The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Ice flames
Chapter 132: Ice flames
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"I, Cao Xuan, will definitely obtain your woman!" Cao Xuan wore a mocking smile.

Su Yu did not regard his words. His gaze was collected. Chilly energy slowly gathered around his body, preparing for the battle.

Thinking that Su Yu was a cornered animal, Cao Xuan's mocking smile grew wider. "Great! The more you struggle, the more meaningful it is for me to trample you! In the past, my teacher stole your teacher's woman. Today, let me, Cao Xuan, steal your woman! Your woman is mine! What a pitiful pair, even your fates are the same!"

These words were projected telepathically. After all, Han Zhi was just under the stage!

Su Yu's calm eyes had a ripple of emotion, a shred of hatred flickered in his gaze!

A hundred years ago, Han Zhi had stolen Li Guang's woman. Now, Han Zhi's disciple was going to use this battle to steal the woman of Li Guang's disciple!

"First, you won't be able to steal my woman with your abilities! Second, I, Su Yu, will take the lives of you and your teacher one by one!" Su Yu calmly replied.

Cao Xuan stood with his hands behind his back, just like how he did standing on the garuda back at the Shenyue Island. He seemed to regard everyone as ants, looking at them with a belittling gaze. "Say that after you survive one of my attacks! Against you, I will not hold back!"


The chilly energy in Su Yu's body billowed, radiating into the surroundings with the bottom of his feet at the center of the cold circle!

The cold temperature turned the entire practice venue into an icy wasteland. The frost spread toward Cao Xuan's feet, but at the last second, it turned away from him!

It was as though Cao Xuan was a ball of wildfire, causing the chilly energy to retreat away from him!

"Just your pitiful chilly energy cannot do anything to me!" Cao Xuan mocked, "Six Fingers of Destruction!"

He nonchalantly extended six fingers, each encircled with an intense flame! The dust in the air was incinerated.


He flicked his finger, sending embers in every direction.

Everywhere the embers landed the frost disintegrated into white vapors of water.

In the blink of an eye, all the ice on the practice venue had disappeared aside for a small circle around Su Yu!

Wang Shenxue, who was gradually waking up from his coma, stared at the scene. His eyes fluttered with a deep shock.

Even though Cao Xuan had suppressed his cultivation level, his battle power was still much stronger than a Third Level Holy King. The Six Fingers of Destruction was a fire style technique, a hard counter to Su Yu's techniques!

Flames are the nemesis of ice.

"Blame your fate for facing me!" Cao Xuan let out a mocking laugh. "Your techniques are countered by mine and your fate will also be countered by me, Cao Xuan!"

The ancient eyes of the Second Elder involuntarily showed signs of worry.

The ice techniques that Su Yu relied on heavily were countered, his chance of victory was shrinking.

Su Yu did not move, his expression still calm.

Cao Xuan squinted his eyes. "Hmph! Do you know how annoying your calm expression is?"

Be it at Shenyue Island or yesterday when he'd disrupted the marriage, Su Yu's expression had always been calm.

Su Yu was an ant who did not know when to give up, much to the annoyance of Cao Xuan.

"I'll send you on your way! Always pretending to be calm!" Cao Xuan let out a grunt! "Six Fingers of Destruction!"


The fiery red flames radiated with an intense heat, circling between his six fingers.


Cao Xuan's movement techniques were also immensely powerful. He closed into Su Yu's side in just the blink of an eye. His six fingers gave off an intense light, pointing toward Su Yu's chest. "I have countered the ice techniques you use, how can you still be so proud?"


The Six Fingers of Destruction attack was closing in!

Su Yu's eyes shot out an icy light. "Intense flames... I'm sorry, I have that too!!"

What? Had Su Yu also cultivated fire style techniques? That's impossible! Since he had focused on the path of ice, suddenly cultivating fire style techniques would cause a clash, causing more harm than good!

"Glazed Ice Flame!" Su Yu let out a low grunt!


An azure flame appeared around Su Yu's body! The flames were three feet high, enveloping the entirety of Su Yu's body. The fierce azure flames caused Su Yu's scrawny figure to look incredibly giant.

The dancing flames shook the hearts of many.

"How can that be? To cultivate both ice and fire techniques at the same time, is that even possible?" Many disciples were dumbfounded.

The Tenth Elder's expression was collected as he savored his tea. When he glanced toward the intense flames, his pupils contracted. When he fully observed the situation, a shred of confusion entered his eyes.

The Second Elder had a look of surprise as well. "Those are indeed flames but they are not flames created by fire. They are ice flames!!"

Flames created by concentrated chilly energy!

Cao Xuan attacked, but was unprepared for the three feet high flames erupting from Su Yu's body, color draining from his face. "This is the most difficult Legacy level technique to cultivate, hidden deep within the depository. Its power is incredible, it's the Glazed Ice Flame!"

He felt a shock he had never felt in all his life!

The Glazed Ice Flame was the most difficult Legacy level technique to cultivate in the depository!

In the history of the Liuxian faction, no one had successfully cultivated this technique!

According to rumors, even cultivating it to Lower Tier would need at least ten years. Slow learners would need as much as fifty years! One could even master a large part of a complete Legacy level technique with that amount of time. Why would anybody waste their time on reaching the Lower Tier of a fragment of a Legacy level technique?

No one had ever touched the manual.

How long had Su Yu been here at all? According to calculations, Su Yu had only been here for slightly over a month, but he had succeeded in cultivating such a technique?

Su Yu had almost learned the Glazed Ice Flame already, but with the help of the chilly energy of the Icy Pearl under the Icy Azure Lake, he had finally broken through to Stage One Lower Tier!

"Congratulations, you are correct!" Su Yu showed a cold smile!

He suddenly attacked with his right palm!

The azure ice flames blanketed the surroundings, attempting to swallow everything in their path! The ice flames were intensely cold. They were beautiful and radiant, much to the awe of everyone!

The rare ice flames were finally shown to the world!


Even the intensely hot Six Fingers of Destruction were extinguished by the azure ice flames!

A layer of ice flames latched onto Cao Xuan's finger, rapidly spreading throughout his entire body.


Cao Xuan let out a pathetic shout. The ice flames burned his life-force away.

Looking at the ice flames, he could see they were not destroying everything like normal flames would!

Red and green wounds fused together throughout Cao Xuan's body.

The azure ice flames were eventually swallowed by the raging flames.


Cao Xuan's breathing was heavy, his expression looking a little haggard!

A shred of fear appeared in his eyes. Had he hesitated for a moment longer, the terrifying ice flames would have engulfed his entire body!

Deep anger and shame were written on Cao Xuan's face! He had been extremely confident previously, but he had nearly been defeated by Su Yu's first attack!

Cao Xuan felt stares of doubt aimed in his direction. This fight had put his reputation in jeopardy.

"Hmph! I have merely used thirty percent of my abilities! It's too early for you to be arrogant!" Cao Xuan ferociously lifted his head, clenching his teeth in fury.

He was not bluffing. Against Su Yu, he had only used thirty percent of his abilities.

He had thought that thirty percent of his usual strength would be enough to completely defeat Su Yu, but instead...

Cao Xuan clenched his teeth. "Alright. With my full power, I'll beat you with one move!"

"Six Fingers of Destruction!" He did not look down on Su Yu anymore. The flames on Cao Xuan's fingertips burned wildly!

A tower of fiery red flames enveloped his entire body from his fingers. With a rumble, the tower of flame burned four feet high!

The flames harbored an intense heat, causing Su Yu's ice flames to waver!

"Not good, Su Yu!" The disciples below the stage were worried for Su Yu!

"Glazed Ice Flame was the hardest Legacy level technique to cultivate, but it has the most power. But Su Yu had only cultivated it to Stage One Lower Tier. Ultimately, it still cannot match up to a Stage One Peak Legacy level technique."

The wavering eyes of the Tenth Elder gradually calmed down. He once again went back to savoring his tea, a faint smile creeping across his face. "To be able to cultivate the Glazed Ice Flame was surprising indeed, but unfortunately the victor has already been decided."

The Second Elder was worried. If that was the technique that gave Su Yu his confidence, the outcome of this match had already been decided. Cao Xuan's fierce glare shot forward, his six fingers developing a piercing flame!

"Apologies, but your woman is mine! Grovel under the might of a Stage One Peak!" Cao Xuan's victory was imminent, his six fingers striking Su Yu with the piercing flame!

Su Yu did not try to defend himself. The ice flames around his body died down!

He was going to use his body to block Cao Xuan's blow!

Amid the confusion, a purple glow appeared below Su Yu's feet. An eerie, destructive power took on a physical form, radiating into the surroundings!

A cold voice came from Su Yu's direction, "Stage One Peak Sorry, but I have that too!"

Su Yu also had flames!

Whoosh, whoosh

The faint sound of something spiraling accompanied the destructive force, entering the ears of the spectators.

Looking down, many ladies shivered with excitmentthey were unable to suppress their affection.

Under Su Yu's feet, a giant purple lotus several feet long was spiraling midair!

The image of the flower was clear, the veins on its petals distinct.

Nine petals danced silently in the wind. The flower swayed gently. The exquisite flower was graceful like a fairy.

It was lifelike, too beautiful to be an illusion.

But, while the purple lotus was beautiful, the purple thunder flares that spread from it were terrifying. It was covered in terrifying energy!

The destructive spirit energy was violent and terrifying, causing the hearts of many to thump wildly. Even catching a glimpse of it would cause unease.

Many of the disciples involuntarily stepped back. Their intuition told them that the purple lotus was extraordinarily dangerous.

The Second Elder shuddered. She stared for a moment, deep in shock. "Thunder style Legacy level technique, Stage One Peak!"

The Tenth Elder's collected expression turned rigid, an unease welling up within him. What kind of demon-like levels of perception did Su Yu possess? He had cultivated the hardest Legacy level technique in just a month! Now, he had achieved Stage One Peak of a Legacy level technique at just fourteen years of age!

Where did Li Guang find such a disciple? Why did he bring so much unease? Feeling such unease, even as an elder, one could see how much of an impact Su Yu had made on the Tenth Elder's heart!

A killing intent rose in the Tenth Elder's gaze but extinguished under the gaze of the Second Elder.

It was too late to kill Su Yu! The perfect time for that had passed!

The purple light illuminated the practice venue. Su Yu looked like a celestial being atop the destructive purple lotus. He was like a lotus child from an ancient legend.

Purple Star Thunderbolt had been on the precipice of Stage One Peak. Under the Icy Azure lake, Su Yu had achieved a breakthrough and had finally entered Stage One Peak!

Cao Xuan's cold smile suddenly turned rigid. An uncomfortable sensation welled up within him!

Su Yu laughed mercilessly. "This is a strike especially prepared for you! Appreciate it!"

With a tap of his toe, the purple lotus spun wildly. At that moment, the purple light pierced all directions!