The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1326

Chapter 1326 Duplicated Divine Path

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Donghuang Ying said as he furrowed his eyebrows, "I didnt expect he could hide such a skill! It is said that Lord Xue of the North Territory used to fight against Yongye Jiuyang before surrendering to the Empire. With this skill, he managed to seal Yongye Jiuyang! Shangguan Feiyu, who is the No.1 General of this empire, was almost defeated by this secret skill!"

Master Lin said nervously, "The power of this sealing skill depends on how many ice arts he inherited from Lord Xue. Apparently, Xue Qingchen has inherited the entire ice art"

Everyone started to worry about Su Yu. Although Xue Qingchen was not as powerful as Lord Xue of the North Territory, his attack could still defeat a Latter Stage Prospective Deity easily, unless his opponent had reached the level of Deity.

In front of their wide-open eyes, the woman formed by ice and snow started to utter nine sealing runes.

Finally, the woman closed her mouth as she stared at Su Yu from afar.

Nine sealing runes landed around Su Yu after flying through the void.

"The first rune seals your body!"

The woman formed by ice and snow opened her mouth indifferently. Then, an icy rune became dazzling. Su Yus body was frozen by a mysterious strength at once.

"The second rune seals your soul!"

Another icy rune sparkled. Then, Su Yus soul was sealed as well.

"The third rune seals your Divine Path!"

Another rune sealed Su Yus Divine Path, which was in the process of being solidified rapidly.

At last, the nine runes sealed all sensory organs in Su Yus body.

At this moment, Su Yu was just like a lifeless ice sculpture that had no soul and no Divine Path and couldnt move at all.

After a while, people didnt sense any reaction from Su Yu. They murmured, "Does it mean this fight ends here?"

Xue Qingchen let out a sigh of relief. His face was quite pale, which meant he had used a lot of divine strength in his final strike.

"You should be proud of being killed by the Eternal Freeze! This secret skill was prepared for Yongye Wuheng!" Xue Qingchen, who had regained his human appearance, said arrogantly.

He believed he had won this fight by killing Su Yu.

"I said I would kill him within three rounds. I never break my word!" Placing his hands behind his back, Xue Qingchen turned in the direction of the Princess with a confident smile on his face.

A moment later, a loud explosion made everyone jump.


A rune that surrounded Su Yu exploded abruptly.

It was the rune that sealed Su Yus Divine Path.

A gigantic man with black eyes, wearing a black cape, appeared out of thin air.

His enormous hand swept over and crushed all the runes around Su Yus body.

That gigantic man, who was full of overpowering will, was utterly terrifying. Even Yongye Chuxue, who was the mistress of this place, was startled. Then, she appeared in the sky above the area.

Master Lin, Xue Qingchen, Ximen Yingwu, Donghuang Ying and Bai Yunfei couldnt help but gasp at this moment.

Yongye Chuxue murmured in surprise, "A Heaven-defying Divine Warrior! How could he become a Divine Laksana?"

According to the rank of Deities, a Divine Warrior was the most powerful Superior Deity.

An Overlord was a Median Deity.

Normally, a Divine Laksana generated by a creature who was not a deity was always a Median Deity.

A Superior Deity had never become a Divine Warrior before.

The gigantic man behind Su Yus back was the Heaven-defying Divine Warrior. He was one of the Nine Emperors.

That was why everyone was so shocked at this moment.

The Heaven-defying Divine Warrior ruined all the seals by destroying those runes.

This was Su Yus Divine Path of defying, which could break all kinds of restrictions.

When the nine runes were destroyed, Su Yu absorbed all of their luminous shreds.

The icy woman behind his back had solidified completely. With clearly defined facial features, she looked quite real. Moreover, she could be solidified even more if Su Yu realized more comprehension.

Su Yus heart had been replaced by the Fragment of Rules a while ago. Now, his comprehension of Divine Path was growing more and more powerful. In a brief moment, he had comprehended half of Xue Qingchens Divine Path.

The next moment, two gigantic figures behind Su Yus back disappeared. However, nobody noticed Su Yu had two Divine Paths at the same time because all onlookers had been mesmerized by the Heaven-defying Divine Warrior who had become a Divine Laksana.

After opening his eyes slowly, Su Yu looked at Xue Qingchen and spoke calmly, "Youve attacked me three times. I havent fought back or even moved a bit yet. It seems you cant kill me at all!"

After meeting Su Yus eye, Xue Qingchen couldnt help but step back in terror.

Before this, he thought Su Yus skills could easily be dismissed. Now, it seemed his strength was barely good enough to stand against Su Yu.

"Now it is my turn to attack," Su Yu said calmly.

Xue Qingchen swallowed with difficulty. He attacked with his full strength but still failed to harm Su Yu in any way.

He was afraid Su Yus counterattack would be extremely horrible!

"No, I give up!" Xue Qingchen dropped out of the fight and was about to run away at once.

Su Yu stared at Xue Qingchen coldly as nine thumb-sized beads appeared in his palm.

Those beads started to chase after Xue Qingchen by flying through the void.

Seeing this, Xue Qingchen shouted, "I said I give up! Why do you still attack me?"

Su Yu ignored his words. The nine beads picked up speed to catch up with Xue Qingchen.

Xue Qingchen didnt dare to ignore those beads. He took out a white jade shield that was full of chilling energy and placed it in front of his body.

As a copy of an Emperor-based Saint Artifact, this shield was extremely powerful.

He believed the shield could stop those small beads easily.

However, when the beads landed on the surface of the shield, Xue Qingchen was knocked back together with the shield.

Moreover, the onlookers could hear several crisp cracks opening in the shield.

Then, many fractures appeared on the shield.

Before Xue Qingchen could shout in surprise, the nine beads destroyed the shield and landed on his body heavily.


Xue Qingchen spat blood. The beads had penetrated his body, and he was bleeding profusely.

The onlookers gasped. How could a copy of an Emperor-based Saint Artifact be ruined by those beads so easily? What were those beads?


Su Yu rushed up as he waved his hand. Instantly, the nine beads flew back into his palm. The next moment, those beads darted towards Xue Qingchen again.

Xue Qingchen, who was utterly terrified, shouted angrily, "Ive said I give up, but you continue to attack me! Why are you so unreasonable?"

The reply he got was another serious wound caused by the nine beads which penetrated his body again. When Xue Qingchen started to scream miserably once more, Su Yu said, "When you attacked me, you were boasting of your famous strength! When I fight back, why do you try to reason with me? Do you think I am like your father, who always indulges you?"

Then, Su Yu kicked Xue Qingchen with his foot, which was strengthened by the horrible dragon energy.

Xue Qingchens body was crushed by his kick completely.

A soul that took the Celestial Energy Sphere with it rushed out from his body. Then, the soul shouted in terror, "You ruined my body! My father will never forgive you!"

However, the soul didnt see any fear in Su Yus eyes. Su Yu said coldly, "I suggest you focus on whether you can survive by the end of the day!"

"What? How dare you" before Xue Qingchens soul could finish speaking, the woman formed by ice and snow appeared behind Su Yus back.

"Eternal Freeze!"

Nine runes flew out from the mouth of that woman and sealed the soul of Xue Qingchen instantly.

Xue Qingchens secret skill was used against himself!

Xue Qingchen was very terrified and had forgotten all about acting with the grace and elegance of a prince. He started to run towards Yongye Chuxue as he shouted for help, "Princess, please save me, please!"

Xue Qingchen used to be so arrogant, but now he was even more miserable than Bai Yunfei!

Princess Yongye Chuxue nodded and said, "Fine!"

Xue Qingchen was quite relieved to hear that. As he approached the Princess, he turned around and shouted at Su Yu, "Stop! If you continue to attack me, you will offend the Princess and"

However, before he could finish his words, he was fixed by a gust of strength that stopped him from running away.

The one who captured him was Princess Yongye Chuxue!

"Princess, you"

Princess Yongye Chuxue said calmly, "You are the one who offended me by trying to kill the one I chose. Am I right?"

After saying that, the Princess reached out to take away Xue Qingchens Celestial Energy Sphere and threw his soul back to Su Yu.

Su Yu sealed Xue Qingchens soul with nine runes. Then he looked at the Princess with puzzlement.

Seeing this, Princess Yongye Chuxue said with a faint smile, "Nobody is allowed to bully the one chosen by me! Since he planned to kill you, he had challenged me to kill him!"

"Lin Zhe, send a message to Lord Xue of the North Territory to tell him that Xue Qingchen disturbed the auction and offended me. Therefore, I killed his unfilial son for him!"

Although she uttered those words with a faint smile, her tone was overbearing, which gained some goodwill from Su Yu.

Su Yu figured out the Princess uttered those casual words after overcoming many difficulties.

If Xue Qingchen were really afraid of Princess Yongye Chuxue, he wouldnt have stirred up trouble in the auction. Moreover, he would not have tried to kill the one chosen by the Princess.

It seemed the Xue Nation of the North Territory was very powerful!

Princess Yongye Chuxues decision to kill Xue Qingchen was not made as easily as it seemed to be.

"Su Yu, you have a year to prepare for the trip to the Lost Nation. You should finish the trip to the Ice Sealed River Bottom as soon as possible," Princess Yongye Chuxue said.

Su Yu was surprised. How could she know he was planning to go to the Ice Sealed River Bottom?

Did it mean that the semi-transparent old man had sold him out?

Or Su Yu touched the Supreme Black Card in his pocket. Then he figured out the answer.

Princess Yongye Chuxue was the owner of the Tiannu Auction House. She made a decision to give this black card to Su Yu!

"Also, if you have more divine blood of the World Annihilation Emperor, dont give it to anyone! Its effect is beyond your imagination," Princess Yongye Chuxue said before she disappeared. From the beginning to the end, she had not shown her face.

It turned out that the Princess gave the black card to Su Yu because of the divine blood of the World Annihilation Emperor.

However, what was the actual effect of the World Annihilation Emperors divine blood?

Why did the representatives of the three territories and Shangguan Feiyu seek it so desperately?

Then, Master Lin walked up and said with a smile, "My young friend, we shall meet again someday!"

Su Yu nodded to Master Lin. Then he walked towards the mansion of the Shangguan Family.

When Su Yu passed by Bai Yunfeis side, he didnt see any hatred in Bai Yunfeis face. At this moment, Bai Yunfeis heart was filled with terror and remorse.

Su Yu was so powerful that he could kill Bai Yunfei with one hand tied behind his back.

He hated Su Yu so much because of the humiliation he received. However, when he saw what happened to Xue Qingchen, he knew Su Yu had actually shown mercy to him!

The reason Su Yu didnt kill him was not his identity. Compared to Xue Qingchen, Bai Yunfeis status was nothing! Xue Qingchen had a lot more power and status, but those did not serve him in any way at last.

Su Yu spared Bai Yunfeis life to show his due respect to Shangguan Feiyu.

At least Su Yu wouldnt kill Bai Yunfei before the trip to the Ice Sealed River Bottom!

However, what would happen in the Ice Sealed River Bottom? Bai Yunfei started to tremble when this question came into his mind.

If Su Yu decided to kill Bai Yunfei, he would find countless opportunities to do that!

As he thought of this, Bai Yunfei caught up with Su Yu and said cautiously, "Brother Su, please wait a minute!"