The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1317

Chapter 1317 Robbing The Divine Path

The Yaksha King. "It doesnt matter who my master is. Whats important is that you should pay the price for your own deeds and behavior!"

"You killed my heir, took the divine blood, and even abducted all the deities belonging to the World Annihilation Emperor!"

"There must be someone behind the scenes who incited you to do so!" The Yaksha King asserted.

If that wasnt so, it was truly hard to explain how the Blood Corpse Yaksha died.

There was strife among the four great Sacred Factions today. That was the only possibility he could think of.

Su Yu was unruffled. "So what?"

"So what? Of course, I will seize you and put you at the masters disposal!" The Yaksha King laughed grimly. "Put your mind at ease, you will receive special treatment!"

"Begin the formation!" The Yaksha King bellowed.

Creak! Creak! Creak!

The imprisoning formation that had been prepared for Su Yu was abruptly activated.

Three beams of light formed by merged divine energies confined Su Yu in an area of ten thousand feet in size.

In that case, any escape tactics he had up his sleeve would be futile.

"Capture him, I need him alive!" The Yaksha King ordered.

The three deities behind him nodded and walked towards Su Yu in long strides.

At the same time, the deity standing behind Su Yu, who was great at disguising himself, let out a creepy laugh. He turned entirely transparent and disappeared into thin air.

Su Yu stood on his spot, completely motionless.

When the three deities were grasping fiercely at him, Su Yu exhaled Dragons Breath from his nostrils, and it swept across the surroundings.

The three deities had thought that it would be an easy catch since Su Yu only had the cultivation of a fourth-realm Mortal Fairy.

Who would have expected such astounding, intense flames to gush out from Su Yus mouth?

The leading deity was careless and got in the way of the Dragons Breath. In a few seconds, he was shrieking and growling in great pain and agony amidst the flames, and was soon turned into a charred mess.

The two other deities jumped in fright and moved away hurriedly. Terrified, they dared not belittle the person before them again.

"Save me!" The deity burnt by the Dragons Breath cried out miserably.

The look on the Yaksha Kings face changed slightly. He hadnt expected the uncanny Dragons Breath either.

"Yaksha Divine Ice!" The Yaksha King opened his mouth and spat out a round crystal pearl, which emanated endless freezing energy. The moment it appeared, the water in the surroundings froze into ice.

The shocking coldness wrapped around the leading deity, immediately freezing the Dragons Breath covering his body and gradually extinguishing it.

"Brat, did you kill the Blood Corpse Yaksha?" Having witnessed Su Yus eerie tactic, the Yaksha King was shocked.

Right as he finished, the deity on whom the Dragons Breath had been used screamed in agony once again.

A frying noise sounded from beneath his skin, crackling incessantly.

Shortly after, with a dull bang, the deity exploded into fragments from the inside out.

Flying out along with the torn flesh were golden yellow pearls that were releasing faint flames.

Before they could discern what those were, Su Yu withdrew the pearls with a grasp of his fingers.

The remaining soul and divine spirit of the deity quickly retreated with a shrill scream.

However, right as he recoiled, he felt a flash of black light before his eyes, as though a dragon had flashed past. Shortly after, he lost consciousness.

When he appeared again, he had fallen into a pitch-dark Soul Dimension. A creepy voice sounded from the empty space, "Hehe, here comes another great supplement. Looks like I can recover the state of ordinary deity sooner than expected."

In the outside world

The Yaksha King, as well as the two other deities, were gazing at the thirty-foot-long black dragon before their eyes in utter shock.

Its eerie aura gave them an ominous feeling.

Even more shockingly, that deity had completely perished with just a few moves!

How could an ordinary deity achieve such a level of greatness?

"Hehe, thanks for sending me another nourishing supplement, Ill accept it gratefully," Su Yu smiled. Having transformed into the World Annihilation Dragon, his humongous tail swept around abruptly.

The giant tail directly shattered the sturdy shield made of divine energy.

With a shake of his dragon head, Su Yu attempted to break through the formation and leave.

The Yaksha King growled in rage, "Stand still right there!"

Su Yu shrugged. "Only an idiot would stand still, I suppose."

"If you have the guts, stay behind!"

Su Yu rolled his eyes. "Putting aside the fact that you bullied someone of a lower level, there are five people in total on your side."

"Oppressing the weak and attempting to beat up a greatly outnumbered opponent would mean it is you who has no guts, wouldnt it?"

"Im not keeping you company anymore. Youre a bunch of cowards. Just play the game however you like!"


Su Yu flew beyond the barrier in a fraction of a second, and the Yaksha King could not catch up with him at all.

However, right at that moment, a poignant black dagger thrust towards Su Yus back out of nowhere.

The emergence of the dagger was like a stroke of genius, totally impossible to be detected in advance.

However, Su Yu only sneered coldly and made a sweep with his long tail.


With a feminine shrill cry, a transparent deity was knocked down, blood gushing from her mouth.

It was none other than the deity who had lured Su Yu here in the guise of a female servant.

Her Divine Path was probably camouflage and invisibility.

With a shift of his gaze, Su Yu swiped at her with his claw. In the midst of her shocked howls, he shattered her physical body and got hold of her soul and divine spirit before swiftly taking flight into the distance.

The Yaksha King was furious. With five deities lying in ambush, still they failed to detain a fourth-realm Mortal Fairy?

"Where are you going?" The Yaksha King roared. Demonic airs flared beneath his feet. Rapidly gaining speed, he chased after Su Yu.

"Yaksha Divine Ice!" The Yaksha King held the freezing pearl in his hand and instilled it with his divine energy.

All of a sudden, Su Yus surroundings were filled with ice, freezing his dragon body and making him lose his agility.

"Power of Five Elements!" All of the Power of Five Elements in Su Yus body turned into water-based energy.

Since the Divine Path of Five Elements solidified, Su Yus Power of Five Elements improved by leaps and bounds in terms of its quality, and the water-based energy generated from it was extremely powerful.

The water-based energy behind Su Yu transfigured into a colossal tail. With just a light sweep, the immense propelling force of the water flow instantly pushed Su Yu millions of miles away.

In the meantime, the stream of water that was raised along with it pushed the Yaksha King thousands of miles back in the opposite direction.

The Yaksha King was exasperated. If Su Yu really ran away, wouldnt he be a joke?

"Yaksha Transformation!" The Yaksha King bellowed, while his entire body expanded endlessly, transforming into a huge, robust Yaksha whose back was covered in barbs, along with a humongous pair of black wings.

With a flap of those wings, an endless flow of water surged suddenly. He picked up astonishing speed, and very soon the distance between him and Su Yu was shortened a great deal.

A Yaksha and a black dragon were caught in an intense race in the water region outside the Imperial City.

Half a day later, the two of them reached the surroundings of the Imperial City. The Yaksha still had a long way to go to catch up. Seeing Su Yu enter the Imperial City, he stopped his pace, frustrated. "God da*n it! He ran away!"

Not only did he fail to capture the enemy, but he had lost two deities. Moreover, he had revealed himself.

It would be extremely difficult to find out Su Yus hiding spot in the city again.

"Go into the city and ask around. He has to be found, or we dont stand a chance to live!" The Yaksha King ordered.

If the descendants of the World Annihilation Emperor and the despoiled divine blood werent found, they would all be dead.

Su Yu recovered his human body and arrived at a quiet, remote site at the border of the city.

"I never expected the influence of the Yaksha King to be so massive that he could find me easily in such a huge city!" Su Yu was inwardly stunned.

He then shook his head. "Seems like I have been careless. He must be able to recognize my human appearance now, so I cant reveal it again."

After some thoughts, Su Yu imitated the appearance of a demon.

However, he knew they might be able to recognize him in this form too.

Staring at the divine spirit on his palm, Su Yus eyes shimmered.

Inside a small inn in a remote place, Su Yu used Dragons Breath, which turned into chains and twined around the divine spirit.

Toying with the spirit, Su Yu called out calmly, "Black Phoenix."

Hearing the summons, Black Phoenix, who was training in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, emerged.

"What can I do for you, Master?" The enchanting, willowy woman clad in a black dress who stood before him asked with a bow.

"Is your Path of Invisibility as great as this ones?" Su Yu asked.

Black Phoenix lifted her gaze to look at the captivated divine soul and was startled. "A deity?"

Her master was so powerful that he could captivate a deity on his own?

When she regained her composure, Black Phoenix smiled bitterly. "Are you teasing me, Master? My Divine Path has only propelled me to the early stage of Prospective Deity, yet this is a seasoned deity with great expertise. My Divine Path is no match for it."

Su Yu nodded thoughtfully. "If thats the case, Ill just take his Divine Path then! You could use it as a reference as well. It will be beneficial for your cultivation."

"Huh?" Black Phoenixs eyes went saucer-wide. "Does the Master mean I should be referring to the Divine Path?"

"Why? Are you not willing to?" Su Yu asked with a scowl.

Black Phoenix shook her head hastily. She was so excited that she was speaking incoherently. "No, no, I Im just too surprised and excited!"

"The Divine Path is the basis of deities. Unless passed down as a legacy, it cannot be studied by others. Even though I have been in the Netherworld Faction, this is the very first time I get a chance to study a Divine Path, the mature Divine Path of a deity."

So that was it. Su Yu said with nonchalance, "Just take a reference. You have to walk your own path anyway."

Black Phoenix was speechless, what did he mean by just taking a reference? Apart from monsters like him, no one else would capture a deity and force them to hand over their Divine Path, would they?

As he spoke, Su Yu shot a casual glance at the deity. "You heard me? Perform your Divine Path, and let us study it!"

"If you dont, Ill destroy you now!"

Under the influence of his threats and knowing Su Yus record of slaughtering a deity on his own, the deity presented his Divine Path obediently.

Su Yu and Black Phoenix began studying it right away.

Studying the Divine Path that way was no different from inheriting it. If studied intently, one would be able to acquire it very easily.

Besides, Su Yu could even cheat with his Time Acceleration.

With a shift of thoughts, Su Yu entered a state of accelerated time.

Having sustained the attack by the Fragment of Law, the effect of Time Acceleration was enhanced by leaps and bounds. It was able to accelerate time in the outside world a thousandfold now!

While a day passed in the outside world, Su Yu had experienced three years.

This gave him an enormous advantage!

A day had passed, then two days. Black Phoenix had sweat all over her forehead. She was exhausted yet excited. She had learned a great deal from the Divine Path.

The doubts and confusion she had before becoming a deity had all been cleared at the moment. She was shrouded in a clear spiritual brilliance, a sign that she was enlightened in some ways.

She could attain such a high level all because her Divine Path was Invisibility, which was very similar to that of the deity before her.

"Haha, Master, you have given me a vast advantage!" Black Phoenix opened her eyes slowly, and thought to herself, "But as a servant, I cant be too outstanding, or I might rouse my masters displeasure. If he asks me how much I have comprehended, Ill say I did not understand much."

With that in mind, Black Phoenix looked aside, and that single glance almost made her eyes pop right out of their sockets.