The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1311

Chapter 1311 The Heir Apparents

The Evil God was grateful. "Thank you," he said.

Only Luzhu hesitated for a while. "Sir, entering Yaksha Tribe City may be very dangerous for you."

"Sir, you are from another region and might not know the situation of the ninety-nine tribes in the southern region of the Empire of Darkness." Luzhu knew from bits and pieces she had heard that Su Yu and the Evil God came from a place called Star River God Realm.

She thought it was somewhere in the Ancient God Realm, but didnt know exactly where it was located. After all, that region was very large.

"Every tribe is extremely xenophobic. For example, within my Mermaid Tribe, have you ever seen any other races?"

Su Yu suddenly realized what she meant and replied, "You mean that it would be very troublesome for us to enter the Yaksha Tribe City?"

"More than just troublesome! Enter other tribes territories by mistake and you face punishment. The people of the Yaksha Tribe City are fierce and aggressive. Once they spot aliens like you, it would be difficult for you to exit the city alive."

Su Yu frowned slightly. If he met with ordinary gods, he would likely be able to deal with them himself. However, the Yaksha King was likely to be even stronger than the Mermaid Emperor.

Su Yus current strength was not equal to that of the Yaksha King.

"I can disguise myself and handle the situation carefully," Su Yu said.

After glancing at Luzhu, Su Yu opened a bead and said, "If you want to follow me, you can cultivate in this bead. If you dont want to, you can leave now."

Luzhu smiled bitterly. "Where can I go now? The Mermaid Tribe is no longer my home. Luzhu is willing to follow you from now on, sir."

Nevertheless, she still had regrets.

There was her sister. Luzhu didnt know whether she was alive or dead. However, she understood how difficult it would be to ask Su Yu to go back to save her sister.

She secretly sighed. With that, Luzhu entered the bead, retreating silently.

Su Yus light flashed, and the blood in his body churned. A burst of magical energy poured out, and his facial features changed to become more demon-like.

The Evil God said suddenly, "A demon? You mean, the Yaksha tribe are actually demons?"

"Exactly!" Su Yu affirmed. "The poison left by the Yaksha King in the Mermaid Emperors body is a poison that could only be found in the demon world. I am sure that the so-called Yaksha Tribe was, in fact, originally from our Star Rivers Demon Clan."

The Evil God was stunned. He replied, "Well, if that is so, I dont have to worry too much about you."

After that, the Evil God retreated without making a further sound.

A few days later

Yaksha Tribe City.

The entire city had a single race walking throughout it. They looked exactly like creatures of the demon world.

The difference was that the demon clan of the Yaksha tribe was more uniform than most of the inhabitants of the demon world. There seemed to be little crossbreeding with other species.

Su Yu walked among them, and nobody looked at him twice. No one suspected Su Yu was not one of them.

Only occasionally did some strong men stop when they passed by Su Yu.

"What pure royal blood."

"Is this man a descendant of the Yaksha King?"

Su Yu overheard the remarks of the men and was secretly surprised. The demonic atmosphere he displayed was actually that of the Sixth Princess. It projected the royal atmosphere of the Demon Clan.

Did the demons here and the royals of the Demon Clan have the same demonic atmosphere?

Nevertheless, he remained vigilant. Su Yu followed the guidance of the Evil God and started looking for the descendants of the Royal Annihilator.

"The smell is getting clearer and clearer," Evil God said. He would be pleased to finally be able to meet an old friend.

As they get closer and closer, his ability to locate the source of the smell became more precise.

After half an hour, Su Yu stopped in front of a lovely house.

"The Princes House?" Su Yu glanced at the plaque.

Of course, it could only belong to one person, the Yaksha Prince.

His heart skipped a beat. Su Yu penetrated the courtyard using his Soul Eye and looked around to observe the situation.

As a result, he found that there were many non-demon creatures in the Princes Mansion.

They were held back by a magical chain through the lute bones and imprisoned in a room deep inside the palace.

The palace was dark, exuding coldness and the smell of blood.

He glanced around and saw only icy corpses everywhere.

Even the living were full of pain and resentment.

"What did you see?" the Evil God asked.

Su Yu hesitated for a while before telling him the details.

Hearing this, the Evil God revealed a look of sorrow. "Did the descendants of the Royal Annihilator really end up in such a position?"

As they had previously speculated, the descendants of the Royal Annihilator were indeed imprisoned to extract the blood of the annihilator from them.

The extraction of blood made the one it was extracted from feel anguish. In addition, it was not an easy process to complete. Many of them ended up dead, not because of the extraction, but because they were tortured to death.

It was really depressing to observe their miserable situation.

The descendants of the Royal Annihilator had been degraded to the point of being tortured to death by a small tribe.

"Lets save the people," Su Yu said. Through the Soul Eye, he identified several weak points of defense. He somersaulted in and quietly reached the area outside the hall.

When he was ready to break down the door to save the prisoners, he heard the sound of footsteps approaching. He immediately concealed his demonic breath and hid on the roof.

Given Su Yus current dragon body and Strength of Rules, if he wanted to hide his breath, no one could ever find it.

"How much blood has been drawn this month?" One young man and two young women came along side by side.

The mans features were distorted and ugly, and his figure was short and chubby.

Compared with him, the woman by his side was elegant and refined, with a face like a peach blossom. Her abdomen was slightly round and large, clear evidence of her pregnancy.

Su Yu stared at the woman and was slightly surprised. It turned out that the woman was, in fact, one of the descendants of the Royal Annihilator!

Looking at her belly again, he sensed the child in her was half-demon.

Had she given herself over to the demons? Su Yus heart was scornful. The tribe had suffered badly, but was she now willing to give birth to an enemys child?

"Prince, this is all the blood drawn this month." Inside the room, a demon with a dark face came out of the shadow, took out a small jade bottle, and showed three drops of transparent blood inside.

The ugly prince was dissatisfied. "There is less and less each month! This time there are only three drops!"

The demon replied, "It is natural. Their blood had been drawn for decades, and it is almost exhausted. We have killed a few of them just to be able to extract these three drops this month."

"Hum!" The prince was displeased. He kicked open the door of the temple and retreated indoors.

The woman behind him looked expressionless and followed silently.

As soon as he entered, the prisoners all showed panic and began begging.

One of the strongest descendants, who was around the age of twenty, was significantly more powerful than the rest. At the sight of the prince, he immediately went forward to pay homage. Kneeling at his feet, he had a groveling look. "Fengli pays his respects to the Prince!"

The prince hummed and breathed hard through his nostrils. With a tip of his toe, he kicked Fenglis chin hard. The kick sent him flying towards the ground.

Fengli showed no resentment. He flipped over and laughed. "That was a good kick. As long as it helps the prince vent his anger, all is fine."

The prince smiled and said to the woman next to him, "Xiang Er, I heard that he had the strongest blood lineage among the remaining clan members of the Royal Annihilator. Unfortunately, he couldnt inherit the backbone! So weak! If the Royal Annihilator could actually have such a descendant, it shows that he was nothing great. "

The accompanying girl smiled lightly and looked at Fengli indifferently.

Fengli laughed aloud and said, "The prince said it well. My ancestors prowess was exaggerated, but in fact, they had no real ability."

These words immediately aroused the scolding of his people.

"Fengli! Its fine if you have no dignity yourself, but dont humiliate your ancestors!"

"You are not worthy to be the Heir to the Royal Annihilator!"

Hearing these words, the prince frowned slightly, and his eyes narrowed. He said lightly, "Fengli, I did not kill you yet because I wanted you to keep your compatriots in line and maintain the peace for me. Have you failed to remember your responsibility?"

Fengli trembled, and the once charming smile was gone.

A touch of coldness and cruelty appeared on his face.

He climbed up, turned, and walked toward the three who spoke. He slapped one of them twice. His eyes revealed a fierce expression. "Damn dog! Whatever the prince says is true. How dare you resist?"


He picked up a hammer stained with dried blood and swung it at the three men.

The shoulders of the three men took the blow, and blood splashed out from the wounds. The pain was so great that all three of them let out heartbreaking cries.

Fengli had a cruel smile on his face. He had no intention of stopping. Blood stained his face, making him look even eviler than the demons.

The prince, who now had a calmer look on his face, was somewhat appeased. "Hehe, it is rather enjoyable to watch the descendant of the Royal Annihilator behaving like a dog, following my commands and pouncing on others to bite them!"

"Fine, I will forgive you today. Keep your people in line. There will be no second chance."

Hearing these words, Fengli dropped the hammer. He bowed and smiled. "The prince may be assured I will do my best to fulfill his orders."

"Hehe, lets go." The prince was content. He reached out and grabbed the jade bottle that contained the blood of the descendants, then returned to the womans side. "Xiang Er, lets go."

"Yes," the woman nodded. She followed the prince and left silently. She never looked at her people from the beginning to the end.

The Hideous Demonic God watched them go away and heaved a little sigh of relief. "Its time to take a break. It is not easy to draw blood. Let me go to the Poison Demon to borrow a few women to play with."


When the Hideous Demonic God left, Su Yu appeared silently in front of the prison.

Having witnessed the earlier scene, Su Yu took in every detail. His heart was now filled with emotion.

The descendants of the Royal Annihilator were tortured and became like a crazy dog who bit his own tail.

As he pushed the door in, Fengli thought it was the prince again, and immediately turned around. "Oh, Prince, you are back wait, who are you?"

Fengli was surprised to see a strange, handsome demon with silver-white hair.

Su Yu glanced at him and then at the rest of the dying descendants. He took out a flying sword and cut off their chains.

"I am entrusted to save you and get all of you out of here." Su Yu raised his hand and took out an empty bead. He then proceeded to open it.

Alas, no one came forward.

They were suspicious because they were saved by the Yaksha Tribe in the past.

Being unable to protect themselves, they would only be reduced to being held captive by external forces, one after another.

"Who are you?" Fengli asked carefully.

Su Yu said indifferently, "An old friend of the deceased Royal Annihilator."

They didnt seem too convinced. Su Yu said, "The power of your blood has been drained, and it would not be worth it for me to venture into Yaksha Tribe City to take advantage of you."

After he had said this, Su Yu removed his demon guise, revealing his human form.

When he did this, they all looked surprised. It was true; it would not be worth it to sneak into this place for the pitiful remnants of their royal blood.

In addition, even if Su Yu did lust after their blood power, falling into his hands could be better for them than remaining at the mercy of the Yaksha Prince.