The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1310

Chapter 1310 Seemingly Familiar

Su Yu did not disclose that he knew about his identity, but instead secretly savored the juicy past of Evil Gods affairs.

"No wonder the World Annihilation Dragon would be here!" The Evil God gazed at him, his eyes full of lingering emotions. Even though he had seen through the past billions of years, he still felt fear deep within his heart. The World Annihilation Dragon was a terrifying being, and nobody who had an ounce of sense would mess with it.

However, as he reflected in retrospect, the World Annihilation Dragon had killed countless overlords of Xing River. Now that Su Yu was in the picture, the Evil God felt very relieved. He could not help but laugh. "Im sure it had never dreamed that its piece of Great Way Path Rules would be obtained by a mere human like you."

"In this way, the threat of the World Annihilation Dragon has become much smaller," Evil God said. "At least it is not invincible in this lost area of Gods Realm. If the Nine Emperors have descendants, they should be able to compete with it and maybe defeat it eventually."

Su Yu shook his head solemnly. "Im afraid things are not as optimistic as you paint."

"Oh? Why do you say that?" The Evil God was surprised.

"In this Ancient God Realm, there is not only the World Annihilation Dragon but also the woman who had been with him. She is here as well!"

The Evil God looked a little fearful and said, "I know, but she was suppressed by the Nine Emperors."

"The World Annihilation dragon was also supposed to be suppressed," Su Yu said.

The World Annihilation Dragon was defeated a long time ago, but it was still able to activate the Great Path chains hundreds of thousands of miles away to start killing again.

What about that woman?

The Evil God finally realized what Su Yu was saying. His pupils gradually widened and the fear on his face was palpable. With a trembling voice, he said, "You mean the Nine Emperors have been unable to suppress"

"Yes, and she is about to come out and return to this world," Su Yu calmly said.

The Evil God was petrified. He opened his eyes wide stammered as he spoke. "How how do you know?"

Su Yu replied, "I have been to her tomb, and I saw the Nine Emperor tablet in front of it. There are prophecies on it. Hundreds of millions of years later, the Sinful Lady would return to the world, they said. Now, the end of those years is coming in less than 20 years from now, and the seal will be destroyed. "

When Su Yu uttered the words Sinful Lady, the Evil God knew that he did not lie.

He really did see the Nine Emperors Tablet.

The Evil God did not speak for a long time and fell into a deep silence. It took a long time before he started talking again. "I have been trying to escape for hundreds of millions of years, but it turns out I have not succeeded in doing at all. Once the Sinful Lady is reborn, the world will perish."

In the Star River Divine Realm, a being at the level of Star River Overlord had not been born up until that moment.

He left the realm of the gods and inherited the last frontline civilization of the ancient deities.

Alas, now they didnt even have a star-level powerhouse, let alone the Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth.

Unless the Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth regenerated, no one could rival the Sinful Lady and her allies.

Su Yu has gone through many life and death calamities. Having experienced a near-death experience, his mind was better able to handle the danger. He remained calm as he considered possible solutions.

"Evil God, the people do the work and heaven guides them. How can our fate be determined by the will of the heavens?" Su Yus words tumbled out.

Su Yu looked towards the tomb and added, "Because of the resistance and sacrifices made by the ancient emperors, we now have the surviving descendants of the gods. If we even lose our will to resist, wouldnt we have failed to live up to the sacrifices of the Nine Emperors?

The Evil Gods eyes gradually brightened, and a flame burned in them. He looked up and sighed. "Yeah, why should I continue to flee, having been on the run for more than a billion years? It is time to face the danger and fight."

Once the Sinful Lady reappeared, no one would be able to escape. So where could he flee?

He was bent on running away because of the fear he felt. He was merely deceiving himself, however. It was impossible to escape forever.

"You have been to the tomb, and I want to hear what you have to say." The Evil God took a deep breath and was determined to resist whatever came.

Su Yu stayed silent for a long time. Then he said, "We must break into the tomb and destroy the Sinful Lady!"

Even though the Evil God was gearing up for a fight, upon hearing the tone of Su Yus voice, he was rather taken aback.

"The Nine Emperors couldnt kill her, only suppress her. How do you think you could possibly destroy her?" The Evil Gods forehead was full of cold sweat. He was shocked by Su Yus courage.

Su Yus gaze was distant. " On the Nine Emperors monument, the last words of the Nine Emperors also tell future generations that after hundreds of millions of years, the ancient tomb would break open and when that happens, they should prepare to flee."

"However, I think that the Nine Emperors hadnt considered that the Sinful Lady, having been locked up for hundreds of millions of years, would not be at her former strength. Could she still destroy civilizations as easily as she had done in the past?" Su Yu said, deep in thought.

The Evil God considered this and thought hard.

Any soul that was suppressed for hundreds of millions of years would not be able to return to their former glory. The degradation that would happen over the years was inevitable.

Whats more, after hundreds of millions of years of suppression, the Sinful Ladys physical body, soul, and divine power would naturally be weakened.

They could therefore safely conclude that now, she was at her weakest point.

If they missed this opportunity and tried to kill the Sinful Lady later, it would really be impossible.

A crisis was also an opportunity. The Evil God was now calm, and there was a little embarrassment in his eyes.

He was the Star River Overlord from billions of years ago. He has lived countless years, but he was unable to collect himself like Su Yu, a mere mortal, who was calm and stable in moments of crisis.

"In twenty years, we will gather all our powers, including the Star River and the Lost Kingdom."

The Evil God lowered his head. "Gather all the forces before we can fight; great idea! However, even the ancient gods of Xing River are still in peril, let alone those of the Lost Kingdom."

Su Yu frowned. "So I have to find a way to return to the Star River God Realm and get rid of the problematic Demon Realm in order to unite everyone."

"How do we go back? Do you have a clue?"

Su Yu nodded. "In the past, the descendants of four emperors came together and created a World Annihilation Plate that once broke through the barriers of the two realms. However, they failed to become gods and it disappeared. If I can find the descendants of the Royal Annihilator and get the design drawings from them, we will have hope of returning to the Star River."

The Evil God started stammering: "The World Annihilation Plate belongs to the Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth. It is the magic weapon of the Royal Annihilator, isnt it? That is the 5th-ranked holy weapon in the world! It should have immense power!"

Su Yu said, "Exactly! However, there was a turmoil that year, and the heir to the Royal Annihilator died. His clan also went down with him. Many millions of years had passed, and no one knows where to find the heir apparent now."

Hearing this, the Evil God laughed twice. "Hey, the heir to the Royal Annihilator hmm."

Su Yu raised his eyebrows. "If you know something, say it now. Dont mince words. Do you know what situation we are in?"

"If it had been another descendant of another emperor, I may not know the person. However, if it is who I think it is haha, if they see me, they will have to call me master!"

Su Yu blinked hard. "Call you master?"

The Evil God raised his head and proudly said, "Boy, are you shocked? I used to be the spiritual pet of the Royal Annihilator and I helped him maintain the secret training room."

Su Yus eyes widened and he stared at the Evil God in wonder.

The Evil God was feeling extremely pleased with himself. He rarely saw this look in Su Yus eyes. Noticing it, he said as his nostrils grew larger, "Frightened? Do you worship me now? Hahaha!"

"You really are a watchdog!" Su Yu was shocked.

The Evil Gods laughter stopped abruptly, and he stared at Su Yu. "I was the spiritual pet of the Royal Annihilator, not a watchdog"

"What was your role?"

"Watch the secret door."

"Then if we remove your title, wouldnt it amount to the same thing?" Su Yu said. "Im used to listen to you bragging about killing the Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth. It turns out that all you did was watch the door."

"I, I" The black dog stammered and was left speechless.

Su Yu said, "Can you help me find the heir to the Royal Annihilator or not?"

The black dog said rather grudgingly, "Who am I? The Evil God! I have the keenest sense of smell in the heavens and earth and had been with the Royal Annihilator for so many years. As long as his descendants have the trace of his blood, I can sense their position easily."

Hearing this, Su Yu was overjoyed. The Evil God still had a role to play and this was rather unexpected.

"Then act now. Time waits for no one," Su Yu said.

Deep inside the ancient tomb.

The World Annihilation Dragon that sat above the seal suddenly opened its scarlet bloodshot eyes, roaring loudly.

The roar shook the sky and the entire mountain range that stretched for hundreds of millions of miles.

The lava veins buried deep beneath suddenly erupted.

Several mountains covered in thick Gods aura were shattered in no time.

The thick aura that had been deposited amongst the mountains for countless years had collapsed. Much like a storm, it spread to the entire ancient god realm with the spiritual vein as the epicenter.

All ordinary creatures, as well as the gods, could sense the intense aura of heaven and earth.

The earthquake that struck centered on the spirit veins and swept across half of the Ancient God Realm.

At the mermaid tribe, the Mermaid Emperor was shocked and stared in the direction of the ancient tomb. He said, "What had just happened? What made the World Annihilation Dragon so angry? It only ever got so angry when it was suppressed by the nine emperors!"

The Emperor of Darkness, a middle-aged man with long hair and a shawl around his neck, appeared from the void and whispered: "Its a very sudden change that is taking place in heaven and earth. My men, head to the south to investigate."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

In the ancient tomb, the World Annihilation Dragon roared endlessly, and the cracks shook the mountain.

The scriptures on the Nine-Emperor Tablet emerged one after another, suppressing the World Annihilation Dragon that was trying to leave.

However, instead of giving up, the dragon became more and more incensed with anger and struggled even harder to leave the tomb.

At this moment, a clear and pleasant sound could be heard within the stone gate.

"Little Black, be patient. Wait for nineteen years more and I will help you get the fragments of the Great Way back."

Hearing this, the World Annihilation Dragon, who was in a massive fiery rage, heaved out a deep breath from his nostrils and gradually quieted down.

After a long time, a light voice came from the door of the stone gate once more. "The man who took away the fragments of the Great Way it seems we are familiar with each other."

The World Annihilation Dragon had a puzzled look. It crawled slowly towards the stone gate once again.

However, he was still rather impatient. He took off the scales under his neck and brought out a drop of dragons blood.

The scales fell to the ground and turned into an indifferent-looking youth wearing black armor.

The young man turned around and headed to look for Su Yu.

Su Yu, following the directions of the Evil God, came to a barren grassland.

They soon encountered a tomb.

The Evil God had a look of regret across his face. "It was so hard to find him, but alas, he is dead."

Su Yu said, "Are there any others still alive in this world?"

The Evil God nodded. "Yes, but somehow, the scent is so weak that I cant discern this persons specific direction. I can only speculate on a general area."


"The Yaksha Tribe City."

Su Yu stared, took out a sword from his palm, swept it across the air, and exposed the body buried under the ground.

He stared intently and inspected the corpse. Then he said, "He was killed. Someone took the blood of the emperor from him."

The scent of the emperors blood would not disappear so easily. However, the corpse in front of him merely had a whiff of it.

The Evil God thought he knew what had happened. "The blood of the Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth is extremely precious. Without strong protective barriers, it would be possible for someone to extract the blood to obtain its power."

He twisted his head and stared in the direction of Yaksha Tribe City. He said, "Su Yu, can you do me a favor?"

Su Yu did not hesitate and nodded. "Yes, I guess so."

The Evil God was now in the mood to save lives. It was no bad thing.

Besides, Su Yu was looking for the Heir to the Royal Annihilator, so why not save other people as well in the meantime?