The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Might of the Six Fingers of Destruction
Chapter 131: Might of the Six Fingers of Destruction
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"One move? You live up to your name as the insolent fool with no regard for the rules of the faction. I cannot compare to your insolence!" Chen Xiang laughed in anger.

"Since this is the case, let's see how you're going to defeat me with one move!"


The Third Level Upper Tier Holy King was fast, causing many to look on in awe. He was stronger than any enemy Su Yu had faced before.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had disappeared from his original position, leaving behind a string of afterimages as he dashed toward Su Yu!

After Su Yu processed where Chen Xiang was, Chen Xiang's original body had already charged right in front of him!

Chen Xian let out a cold laugh, striking Su Yu with his palm. "Your abilities are average!"


His palm easily pierced Su Yu's body. Su Yu did not even have time to react.

Everyone was shocked!

Chen Xiang had won too easily, much easier than how Su Yu defeated Song Yu. But then, Chen Xiang's smile turned rigid. His palm had just struck air.

Looking ahead, Su Yu's figure scattered into the wind.

"It was an illusion!" The Law Enforcement Tribunal disciples observing in the corner were surprised.

The disciples of the Law Enforcement Tribunal had much practice and training, observational skills were their specialty.

But nobody had spotted Su Yu's illusion!

Wang Shenxue's calm expression gradually turned serious. "What speed! Even I didn't notice!"

Deep in Mo Wu's eyes, there was a shred of surprise. "What an unbelievable movement technique! He must have evaded at the last possible moment, but was too fast to trace with the naked eye."

Cao Xuan squinted his eyes. "Hmph! His movement technique is alright!"

Only the Second Elder and the Tenth Elder remained calm, everything was still under their control.

Chen Xiang's heart skipped a beat. He could not follow Su Yu's speed! Su Yu's movement technique was better than his own!


Chen Xiang looked up. A purple figure stood calmly on his head, wings of ice sprouted from his back. The wings let out a cold glow, silently flapping.

"You couldn't even hit my original body, and you still have the guts to call Song Yu trash?" Su Yu calmly spat.

Under the stage, Song Yu was stunned. The indignance in her heart receded a little. When she looked at Su Yu again, her gaze much gentler than before.

Su Yu was fighting for her.

Chen Xiang's face changed. He clenched his teeth, materializing wings of spirit energy and flying up in the air.

"You dare be so brazen just because of your movement technique? Your abilities are average!" Chen Xiang growled furiously.

He flew toward Su Yu, calculating the angle and timing of his attack. His palm struck down ferociously! "Dragon Splitting Palm!"

His palm was like a heavenly sword executing everything in its path. It was as if he was trying to execute a dragon!

The air danced wildly, spirit energy spilling out! The power of a Legacy level technique nearly at Stage One Upper Tier shook the heavens!

Su Yu remained calm. He lightly exhaled, materializing the chilly energy in his body onto his right palm!

Activating his Icy Divine Wings, which he had cultivated to Stage One Upper Tier, his large wings started to move!


Su Yu's figure disappeared from thin air!

Chen Xiang's expression changed. "Despicable vermin, escaping again"


Before he could finish his sentence, a figure seemed to have teleported to a foot in front of him!

Their palms clashed!


Shards of ice flew everywhere as cold winds howled!

The terrifying spirit energy spread into the surroundings, bringing up monstrous winds which carried countless shards of ice. The disciples around the practice venue all retreated!

In the chilly winds, Song Yu squinted her eyes, trying to get an understanding of the situation.

Ice shards flew everywhere, creating a snowstorm.

Song Yu's pupils contracted in shock.

A purple figure stood in the middle of the wind and snow. By his feet was a figure groaned pathetically!

When the currents subsided and everything became clear, many people were surprised!

Chen Xiang had been defeated by Su Yu with just a palm!

The Dragon Splitting Palm was frozen in a block of ice. Chen Xiang had been hit by a large impact and was suppressed to the ground, a web of cracks spreading beneath him.

Chen Xiang was crushed, spitting out a mouthful of blood. He looked at Su Yu with fear in his eyes!

"Your your spirit energy is stronger than mine! How is that possible? Even the legacy level technique of the faction, the Thousand Traces Code could not expand the power of your spirit energy to such an extent!" Chen Xiang's face was full of disbelief.

What Su Yu cultivated was not the Thousand Traces Code, but instead the Sigh of Ice from the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom!

In terms of expanding his spirit energy, it was far superior to that of the Thousand Traces Code.

Su Yu had reached Stage One Upper Tier of his technique, so his spirit energy was seven times higher than opponents of his level. His power was equivalent to that of a Third Level Peak Holy King.

Chen Xiang was naturally unable to compete with him.

The ancient eyes of the Second Elder sized up Su Yu, slightly surprised.

If her eyes did not mistake her, this was already the second Legacy level technique Su Yu had used!

He had one movement technique and a technique to expand his spirit energy. These were not legacy level techniques of the faction, where did he get them?

The Tenth Elder also observed this, his eyes contracting into a slit. This disciple of Li Guang was crafty indeed!

But when he glimpsed his own disciple Cao Xuan, his heart relaxed.

No matter how strong Su Yu was, he would never be stronger than Cao Xuan.

Coldly looking at Chen Xiang, Su Yu gradually retracted his wings of ice. "I was not brazen, but you are too weak! Since you were defeated by me in one move, should you be punished by the rest of the disciples from the Law Enforcement Tribunal?"

Chen Xiang was filled with anger and shame. He had punished Song Yu for losing in one strike and called her trash. Now he was also defeated in one strike. Was he to be punished by Wang Shenxue?

"The sixth battle, Wang Shenxue against Chen Xiang!"

Wang Shenxue raised his eyebrows, slowly walking toward the stage. He shook his head in disappointment as he walked past Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang's body trembled, fear creeping across his face.

"I admit defeat." Chen Xiang chose to surrender. He feared Wang Shenxue would punish him like he had punished Song Yu.

But, most importantly, he was definitely no match for Wang Shenxue. He could not even touch Wang Shenxue.

Wang Shenxue did not attempt to stop him, only deepening his disappointment. "Your abilities are far weaker than Su Yu. Your abilities are bad, and your attitude is even worse. Your defeat was completely expected."

Chen Xiang could not retort. He lowered his head in shame even though he felt indignant. If Su Yu had not had that strange levels of spirit energy, how could he have won? He had almost reached Stage One Upper Tier of a Legacy level technique!

If they had the same levels of spirit energy, Su Yu would have been blasted to shreds.

"The seventh battle, Wang Shenxue against Cao Xuan!"

Cao Xuan did not move, not even looking directly at the arena. He waited for a moment, but he did not hear Wang Shenxue surrender. He raised his eyes and looked over. "You are not choosing to admit defeat?"

"Even though I am weaker than you, the battle must continue!" Wang Shenxue's gaze was resolute.

His gaze fell on Su Yu. Admiration and praise-filled his heart even though the disciples of the Law Enforcement tribunal only had negative feelings about Su Yu.

But Wang Shenxue had personally seen the Fallen Star Contest. Su Yu's determination had deeply shaken his soul.

In fact, after witnessing the contest that day, Wang Shenxue was inspired.

Su Yu's bravery and willingness to do whatever it took to gain power, even though he was weaker than Cao Xuan, was incredible! His soul would not be extinguished.

Cao Xuan's lips formed a belittling smile. Seeing as there were elders present, he had to enter the battle.


An air crackling sound boomed. Wang Shenxue had already made his move, but Cao Xuan's figure still stood at his original position.

Wang Shenxue wrinkled his brows as he looked over. "Why does Senior Cao not want to spar with his junior?"

But a faint mocking laugh suddenly spread from the practice venue. "You can't even follow me, what is there to spar?"

Wang Shenxue suddenly turned back! Cao Xuan was standing behind him with his hands behind his back!

When Wang Shenxue returned his gaze to the Tenth Elder, Cao Xuan gradually dissolved into the air.

"An illusion!" Wang Shenxue was completely shocked!

Cao Xuan's cultivation level was clearly suppressed to Second Level Peak Holy King, but his speed still surpassed the limits of what the human eye could follow.

Wang Shenxue was expectant. He cupped his hands in respect. "Teach me, Senior Cao!"

The words 'teach me' were definitely not said out of politeness. With Cao Xuan's abilities and status, Wang Shenxue definitely did not have the right to spar with him. But now, thanks to the fight between Cao Xuan and Su Yu, he had been granted a chance to spar him.

Wang Shenxue did not know if he could last ten moves against Cao Xuan, even if he suppressed his cultivation level to a whole level below his.

At least three moves, that was Wang Shenxue's bottom line. If he could last more than ten moves, he would be satisfied.

After all, the opponent he faced had entered the Dragon rRealm. His techniques and experience were still present!

"Teach you? There's no need'Cao Xuan coldly shook his head"I'll let you have the first three moves. After that, just admit defeat and get down of the stage. My opponent is Su Yu, I don't have time to dawdle with you."

Wang Shenxue was slightly startled, his face red from humiliation. "Senior Cao, why do you look down on me so much?"

"If you want to strike, strike now! Otherwise, you won't ever have the chance to strike!" Cao Xuan grunted!

No chance to strike? Wang Shenxue felt terribly indignant!

"Since that is the case, forgive me!" Wang Shenxue let out a low grunt, striking decisively! "Heavenly Dragon Strike!"

Wang Shenxue retracted his fists before suddenly striking out like two heavenly dragons emerging out of the sea!

Two yellow dragon-shaped figures shot out from his fists. The dragons howled, letting out an aura that threatened to extinguish all life! The two dragons ferociously charged forward, as if attempting to crumble the lakes and mountains!

Su Yu was astonished, this technique was a Stage One Upper Tier legacy-level technique! In fact, it was already nearing Stage One Peak.

Its power was horrifying!

Cao Xuan was a little surprised, but his expression was quickly replaced by a mocking smile.


His figure suddenly disappeared, not taking advantage to counterattack Wang Shenxue, but instead charging straight towards the twin dragons!

"Six Fingers of Destruction!!" Cao Xuan let out a low grunt!

Even though his cultivation level was only at Second Level Peak Holy King, six of his fingers materialized a horrifying blaze! Pointing to the air, the flames consumed everything! The dust in the air was all incinerated.


The two terrifying dragon figures were also incinerated!

A small spark traced the figure of the dragon towards Wang Shenxue!

Wang Shenxue's expression suddenly changed. "Stage One Peak Legacy level technique!"

Seeing the power of Cao Xuan's attack, Wang Shenxue hurriedly broke off from his twin dragons.

But it was too late!


The flames immediately engulfed his body, incinerating the hair and robes on his body! The smell of burnt flesh accompanied Wang Shenxue's contorted expression!

The Second Elder creased her brows gently, flicking her fingers.


The flames were extinguished. Wang Shenxue's body had turned black and he slipped into a coma!

The disciples of the Law Enforcement Tribunal were immensely shocked.

The highest of the Four Rising Stars could not even last one move against Cao Xuan, who had suppressed his cultivation level to one level below his!

"You couldn't even take advantage of the three moves I gave you, and you dare talk about me teaching you?" Cao Xuan mocked.

Cao Xuan had not truly attacked. Only a small sliver of power had wandered over to Wang Shenxue, but Wang Shenxue was thoroughly defeated!

"The final match, Cao Xuan against Su Yu!"


As soon as the referee said this Su Yu flew over! A merciless expression spread from his cold eyes. He had waited for this fight for a long time!

Cao Xuan's expression was also cold. "You have finally come!"

That was no need for any other words between the two.

This practice venue was their stage. It was a stage prepared for their fight!

Su Yu closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath. Then, he suddenly opened his eyes. "Let's fight!"