The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1307

Chapter 1307 The Body Of The Dragon

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The Five Elements Mountain was destroyed!

The fragment of the Rules continued to strike, and this time, it penetrated the Five Elements Divine Prison!


Another loud explosion was heard as an emperor-based saint artifact, the Five Elements Divine Prison, was shattered as well!

Without any more obstructions, the fragment of the Rules went straight towards Su Yu.

Su Yu took a deep breath, triggered his thoughts, and the spirits he had summoned earlier came in front of him to shield him.


Instantly, the spirits were also penetrated by the fragment of the Rules and reduced to dust.

Su Yus eyes shone, and three great mighty figures behind him stepped forward.

The five-colored transparent ghostly figures represented Su Yus Five Elements Divine Path.

The dark-haired, black-eyed figure represented Su Yus Defying Divine Path.

The colorful figure with only half a side of its body represented Su Yus various realizations of The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron.

The three figures stood in a line, straight in front of Su Yu.

The Great Path Rules struck and easily penetrated the ghostly figure of the Five Elements Divine Path, causing it to shatter completely on the spot.

Su Yu belched and spewed out blood from his mouth. The Five Elements Divine Path he possessed was destroyed!

The fragment of the Rules did not waste another moment and slammed into the dark-haired and black-eyed figure.

It wanted to strike it as it did to the Divine Path before, but was unexpectedly held back by a rebellious obstruction that actually managed to stopped it in its tracks for a while.

After a short while, the fragment of the Rules ultimately penetrated it.

Su Yu once again spat out his blood essence, his face now pale as paper.

The Defying Divine Path was also ruined!

Finally, the fragment of the Rules bombarded the colorful figure.

At the moment of the bombardment, the colored figure with only half of its body had five-colored light circulating speedily around it.

The power of time, the power of space, the power of the soul, the power of life, the power of death, all the five supreme powers of heaven and earth circulated together.

The fragment of the Rules almost stopped and could only slowly penetrate into the body of the colored figure.

Su Yu flashed forward, and the large piece of Star River in front of him flew over and wrapped the fragment of the Rules in it.

Using powerful separation force, he stripped away the blood of the World Annihilating Dragon that contaminated the Great Path Rules.

A trace of bright red blood could be seen oozing out very slowly from inside of the fragment of the Rules.

The difficulty of stripping away the blood from the fragment was comparable to stripping the blood of the Giant of the Bitter Sea.

The difference was that Su Yu was running out of time now!

After about ten breaths, the fragment of the Rules successfully penetrated the colored figure as well.

The last Divine Path was also shattered.

However, only a trace of the blood of the World Annihilating Dragon on the chain of the Great Path Rules was extracted!

Su Yu was reluctant to give up and his heart was pounding.

After coming so far, how could he bow his head and give up now?

Its not over yet! Su Yu roared, unwilling to resign to his fate.

So what if its the Great Path Rules? I will destroy all those who want to kill me, even if its the Great Path Rules! Su Yus left eye became purple, his right eye turned red. His pupils were white, his left palm was emerald and his right palm was black.

Su Yu looked very similar to the mighty figure with half of a body just now.

The difference was that Su Yu had a complete body at this moment.

With time-space as king, life-death as emperor, the soul shall reign supreme! Su Yu bellowed, and the five different powers of the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron were all activated together for the first time.

Suddenly, Su Yus whole body was emanating five different colors. Many indistinct shadows of the Chain could be faintly seen surrounding Su Yus entire body.

The Evil God and Luzhu held their breaths.

The Chain of the Rules! The Evil Gods gaze trembled. The Chain of the Rules was a celestial phenomenon that could only be triggered by the Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth. It had now miraculously appeared on a junior who had not even reached the level of the gods.

The five forces of Su Yu were the supreme powers of heaven and earth closest to the Great Path Rules.

It was possible for the five forces to come together and resonate with the Great Path Rules.

The Time Rule! Su Yu exclaimed, and the purple light suddenly became brighter and shone in the most brilliant manner.

One of the Chains of the Rules surrounding Su Yus whole body vibrated for a moment. Responding to Su Yus exclamation, it flew out and hit the approaching chain fragment.


There was a light sound as the two came into contact with each other.

The fragment of the Time Rule summoned by Su Yu was easily crushed and dissipated into nothingness.

It was all because the Chain of the Rules triggered by Su Yu was too weak.

The chain fragment, though broken, was nevertheless still powerful.

However, the incoming fragment was held back for two breaths.

Taking this opportunity, the Milky Way Star Sand managed to draw out another trace of the World Annihilating Dragons blood.

The Space Rule! Su Yu, without a moment of hesitation, shook the Chain of the Rules and bombarded the incoming fragment.

Again, it successfully blocked the fragment for two breaths and another trace of the World Annihilating Dragons blood was drawn out.

The Soul Rule!

The Life Rule!

The Death Rule!

Every time Su Yu sacrificed one rule, it obstructed the incoming fragment of the Rules, allowing him to remove a trace of the divine blood.

Compared to the very beginning when it shot forward, firmly locking on Su Yu, the chain was now wavering, and the lock on Su Yu actually became loose!

As Su Yu was continuously drawing out the divine blood of the World Annihilating Dragon, the dragon back at the ancient tomb also lost its precision in controlling the Chain.

However, the five rules had been exhausted.

The fragment of the chain was no longer stopped by anything and penetrated Su Yus body.

At this moment, the world became silent.

The Evil Gods eyes were flooded with hot tears, while Luzhu covered her face.

After all, Su Yu eventually still failed.

The Great Path Rules were finally triggered and fought against the power of the incoming Rules.

Ultimately, however, it still failed.

The Great Path Rules passed through its body and annihilated the Star God. All the auras that existed in the world seemed to be erased.

Evil God. Su Yus mouth was covered with blood and his body shook. He did not even have the strength to turn his head back. The moment the Great Path Rules penetrated his body, Su Yu felt that he had lost everything.

I hope you can help me pass a message to Yun Yazi.

Evil God was full of grief and indignation. It was as though he was witnessing the former Star River being wiped out by the World Annihilating Dragon with the Great Path Rules in its mouth, exterminating one Star Rivers leader after another.

He could only hide in a drop of divine blood, watching familiar people pass away one after another.

Now, even Su Yu could not escape such a fate.

Speak, The Evil God lifted its paw and wiped its eyes.

Maybe this would the last time in his life that he would see Su Yu.

Soon, he would disappear from the face of the earth.

Tell the old man that I have let him down, Su Yu sighed softly.

The Evil God nodded with tears falling down. Rest in peace.

Su Yu closed his eyes slowly as he entered into a peaceful state.

Although he had some regrets along the way, his life was nothing short of amazing.

He still owed Xianer and Xia Jingyu a future


With a loud bang, Su Yu turned into ashes.

His aura, and everything else about him, were erased from the world completely.

Other than the memories and legacy he left behind, Su Yu ceased to exist.

Wooooo! Evil God raised its head as tears were running down its face, and a long and desolate howl escaped him.

In the silent space-time, the lonely howls of a dog sent Su Yu off into the afterlife.

However, right at this moment

At the place where Su Yu was turned into powder, five palm-sized dragons, purple, red, white, green, and black, respectively, flew out from the ashes.

They intertwined with each other, and crystal clear light spat out of their mouths.

Within the light, a quaint little cauldron gradually appeared.

The little cauldron had an ancient aura as if it came from a long-gone era.

Furthermore, a hint of mysteriousness was circulating around the cauldron.

Su Yus ashes were slowly gathered within the little cauldron.

The fragment of the Great Path Rules seemed to have sensed something and rushed towards the cauldron.

However, on the little cauldrons body surface, nine carved dragons were resurrected, flying around each other, twining the incoming fragment of the Rule and dragging it into the cauldron.

As the Evil God was still wallowing in sorrow, it suddenly stared at the little cauldron with narrowed eyes.

It even forgot about Su Yus death and the sorrow he felt. He stared at the little cauldron without blinking and then murmured, Heavenly Law saint artifact, The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron this, this

Buzz buzz buzz!

There was a violent tremble, and a bunch of milky-white blood was spouted out from inside The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, with the ashes of Su Yu and a fragment of the Chain of Rules.

The three matters were tossed into the air and merged into one.

The milky-white blood emitted a warm and soft light as it formed a body.

From the bones to the veins, to the internal organs and to the skin, every inch was remade.

The ashes were integrated into every single cell of the body, leaving nothing behind.

The chain fragment was deeply embedded in the heartno, it actually took over as the heart!

That Chain of the Rules directly became the heart.

When the skin of the body and the facial features gradually became clear, the Evil God and Luzhu stood rooted to the ground until they managed to overcome their emotions and showed signs of ecstasy.

Su Yu!

That was Su Yu!!!

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron sucked the blood of the World Annihilating Dragon from the Chain of the Rules and sculpted the body at the cost of the dragon blood.

Using Su Yus ashes as the foundation, the blood blended into the body.

Then Su Yus heart was replaced with the Chain of the Rules.

This was not just a simple rebirth, but a whole new Nirvana!

Suddenly a gust of wind blew through. Su Yu opened his eyes slowly and looked confused.

Im still alive? Su Yu muttered as his consciousness was restored.

Suddenly, Su Yu stared at the little cauldron in front of him, and his pupils contracted gradually. This isthe Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron!

He had only seen it within his soul before. This was the first time he had discovered that the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron had materialized.


From within the Divine Cauldron came the roars of the nine dragons. Then, the cauldron rotated and submerged into Su Yus head.

Su Yu looked inward and saw the divine cauldron was entrenched in the center of his soul, just like before.

Did the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron save me? Su Yu immediately realized that and was both surprised and elated.

The Evil God wept with joy, its huge body shaking, and laughed while trying to hold back its tears. Give me back my dog tears! he demanded.

Su Yu froze. When he saw the tears at the corner of its eyes, his heart felt warm and he reached out and patted the dogs paw. Yeah, indeed, I owe you a few drops of dog tears

However, the moment when Su Yu touched the dogs paw, there was a sudden weird change.

Su Yus palm was suddenly covered with dark dragon scales, and the entire arm turned into a terrifying dragon paw.

The moment he made contact with it, the Evil God screamed, opened his mouth and spat out dog blood, and its huge body flew away as if someone had kicked him.

As the Evil God was sent flying upside down, he yelled in agony, Dam, what happened to you?

After smashing through countless mountain chains, Evil God crawled out of the ruins, coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood and stared angrily at Su Yu. In the end, the Evil God was stunned and exclaimed, World Annihilating Dragon!

Su Yus body was quickly covered with black scales, and his whole being was turned into a thirty-foot-long black dragon in a short period of time.

It was not as huge as the World Annihilating Dragon, but the appearance was very similar!

Su Yu was stunned as well and immediately made a switch in his mind. The scales on his body then quickly receded and his human form was restored.

This is Dragon Form Technique? Su Yu frowned.

He had practiced the Dragon Form Technique before. By using the dragons veins in his body as the foundation, he could transform into a golden dragon, but the power was only comparable to Level Four Mortal Fairy.

However, right now, quite unexpectedly, he had transformed into the form of the World Annihilating Dragon and even nearly smashed Evil God to death with one swipe of his palm!

Suddenly, Evil God said in a shocked manner, Could it could it be that you have broken through to the intermediate stage of the Evil Dragon Sacred Body by attaining the body of the dragon?