The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1325

Chapter 1325 The Eternal Freeze

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Bai Yunfei said nothing but smiled coldly, which meant what Xue Qingchen said was correct.

Xue Qingchen stared at Su Yu. Then, he said thoughtfully, "Now I know it was you who embarrassed me in public!"

Xue Qingchen turned around and walked toward Su Yu slowly. Then, he said as he looked at Su Yu, "It is useless for you to return the Annihilation Cannon to me now! I hate those who take away things that I like."

However, his words failed to deter Su Yu, who said calmly, "What are you talking about? I am not going to give you the Annihilation Cannon! Why should I?"

Xue Qingchen was stunned by Su Yus words. Then, he said with a creepy smile, "Good! Good! Great! I have never met an arrogant guy who overestimates himself as you do!"

In the Empire of Darkness, nobody dared to defy Xue Qingchen because of his prowess and status. Therefore, Xue Qingchen hadnt encountered treatment like Su Yu had given him for a long time.

"Are you very powerful?" Su Yu asked as he looked at Xue Qingchen calmly.

Xue Qingchen was amused by Su Yus question. "I am more powerful than you are!"

"So, are you going to challenge me like Bai Yunfei?" Su Yu asked expressionlessly. He didnt like these children of rich and powerful families.

Xue Qingchen shook his head and said with a cold smile full of killing intent, "Challenge you? No! I will behead you!"


An arrogant lady who was covered with snow and ice appeared behind Xue Qingchens back. The lady was looking down at Su Yu with a cold stare.

When this Divine Laksana appeared, the temperature in half of the city dropped remarkably.

Some Divine Laksana were quite powerful. When they appeared, they could even influence the environment around them.

Seeing this, Ximen Yingwu said with a smile, "Heh! Heh! I havent seen Xue Qingchen so angry for a long time. Although this stranger is quite powerful, Xue Qingchen is a much more dangerous enemy than Bai Yunfei!"

Donghuang Ying shook his head as he looked at Su Yu. "He would not be able to rival Xue Qingchen. However, this guy just doesnt seem aware of the danger! Ive seen too many arrogant guys who ended up like him! They deserve to die!"

Master Lin also became nervous. He stepped out and stood in front of Su Yu as he called out, "Xue Qingchen, Ive forgiven you for your rude reaction during the auction. Now, you mean to hurt the one chosen by the Princess. Im afraid that being the Prince of the Xue Nation wont save your life! You only have one life, but there are other princes in the Xue Nation as well!"

Xue Qingchen became hesitant when he heard this stark warning.

His rude action in the auction house could be forgiven. However, he knew this task was published by Yongye Jiuyang, the ruler of this empire.

Therefore, Xue Qingchen knew clearly what the consequence of killing Su Yu here would be.

However, when Xue Qingchen was about to give up, a coquettish voice sounded. "Heh! Heh! It doesnt matter! I would also like to evaluate the real strength of the one who will escort me!"

Hearing this, everyone was surprised. Then, they bowed to the girl who uttered those words just now. "Greetings, Your Royal Highness!"

Su Yu was surprised as well. According to the information revealed by Master Lin, he knew he was about to escort a Princess.

He didnt expect the Princess would take this stance, which put Su Yu in a bind.

Before going to the Ice Sealed River Bottom, Su Yu didnt want to reveal his strength.

However, Su Yu had to confront Xue Qingchen because the Princess had given her order. Still, he wouldnt use his full strength in combat.

Xue Qingchen said with a faint smile, "Thank you for your understanding, Your Royal Highness! I think his death will prove that youve chosen the wrong person!"

"Fine, you can have a try!" Yongye Chuxue said as she nodded slightly.

After obtaining Princesss consent, Xue Qingchen turned around and looked at Su Yu sinisterly.

The Divine Laksana behind him looked even more horrible.

"I will kill you within three rounds!" Xue Qingchen said with a diabolical smile.

"Omnibearing Destruction!" Xue Qingchen stretched out his hand and pointed at Su Yu with his finger from afar.

Two strands of chilly light were shot out from the eyes of the woman made from snow and ice who stood behind him.

Everything touched by those light beams was frozen immediately. Soon, Su Yu was surrounded by a wall of solid and transparent ice.

Su Yu himself was also frozen in the ice and couldnt move a bit.

"Heh! Heh! My ice is as cold and strong as the Thousand Year Black Ice! You can never break it unless you have a copy of an Emperor-based Saint Artifact in your hands," Xue Qingchen said proudly.

The bystanders, including Ximen Yingwu and Donghuang Ying, were totally shocked by this scene

"He has realized remarkable progress in the art of snow and ice in these years! That Divine Laksana is so solid and material that it means he could reach the level of Deity at any time," Ximen Yingwu said as she furrowed her eyebrows.

Donghuang Ying also said approvingly, "Good! Good! An expert like him is qualified to become my opponent!"

Bai Yunfeis eyes were filled with mixed admiration, excitement, and shame.

Su Yu defeated him easily. However, Xue Qingchen managed to subdue Su Yu within one round.

Bai Yunfei believed the strength gap between him and Xue Qingchen was quite large.

Now, Xue Qingchen was looking at Su Yu while placing his hands behind his back casually. Then, he said with a smile, "Within ten breaths, he will be killed by the ice surrounded him!"

He turned to the Princess and said with a faint smile, "Your Highness, it seems you chose the wrong person. If you agree, Id like to escort you to the Lost Nation!"

After a while, the calm voice of Yongye Chuxue sounded. "Really? If the one I chose is killed in such an easy way, the three tests would be meaningless, right?"

Xue Qingchen ignored her words because the three tests were just trifling matters. They were meaningless when it came to an evaluation of skills.

In this world, strength was the determining factor of everything!


Suddenly, he heard a slight noise.

Hearing this, Xue Qingchen turned around and was shocked by what he saw.

The gigantic ice wall that surrounded Su Yu was shrinking at a stunning speed.

When Xue Qingchen fixed his eyes on Su Yu, he saw that an arrogant woman formed by snow and ice also appeared behind Su Yus back, although she was still transparent at this moment.

However, along with the disappearance of the ice, that woman became increasingly solid.

Ximen Yingwus expression changed as well as she stood up straight from the tree she was leaning against just now. Staring at the woman behind Su Yus back, she said seriously, "Does it mean he can absorb the Divine Path of another person?"

"No, he didnt absorb the Divine Path! He comprehended it just now!" Donghuang Ying, who was sitting on the ground with his legs crossed, also stood up straight like a spear.

He fixed his black eyes, which were full of fighting spirit, on Su Yu.

Master Lin also squinted in shock at what he saw.

The comprehension of Divine Path was just like climbing a mountain step by step. It was very time-consuming. After thought transmutation, one could create a Divine Path and generate a Divine Laksana.

Su Yus Divine Path of defiance generated his Divine Laksana after going through countless difficult and even dangerous situations.

Therefore, all of them were shocked when they saw Su Yu managed to comprehend the Divine Path of his enemy within such a short time.

Xue Qingchens face darkened and he shouted, "How dare you acquire my Divine Path! Die!"

With a low roar, Xue Qingchen waved his palms in front of his chest to create a gust of mysterious energy.

"Merciful Ice God!"

His roar was echoing in the void.

Merciful expression appeared in the face of the woman formed by ice and snow behind his back. Then, she weaved a sign with her hand. After that, freezing air started to come in from the void.

The bystanders began to step back to stay away from Su Yu.

They sensed their soul was being attacked by a gust of horrible chilliness.

"Soul attack!" Donghuang Ying said as he looked at Su Yu expectantly. "Could he withstand a soul attack?"

Ximen Yingwu also stared at Su Yu as she clenched her fists. Now she had figured out the real strength of this man who she had looked down upon before.

All of them were looking at Su Yu with concern.

Su Yu had absorbed all the ice around him. Horrible chilliness was gushing out from his body. The woman of ice and snow behind his back became very clear.

The next moment, the attack of Merciful Ice God arrived.

A strand of chilly will rushed into Su Yus soul and started to make trouble within it.

The soul was the foundation of all creatures. If a creature lost its soul, it would become useless no matter how powerful its physique was.

Seeing this, Su Yu murmured with a faint smile, "Soul Devouring!"

The Soul Devouring Realm, which was the fifth layer of the Heaven Sons Insight, was activated.

Will was a part of a soul. Although Su Yus Soul Devouring Realm was at the Lower Tier, he was able to devour the entire soul of a Prospective Deity or part of a Deitys soul. This strand of will could do nothing to harm him!

Instantly, the will that rushed into Su Yus soul was devoured completely.

At the same time, Su Yus soul was strengthened. This was the advantage of the Soul Devouring Realm, which could strengthen his soul by devouring the soul of his enemy.

This was the first time Su Yu used this overbearing skill.


Xue Qingchen uttered a heartrending cry. He looked up at Su Yu and asked in surprise, "What did you do?"

Xue Qingchen suffered damage when his will was devoured.

"Look! The Divine Laksana behind his back becomes clearer!" The onlookers shouted in surprise.

After devouring his opponents will, Su Yu acquired a better understanding of ice skill. The facial features and body of the icy woman behind his back were solid and clear, which meant his Divine Path had been solidified.

Xue Qingchen was totally shocked. An expression of terror appeared in his face.

After changing his expression abruptly, Xue Qingchens eyes were filled with white light. His skin became transparent. Then, his body was wrapped up by extremely cold fog.

Through the chilly fog, people found Xue Qingchen had become a snow man.

Seeing this, Ximen Yingwu raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Does it mean he is forced to fight with his real body? Before this, Xue Qingchen had only ever fought against Yongye Wuheng with his full strength!"

Donghuang Ying also said, "After activating the bloodline strength of the Xue Lord of the North Territory, he could enhance the strength of his Divine Laksana remarkably!"

Now Xue Qingchens face had been covered by snow. The place was filled with his horrible killing intent!

"Eternal Freeze!"

Chilly light started to gush out from Xue Qingchens body and went into the body of the icy woman behind his back.

Now the woman became more solid and substantial, like a real person.

It seemed she was alive. She sighed slightly and her eyes were full of compassion and sympathy.

Her body had been covered by a horrible blizzard, in which the sound of chanting could be heard.

Then she opened her mouth to read incantations silently.

The next moment, many palm-sized chilly runes flew out from her mouth.

This scene shocked all onlookers.

Ximen Yingwu said in surprise, "Thisthis is the secret art inherited from the Xue Lord of the North Territory. It is the most powerful seal art in this empire!"