The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1308

Chapter 1308 Black Green Water Dragon

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The first stage of the Evil Dragon Sacred Body was the body of the early stage dragon. At this stage, the highest level one could attain was the body of the nine dragons.

The second stage was the body of the divine dragon that was mentioned previously by the Evil God.

At that point, most of the body would be sculpted with divine dragon blood!

Moreover, the body sculpted by the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron was far more stable than those formed by artificially adding the divine dragons body parts to the sculpted body.

The newly sculpted body would be without any hidden weak points.

Just like that, Su Yu attained the body of a divine dragon and all of it felt like a dream to him. It was incredible.

As he clenched his fist, an amazing power came from within his hand. Even without the usage of his divine powers, Su Yu could blow away ordinary deities with a swipe of his palm. If he transformed into the World Annihilation Dragon, he could easily kill ordinary deities without breaking a sweat.

Not only that, but his five senses had also become extremely keen. With just a sweeping scan, he could sense all the subtle movements of the billions of trees and ripples of water in the mountains and rivers.

Such a powerful and overwhelming perception was impossible for ordinary deities to achieve. He had hardly dared to dream of achieving it himself.

Not only did he escape death, but he also attained the body of the divine dragon!

Evil God was stunned. His jaw dropped, and he gritted his teeth in envy. What the in the forgotten past of the Ancient God Realm, very few could cultivate to the stage of attaining the body of the divine dragon not even I could do it. You got lucky this time!

Su Yu smiled and asked what happened during the short period that he was dead.

After learning that the fragment of the Rules was also integrated into his heart, Su Yu was startled. He immediately looked within his body and was taken aback.

His mortal heart had disappeared and was replaced by a rusty chain fragment. The blood circulation of the whole body now passed through the chain fragment.

Evil Gods eyes portrayed a deep sense of envy. You are so lucky that you cannot stop it even if you want to! You are integrated with the Rules and just need the blood vessels to be irrigated day and night so that the power of the Rules will flow within your blood. Once that is done, any random punch you make will carry the Great Path Rules with it!

Even at this stage, it has a great effect on the five supreme powers you have cultivated. If you dont believe me, you can try it yourself.

Su Yus heart moved. The power of time, the power of space, the power of the soul, the power of life, the power of death, all the five powers were exhibited one by one.

Su Yu was surprised to find out that using any kind of power alone could trigger the appearance of the Chain of the Rules!

Didnt I tell you? These five kinds of powers, no matter how you utilize them, will activate the Great Path Rules, and it will have a bonus effect when you execute them. In this manner, your five kinds of supreme forces cannot be easily broken now, The Evil God said as he turned red with jealousy.

It was true that although the five forces had not evolved to reach the power of the Rules, they were far stronger than in the past.

If any adversaries encountered Su Yu again, it would not be so easy for them to break away from Su Yus power. His capabilities were on a whole different level now.

Moreover, according to the Evil God, the benefits had only just begun. After this, the fragment of the Rules within his heart would be rinsed day and night. The power of the Rules would be integrated into Su Yus limbs and bones, allowing him to destroy his enemies at any time with the power of the Rules.

The magnitude of this harvest was unimaginable.

Suddenly, Su Yus heart moved.

The three mighty figures emerged from behind him, and Su Yus expression became very happy.

The ghostly figure of the Five Elements Divine Path suddenly solidified. This was a sign of completion for the Five Elements Divine Path!

The powerful figure with black hair and dark eyes seemed very real. He could even feel the breath emitted by the powerful figure, which was a sign of completeness of the Defying Divine Path!

The colorful figure previously only had half a body. The other half was now visible, albeit a little transparent.

Wow! Even the Divine Paths have also been materialized! Evil God exclaimed. Every kind of Divine Path was cultivated through countless days for a long period. It would take a whole lifetime to complete one kind of Divine Path.

However, Su Yu easily completed three kinds, even the Defying Divine Path which had reached a complete state!

In theory, as long as Su Yu ignited the Defying Divine Path, he could advance to the level of early-stage prospective deity!

Su Yu laughed out loud. Getting destroyed by the Chain of the Rules really has an unimaginable tempering effect.

He resisted the fragment of the Rules with three kinds of Divine Paths and never thought that there would be such a great gain at the end!

Now the fragment of the Rules was integrated into him. Wouldnt the materialization of Divine Paths be exponentially increased?

He stared at the Defying Divine Path. Su Yu did not intend to ignite it. If he succeeded in the divine position now, it would be equivalent to giving up the Five Elements Divine Path and the even more important Five Colored Divine Path.

I wonder what kind of situation will arise if I ignite several kinds of Divine Path at the same time, Su Yu pondered and longed for it to happen.

The harvest this time was great, but there were two things that Su Yu lost, which caused him immense regret.

The Five Elements Mountain and the Five Elements Divine Prison.

The Chain of the Rules had smashed them to smithereens.

The Five Elements Mountain, which had helped Su Yu a lot, was gone just like that.

Su Yu looked at the Five Elements Mountain, which was shattered into pieces. Suddenly, his gaze was captured by something else. He hurried over and grabbed something from the pile of ruins.

Looking at it carefully, he saw it was a golden key!

This was in the Five Elements Mountain? Su Yu was a little surprised. He had possessed the Five Elements Mountain for so long, but this was the first time he learned that a key was hidden within the mountain.

This key had exactly the same kind of aura as the Five Elements Mountain. There was no difference.

Strange. Why didnt Gang Daleis mother tell me? Did she deliberately hide it from me? Su Yus mind was in a whirl, but he stayed calm and kept the key away.

He turned his gaze around and swept towards the place where the Five Elements Divine Prison was destroyed.

It was also smashed by the fragment of the Rules, leaving a pile of dust behind.

Stomping with the soles of his feet, he set off a gust of wind, blowing away the dust of the Five Elements Prison. Under the dust, a fist-sized transparent amber was exposed.

Inside the amber, many strangely shaped live spirits with terrifying auras could be seen imprisoned within.

Their bodies were radiating strong demonic auras, which was enough to reveal their identities. They were extremely powerful demon gods!

They numbered in the hundreds and were in a half-dead state. They were forcibly sealed inside the amber and could not move at all.

Even so, Su Yu could feel their terrifying and ferocious auras, and a few auras could even match the Giant of the Bitter Sea and the World Annihilating Dragon!

What the hell is this thing? Su Yu was taken aback. Evil God, do you know about this? he asked.

The Evil God shook his head and said, I have never seen it. Despite my knowledge of the whole Star River as well as the Heaven and Earth, I have never even heard of such a thing.

But The Evil God stared at the amber and said, I guess that this is the seal of a Divine Warrior. It was used to seal some strong spirits in it.

Seal? Su Yus heart froze. Recalling that this thing was hidden in the Five Elements Divine Prison, he had certain speculations.

Suddenly, Su Yu and the Evil God looked at each other at the same time and saw the astonishment in each others eyes. They uttered together, Demonic God of Six Paths!

In the amber, they could faintly feel the power of the Demonic God of Six Paths!

How could it be? Su Yu thought as his eyes narrowed, slowly and carefully examining the amber.

Suddenly, Su Yus eyes fell upon the body of a demon god that was about to dry up.

Looking at it closely, he found that there was a black-green tail in its mouth, and the tail shook from time to time.

Soon afterward, the tail slowly withdrew, revealing its ownera dragon with a black-green body.

Its mouth was full of milky white divine blood, its tongue was greedily licking away, and its pair of sly eyes rolled around slowly.

Then, it crawled into the mouth of another demon god, sneakily stealing the divine blood and divine path of the demon god.

The power of the Demonic God of Six Paths was radiating from its body.

The power was concentrated in its two claws, which it used in order to open the mouth of the demon god. Otherwise, considering the weakened spiritual state of the black-green water dragon, it was impossible for it to overcome the demon gods body.

It was completely unaware that at this moment, because the Five Elements Divine Prison was destroyed, each one of its movements could be clearly seen from the outside.

An icy smile appeared at the corners of Su Yus mouth. Oh, no wonder it has been silent for so long. Turns out that during the last encounter, it stole the power of the Demonic God of Six Paths to contrive against these demon gods bodies.

If the Five Elements Divine Prison were not destroyed by the Great Path Rules, Su Yu would still be kept in the dark!

From the very beginning, this water dragon has never harbored any good intentions, and now it is still hiding from me to devour the bodies of the demon gods. It is extremely cunning indeed! Su Yus smile grew colder and colder. It is time to settle this once and for all with this water dragon!

Su Yu held the amber in his hands and closed his eyes slowly.

Suddenly, the amber vibrated violently, and a force forcibly dragged out the water dragon that had penetrated into the body of a demon god.

The black-green water dragon was shocked. It looked around, kept on muttering something and tried to control the amber, stabilizing its form.

The Evil God was secretly surprised. This is the dragon contending for control?

The black-green water dragon seemed to grasp what was happening and stared fiercely at the outside world. Its control became more and more firm and he quickly stabilized.

There was a faint smile on Su Yus face. Over the years, he had not been slacking in studying the demonic characters. He had learned more than 700 characters, almost half of them.

As for the black-green water dragon, it obviously did not have the advantages of education that Su Yu had.

A mighty force suddenly dragged the black-green water dragon out almost entirely.

The black-green water dragon was horrified and tried to regain control, but got angry because compared with Su Yu, his control of the amber seemed insignificant!


There was an uproar, and the black-green water dragon was fully squeezed out of the amber.

This is mine! the black-green water dragon roared sharply. Its body transformed and became as big as thirty feet. It bit at the amber, wanting to take it back.

Su Yu smiled slightly, and with a flick of his fingers, the amber obediently returned to Su Yus palm. You are wrong. It is mine.

The black-green water dragon roared, Impossible! Since when do you have more control over the amber than I do?

Since a long time ago, Su Yu shrugged.

The black-green water dragon had a somber look across his face. Su Yu, you and I have no animosity between us. Return the amber to me and we will part ways!

Indeed, they had no conflicts, if one did not count the time that the dragon first wanted to plot against Su Yu.

Su Yu said, First, the amber is mine. I do not have the habit of giving up my possessions to others. Second, if you really wanted to part ways after leaving the demon world, you could have easily done that long ago. However, you drew upon the divine path and divine blood of the demon corpses secretly in an attempt to give yourself a boost. It does not seem like you want to part ways after all.

The black-green water dragons heart sank. Indeed, it had stayed behind with ill intentions.