The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1316

Chapter 1316 The Backstage Manipulator

With a shift of thought, Su Yu entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

Much to his surprise, he found out that Shengge had achieved a breakthrough from the Prospective Deity level.

A faint, lurking divine tribulation was about to arrive.

Su Yu laughed dismally. She got to negotiate the ordeal in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, all because Su Yu was going to bear with the suffering and disaster in the future when his own ordeal befell!

"What an owner I am, to sacrifice myself for her!" Su Yu laughed. He had no choice. With a flash, he appeared beside the nursery.

He gazed at the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, the bamboo that he had been cultivating ever since he arrived on the Zhenlong continent. It has been more than ten years now.

With the cultivating speed of the nursery, it was equivalent to 5000 years of growth in the outside world.

This one was virtually identical to the ordinary Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, apart from being extremely healthy and strong.

If it were before, perhaps Su Yu would really think of it that way.

However, with the fragment of Law in his heart, Su Yu could vaguely sense the faint undulation of Law originating from the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo!

The shocking scene truly surprised Su Yu.

"Is this the outcome of cultivating the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo to its ultimate stage?" Su Yu was delighted.

The only drawback was that even for Su Yu, it was totally impossible to refine the sword body of the Cosmos Sword Formation at this point.

He would have to wait at least ten more years until the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo achieved the standard for the Cosmos Sword Formation.

Apart from that, the surroundings of the bamboo were scattered with many seeds, and many new saplings of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo had grown.

If they continued growing, the outcome would be astonishing.

Since the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo could not be used now, he had to put off practicing the Cosmos Sword Formation.

Nevertheless, it had been a year, and the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood that he had planted has been growing for the equivalent of 500 years and had attained maturity.

This divine wood was extinct in the God Realm of the galaxy. The Golden Flames Forbidden Wood of the Demonic Dimension was discovered in the fossils.

Before Su Yus eyes, a patch of mature Golden Flames Forbidden Wood was growing. If it had been in the galaxy, it would raise endless awe and stupefaction.

More importantly, this item had an extremely powerful restraining effect on the Giant of the Bitter Sea.

Although the principle of restraint remained unknown, it would certainly manifest unexpected impact in the future galactic wars, if properly cultivated.

With a shift of thought, Su Yu dug out one of them.

Su Yu knew very well how durable this wood was. Even the corrosive water of the Bitter Sea that killed deities had no effect on the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood.

If he used this wood to construct the Cosmos Sword Formation, it would be extraordinarily powerful.

Carrying the wood with him, Su Yu left the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl and emerged into the outside world.

Su Yu remembered that in order to build the boat the other time, he gathered a few dozens of Prospective Deities, who worked for several months just to melt the sturdy Golden Flames Forbidden Wood.

Refining the wood was such a great challenge that it caused headaches for many of the deities.

Su Yu pondered for a second, and a gust of grey, intense flame spurted out from his nostrils. The flames adhered to the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood, quickly melting it.

Delight filled his eyes. The Dragons Breath really was useful.

Su Yu was worried at first that if it couldnt be melted, and then he would have to seek help from outsiders again.

Slowly closing his eyes, Su Yu melted the entire piece of Golden Flames Forbidden Wood into a golden yellow liquid. Faint golden flames were floating on the surface of the liquid.

With the experience of refining the Nine Suns Sword Formation, it was much easier for Su Yu to craft the sword from the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood.

Half a day later, nine shafts of liquid wrapped by grey flames revolved above Su Yus head.

"Sword Condensation!" Su Yu bellowed. The nine masses of grey flames stretched out and lengthened endlessly, condensing into the appearance of swords thirty feet in length.

The liquid within trickled along the flames, solidifying into long swords.

"Sword Completion!" Su Yu yelled again. As he withdrew his Dragons Breath, water-based energy surged from his body. In a split second, it transformed into ice, hissing as it touched the nine scorching blades of liquid swords.

When the scorching liquid came into contact with the ice, it became solid immediately.

The liquid turned cold at a speed traceable by the naked eye, condensed, and eventually formed golden sword bodies, with a faint metallic yellow shade burning gently on their surfaces.

"Nine swords, come forward!" Su Yu called softly, and the nine blades of swords appeared in his surroundings.

Compared to the previous Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Sword, the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood Sword was a few grades higher in terms of the quality of sword body, and was even more sophisticated in terms of spirituality, allowing easier command.

Looking at the remaining one-third of the material, Su Yu released his Dragons Breath again, refining it into a bow and nine arrows.

With the sturdiness of the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood, barely anything in the world could resist it.

There was still some of the material left. Su Yu refined it into 99 round spheres in total, each of them the size of an eyeball.

This was modified from the Underworld Pearl of the Great Emperor of Ghost Prison, but greater in number, smaller, and harder.

With Su Yus current Power of Soul, it was easy to manipulate 99 round pearls all at once.

When he finished crafting all of this, Su Yu heaved a long sigh of relief and stored all the treasures inside a Buddha pearl.

Only then did he get up. He headed for the Hall of One Mans Word.

The translucent elder had dismissed his guests to wait for him and sent a young boy to wait at the door of the Hall of One Mans Word early on.

Seeing Su Yu from afar, he smilingly led him to enter through the side door.

Inside the secret chamber, the translucent elder turned to welcome him, his face beaming with a big grin. "Haha, finally youre here! I was afraid that you wouldnt come."

Su Yu entered and found another person in the room. He had a square face and big ears, and there was a benevolent look about him. Seeing Su Yu enter, he nodded and smiled.

The translucent elder said, "Let me introduce you. This is Master Lin from the Tiannu Auction House. Master Lin, this is the person who wishes to sell the divine blood."

"You wont regret selecting the Tiannu Auction House," Master Lin said with a smile. "Would you let me confirm the authenticity of the artifact?"

Su Yu replied, "No problem."

As he spoke, he handed the jade vessel filled with divine blood to him.

As he looked through the jade vessel, Master Lins eyes glittered. "It really is the blood of an imperial ruler! Besides, it belonged to the greatest world emperor in the past. It is the divine blood of the World Annihilation Emperor!"

Then he opened the jade vessel and gave a light sniff. His eyes shone. "Such pure, authentic divine blood! This item would sell at a shockingly high price!"

"My friend, if you trust me, Ill take this item to the auction house now. It would only take five days of advertising, and people from all over the city will come forth and bid for it. This item could probably sell at a sky-high price."

Su Yu nodded. "Sure."

Master Lin was grinning in great delight and handed him a card. "This is your certificate of consignment. Once the divine blood is sold, the auction fees will be deducted, and the money will be transacted back to your card."

"Alright, if theres nothing else, Ill bid my farewell." As he spoke, Su Yu shot a glance at the translucent elder and tossed him a messenger jade pendant. "If Shangguan Feiyu wants to see me, inform me anytime."

When he finished his business, Su Yu took off. He changed his appearance, took a detour, and came into the town.

"Su Yu, why did you leave in such haste?" The Evil Gods doubtful voice sounded in his head.

Su Yu touched his chest furtively and glanced at his surroundings. In a solemn voice, he said, "I feel that someone is watching me!"

"Really?" The Evil God started around but noticed nothing.

Su Yu said, "I trust my intuition. Someone has tracked me down, but who?"

An intent light glinted in his eyes. Su Yu tried to shake off his pursuer in the city, but as it turned out, half a day later the feeling of being watched remained!

"Who is it?" Su Yu asked somberly. He had the Fragment of Law to conceal his scent and even changed his appearance several times, but still, he didnt manage to throw his follower off.

Su Yu was dismayed. Even the Fragment of Law was unable to conceal his tracks.

Who on earth could it be?

"When did it start?" The Evil God had acknowledged the seriousness of the situation too.

Su Yu said, "I had noticed it since I entered the Hall of One Mans Word. Initially, I thought it was someone from the Hall of One Mans Word or the Tiannu Auction House, but now it seems like its someone else!"

All of a sudden, Su Yus glance shot towards the peak of a great palace.

He caught a glimpse of a shadow from the corner of his eye, but when he fixed his gaze on it, it had vanished completely.

"Were they just watching me?" Su Yu was perplexed. In any case, it wasnt a good idea to return to the inn anymore.

Nothing happened even after a long time had passed, so Su Yu began to behave casually and assumed a relaxed attitude to make his pursuers let their guard down.

Su Yu entered a random shop that sold various materials for crafting equipment.

In fact, Su Yu needed some materials indeed.

The main ingredient of the Cosmos Sword Formation was divine wood aged for ten thousand years. The requirements for auxiliary materials were very stringent as well. Several types of extremely rare mineral ores were needed.

Su Yu was trying to lure the enemy out while testing his luck in the shop, to see if he could find the minerals he needed.

Apparently, Su Yus luck wasnt that good after all. He could not find what he wanted.

Right when Su Yu was about to leave, a young girl walked up to him with a gentle smile. "Sir, if you did not find the things you want here, you could take a look at the first floor. That is a block for important customers. Perhaps you will find what you want there."

Su Yu glanced around. The first floor?

All of a sudden, Su Yus stare was fixed on a spot in the void, where light waves rippled gently.

"You have great vision, Sir. That is the entrance to the first floor, and it is only open to important guests." As she spoke, the female servant led the way. After tapping lightly on the void with a jade pendant in her hand, a door materialized in the air.

Su Yu walked in casually, with the servant following obediently after him.

A surge of space energy flashed past. Without a second thought, Su Yu fished out a handful of golden round pearls and slammed them behind him.


A gruff, hoarse groan sounded, quite unfit for the young girl to make.

He turned around to look. Was there even a female servant? It was a scrawny man in guise!

He had a dark, dismal look on his face. In a low voice, he asked, "You found out that it was a ruse?"

Su Yu replied calmly, "Of course! Otherwise, why did you only invite me when there are so many customers in the shop?"

The thin man laughed stridently. "You knew it, and still you came up? Open your eyes wide and look at this place!"

Su Yu took a glance around with a calm look on his face.

They were outside the city!

The space energy that slid past the door just now was Space Transportation.

A thousand feet in front of Su Yu, a Demonic God was standing!

Su Yu smiled. "Let me guess, you must be the Yaksha King, right?"

The Yaksha King snorted. "In such a predicament, its rather surprising that you can still keep your calm!"

Scrutinizing Su Yu, the Yaksha King asked, "You barged into the princes mansion like no one was around, and now youre facing the king with such calmness. I have to admit, youre a talent worth cultivating. However, its a pity that you have offended people that you shouldnt have bothered!"

Su Yu glanced behind the Yaksha King. There were three deities of his race standing behind him. He squinted. "You must be talking about the culprit who asked you to take the blood of the emperors people, arent you?"

How could a mere Yaksha tribe be dauntless enough to commit such an act? Once word got around, the entire clan would perish.

There had to be someone behind them, someone with great power and authority, as well as enormous capabilities.

Otherwise, how could they find Su Yu so quickly amidst the crowds of people in the Imperial City? And they even transported him here with the help of a space expert.

The three deities werent much of a concern, but the Yaksha King was an entity as powerful as the Sheng Deity and the All Access Merchant God!