there was no time to think about it. As soon as the Yin and Yang Tai Chi Wings were launched, the yin and yang rebellion again appeared, and Su You had the feeling of being upside down again.

The next moment, Su Yu appeared in an unknown wasteland.

However, what frightened him was that, despite two consecutive billion-space jumps he had performed, the supreme being of heaven and earth was not shaken off.

A sharp sense of crisis haunted Su Yus heart.

This feeling was stronger than ever.

What was chasing him? Su Yus heart sank as he stared at the direction behind him.

It was unknown when the Evil God woke up. It said slowly and solemnly: The Great Path Rules Su Yu, what taboo did you touch? How could you be locked on by the Great Path Rules?

The tone of his voice was solemn like never before!

A dragon, a Black Divine Dragon, Su Yu condensed his thoughts into a few words.

Su Yus eyebrows rose. A huge black dog the size of a mountain appeared in front of him.

The Evil God rarely manifested himself into reality. This was one of the rare moments.

His huge eyes stared into the direction of the tomb. He seemed to be sensing something and he mumbled through his lips. Black dragon black dragon

Suddenly, the evil gods eyes opened wide and emitted a horrifying light. His huge body shook uncontrollably, and his voice revealed a great deal of fear: Its its the World Annihilation Dragon! How could it be here?

Su Yu was secretly shocked. It was the first time he saw the Evil God looking fearful of something!

The Evil God was a descendant of powerful deities and had an extraordinary background. However, at this moment, he was very afraid of the Black Divine Dragon.

World Annihilation Dragon What was it?