The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313 World Annihilation Poison

The Evil God gritted his teeth and said nothing. Fengli had a cold, ferocious look on his face as he activated the imprint once again.

It was so painful that the Evil God was on the verge of dying. However, the more the Evil God was tormented, the more excited and agitated he got.

It was as if he finally found a way to vent the resentment he had accumulated during the sufferings that he had been through all these years.

Only when the Evil God was tormented until he was gasping for his last breaths, did he relent with reluctance. "Hahaha, let me be the one to rebuild the World Annihilation Imperial Sacred Faction!"

When his glance caught Su Yus eye, he spoke to him in a condescending tone as if he looked down upon him with disdain. "You, heal him right now!"

Su Yu smiled but did not move.

"Godda*n slave! How dare you disobey me?" Fengli yelled as he glowered at the Evil God. "Dog, tell your slave to listen to my commands from now on."

Sprawled on the ground, the Evil God was covered in a mangled mess of flesh and blood, but his eyes remained intact. There was a self-mocking look in his eyes. "Im afraid I have no control over him."

"Isnt he your slave?" Fengli was surprised.

The Evil God chuckled. "Its more correct to say that Im his slave. Without him, I would have died a long time ago!"

Fengli scowled. "Not a worry anyways. You should tame him now and place a restriction seal on him! He seems quite capable, perhaps he could come in handy."

Upon hearing that, the Evil God laughed again, very sarcastically. "Even if I were not so heavily injured, even if I were in perfect shape, I would never be a match for him."

Fengli felt kind of sorry about it. "Hes that capable? What a pity!"

"He is greater than you think. The deities who had died at his hands are innumerable."

What? Fengli was stupefied, and his eyes went saucer-wide. "Youre saying that, being a fourth-realm Mortal Fairy, he has slaughtered many deities?"

The Evil God replied, "Haha, cant the kin of the World Annihilation Emperor sense the energies of the world? Why dont you check out how much scent of the deities remnant blood he is carrying?"

Fengli did not quite believe him. He was thinking to himself, how many deities could a fourth-realm Mortal Fairy kill? It would be a stroke of luck if he managed to kill a weak deity.

However, he tried anyway. The eyes of the mighty shadow behind him brightened up all of a sudden, emitting two beams of resplendent light that aimed right for Su Yu.

Under the illumination of the light, numerous dark, red bloodlines appeared on Su Yus body, having been invisible to the naked eye.

Some were short and some longer, all intertwined and entangled into a dense network.

Upon taking one look at it, Fengli felt his body go numb. Terrified, he stepped back. "This a few dozens of deities had died at your hands?"

The long bloodlines indicated that Su Yu killed them himself, whereas the short lines meant he indirectly caused their deaths.

There werent many long lines, but still, there was a handful of them!

The short lines, meanwhile, were too numerous to be counted.

"Haha, oh my master, how foolish are you to ever think of captivating me in front of someone like him?" The Evil God had a mocking look in his eyes.

"Have you not noticed that he wanted to kill you early on, but hadnt done so because of me?"

Upon hearing that, Fengli shivered violently as horror filled his eyes.


With a nimble leap, Fengli reached the Evil Gods side and hid behind him. Despite his dread, he put up a stern front. "Dont you dare come near. Otherwise, I will kill him right away!"

Su Yu looked at him with nonchalance. "Kill him if you like. He should pay the price of his foolishness!"

Fengli beheld the dark red bloodlines all over Su Yu, and couldnt help but shudder. Extreme remorse filled him.

Foolishly, he captivated the spiritual pet of a mighty man who could kill deities at will!

Just the thought of it flooded Fengli with overwhelming regret.

Drops of cold sweat trickled down his forehead.

He was in a difficult situation right now.

Su Yu walked towards Fengli. The nonchalance on his face was slowly replaced by a murderous look.

"Have you any clue why I want to kill you? Not because of your hypocrisy, for treating your own people with cruelty yet groveling before outsiders! Neither is it because of your lack of gratitude or humility. But because you have touched one of my people!"

Yes, the black dog was one of his own now.

After being with him for so long, he had turned from a potential enemy into a true friend.

Sprawled on the ground, the black dog bared his teeth and flashed a smile of gladness.

Looking at Su Yu approaching, Fengli was trembling all over. He kept avoiding Su Yus gaze and was at the brink of a meltdown.

Right at that moment, several surges of powerful energy arrived swiftly.

The one in the lead was the extremely ugly Prince, followed by the Hideous Demonic God and Xiang-er.

Seeing that, Fengli was overjoyed. Abandoning his people, he scurried over and exclaimed in excitement while bowing deeply, "Prince, I have something to report! It was this man who threatened me to make me run away, and that black dog was his accomplice!"

Su Yu was disdainful. Calmly, he said, "What an obedient dog."

The Prince shot a glance at Su Yu from the corner of his eye and frowned a little. "The royal blood of my Yaksha tribe? Quite interesting. Tell me, who sent you?"

Upon hearing that, an idea occurred to Fengli and he said hurriedly, "Prince, I have something else to report! Hes not a demon. In fact, he is a human in disguise!"

A human? Both the Prince and the Hideous Demonic God were shocked.

The Prince nodded slightly. "Fengli, you did well. I will exempt you from your punishment this time. As for your people, humph, how dare they run away? Blood Corpse Yaksha, when we bring them back, youll be in charge of them!"

The Blood Corpse Yaksha let out a sly laugh. "Rest assured Prince, I will make them beg to die! I have been too gentle to them back then!"

The peoples faces turned pale with fright. They recalled the torment they had suffered and shook uncontrollably. The timid ones even collapsed to the ground.

The Prince stared coldly at Su Yu and his lips curled into a callous smile. "Human, have you reflected on your misdeeds?"

Fengli hid behind the Blood Corpse Yaksha and sneered. " Prince, if you manage to capture him, please let me torture him!"

Having regained protection once again, Fengli no longer panicked, and the ferocity returned to his face.

It was more than accurate to call him a dog!

The Prince nodded slowly and bellowed, "Blood Corpse Yaksha, seize him!"

The Blood Corpse Yakshas lips twitched into a cold sly smile. "You brat, once in my hands, you will suffer a very tragic fate"

Before he could finish, Su Yu had transformed into a black dragon, leaving behind a faint shadow in the air.

The Blood Corpse Yaksha only managed to growl before he froze on his spot, completely motionless like a sculpture.

His eyes were wide, yet not a tinge of light could be seen in them as they gradually dimmed.

Behind him, a thirty-feet-long black dragon nestled. Tightly held in the grasp of the dragons claws, there was a godly spirit covered in blood.

The abdomen of the Blood Corpse Yaksha had two apertures the size of fists, which almost came penetrated all the way to his back.


The Blood Corpse Yakshas body went weak and fell from the clouds onto the ground, making a dull noise.

The vitality had gone out of him completely.

The scene fell completely silent!

One of the four deities of the Yaksha tribe, the Blood Corpse, had just died from a single blow?

After a long while, frantic breathing was heard in the air.

The Princes ugly face was even uglier now with his eyes bulging and his mouth hanging open, breathing heavily.

Where had the arrogant look on his face gone?

Fenglis vile smile was fixed on his face, as though it was frozen.

The emperors descendants were also petrified as they stood unmoving.

"A supplement for you." With a haphazard toss, Su Yu passed the divine spirit to the Evil God.

The Evil God opened his mouth and caught it. With the spirit in his mouth, he spoke unintelligibly, "Thanks a lot."

Only then did the people recover from their trance. Horror filled their faces.

The Prince screamed in a shrill voice, growling, "Protect me, protect me!"

With a random grip, he pushed Fengli, who was hiding behind him, to his front, using him as a shield.

Fengli was so terrified that his heart was about to leap right out of his mouth. At this moment, Su Yu was more frightening to him than anything else in the world.

"Dont come near me, or Ill kill the Evil God right away!" Fengli was tightly holding on to his last hope as he threatened.

Su Yu had an unruffled look on his face but did not advance any further.

Seeing Su Yu stop in his tracks, Fengli regained his composure, and the look of malice appeared on his face once again. "If you dont want the Evil God to die, get far away from me! Otherwise Ahhh!"

All of a sudden, Fengli looked up to the sky and screamed in anguish. A bloodstained blade pierced his back and came out of his chest.

Fengli turned his head to look and was greeted by an indifferent face.

Feeling the life trickle right out of him, Fengli growled sternly, "You bastard, how dare you, how dare you"


With a twist, the blade pierced his heart.

With helpless fury, Fengli proclaimed hideously, "If I die, no one gets to live"

As he spoke, he was about to activate the imprint and kill the Evil God.

Xiang-er gazed at him placidly. "So you have to commit sins even while youre dying?"

With a soft sigh, Xiang-er slammed her palm on his forehead, shattering his soul then and there, severing his consciousness in time.

With the remnants of malice and ferocity on his face, Fengli collapsed onto the ground and shattered into a mess of bloody flesh.

While the Prince was trying to come up with another plan, Fengli couldnt be more dead than he already was.

At this point in time, Fengli was his only lifesaving amulet!

"Ahh! I knew you had no good intentions when you offered yourself!" The Prince howled in fury, leaping toward Xiang-er.

However, before he could reach her, his soul was extinguished by a wave of dragons energy.

Only then did Su Yu move over to collect his godly spirit.

"Prince!" The strong men who had followed him cried out. They wanted to hurry over but were terrified.

Su Yus eyes turned cold. With a sweep of his dragon energy, the men were reduced to ashes and dust in the fraction of a second.

In the blink of an eye, the hunters of the Yaksha tribe had been annihilated.

Holding the godly spirit in his hand, Su Yu shot a quick look at Xiang-er. He gazed at this emperors descendant who had offered herself to the enemy and carried the enemys child inside her.

Xiang-er touched her hair and asked calmly, "You must be looking down on me, right?"

"I did," Su Yu said, "At the beginning! Now that I come to think of it, on the wasteland, you were the one who buried the remains of the emperors people, werent you?"

Xiang-er raised her head. Hints of surprise, gladness and the heartfelt joy of being understood flickered across her dainty, pretty face.

Nodding, Xiang-er said, "One of us had to stay alive after all, to avenge those who were dead."

Caressing her belly, Xiang-er said, "This child has the blood of the Yaksha and the blood of the World Annihilation Emperor in him, but it is not a hybrid creature that I will give birth to. It will be World Annihilation Poison!"

"The Yaksha King kept me because of the high purity of the emperors blood that I inherited and married me to the Prince. Unbeknownst to them, the blood of the World Annihilation Emperor can only be withstood by those with the same blood."

"Once mixed with the Yaksha blood, it will result in a World Annihilation Poison. And once it erupts, the entire Yaksha tribe will perish altogether."

Su Yu gasped. A poison that could devastate an entire tribe?