The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1315

Chapter 1315 Shangguan Feiyu

Chapter 1315: Shangguan Feiyu
"If you are unwilling, Ill bid my farewell here," Su Yu got up without the slightest hesitation.

"Hold on!" The translucent elder called out immediately. He had been a member of the intelligence profession for many years, and he knew that this was certainly a profitable business deal.

That was the divine blood of the World Annihilation Emperor, which was worth more than just several thousand. Every powerful minister in the empire would be keen on it.

"Fine! Ill pay you 500,000 gold coins of the God Realm and provide you with information for free. As remuneration, I will be the only person whom you should inform about when and where youll be selling the World Annihilation Emperors divine blood!" The elder said decisively.

Su Yu nodded. "Deal!"

"I could start providing you with information that I know, but I will only pay you the 500,000 gold coins once youre done selling the divine blood."

"Otherwise, if you abscond with the money, its not a big deal that I lose the gold, but the false news will have an enormous impact on the reputation of the Hall of One Mans Word, as well as my own."

"No problem," Su Yu agreed generously.

His target was the information. Gold didnt really matter.

As she watched and listened, Lzhus mouth hung open in shock and her eyes went wide.

She didnt believe him at the beginning, for she had had a taste of how arrogant the Hall of One Mans Word was. How could they possibly provide him with information for free and even pay him in return?

Now she was convinced.

Looking at Su Yu, Lzhu couldnt help but admire him. He was incredible.

"Great. The first thing I want to know about is the World Annihilation Plate," Su Yu said.

Upon hearing that, the elder was stunned. Laughing bitterly, he said, "Youre starting off with the highest grade of information, the grade of Sun? This information costs a hundred thousand gold coins!"

"Are you regretting the deal?" Su Yu asked casually.

The elder snorted. "The Hall of One Mans Word takes pride in its word. Since I made the promise to you, I will not backtrack."

"The authentic World Annihilation Plate had disappeared without a trace back in the age of Great Destruction. Based on the most reliable information we have, the World Annihilation Plate has most likely been taken by that woman."

The elder went on smugly, "I know you have no clue what the age of Great Destruction is. Neither do you know who that woman is. But it doesnt matter; all you have to know is that the World Annihilation Plate no longer exists in this world."

Su Yu sank into deep thought. Touching his chin, he muttered to himself, "So the genuine artifact is in the hands of the Sinful Lady. No wonder the descendants of the World Annihilation Emperor only knew how to create replicas of it."

"You you know about the Sinful Lady?" The elder gasped in shock. This history dated millions of years back, and apart from the ancient Imperial Sacred Faction, which preserved it as a legacy of the Ancient God Realm, only the Hall of One Mans Word had mastered it.

The elder banished his contempt right away. This man had the divine blood of the World Annihilation Emperor in hand, and he knew the ancient history of bygone eras, so who would think he was just an ordinary man?

Su Yu raised his head and said, "I want to know how the replica of the World Annihilation Plate was designed!"

When he heard that, the elder shook his head without a second thought. "If the Hall of One Mans Word masters had such top-notch, classified information, do you think we would still be alive?"

If they had this information, even the Imperial Sacred Faction of Darkness wouldnt let go of them, let alone the rest of the influences, who would come in swarms and coerce the Hall of One Mans Word to give up the method of the shocking weapons construction.

"Then Ill change the question. Which minister has the ability to bring those classified documents within my reach?"

The elder began pondering but did not answer right away. A moment later, he averted his eyes and said, "There is someone who can help you browse through the documents."

"Who?" Su Yus eyes shone.

"The first-ranking martial minister of the empire, Shangguan Feiyu. This person is in charge of overseeing the manufacturing of all weapons in the empire."

"According to some reliable sources, he used to attempt recreating the replica of the World Annihilation Plate, but did not succeed because the cost of production was too high."

Upon hearing that, Su Yu heaved a slight sigh of relief. Finally, he found a clue.

"How do I contact this person?" Su Yu queried.

The elder chuckled. "How about we strike another deal? If I contact Shangguan Feiyu for you, the payment of 500,000 gold coins would be waived. How about that?"

"Fine." Su Yu was unexpectedly magnanimous.

The elder grinned from ear to ear. "Hahaha, I love dealing with forthright people like you!"

"If you dont mind, you could rest at the VIP block of the Hall of One Mans Word. In less than five days, I will arrange a meeting with Shangguan Feiyu for you."

Su Yus eyes narrowed a little. "Oh? You have such great connections that you could arrange it at your pleasure?"

The elder chortled. "What if I sell the news of you possessing the World Annihilation Emperors divine blood to Shangguan Feiyu? Do you think he will be ready to meet you?"

He was going to sell the news after all, so did it matter which powerful person he sold it to?

"Haha, killing two birds with one stone, what a great move," Su Yu said. "Where is the biggest auction house in this place?"

"That would be the Tiannu Auction House. It has an impressive background, and never had a bad record of embezzling peoples possessions. Besides, they used to auction the divine blood of some other emperor once, and they can be trusted."

Su Yu said, "Great! If its convenient for you, do bring someone from the Tiannu Auction House to see me."

The elder was glad to do him the favor and laughed in delight. "Rest assured, sir! Leave this to me! If you dont mind, do stay at the Hall of One Mans Word for now."

Su Yu turned down the offer politely. "I have a place to stay elsewhere. Ill look for you three days later. By then, I want to meet the person-in-charge of the Tiannu Auction House."

"No problem!"

After leaving the Hall of One Mans Word, Su Yu took a turn into a narrow alley and disguised himself as a demon. When he emerged again, no one recognized him anymore.

Only then did he find a small inn to stay, a place that wasnt eye-catching at all.

With an invaluable treasure in his hands, he had to be extremely cautious.

Inside a secret chamber of the Hall of One Mans Word, the translucent elder asked, "Have you found anything?"

Before him was a man of the dog race who was adept at tracking people down. He shook his head and said, "This man is very discreet. He changed his appearance in the alley, it seems."

"What about his scent? As a dog, you have a unique sensitivity to smells. Hardly any creatures can escape your pursuit, so how did you lose him?" The elder was surprised.

The dog man found it unbelievable too. "I found it weird as well. After he went into the alley, there seemed to be an intangible force stopping me from tracing his scent, and that was how I lost him."

He would never have known that there was a fragment of Law in Su Yus body, which could easily block off his detection.

The elder scowled a little. "An intangible force must be some extraordinary treasure?"

"Should I carry on searching then?" The dog man asked.

The elder shook his head. "Since you lost him, there is no point in searching now. Well see him when he comes to look for me three days later."

"Besides, notify Master Lin of the Tiannu Auction House to come over, and also contact Shangguan Feiyu. Tell him that I have gotten hold of the whereabouts of a World Annihilation Emperors divine blood, which he told me to keep an eye on!"

An uncanny light flickered in the depths of his eyes.

Inside the inn.

Su Yu summoned Puppy.

Puppy was bewildered. Rubbing her groggy eyes, she mumbled, "Where are we?"

"This is the Demonic Dimension!"

"Ahh!" Puppys legs buckled involuntarily, and her plump body rolled again and again on the ground. Clutching at her head with her paws, she whimpered, "Wuuuu, I dont want to go back to the Demonic Dimension!"

"I was lying."


Somehow, Puppy had gained fluency in her speech. It no longer sounded awkward.

"I have something to ask you about."

"What?" Puppy bared her fangs.

Su Yu put on a pondering look. "Is it true that the royals of the Demonic Dimension have a set of sword formations named the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation that you pass down as a legacy?"

Puppy nodded first but shook her head afterward. "The set of sword formation exists, but the upper volume, the Nine Suns Sword Formation has been lost, leaving only the Cosmos Sword Formation."

"Have you practiced it?"


"Did you memorize it then?"


"Then what did you do with your time in the Demonic Dimension?" The veins on Su Yus forehead bulged with frustration.

Puppy counted with her paws. "A lot of things. I ate, played, drank, slept"

"Enough! It looks like Im having a dog meat steamboat for dinner tonight!"

"Hold on, let me try to figure it out, I must be able to recall something," Puppy implored immediately, tilting her head as she pondered.

Following that, Puppy held the pencil in her mouth for the entire sleepless night, painstakingly recalling the sword formation under Su Yus supervision.

Eventually, a thick stack of illustrations of the sword formation was presented before Su Yu.

"Are you sure this is correct?" Su Yu questioned doubtingly.

Puppy raised her paw to the sky. "I swear by the heavens, it is absolutely true."

"I want you to swear by your life. if this is incorrect, you wont be able to eat well, drink well, or sleep well from now on!"

Puppy withdrew her paw right away and pulled it behind her back. Sheepishly, she said, "Could you not be so fierce?"

Su Yu was speechless. This illustration was surely incomplete!

"Think again!" Su Yu ordered harshly.

"I dont want to!" She said with an anguished howl.

Three days later, with dark circles under her eyes, Puppy was trudging on staggering feet and finally collapsed upon the ground. With white froth spilling from her mouth, she said, "Finally, I get to have a good sleep"

Closing her eyes, she was fast asleep in a moment, completely exhausted.

Su Yu kicked her impatiently. "What a useless Princess."

Deeply asleep, Puppy wriggled and muttered, "Do not touch my drumstick, whoever touches it, Ill bite them!"

Su Yu shook his head, looking down at the sword formation illustration on his palm. After consecutive days of contemplation, it was finally completed.

After rehearsing it in his mind once and discovering that it was almost identical to the one performed by the Demonic God of Six Paths, he finally approved the illustration.

He recalled the strike of the sword by the Demonic God of Six Paths back then. Once the Cosmos Sword Formation came into play, even the wing of the Dead Soul Worm was broken.

Based on Su Yus understanding of the God Realms current capacity, even though the Dead Soul Worm failed to pull through the tribulation, he possessed the power of a galactic overlord, which was similar to the Giant of the Bitter Sea.

Even a powerful being like him got one of his wings broken. Obviously, the extent of the sword formations power was extremely domineering.

Besides, the nine blades of the Demonic God of Six Paths were worn-out swords, hence the strength of the sword formation was restricted, and the full power had remained unleashed.

Thinking of it, Su Yu felt his heart thump fast against his ribcage.

He looked at the title page, at the requirements for practicing the sword formation.

"Requirement of the first level: The sword formation needs to be powered by strong divine energy, thus only those of a deitys level can practice it. Prospective Deities have inadequate divine energies, and are unable to practice it."

Su Yu scowled slightly. It was the complete opposite of the requirements for the Nine Suns Sword Formation.

If Su Yu had obtained the Cosmos Sword Formation in the first place, he couldnt possibly begin practicing.

"Requirement of staple materials: Wood-based materials at least ten thousand years of age. Even if the wood is just a year less aged, it wont be able to withstand the explosive strength of the sword formation."

Seeing that, Su Yu was stupefied. Wood-based treasures ten thousand years of age? With the current condition of the God Realm, what kind of wood-based materials could survive for ten thousand years?

Worse still, ordinary materials wouldnt work. They had to be of the level of divine wood!

He thought of the nine blades the Demonic God of Six Paths made from Golden Flames Forbidden Wood. The nine swords were most likely remnants from the age of Great Destruction.

It was impossible to come across divine wood ten thousand years of age today.

Besides, the illustration talked clearly about the impact of the Cosmos Sword Formation. Ordinary materials wouldnt be able to withstand the force when the formation manifested.

Su Yu was frustrated. Who would still practice this kind of sword formation these days?

First, it was impossible to gather all the Sword Bodies needed. Second, one needed to gather them with a lifetime of effort, but all of it would become useless after several rounds of practice.

Apart from those who enjoyed torturing themselves, no one would practice the Cosmos Sword Formation, he supposed.

However, Su Yu was apparently an exception.