The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1309

Chapter 1309 The Mystery Of The Ancient God Realm

First, Su Yu knew his secret. Second, Su Yu had mastered the Five Elements Mountain of the Frosted Dragon, and he wanted to take it back.

Alas, Su Yu actually discovered his plan. What made him even angrier was that Su Yu secretly took away the control of amber from him.

This underhand method of disrupting his plans was not pleasant; it made the black-green water dragon even more annoyed.

"Su Yu, I advise you, dont look for death! What is mine today will always be mine!" The black-green water dragon said coldly.

Su Yu looked indifferent. "Oh? Really? Maybe you should try a little harder."

The black-green water dragon glanced at the Evil God with a little bit of fear in his eyes and swept around vigilantly. He was making sure that there was no chance of an ambush. Only then did he reveal a trace of fierceness in his eyes. He gave a smirk. "Yes, I originally planned to recover for a good period of time before coming out to find you and settle our scores. However, since you are now looking for death, dont blame me for granting your wish. "

With a mighty roar, the black-green water dragon crashed into Su Yu.

He was different from the former bodiless soul. The black-green water dragon had restored his body and reached the realm of deity.

In his opinion, there was nothing difficult about killing Su Yu, who was an ant in his eyes.

However, when he was about to strike, he saw Su Yu giving a strange smile.

"Dragon Form Technique!"


A true authentic dragon road stretched between heaven and earth. Su Yu was suddenly covered with a layer of dark scales, and his body quickly turned into a dragon body.

He was now in dragon form. The black-green water dragon was immediately able to comprehend the situation that he faced. He exclaimed on the spot: "True dragon!"

What terrified the black-green water dragon even more was the strange smell that came off this black dragon. Somehow, it made the black-green water dragon tremble involuntarily and he looked extremely frightened.

What what was going on?

In the current battle, one black, one green-inked, and one snake-dragon collided in battle.

The black-green water dragon reacted, gnashing his teeth. He decisively struck first. A faint cyan mottled dragon claw headed straight for Su Yus neck.

Su Yu suppressed a faint smile and raised his dragons claw to take a shot in the air.


The claws of the black-green water dragon were smashed by Su Yus claw, leaving him with a bloody broken arm.

The pain he felt made him let out a terrible scream. The black-green water dragons huge tail had turned into a residual image of his former glory days. This was caused by Su Yus amazing power.

Su Yus eyes were calm and his long black dragon tail was also swept away.


As if it were soft tofu, the tail of the green ink dragon was swiftly chopped into minced meat.

In just two strikes, the black-green water dragon lost his claw and tail.

The two were not at the same level at all!

Perceiving the crisis that loomed, how much longer would the black-green water dragon continue holding up his threats? He screamed loudly, "Its not over!"

"Snake Dragon Real Fire!"

With a bang, a streak of flame spewed from the mouth of the black-green water dragon. The unusually high temperature actually caused Su Yus dragon scales to feel the generated heat.

Su Yu looked coldly at him and hummed through his nostrils, "Dragon Breath!"

Blowing out from his nose, a bolt of gray flame suddenly flew out straight for his opponent.


The fire of the Snake Dragon was immediately pushed back by the domineering Dragons Breath of the real dragon. In addition, the Dragons Breath enveloped the entire body of the black-green water dragon.


With a string of piercing screams, the black-green water dragon was burned by the gray flame, and his flesh had turned into a layer of black charcoal.

Although this Dragons Breath of Su Yus did not have the power of the World Annihilation Dragon, it was by no means an easy feat for ordinary gods to bear it.

Su Yu snorted coldly and lifted his claw. He threw it at the black-green water dragon and pinned him to the ground. He allowed him to continue twisting around. However, the black-green water dragon simply could not break loose from his grip.

"Please forgive me Please forgive me I dare not, I will not do this, ever again!" Buried deep within the fire, the black-green water dragon begged desperately.

Su Yu considered this for a moment and said: "Release your thoughts!"

The black-green water dragon struggled for a long time and wanted to play some tricks. However, the gray flame dancing on his body burned hotter and hotter and it was simply a matter of time before it burned him through completely. Thus, he had no choice but to let go of his defense and release his thoughts.

Su Yu spurted dragons blood from his mouth and entered into the black-green water dragon.

Soon afterward, Su Yu felt that his own dragons blood had penetrated into the deepest parts of the black-green water dragons heart.

As long as Su Yu detonated the dragons blood, it would turn into Dragons breath, melting him from the inside out.

After this was completed, Su Yu released his claws and withdrew his dragons breath that lingered out in the open.

Having narrowly escaped death, the black-green water dragon was paralyzed. Weakened by the excessive injuries he had sustained, he fell to the ground, unconscious.


Su Yu returned to his human form and shook his head. "That was too easy."

The Evil God snorted: "You, boy, are getting arrogant. Now, you dont even give the gods any respect!"

Not long ago, Su Yu was still being chased by several ordinary gods who wanted to kill him.

Su Yu shrugged and placed the black-green water dragon in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. Regarding information about the amber and key, he would ask the black-green water dragon again in the future.

Having resolved this hidden danger, Su Yu said: "Lets go. The Mermaid Tribe will soon come over."

The Evil God was stunned. "Mermaid tribe? Does Xing River even have this race living within it?"

He froze for a while and looked around. His eyes widened, and he was surprised: "This is not Xing River; where is this?"

Only then did the Evil God realize that he was no longer in the Xing River world.

"Your response is really slow!" Su Yu shook his head silently and said, "This place is the Ancient God Realm."

The Evil God was stunned. "What do you mean? We were in the Xing River."

Not even Su Yu could turn Xing River World into the Ancient God Realm, could he?

"Wait" The Evil God, still stunned, looked around. He was looking more and more surprised. "Is this the lost Ancient God Realm?"

Su Yu said, "Evil God, what is the relationship between the ancient gods of Xing River and the fallen Ancient God Realm?"

The Evil God looked shocked. "Xing River is the birthplace of the Ancient God Realm. It allowed a high-level civilization of the divine realm to emerge and gave birth to the nine emperors who opened up the world!"

"However, in the distant ancient times, a group of black shadows crossed into Xing River God Realm. A woman of mysterious origin took a black dragon and descended on the Xing River realm. When she came, she ended up destroying the Xing River civilization, and the Nine Emperors fell. They sacrificed themselves to suppress the woman and the Black Dragon."

The black dragon was the World Annihilation Dragon.

"However, by then, the civilization of the Xing River Realm had been devastated and almost ruined. The strong beings of that era were almost entirely extinct. One by one, the emperors of the heaven and the earth, the deities of the rivers and the gods of the caves, they have all been destroyed. Until now, in the entire galaxy of Xing River, not a single being equals those of the bygone era. This goes to demonstrate the decline of the Xing River."

The Evil God continued: "However, if this was all, there might still be a chance for the Xing River God Realm to survive. After all, the Nine Emperors of the Heavens and Earth had descendants in this world, and there was still the possibility of them having reproduced. Alas, not long after, another dark shadow descended on the beings of Xing River. After that dark shadow left, we found that more than half of the beings in the Xing River had disappeared!"

"Moreover, most of those that disappeared were the last generation of the Xing River Divine Realm. They were the last hope of the Divine Realm. Therefore, they were then known as the fallen Ancient Gods Realm."

The Evil God looked around, seeming delighted: "If I guessed right, this is the lost land."

Su Yu stared at the Evil God and suddenly thought of something. Might the Evil God be one of the Xing River Overlords who survived from that era?