The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1322

Chapter 1322 The Emperor Of The Empire Of Darkness

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"I am sorry! Since I dont know you, why should I give face to you? We use money to win an auction. Your face isnt worth a cent for me!"

Xue Qingchen looked at Su Yus private room coldly. He was annoyed because even the royal family and the nobility had to show their due respect to the Xue Nation in the North Territory.

After pondering it for a while, Xue Qingchen sat down expressionlessly and gave up on this auction. Then, he glanced at Su Yus room again as he whispered to several old men around him, "Investigate this guy after the auction. I want to know who he is!"

The auction house fell into silence. Nobody continued to bid.

Master Lin said with a smile as he brought down his gavel three times, "Congratulations to the distinguished guest for obtaining a precious item at the price of 5,000,000 gold coins! This Annihilation Cannon is yours!"

Then, the following auctions went on uneventfully because the items were of medium quality.

When the auction was about to end, Master Lin said with a faint smile, "According to the established practice, the last three items of this auction are extremely precious!"

His words made all the people who participated in this auction perk up.

"This item is the Blue Sea Divine Crystal, which is known as King of Equipment Shaping among all ores!"

Master Lins words caused an uproar.

"I didnt expect I would see this precious stone in my lifetime!"

"It is said that this stone is a mandatory adjuvant in forging Emperor-based Saint Artifacts!"

"Right! The forging of Emperor-based Saint Artifacts is always stopped by the Great Path Rules. At the last moment, most of the forging processes would be ruined by the interference of the Great Path Rules. The Blue Sea Divine Crystal could resist the Great Path Rules somewhat. Therefore, it could enhance the success rate of the forging process. This item is priceless!"

However, although many people were talking about this stone, hardly anyone tried to bid for it.

It was because this stone was totally useless for most of them personally.

The forging of the Emperor-based Saint Artifact could only be performed by a Divine Warrior of Heaven and Earth because the resonance of the Great Path Rules had to be caused during the forging process.

That could only be done by a Divine Warrior of Heaven and Earth!

Master Lin was not surprised by this awkward silence. Then he exclaimed, "In the age of the great Nine Emperors, the Blue Sea Divine Crystal was the most precious resource! I didnt expect it could become useless in our era. The reserve price is 300,000 gold coins. And the smallest markup is 100,000 gold coins!"

"400,000 gold coins!" Suddenly, Su Yus calm voice came out from his private room.

Wow! It seems that the mysterious supreme guest needed this stone!

Some people who had an interest in the stone gave up this auction because they didnt want to offend a distinguished guest for a useless stone.

Therefore, nobody else would bid for it at this moment.

When Master Lin was about to bring down his gavel, a carefree voice sounded, "500,000 gold coins!"

The one who made a counter-bid was Bai Yunfei!

Now, he was looking at Su Yus private room provocatively.

"1,000,000 gold coins!" Su Yu added 500,000 gold coins directly.

Bai Yunfei was stunned, but soon recovered and said immediately, "1,100,000 gold coins."

Before he could finish speaking, Su Yus calm voice sounded again. "2,000,000 gold coins!"

2,000,000 gold coins! This was a really large sum of money! Was Bai Yunfei still going to bid higher?

"This guy is so overbearing! I dont think Bai Yunfei could win!"

"Apparently, Bai Yunfei is trying to win in order to embarrass the important guest. However, he is putting himself in a dangerous situation. What if the distinguished guest stops bidding for this stone? Then Bai Yunfei will have to pay."

Bai Yunfei was shocked. However, it would be quite humiliating to give up in front of so many people. Therefore, he braced himself to shout again, "Two million and"

"3,000,000 gold coins!" Su Yu upped the price without any hesitation.

Hearing this, Bai Yunfei let out a sigh. He rolled his eyes and figured out Su Yu was determined to win this stone.

Would he be ready to pay for it?

He would be regarded as a fool, Bai Yunfei knew. Still, he couldnt help but try to outbid Su Yu once more.

"Three million and one"

"4,000,000 gold coins!" Without thinking, Su Yu bid higher again.

Bai Yunfei smiled secretly because he was about to use his old trick again. Then, he shouted loudly, "I will bid 4,100,000 gold coins!"

The entire auction hall was in dead silence. However, Su Yu didnt make another bid.

Bai Yunfei was stunned. Su Yu kept silent.

Then, Bai Yunfei became more and more anxious. At last, he shouted, "Lord Su, why dont you make your next bid?"

Su Yus reply came in from the private room at last.

"I didnt expect Lord Bai would be so interested in this Blue Sea Divine Crystal as to be prepared to buy it for 4,100,000 gold coins! Therefore, I will help you to fulfill your wish. The Crystal is yours, Lord Bai. This time I give up," Su Yu said.

Bai Yunfei was shocked as if he was struck by lightning. He said hurriedly, "Wait! Lord Su, actually, II dont want it"

Su Yu asked with puzzlement, "Then why did you bid for it if you dont want it?"

Cold sweat appeared on the forehead of Bai Yunfei. He knew he would be punished by his father severely for buying a Blue Sea Divine Crystal, the price of which was less than 400,000 gold coins, for 4,100,000 gold coins!

In addition, he wouldnt have enough money to bid for the divine blood!

"Lord Su, please continue to bid for it! I give up!" Bai Yunfei said politely although he hated Su Yu in his heart.

Su Yu replied with a disdainful smile, "Do you think I am a fool? I wont buy a Blue Sea Divine Crystal with 5,000,000 gold coins! Lord Bai, you are so fond of winning at auctions! Well, victory is yours. Master Lin, you can announce the winner now!"

Immediately, the place was full of disdainful laughter.

"This is so amusing! He was so determined to win. Now he has to pay for something he doesnt want! 4,100,000 gold coins! The annual revenue of his family is only around 10,000,000 gold coins! This black sheep has just spent half of the familys annual revenue!"

"He had brought this on himself, which is the hardest for him to bear! If he stopped when the price reached 3,000,000 gold coins, the guest might have accepted the price reluctantly. By upping the price to 4,000,000 gold coins, he entangled himself!"

"Lord Bai will be famous now for spending 4,100,000 gold coins to buy something he didnt want! What a fool!"

Bai Yunfei blushed with sheer humiliation he had never experienced before.

Su Yu! He murmured the name of Su Yu in his heart with deep hatred.

Master Lin said with a faint smile, "Congratulations to Lord Bai for obtaining a Blue Sea Divine Crystal at the price of 4,100,000 gold coins!"

Then, Master Lin continued with a smile, "The next item in this auction is the most anticipated divine blood of a World Annihilation Emperor!"

He took out a jade bottle and said excitedly, "I hereby guarantee upon the honor of the Tiannu Auction House that this is a drop of pure and flawless divine blood!"

"Now, most descendants of the World Annihilation Emperor have been killed. I guess only a few drops of divine blood are left in this world. This should be one of them! It is almost impossible to obtain this kind of divine blood," Master Lin said. "So, this is a one of a kind opportunity for you to obtain the divine blood of the World Annihilation Emperor!"

Hearing this, all members of the royal family and the nobility were extremely excited.

All of them came here for this divine blood!

"The reserve price is 5,000,000 gold coins. The smallest markup is 500,000 gold coins. Now, please start the bidding!"

"550,000 gold coins!" Xue Qingchen said coldly. He tried to make it seem as though he was determined to get this item.

Ximen Yingwu, who was the representative of the West Territory, said without any hesitation, "6,000,000 gold coins! Xue Qingchen, this divine blood is mine!"

"6,500,000 gold coins! The East Imperial Palace is determined to obtain this divine blood!" Donghuang Ying said in a low voice.

"7,000,000 gold coins!"

"7,500,000 gold coins!"

Su Yu closed his eyes slowly because he didnt want to participate in this auction at all.

One hour later, the frequency of bidding dropped slowly.

Now, only the representatives of the three territories were bidding for this item. The price had reached 70,000,000 gold coins!

Even Master Lin grinned from ear to ear in the face of such an amazingly high price.

The three representatives were furious with each other. They would have started a fight if they were not in the Tiannu Auction House now.

Just at this time, a steady and sonorous voice came in from the private room next to Su Yus, the occupier of which had kept silent for a long time."100,000,000 gold coins!"

The hall went into an uproar at once.

"One hundredmillion? The price of this drop of divine blood has broken the record of any similar item ever sold in this auction house!"

"I guess the one who bid just now was Shangguan Feiyu, the no.1 military officer of our country, right?"

The representatives of the three territories became speechless. They were not able to afford a price higher than 100,000,000 gold coins.

Also, they guessed that Shangguan Feiyu would add another 100,000,000 gold coins without hesitation.

Having figured that out, they stopped bidding reluctantly.

Master Lin brought down his gavel with a smile. "The divine blood of the World Annihilation Emperor goes at the price of 100,000,000 gold coins!"

Su Yu was surprised because he didnt understand why Shangguan Feiyu bought this divine blood for such a high price.

According to their agreement, Su Yu would give him two drops of divine blood. Was it necessary to get this one at such a high cost?

Why did he need so much divine blood?

"The next item will be the last in this auction! It is quite special," the words of Master Lin interrupted Su Yus thoughts.

A special item?

Master Lin said, "Actually, this item is an escort mission!"

"If you are willing to escort someone to the Lost Nation at the southernmost point of this God Realm, you could ask for anything from the giver of this task!" After taking a deep breath, Master Lin said, "You can even ask for an Emperor-based Saint Artifact!"

Hearing this, everyone was surprised.

"The Lost Nation? Isnt it located at the edge of this God Realm?"

"Right! The one who accepts this task would need to go through the entire realm, which will take a couple of years! Moreover, countless difficult and dangerous situations have to be overcome on the way!"

"The Lost Nation is an extremely dangerous place. Hardly anyone could come back from it alive!"

Soon, someone asked, "Master Lin, do you know the rank of this Emperor-based Saint Artifact? I guess nobody could accept this task for a mediocre Artifact!"

Master Lin, who was not surprised by this question, replied, "You can ask for any item among the Emperor-based Saint Artifacts ranking between 40th and 50th!"

Hearing this, all the people were totally shocked.

"An Emperor-based Saint Artifact ranking between 40th and 50th? Is it possible?"

"Wait! Any item among the Emperor-based Saint Artifacts ranking between 40th and 50th? This would mean this guy has at least 10 Emperor-based Saint Artifacts, right?"

"Who could have so many Emperor-based Saint Artifacts?"

Master Lin replied calmly, "In the Empire of Darkness, there is only one person who could have so many Emperor-based Saint Artifacts!"

The audience became speechless because they had figured out who this was.

It was the ruler of the Empire of Darkness and the Master of the Yongye Royal Family Yongye Jiuyang!