The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1318

Chapter 1318 The Frozen River Bottom

"The Godly Dharma Portrayal?"

Behind Su Yu, there was a transparent, ever-changing shadow. That was the evidence of having acquired the Divine Path of Invisibility!

Even the captivated deity was utterly shocked. "He needed just two days to finish comprehending the Divine Path that I have studied for 800 years. How has he reached the threshold?"

Mastering the Path of Invisibility without years of comprehension and continuous guidance by a deity was unheard of.

Su Yu had done it in two days!

Nobody would believe it if they heard it.

In fact, it was partly thanks to the fact that Su Yu was in a state of Time Acceleration. Although it seemed like he only spent two days, he had actually been working on it for six years.

It was also partly thanks to the Fragment of Law, which helped Su Yu strengthen the Divine Path so rapidly, enhancing the appearance of the Godly Dharma Portrayal.

Su Yu did not stop learning but carried on with it.

Black Phoenix and the captivated deity watched with awe as the Godly Dharma Portrayal behind Su Yu underwent transformation each day.

Finally, the fifth day had come.

The Godly Dharma Portrayal behind Su Yu was as solid as concrete, not the least bit weaker than any other Divine Path.

Just like that, Su Yu had successfully stolen the complete Divine Path of a deity.

The captivated deity was so shaken that he could not speak. Once he died and the divine position was vacant, Su Yu had every right to succeed to the post.

If the word about Su Yu being his heir was spread, even he would not believe it.

Black Phoenixs eyes were filled with fascination and longing. She had seen people stealing treasures, resources, and women, but she had never seen anyone stealing a Divine Path.

It only took him five days to plagiarize the Divine Path that a deity spent their entire life working on!

Su Yu flashed a small smile. "Conceal," he said.

His body turned transparent immediately and was completely invisible to the naked eye.

Combined with the Fragment of Law that concealed his scent, even if he was standing right in front of the Yaksha King right now, he would have remained unnoticed.

The captivated deity was dumbfounded because not even he could pick up Su Yus scent.

Su Yu was the plagiarizer, yet he was even more powerful than the deity when he performed the technique!

It was so preposterous that the deity felt like bursting into tears, devastated by an overwhelming sense of defeat.

Then, Su Yu attempted a disguise.

With a shift of thoughts, his facial muscles wriggled, and the bones in his body began to morph, his vessels and organs all changing as well.

Su Yus body turned into mud-like form, which allowed him to transfigure into anything he wished.

Finally, with a mental effort, Su Yu assumed the appearance of Gang Dalei, a flood dragon with the head of a dragon and the body of a human.

"Hehe, I wonder if Gang Dalei would blow his top if he found out that I went around fooling people in his name," Su Yu chuckled.

Right as Su Yu completed his transformation, the jade pendant attached to his waist let out a noise.

It was the translucent elder.

It seemed like Shangguan Feiyu wanted to meet him.

"Great, Ive been waiting for this," Su Yu thought to himself. He got up and hid the divine soul and Black Phoenix in the same Buddha Pearl. "How much you can comprehend depends on your own fate."

Black Phoenix was beyond grateful. Joyful, she entered the space of the Buddha Pearl and strengthened her own Divine Path patiently.

The Hall of One Mans Word.

Su Yu walked all the way to the Hall of One Mans Word. He no longer had the feeling of being watched. It seemed that he had successfully avoided the surveillance of the Yaksha King and the manipulator behind the scene.

Somewhere near the Hall of One Mans Word, Su Yu re-assumed his own form.

The young helper of the translucent elder was waiting at the door. When he saw Su Yu, he led him inside through the back door.

Upon entering the room, he saw there was someone else apart from the translucent elder. This person was wearing a golden mask that only revealed a pair of emerald eyes.

He had broad shoulders and wore an enormous sword behind his back. His robust, strong build gave off a powerful, energetic vibe.

His cultivation was considerably profound.

Judging from the scent he gave off, his level was supposed to be equal to that of the First Prince!

Despite sitting leisurely with crossed legs, he gave people an oppressive feeling.

Looking at the sweat stains under the translucent elders armpits, Su Yu could imagine how much stress he had experienced alone before Su Yu came.

Su Yus eyes gleamed secretively. No wonder he was the greatest martial minister of the Imperial City. His capacity rendered him almost matchless in the galaxy.

"How many drops of the World Annihilation Emperors divine blood do you still have left?" Shangguan Feiyu was open and forthright, without a word of nonsense.

Su Yu sat down placidly and looked him in the eye. "How do you know that I still have the divine blood?"

Shangguan Feiyu had razor-sharp eyes. Just one look at him made one squirm.

"Since you want to exchange the documents of the World Annihilation Plate replica with me, I dont suppose you want me to bid for it at the Tiannu Auction."

"Haha, conversations with clever people are always straightforward!" Su Yu calmly retrieved another jade vessel. There were two drops of divine blood left in it.

"Would you let me have a look at the blueprint of the World Annihilation Plate replica?"

Shangguan Feiyus eyes emitted a scorching brilliance. Su Yu could feel his breathing become heavier.

"No way." Unexpectedly, Shangguan Feiyu refused.

Su Yu kept calm and composed. "Do you have any reasons?"

"The reason is simple. I dont have the blueprint with me." Shangguan Feiyu was unruffled.

Su Yu squinted slightly. "But is there any hope of getting it then?"

"What do you think?" Shangguan Feiyu stared at Su Yu.

Su Yu replied calmly, "If there is no hope of getting the blueprint, whats the point of you coming to meet me today?"

Upon hearing that, Shangguan Feiyu, who had been cold and indifferent all the while, finally flashed a smile. "Interesting! You are clever, indeed. In that case, we could actually consider collaborating."

"Collaborating? Tell me more," Su Yu said.

Shangguan Feiyu said, "The blueprint has been taken by the first-ranking civilian minister of the empire, Grand Tutor Yuwen. It is sealed under the Icebound River Bottom of the North Region, guarded by the Nine-headed Sacred Monster. Apart from that, sealed alongside it are many more blueprints from ancient times!"

"We could work together. I would send someone to escort you to the Frozen River Bottom to steal the sealed blueprints. You could take the blueprint of the World Annihilation Plate and leave the rest of the blueprints to me."

Su Yu scowled. "You mean that all you are going to do is send someone to lead me there, while I have to give you two drops of divine blood, besides risking my life to steal the blueprints?"

Su Yu couldnt accept such an unfair deal.

"Haha! Wait until you get to know where the Frozen River Bottom is located. It is not a place where anyone could simply enter."

"Apart from General Shangguan, Grand Tutor Yuwen and the Master of the Imperial Sacred Faction, no one else is qualified to enter. In other words, you only get to enter if one of those three gives you permission!"

"The Frozen River Bottom is an ancient relic left from the period of Great Destruction. Until now, less than half of it has been developed, and the rest of it is unknown territory. Countless people have found ancient items there and achieved stunning breakthroughs."

"General Shangguans entrance permit is as valuable as the two drops of an emperors divine blood."

Su Yu understood now. The relics left from the era of the Great Destruction were rare indeed.

None of those was ever seen in the God Realm of the galaxy.

At that moment, Shangguan Feiyu looked at Su Yu and said, "The Frozen River Bottom opens once in every ten years. This year happens to be one in which it will open. If it wasnt such a coincidence, I might not have come to meet you."

Su Yu was silent for a moment before saying, "Are you certain that I would help you retrieve the sealed documents?"

"No, which is why I have arranged for another group of capable individuals whom I trust to go along with you." Shangguan Feiyu shot Su Yu a glance, not hiding his distrust.

In other words, he was bargaining to exchange the entrance permit for Su Yus two drops of World Annihilation Emperors divine blood.

As for the blueprint, it was best if Su Yu could retrieve it, but even if he failed to do so, the rest of the people would do it.

Su Yu wasnt bothered by his contempt. It was better to be free of other peoples expectations.


Shangguan Feiyu smiled. "Wonderful! Come to my place and meet up with your companions first."

Su Yu found it acceptable and followed him to the mansion of the first-ranking martial minister.

Along the way, Su Yu changed his appearance to make himself look like Gang Dalei.

Shangguan Feiyu gave him an approving look. Su Yus cautiousness had gained his favor.

When they reached the backyard of the mansion, they saw four youths around Su Yus age, who were sitting cross-legged inside a formation made from stone.

Surprisingly, the four of them were at the level of Prospective Deities. The leading man, who wore white, had even attained the late stage of Prospective Deity level.

These are all young prodigies with superb talents, Su Yu thought to himself.

Shangguan Feiyu said, "There is an ancient sear mark at the Frozen River Bottom, which will repel anyone over the age of thirty."

The information struck Su Yu. No wonder half of the area hadnt been explored yet.

"All of you, come here." Standing outside the formation, Shangguan Feiyu waved his hand to them.

All of a sudden, the youths hurried over quickly. They stood bolt upright, with respectful yet nervous looks on their faces.

"This is the new member of your group." Shangguan Feiyu made a brief introduction.

Upon hearing that, the white-clad man scowled slightly. He hung his head low and did not speak.

"Bai Yunfei, do you have a problem?" Shangguan Feiyu asked.

Bai Yunfei cast a look at Su Yu and said, "Master, you once said that the last place in the group would be given to Tong Ling, so why is this man joining us?"

The Frozen River Bottom only opened once in ten years. As the first-ranking martial minister, he could only recommend five people.

The first four were all youths that Shangguan Feiyu recognized, descendants of his subordinates.

Tong Ling was also one of them, with the capacity of a middle-stage Prospective Deity, and had a good relationship with them.

They had thought that the final place would belong to Tong Ling, but it was now occupied by a fourth-realm Mortal Fairy fellow.

Shangguan Feiyu said, "I only said that the last place would be given to the most suitable person. In my opinion, this man is more suitable than Tong Ling, as simple as that! Any more questions?"

Bai Yunfei was furious. The most suitable person was surely Tong Ling!

He wasnt convinced, but he pretended like he was fine with it. "No problem."

"Alright, since theres no problem, go take a rest. Three months later, you will be sent to the Northern Region," Shangguan Feiyu said.

He then cast a look at Su Yu. "If you have nothing to do, you could train in the training chamber of the mansion for several days. There are traces of Divine Path left behind by the deities who trained there. Ill bend the rule and allow you to study them within this period."

Su Yu knew that Shangguan Feiyu was worried that Bai Yunfei and the rest would harm him. Thus, he talked to him alone.

"Thanks a lot, General." Su Yu couldnt be more grateful. He didnt even need to look in the other mens eyes to feel their hostility towards him.

In fact, with their inferior abilities, Su Yu could knock the breath out of them with his little finger. However, Su Yu didnt want to reveal his capabilities to them yet.

As Su Yu left, Bai Yunfei and the three others stared coldly after him.

"Brother Yunfei, is that all were going to do? If Tong Ling knows about this, shell be beyond furious!"

"Right. Tong Ling still thinks that the place belongs to her. Once she knows the truth, just how upset will she be?"

The five of them knew each other very well and were all friends.

Besides, Tong Ling was a beauty from a high-ranking family. Thus, they usually fawned over her.

Bai Yunfei replied coldly, "What can we do? Do you think you can change General Shangguans mind? The only thing we can do now is teach him a lesson and help Tong Ling get even!"

"But if we harm this fellow and General Shangguan knows about it, we wont necessarily be able to get away with it!"

Bai Yunfei sneered. "Whats so difficult about that? The Tiannu Auction House is about to auction a drop of the World Annihilation Emperors blood, right?"

"I heard that Prince of the Xue Nation, Xue Ruchen, is coming, right? Hes very keen on Tong Ling and has promised that hell help her get to the Frozen River Bottom. If he is told that Tong Lings place has been taken away by an outsider, what do you think Xue Ruchen will do?"

At the very least, he might teach Su Yu a lesson. And in the best-case scenario, he would slaughter Su Yu once and for all.

"Haha, Brother Yunfei, your idea is fantastic. It would be gaining victory with an unstained sword! This fellow is going to find himself in serious trouble!"