The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1320

Chapter 1320 The Supreme Card

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"They have enhanced the formation check of the Tiannu Auction House?"

"Seems like that, so they cant bring people in anymore."

"Tsk tsk, that squire must be in an awkward position now, right?"

Bai Yunfei and the three others were stunned as well, but seeing Su Yu embarrassed publicly, they were kind of pleased.

Bai Yunfei shrugged and said, "Brother Su, it seems like we cant properly introduce you to the life of us nobles, dont be disappointed, next time well bring you"

The teenage girl who stood guard at the entrance seemed to be experienced in such circumstances.

Deftly, she asked, "Sir, may I know if you have brought an ordinary card with you? If the entrance doesnt match your card type, such situations happen."

Only then did Su Yu recall Master Lin, who had given him a black card. He said, "My apologies, Ive almost forgotten about it."

Inside the formation, Bai Yunfei and his mates shook their heads.

They said, "Brother Su, if something isnt yours, you just cant claim it! Put your mind at ease and stay at the common hall, and well show you the VIP section next time around."

Su Yu did not bother listening to them. He took out his card and quietly walked towards the ordinary entrance to join the endless queue.

The teenage girl at the entrance took a glance at the black card and her pretty eyes went saucer-wide. She exclaimed, "The Supreme Black Card!"

" Look, the Supreme Card! Its the Supreme Black Card!"

"Da*n, thats the Supreme Black Card! There are less than a hundred pieces around!"

"Hold on! Isnt he just a squire? Why is he holding the Supreme Black Card?"

The on-lookers were all stupefied beyond words. Bai Yunfei and his mates, who were about to leave, were petrified. They stared at the Black Card, unblinking.

The look on the girls face changed immediately. Ingratiatingly, she bowed with a bright sweet smile on her face. "My honored guest, your entrance is on the other side."

She was referring to the deserted entrance without a queue, where the middle-aged woman stood.

With less than a hundred Black Cards in the entire Empire of Darkness, it was no wonder the entrance was empty.

Su Yu nodded lightly and strode towards that side.

"Hold on! Where did you get the Supreme Card?" Bai Yunfeis voice sounded from behind him. Instead of curious, he sounded more like interrogating.

The girls face turned cold, and she stared at Bai Yunfei. "Sir, please watch your language. The Tiannu Auction House has the responsibility to secure the dignity of our honored guests, and you have no right to question the origin of his Supreme Card!"

She was polite and gracious to the four of them, but her expression quickly turned ice cold.

Bai Yunfei was exasperated. "Im just suspicious. Hes only a commoner, so how is it possible that he owns a Supreme Card?"

The girl stared at him and said calmly, "This is the final warning. Please do not question our honored guests."

"Otherwise, in order to protect their dignity, we will have to expel you and put your names in the blacklist of our auction house. You will never get to enter for the rest of your lives!"

They were also guests, but holders of the Black Card were a higher priority.

Having received such unfair treatment, the faces of Bai Yunfei and his companions fell.

Su Yu turned and shot a look at them, and then waved his hand. "My friends, put your minds at ease and stay at the VIP section. If there is a chance next time, Ill show you around the Supreme Card chamber."

Upon hearing that, Bai Yunfei and the rest were enraged, as though Su Yu had given them a hard slap in the face.

"Haha, how hilarious! The four fellows treated a supreme honored guest as if he was their squire!"

"Havent you noticed? The four of them purposely made us perceive it that way, probably to embarrass that man."

"Thats ridiculous. They acted so condescendingly, but it turned out that hes carrying a freaking Black Card!"

As he listened to the one-sided mocking and taunting of the people, resentment and hatred filled Bai Yunfei.

In a low voice, he said, "Isnt it just a Supreme Black Card? My father has it too. Whats so special about it? The Supreme Black Card has grades too, and the one he holds is merely the lowest-grade Green Bronze Black Card! Humph!"

Su Yu came to the deserted entrance. The woman who had been watching it all shot him a respectful look and said smilingly, "My name is Meng Luo. From now on, Ill be serving you throughout the auction. You may do whatever you wish to."

Her alluring sassy voice, shapely body and gorgeous looks made other women envious.

More importantly, she was an individual as powerful as the tribe kings, with honorable abilities.

To be served by such a powerful woman was a very attractive idea. Besides, she had said that he could do anything he wished.

Bai Yunfeis face darkened, but he forced a sneer. "Just look, its only a low-grade Green Bronze Black Card, nothing remarkable."

Meng Luo stretched out her hand. "Sir, please allow me to check your Supreme Black Card."

"Alright." Su Yu handed the black card over.

Meng Luo used a complicated device to perform the inspection.

A black light was projected on the card, and it radiated a golden halo.

Even Meng Luo was surprised, and the look on her face became even more deferential. "The highest grade, the Golden Supreme Card! Sir, please follow me inside."

"My goodness! The Golden Supreme Card of the highest grade!"

"What kind of a phenomenal figure could he be? If Im not mistaken, even the finance minister doesnt hold the Golden Supreme Card at most, right?"

"And at his age? Hes so young. How unexpected!"

"Hehe, look at Bai Yunfeis face, its a dark shade of red!"

"He usually looks down on everyone, but its his turn to be humiliated today! Tsk tsk!"

Bai Yunfei shot them an icy stare, his face extremely gloomy. "Well wait and see!"

Su Yu didnt want to waste time on them, so he entered the auction hall directly. He was brought to a luxurious room.

It was built from the highest quality insulating materials. Even if the Sacred Faction Master were standing outside, he would not be able to see who was inside the chamber. It was very private.

Apart from that, there were about ten young pretty girls with impeccable bodies inside the room.

Their only task was to please Su Yu, and they would obey all of Su Yus requests without hesitation.

Su Yu only took a glance at them and sat down casually. Through the one-sided transparent wall, he could see all the happenings in the auction hall with great clarity.

"Sir, the auction has not begun. Do you require any special services?" Meng Luo asked gently, her voice tantalizing.

Su Yu nodded. "Yes!"

Meng Luos lips curled into a smile, and she shot a look at the young, mesmerizing girls. Smiling, they sashayed towards him gracefully.

"Ask them to get out," Su Yu said.

Meng Luo flashed a bewitching smile and waved a hand, gesturing for them to leave.

She then leaned her soft, delicate body against Su Yu, and spoke in a voice so soft that it could melt ones bones. "Sir, do you want me then? Meng Luo is more than willing to serve."

Su Yu had an unruffled look on his face as if he wasnt allured at all. He said, "In the future, I will need large amounts of special materials. Does the Tiannu Auction House have any channels for obtaining them?"


Meng Luo was a little stunned. She asked, "You want to talk about serious matters?"

"Why, is it not included in the services for honored guests?"

Meng Luo changed her demeanor and said with a serious look, "Please tell me, what materials do you need?"

Su Yu wrote down the several auxiliary materials he needed for crafting the Cosmos Sword Formation.

Meng Luo took a glance at the list and scowled slightly. "Sir, these types of mineral rocks are few and far between in the entire God Realm, and two of them had never been found in the Empire of Darkness."

"For instance, the Rock of Ten Thousand Spirits is a kind of divine rock that had only appeared in the ancient battlefields."

"It requires the fusion of the spirits of ten thousand early-stage Prospective Deities after their deaths, and will only take the form of mineral rock after ten thousand years."

Upon hearing that, Su Yu asked, "How many times has the Rock of Ten Thousand Spirits appeared?"

Meng Luo said, "It had appeared occasionally a long time ago. People would sometimes find it in the battlefields that remained from the era of Great Destruction."

"But with the continual excavation and exploration of these battlefields, it hasnt been seen in the past ten million years."

Had not been seen in the past ten million years? Su Yu frowned deeply. It seemed that crafting the sword body of the Cosmos Sword Formation would be far more challenging than he had imagined.

Not only were the main materials hard to obtain, but the auxiliary materials were just as rare.

"What about the other materials?" Su Yu asked.

Meng Luo said, "Two of them are pretty rare as well. However, with the resources of our Tiannu Auction House, we could help you find them in various locations of the empire. Of course, the price will be higher than the market price."

"Money isnt a problem," Su Yu said.

Meng Luo smiled. "As for the last material, the Blue Sea Divine Crystal, hehe Sir, your luck isnt too bad. There will be one of which on the auction tonight."

Oh? Su Yu gave a small smile. This made coming here worthwhile.

"Then Id like to know if I could draw the profit of the auction in advance."

Meng Luo replied, "No problem at all. Youre an honored guest, and you have the right to overdraw the auction. The fees generated will be deducted from your card when the auction is over. Your limit is a hundred million gold coins."

A hundred million? Should be sufficient. The God Realm gold coins seemed to be quite valuable.


A noise sounded from the auction hall. It was the reminder that the auction was about to begin.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the auction is about to start. Please be quiet for a moment," a crisp, placid female voice sounded from the auction stage.

She sounded like one who claimed a deitys position in a natural way.

The audience quickly quietened down. Even the powerful deities who were talking before went silent instantly.

Su Yu was surprised. "This must be a remarkable person."

Meng Luo had a respectful look on her face as she said, "It is the owner of the Tiannu Auction House, the heiress of the Imperial Sacred Faction, Yongye Chuxue. She is the favored younger sister of Yongye Wuheng."

Yongye Wuheng? Su Yu didnt know who that was, but from the way Meng Luo spoke, it had to be someone extraordinary.

After a moment of silence, a middle-aged man walked out from behind the drape. He had a square face and huge ears, a formidable air and imposing appearance, and a gleam in his eyes.

That was Master Lin, whom Su Yu had met in the private chamber.

"Eh, the Deputy House Master is going to host the auction himself!"

"Right, he hasnt hosted the auction in person for a long time, has he?"

"Does the divine blood of the World Annihilation Emperor excite him so much that he even hosts the auction himself? Haha, we just dont know where that drop of divine blood came from, and where it will go."

"It is said that the Xue Nation in the Northern Region and Ximen Palace from the Western Region, as well as the East Imperial Palace of the Eastern Region have all sent their people to come forth and vie for it. It is about to get intense!"

"So it is him?" Su Yu looked at Master Lin and began pondering. Why did Master Lin give him a highest-grade Supreme Black Card?

Although the divine blood of the World Annihilation Emperor was precious, the Tiannu Auction House had a long-standing history and had seen many precious items. There must have been many more occasions on which they had sold divine blood.

So why did he give the highest-grade Supreme Black Card to Su Yu alone?