The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1321

Chapter 1321 The Annihilation Cannon

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Keeping the doubt to himself, Su Yu watched the auction casually.

Honestly speaking, apart from the Blue Sea Divine Crystal, the other items hardly piqued his interest.

Apart from trying his luck in getting the auxiliary material for the Cosmos Sword Formation, he had come here today to see how much the divine blood of the World Annihilation Emperor was worth.

"Haha, Ill be in charge of the auction today. Based on the custom, the first item for the auction will be unique," Master Lin said. "Its neither a treasure, a technique nor an elixir. It is a person!"

The people in the audience were unruffled and uninterested. They had seen many occasions on which people put their enemies up for auction. They were usually members of some rare races or species.

Master Lin noticed the look on everyones faces, he added in a drawling voice, "Hes special because he came from another god realm!"

All of a sudden, pairs of sharp, glinting eyes exchanged glances.

Many deities were visibly moved.

"Another god realm? Is he talking about the world on the other side of the Endless Chasm?"

Millions of years ago, the four great Imperial Sacred Factions joined hands in an expedition.

Despite encountering attacks by the Mutant God, which caused the entire army to perish, the expedition had shed light on something, namely, that the missing god realm was most probably on the other side of the Endless Chasm.

All of a sudden, everyone was ecstatic, and anticipation filled their eyes.

Su Yu, who wasnt interested at first, leaned forward suddenly, looking inquisitive. "They all seem excited. Whos the one being auction?"

"Haha, I suppose everyone is very keen on knowing the situation on the other side of the Endless Chasm, right?" Master Lin laughed and clapped his hands, and a young girl stepped out, carrying a glass bottle the size of a fist.

A shrunken spirit was confined inside the bottle, relentlessly colliding against the glass. However, no matter how hard it tried, it couldnt get out.

Su Yu stared at the spirit, his eyes turning cold. "How fortunate. I cant believe hes still alive!"

That spirit was none other than the Book Deity, whose body Su Yu had shattered at the Heavens Pool, and who had almost perished!

He didnt expect the Book Deity to be brought alive into the Ancient God Realm!

"Sir, are you interested in him?" Meng Luo asked, curious.

Su Yu nodded. "Yes. Offer any price necessary on my behalf. No matter what, I am going to get him."

Meng Luo did not doubt it. She smiled. "Im curious too. I wonder what the mythical other side of the world looks like."

All of a sudden, a thought occurred to Su Yu. The Book Deity had been held captive by the Tiannu Auction House for so long that he was afraid that the deitys memory had been thoroughly searched.

If so, would the Tiannu Auction House also obtain the memories he had about Su Yu?

Then he thought about the Supreme Black Card in his hand again. Su Yu couldnt help but worry.

As he stared at the Book Deity, Su Yus eyes were filled with a murderous desire. This creature caused disasters everywhere he went!

However, this time, it had to end.

"Having undergone the evaluation of our auction house, he had come from a foreign god realm indeed. Besides, he has immense knowledge in his memory!"

"The Tiannu Auction House has limited ability in the Path of Souls, and has only explored part of his memory, but we are certain that a large portion of his memory has not been accessed yet."

This implied that there was a great deal more to uncover in the deitys memory.

If more of his memory was accessed, it could bring about an unimaginable wealth.

Inside the VIP chamber, Bai Yunfeis eyes shone with a shrewd gleam.

"If I hand him over to General Shangguan, there will be boundless benefits, as he is particularly interested in the lost civilizations. I must buy this creature!"

Master Lin had successfully roused everyones interest. He said, "Now, start bidding! The baseline is 200,000 gold coins, and each raise must not be less than 50 thousand. The highest bidder wins!"

200,000? Many powerful individuals who were interested shook their heads in pity.

As far as deities were concerned, 200,000 gold coins was a considerable amount of wealth. Despite their inquisitiveness about the foreign god realm, they werent willing to pay such an enormous price.

However, there were a number of interested individuals with great financial power on the scene.




People were extremely enthusiastic, and the higher bids had lasted for a long while.

The voices only died down gradually after a few minutes. By then, the price had been raised to a million gold coins.

Apart from a handful of individuals with tremendous financial capacity, most people had chosen to give up.

The valuable divine blood was yet to be displayed, and they figured it wouldnt be wise to spend all their gold now.

Bai Yunfei wanted the foreign creature very badly.

He said, "1.05 million!"

"1.1!" The one who called out was the eldest son of the General of Royal Guards serving under Grand Tutor Yuwen. He shot Bai Yunfei a provocative look.

Bai Yunfei chuckled and responded with an even higher price.

Before long, the price had been raised to 1.5 million gold coins!

Clearly, it was a fight between two powerful influences. The rest of the participants had quit one after another, leaving only the two of them.

Bai Yunfei scowled slightly. Paying one and a half million gold coins wasnt worthwhile at all.

However, determined not to lose the fight, Bai Yunfei gritted his teeth.

Fortunately, after the bids have reached an exorbitant number, the young man on the other side had rationally chosen to give up.

"I quit!"

Bai Yunfeis frown finally eased, and he heaved a small sigh of relief. If the bidding war carried on, he wouldnt be able to withstand it.

Master Lin had a look of excitement on his face. The price was higher than he had predicted.

"1.5 million once, 1.5 million twice, 1.5 million three"

"1.55 million!" A stable, powerful voice sounded from above, from the black private chamber suspended in the Void.

The audience went into an uproar.

"The honored guest has joined the bidding! Its private chamber no.3. Who could it be?"

Bai Yunfeis face fell. That voice belonged to Su Yu!

"1.6 million!" Bai Yunfei uttered through gritted teeth.

Unexpectedly, Su Yu raised the price without hesitation. "1.65 million!"

"1.7 million!" Bai Yunfei was reluctant to surrender. He hesitated for a second, and continued bidding.

"1.75." Su Yu was calm and composed. It seemed that he would keep going on.

Bai Yunfei was furious. He looked over at the private chamber where Su Yu sat, and cried out, "Su, do you really want to fight me?"

Su Yu did not reply. Instead, he said, "Master Lin, does the Tiannu Auction House allow bidders to threated one another?"

Master Lin flashed a smile in Su Yus direction. When he looked at Bai Yunfei, his expression was icy. "Ill warn you once. Do not interrupt the auction!"

The other guests were displeased too.

"Did he really think he could flaunt his prowess here just because hes the son of the finance minister? This is the Tiannu Auction House!"

"Youre right. He should just get lost if he cant bid higher, and not embarrass himself here!"

Bai Yunfei was enraged. He clenched his fists and sat down furiously.

Master Lin announced, "1.75 million once, 1.75 million twice, 1.75 million three times! Deal!"

Su Yu stared at the glass bottle with merciless eyes. The Book Deity, meanwhile, was clueless about what was going on.

"The auction continues. Well display the second item up for auction today, a 2000-year-old blood coral."

Although the next few items were quite impressive, none of them drew peoples eyes as the first one did, and Su Yu wasnt interested either.

The auction progressed. Master Lin smiled and said, "The ninth item, I believe, will pique the interest of everyone in the audience."

From behind the drape, three burly early-stage Prospective Deities came out, carrying a pitch-black, humongous cannon that appeared extremely heavy.

Su Yu took one look at it and his eyes shone. "This is"

A commotion erupted in the audience. People exclaimed, "This could this be the Forbidden Destructive Cannon from the Sacred Sky Warship?"

Master Lin nodded with a smile. "Exactly. This is the Annihilation Cannon, but a miniature one, with one-tenth of the power the original had!"

Upon close scrutiny, the surface of the Annihilation Cannon was covered in seams and cracks, and there were numerous traces of decay.

"This Annihilation Cannon was found in a ruin and has sustained severe damage. It could probably be used once more, and it can only be activated with the aid of divine blood!"

"Based on our estimation, its exact power should be greater than that of the tribe kings. In other words, a blow from this cannon could kill a tribe king."

Upon hearing that, the people in the audience were euphoric.

"All of you should know that any relics from the ancient civilizations are extremely rare. This Annihilation Cannon is something one would encounter once in a thousand years."

"Its base price is fixed at 500,000 gold coins. You could bid for it if interested! I guarantee that if it can be put into use, no price would be excessive."

The Xue Nation of the Northern Region, the Ximen Palace of the Western Region, and the East Imperial Palace of the Eastern Region had all decided to get involved.

In a short while, the price shot up to 2 million!

Bai Yunfei had wanted to vie for the cannon, but looking at the fast-rising price, he gave up. Secretly, he thought to himself, "The Xue Nation, the Ximen Palace, and the East Imperial Palace are all ridiculously rich!"

"Although Im not short of money, there is no necessity for me to spend so much."

The price was still skyrocketing, and many had reluctantly chosen to give up, leaving only the representatives of the three regions vying for the cannon.

Very soon, the price had shot all the way up to 5 million gold coins!

The faces of the Xue Nation representatives grew gradually solemn.

A few deity-level elders cast inquiring looks at a white-haired young lord among them, who was resting with his eyes closed.

This young man had the level of a late-stage Prospective Deity. His aura was concealed but not scattered, and he had an extremely powerful capacity.

He had an icy cold, yet handsome face.

Sensing the inquiring looks, he slowly opened his pitch-black eyes and stood up, bowing in the directions of the Western Region and the Eastern Region representatives.

In a magnetic voice full of charisma, he said, "Ximen Yingwu, Donghuang Ying, please do Qingchen the favor of giving me this item. Then, in the upcoming auctions, apart from the divine blood, I will not contend with you. How about that for a deal?"

The Western Region and the Eastern Region representatives kept silent for a moment, before the sweet, lovely voice of a young girl and another cool, steady voice responded respectively, announcing that they give up on the item.

This was a flagrant disruption of the auctions progress.

Master Lin scowled a little but pretended that nothing had happened.

The three regions were extremely powerful, completely unlike the Southern Region, which was governed by an alliance of loose, scattered tribes.

"5 million once! 5 million twice"

"5.1 million," Su Yu called out at that moment.

People in the audience looked over at his chamber. Was someone actually daring enough to contend with the Xue Nation of the Northern Region?

However, when they found out that the voice had come from the honored guests private chamber, they were not surprised that he dared to rival Xue Qingchen.

Xue Qingchen frowned a little and said, "I am Xue Qingchen. Please remember that."

His voice was filled with hints of hostility and his tone was condescending.

With his status, apart from the Imperial Sacred Faction, he never really regarded anyone with respect.

"Do I know you?" Su Yu questioned placidly.

Xue Qingchen replied, "You dont, but I seem to know you."