The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1328

Chapter 1328 Meeting Before The Trip

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Hearing this, the Book Deity laughed wildly. "Are you going to search my soul? Stop wasting your time! I can delete all my memories instantly. And this is also the reason I could stay alive until now!"

The experts in the Tiannu Auction House were also good at searching souls. However, they still failed to search the Book Deitys soul completely, which meant the Book Deity was really good at protecting his memories.

Su Yu replied calmly, "Your insolence will never cease until all is over! Now, say goodbye to this world!"

After saying that, Su Yu murmured in a low voice, "Eternal Freeze!"

The Book Deity was surrounded by nine runes, which froze him up immediately.

The Book Deitys soul was sealed instantly. Before he had time to delete his memories, his soul was shut off completely.

"Devour his soul!" Su Yu shouted in a low voice. Then, the Book Deitys soul flew into Su Yus forehead and merged with his own soul.

When the Book Deitys soul flew into Su Yus mind, the impurities in the soul were removed. Then, the pure soul strength was absorbed by Su Yus soul.

Instantly, a pleasure that was beyond words filled Su Yus heart. His soul was also strengthened remarkably.

Su Yu felt his perception became sharper. In addition, he got a vague feeling that his soul had been brought to the level of an ordinary Deity!

After devouring the soul of the Book Deity, Su Yu managed to absorb one-tenth of his soul strength.

This one-tenth of the Book Deitys soul enhanced Su Yus soul so much that he reached the level of an ordinary Deity.

Besides the pleasure, Su Yu also felt a slight sense of swelling in his body.

This feeling was generated when his body was remolded to fit his soul at the new level of a Deity.

Luckily, I dont devour the souls of other people casually. Otherwise, the consequence could be catastrophic, Su Yu murmured in his heart secretly. Without the guidance of Yun Yazi, Su Yu became more and more cautious in the training of the Heaven Sons Insight.

Now, it seemed his caution saved his life.

After the absorption of a Deity-level soul, Su Yus strength of perception and his soul were enhanced remarkably.

Many things in front of him were changed. Now, without deliberate detection, Su Yu could still sense the aura of many deities in the mansion of the Shangguan Family.

Su Yu also sensed the aura of a Tribe Leader from the frail old man standing in front of that hut, who looked as if he was about to pass away soon.

Besides, Su Yu also sensed something that made his soul shiver hiding under the mansion of the Shangguan Family!

As expected, many secrets were hidden in the mansion of the Shangguan Family. Su Yu shuddered when he contemplated some of them. Then, he stopped his investigation of the secret under this mansion for the time being.

After devouring the Book Deitys soul, Su Yu also obtained the memories contained in it.

At the center of the Book Deitys soul, Su Yu found a pitch-dark ball that was rotating.

The ball contained the Book Deitys remnant sense and memories. Su Yu could get access to his memories by going into the ball with his own soul.

The next moment, Su Yus soul went into the ball.

Instantly, Su Yu found he was in a menacing world filled with dark clouds in the sky, horrible thorns on the ground and steep mountains.

"Even his remnant sense is so evil and sinister! I cant imagine how evil the Book Deity was when he was alive!"


With an angry shriek, the Book Deitys head, which was formed by the dark clouds in the sky, rushed towards Su Yu as it screamed with horrible killing intent:

"Young bastard! You ruined my soul but you will never get my memories!" The Book Deity swore. Then, the ground started to tremble and many tombstones rose up from the ground. Dates and detailed records were carved on each of them. When Su Yu fixed his eyes on those tombstones, he could even see clear images that recorded what the Book Deity did on each specific day.

These were the Book Deitys memories!

Normally, for an ordinary Deity who had lived for tens of thousands of years, one tombstone was enough to contain all its memories.

However, the Book Deitys memories had filled over a hundred tombstones!

The amount of knowledge he accumulated in his life took Su Yus breath away.

Then, the Book Deitys remnant sense rushed up and started to gnaw at one tombstone. Instantly, that tombstone was ruined.

When the tombstone was ruined, the memories contained in it had disappeared.

"A leopard cant change his spots!" Su Yu shouted coldly. "In that case, I will ruin your remnant sense completely!"

The next moment, Su Yus Deity-level soul, which was bright and dazzling, ruined the Book Deitys remnant sense completely.

Now the Book Deity had been wiped off from this world for good!

Su Yu looked at the tombstone that was disappearing rapidly with regret. Then, his soul rushed into this tombstone and tried to obtain as many memories as possible before its complete disappearance.

Three breaths later, the tombstone was gone. Su Yu finished his investigation.

From the memories Su Yu obtained, he knew the Book Deity was pushed into the territory of the Frogman Tribe. Then, he was captured and sold to the auction house.

In the auction house, the Book Deity was interrogated and tortured to make him disclose all the information he possessed. However, the clever Book Deity only disclosed some information selectively because he tried to negotiate with the auction house.

Nevertheless, he was disappointed by the negotiation.

The Book Deity didnt mention Su Yus name during the negotiation, which reassured Su Yu slightly.

Until now, his identity as a leader in the Star River realm hadnt been exposed yet.

Meanwhile, according to the memories obtained by Su Yu, the Book Deity used to sense the aura of Cailin, who was the first maidservant of the Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine in the Frogman Tribe.

Su Yus eyes lit up when he found out this woman was still alive.

Cailin was as powerful as a Tribe Leader.

Su Yu looked at the rest of the tombstones and started to investigate them using the same method.

After finishing his investigation in three tombstones, Su Yus mind became chaotic. The Book Deity had accumulated too many memories, and many of them were extremely complicated. After checking four tombstones, Su Yu felt his mind had been overloaded.

If he continued to investigate in this way, he might exhaust his soul strength before he was done.

Therefore, Su Yus soul left that ball of remnant sense and went back into his body.

After taking a deep breath, Su Yu murmured in a low voice, "Searching for memories about Yun Yazi is just like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Let me figure out these memories I have uncovered just now before I attempt any further investigations!"

After saying that, Su Yu closed his eyes and started to delete the memories he obtained from the Book Deitys soul selectively.

Five days later, Su Yu managed to delete all the memories he obtained from those four tombstones.

It seems I need to be patient when looking for the information I want to find, Su Yu murmured in his mind.

However, it was not a good time for him to continue the investigation.

The trip to the Ice Sealed River Bottom would start soon.

Before this, Su Yu needed to make some preparations and do a bit of training.

Su Yu forced the soul of Xue Qingchen to reveal his Divine Path. Then, Su Yu comprehended his Divine Path completely.

In this way, he added the virtual shadow of the Goddess of Ice to his multitude of skills and weapons.

In addition, Su Yu had obtained the Blue Sea Divine Crystal, which was a supplementary material to make the Cosmos Sword Formation.

"The Myriad Soul Stone hasnt shown up in the God Realm for a long time. Where should I look for it?" Su Yu murmured as he furrowed his eyebrows.

Then, Su Yu fixed his eyes on the Annihilation Cannon. He knew it was a powerful ancient weapon that could kill a Tribe Leader. Therefore, he was quite interested in this item.

Did it mean he would be invincible if he could imitate this weapon?

However, Su Yu started to feel a bit confused after checking the cannon because he had never heard of the materials used to make this weapon.

On second thought, Su Yu figured that if the Annihilation Cannon could be imitated, many more copies of it should have been on the market.

While Su Yu was pondering, Bai Yunfei, who was outside the training room, called timidly, "Brother Su, Lord Shangguan asks us to gather!"

It seemed the trip would begin soon.

When Su Yu opened the door of the training room, Bai Yunfei trembled as he smiled obsequiously.

Zheng Shaoliang and two more young men were also standing beside the door, looking nervous.

"Are we going to begin the journey now?" Su Yu said.

Bai Yunfei replied, "No, we will set off three days hence. Now we are asked to go to the Imperial Sacred Faction. We will discuss the journey with the representatives of the Sacred Faction who will also participate in this trip."

The Ice Sealed River Bottom was a ruin formed in the Great Destruction Age, and it opened once in a hundred years. Only young men and women under the age of 30 could enter this place. Therefore, it was a valuable training place in the Empire of Darkness. The Empire would definitely send their apprentices to participate in this trip.

"Lead the way!"

In the main hall, Su Yu met Shangguan Feiyu, whom he hadnt seen in a long time.

Shangguan Feiyu nodded slightly to greet Su Yu. However, he didnt mention he spent 100,000,000 gold coins to buy the divine blood of the World Annihilation Emperor during the auction. Moreover, he didnt care whether Su Yu had won that escort task in the end.

It looked as if Shangguan Feiyu hadnt heard of Su Yus extraordinary display of strength in the inner court of the auction house.

Actually, only the representatives of the three territories, Bai Yunfei and his three friends, and three other Deity-level experts whose identities were quite well-known knew Su Yus real strength.

Among the three representatives, Xue Qingchen was killed. Ximen Yingwu and Donghuang Ying didnt live in this city. Therefore, it was not necessary for them to give wide publicity to this issue.

Bai Yunfei and his three friends, who tried to avoid annoying Su Yu, didnt dare to say anything.

Even though the other three deities had talked about this issue, the rumor would take some time to reach the ears of a high official like Shangguan Feiyu.

Now, Shangguan Feiyu fixed his eyes on Bai Yunfei and his three friends. Then he said with an expectant smile, "Dont be too nervous when you meet the representatives of the Imperial Sacred Faction later. Ive requested them to ignore you!"

Hearing this, Bai Yunfei and his friends let out a sigh of relief. All members of the Imperial Sacred Faction were extraordinary and arrogant experts. If it were at all possible, they would do their best to stay away from those arrogant bastards.

"However, I can guarantee those who are sent by Grand Tutor Yuwen wont bully you. In any case, you should be well prepared!"

Bai Yunfei said as he bowed in the direction of Shangguan Feiyu with a confident smile, "Dont worry, my lord, we know all about the strength of those who are sent by Grand Tutor Yuwen. They will be grateful if we dont bully them! How dare they provoke us?"

Hearing this, Shangguan Feiyu nodded his head with a smile. "Nevertheless, just dont do anything reckless!"

"As you wish!" Bai Yunfei said obediently as he murmured to himself secretly. Those people would never make any troubles for them, he was sure of it. Moreover, they had Su Yu as their powerful reinforcement. He was sure they would be quite safe.

At last, Shangguan Feiyu looked at Su Yu and said, "You should keep a low profile and just follow the instructions of Bai Yunfei. In this way, your safety could be ensured. Understand?"

Su Yu replied calmly, "Understood!"

Hearing this, Bai Yunfei trembled a bit as he murmured secretly with a wry smile. He wouldnt dare to instruct Su Yu at all!

"Now you can go and talk about your excavation plan in the Ice Sealed River Bottom," Shangguan Feiyu said. Then, he started to murmur in a very low voice, "I hope you can bring back those sealed drawings, as well as the weapon made by the civilization that could create worlds!"