The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1329

Chapter 1329 Grand Tutor Yuwen

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With a Deity-level soul in his body, Su Yu managed to hear the words that were missed by Bai Yunfei and his friends.

After hearing those words, Su Yu was surprised a little. A weapon made by a civilization that could create a world? What was that?

How were weapons classified in the Ancient God Realm? Were there differences between these weapons and the Emperor-based Saint Artifacts?

Su Yu was even more interested in this trip now.

The imperial palace, which was full of extremely powerful, magnificent and majestic spells guarded by Deity-level guards, was opulent and oppressing.

Bai Yunfei, Zheng Shaoliang and two other young men, who used to be very arrogant, decided to keep a low profile in this place.

Led by Shangguan Feiyu, all of them arrived at the Yuanliang Palace.

In the palace, several people were waiting. Most of these people were young men in their 30s like Bai Yunfei and his friends.

Among them, there was an old man wearing a white robe. He had large, pointed ears, narrow eyes and thin lips, which made him look quite ferocious.

"Heh! Heh! Lord Shangguan is finally here! Why did you keep us waiting for such a long time?" The old man in the white robe ridiculed as he sat down in a chair. Apparently, he didnt want to stand up to greet Shangguan Feiyu.

Everyone in the empire knew this old mans identity. Besides the members of the royal family, only Grand Tutor Yuwen could be on an equal footing with Shangguan Feiyu.

The aura of this old man was not very powerful. At most, he was as powerful as the All-Access Merchant God. However, he had the right to decide the fate of many Deities with the enormous power in his hands.

Shangguan Feiyu glanced at those who were with Grand Tutor Yuwen, but didnt notice members of the Imperial Sacred Faction. Therefore, he said calmly, "I dont mind keeping you waiting! Military officers who guard the borders win the peaceful days of this empire. Flatteries from courtiers are useless!"

Grand Tutor Yuwen was responsible for providing the emperor with advice. Therefore, he replied coldly after hearing those words, "The best way to defeat enemies is scheming! Diplomacy is also a good way to safeguard a country. The worst method is war! You are just a boorish fellow who only knows the power of the sword."

Shangguan Feiyu sat in a chair casually as he replied calmly, without even looking at Grand Tutor Yuwen, "The Heaven-defying Empire had sent 1,000,000 soldiers to the northern border. It seems they could attack our empire at any time. Grand Tutor Yuwen, I hope you can defeat them with your scheming to avoid a bloody war!"

Grand Tutor Yuwen retorted immediately, "It is the responsibility of you and your military officers to guard borders. How could you ask courtiers to fight a war? Does it mean your troops are useless?"

Hearing this, Shangguan Feiyu replied calmly, "In other words, your so-called best way of defending the empire is totally useless during a war! You still need to count on boorish fellows like me, right?"

When Grand Tutor Yuwen was about to retort, the sounds of footsteps came in from outside the palace.

"Heh! Heh! We are so sorry to bother the two powerful ministers of our empire!" A lighthearted voice came in from outside at that moment.

Hearing this, Shangguan Feiyu and Grand Tutor Yuwen stood up and bowed to the one who was approaching. "Greetings, Prince Wuheng!"

Yongye Wuheng?

Su Yu turned around and saw a handsome, graceful but strongly built young man who had come into the palace with a smile on his face.

Behind him, several majestic members of the royal family were following.

Su Yu looked at Yongye Wuheng curiously. It was said that the prince was the most gifted expert among his peers.

This young man had reached the level of Deity when he was just over twenty.

After gauging the strength of the prince, Su Yu was shocked. He was almost as powerful as a Tribe Leader!

Tribe Leaders were not rare in the Empire of Darkness. However, all of them had reached their current level after training for tens of thousands of years.

Therefore, Yongye Wuheng, who reached the level of a Tribe Leader before the age of 30, had to be extremely gifted!

It was hard to imagine what level he could reach in the future if he had enough time to perform his training.

When Yongye Wuheng came into the palace, he said with a gentle smile, "Please be seated! Today, my father has no time to come here. Therefore, he asked me to hold this meeting!"

After saying that, he sat down at the head of the table as the four members of the royal family stood on both sides of him.

These relatives of his were also quite powerful. Two of them had reached the level of ordinary Deity!

Among these people, Su Yu spotted an attractive figure of a woman whose face was covered by dazzling divine light. However, her aura was quite familiar. This woman could only be Yongye Chuxue.

Was she also going to participate in the training in the Ice Sealed River Bottom?

It seemed Yongye Chuxue sensed someone was looking at her. She turned to Su Yu. Then, she poked Yongye Wuheng with her elbow mischievously.

Yongye Wuheng turned to her. Then, he turned around to look at Su Yu seriously, following the princesss gaze. After a while, Yongye Wuheng, who looked a little surprised, nodded to Su Yu with a smile.

His action was noticed by Grand Tutor Yuwen, who couldnt help but glance at Su Yu as well. In his eyes, this young man, whose training level was low, was quite ordinary.

Shangguan Feiyu said expressionlessly, "Prince Wuheng, could you tell us His Majestys arrangements regarding this expedition, please?"

All the other people also looked at Yongye Wuheng attentively at this moment.

Yongye Wuheng replied, "My father asked us to make decisions according to the circumstances!"

"The Ice Sealed River Bottom is divided into three areas the Saint Realm, the Devil Realm, and the Mortal Realm. The Saint Realm is only available to Deity-level experts. The Devil Realm is open for Prospective Deities. The Mortal Realm is for Mortal Fairies."

"I will be responsible for the excavation in the Saint Realm together with my young sister and brothers," Yongye Wuheng said.

Shangguan Feiyu said expectantly, "Good! As a rare genius in our empire, Prince Wuheng is more powerful than all the other princes who had entered the Ice Sealed River Bottom before. I believe you will succeed in going into that mysterious place and digging out the weapon which has been buried there for tens of thousands of years!"

Was that the weapon made by a civilization that could create worlds?

Grand Tutor Yuwen also seemed very excited because he knew this legendary weapon, which used to belong to a long-gone advanced civilization, was extremely powerful.

Many rulers of this empire had tried to dig out this weapon before. However, the excavation performed in the depth of the Saint Realm was very challenging. The excavation had not realized any progress in the past tens of thousands of years.

"It is inappropriate for me to think I am more capable than my ancestors, although they failed to dig out that weapon. However, I will do my best to dig it out," Yongye Wuheng continued. "Now, lets make arrangements for the Devil Realm and the Mortal Realm!"

As he said this, he looked at Shangguan Feiyu and Grand Tutor Yuwen in expectation.

The Mortal Realm had been explored thoroughly and nothing new could be found in it now.

The Devil Realm was quite different. In the Devil Realm, there were several dangerous places that hadnt been explored. For example, it was said that in the Myriad Bone Mountain, which was guarded by the Nine-headed Devil Sage, many dead Deities of the Ancient God Realm could be found along with their Divine Paths.

Even Deity-level experts would cast their greedy eyes on these precious treasures. However, they would be thrown into the Saint Realm immediately when they entered the Ice Sealed River Bottom. In other words, they had no chance to enter the Myriad Bone Mountain!

Moreover, Grand Tutor Yuwen had traced the drawings of the weapons made in ancient times to the Myriad Bone Mountain.

If Shangguan Feiyu tried to follow the lead of those drawings, he had to send his people into the Devil Realm.

Only five persons could enter the Devil Realm, however, and some people would be sent to the Mortal Realm.

In other words, the Devil Realm was only accessible to the teams of Shangguan Feiyu or Grand Tutor Yuwen.

This was the issue that perplexed Yongye Wuheng because he would offend a powerful minister no matter what decision he made at last.

Therefore, he kicked the ball back to Shangguan Feiyu and Grand Tutor Yuwen and asked them to resolve this problem themselves.

Shangguan Feiyu said calmly, "A hundred years ago, I gave you the opportunity of entering the Devil Realm. I think this time it is my turn to get this chance, right?"

Grand Tutor Yuwen replied with a smile, "Lord Shangguan, are you kidding me? Last time the Emperor decided to charge me with this task! How could you say you gave that opportunity to me?"

"Ridiculous! If I insisted on asking for that mission from the Emperor, do you think you could get it that easily?" Shangguan Feiyu said angrily.

Grand Tutor Yuwen retorted disdainfully, "It was your decision to back off. Dont blame me!"

"Grand Tutor Yuwen, I suggest you leave a way out for yourself!" Shangguan Feiyu said as his face darkened.

Hearing this, Grand Tutor Yuwen replied stubbornly, "I will never hand this opportunity to you!"

Shangguan Feiyu said calmly, "Then let us compete for this opportunity! The winning team will enter the Devil Realm, while the losing team can only go into the Mortal Realm!"

"Fine!" Grand Tutor Yuwen agreed without hesitation as a crafty smile appeared on his lips.

Hearing this, Shangguan Feiyu frowned a bit, because he got a vague feeling that he was fooled.

The next moment, he glanced at those who were standing behind Grand Tutor Yuwen. All of them were offspring of the courtiers of this empire. Shangguan Feiyu knew all about the background of the most powerful members on Grand Tutor Yuwens team. However, none of them was powerful enough to rival his team members.

Anyway, they were descendants of courtiers. It would be quite difficult for them to win over the descendants of military officers. Shangguan Feiyu believed Bai Yunfei could defeat most of them.

However, he felt confused when he saw a certain person on Grand Tutor Yuwens team. He didnt remember ever meeting this person before.

Anyway, the aura of this person was not strong. According to the position he occupied, Shangguan Feiyu didnt believe this person had a very important place on the team.

Although Shangguan Feiyu was a little bit perturbed, he had quite a lot of confidence in the abilities of the descendants of military officers on his team.

"Zheng Shaoliang, win this match for me!"

Hearing this, Zheng Shaoliang, who would always try to show off on such an occasion, looked excited as he stepped out from behind the line.

Grand Tutor Yuwen said with a smile, "Qin Lan, defeat him!"

Qin Lan walked out obediently. Then he bowed to Zheng Shaoliang politely. "Greetings, Brother Zheng!"

Zheng Shaoliang said with a curl of his lips, "You can attack first! Not long ago, I defeated you easily when you tried to compete with me for a woman in the Drunken Flower Brothel. I dont believe you had realized remarkable progress in your training in such a short time!"

Qin Lan blushed as he shouted, "In this case, please take this!"

"Mountain-wrecking Dragon Thunder!" Qin Lan called out as he used his Divine Path. Immediately, a shadow that looked like a half-human, half-dragon beast surrounded by thunder appeared behind his back.

Then, it attacked with both of its fists, which were full of formidable strength of thunder.

Seeing this, Zheng Shaoliang said with a smile, "Rising Peaks and Meandering Streams!"

Another shadow, which looked like a high mountain surrounded by a river, appeared behind his back.

He placed his right arm in front of his chest as he shook his left arm. Then, multiple ranges of hills and rivers appeared.

The thunder dragon rushed into the mountains and disappeared immediately.

However, the rivers that gushed out from the mountains knocked Qin Lan back. He staggered backward and almost fell to the ground.

Everyone present could see the strength gap between them easily.

Within four rounds, Zheng Shaoliang defeated Qin Lan.

"Heh! Heh! Pretty impressive! This time you kept on fighting till the fourth round!" Zheng Shaoliang said arrogantly.

Shangguan Feiyu nodded his head in satisfaction. Zheng Shaoliang managed to reach a pretty high level before the age of 30. It was highly probable that he would become a Tribe Leader in the future.

On the other side, Grand Tutor Yuwens face darkened as he shouted, "Wang Neng, go and defeat him!"

Zheng Shaoliang said disdainfully, "Another weakling!"

Bang! Bang! Ouch! Flop!


"Next one!" Zheng Shaoliang waved his sleeve as he looked up proudly. He defeated another opponent within four rounds!

"Zhao Kun!" Grand Tutor Yuwen shouted again.

Another quick defeat.

"Next one!"

"Hu Kun!"

Another one!

"Next one!"

After a short while, Zheng Shaoliang had defeated four opponents.

He was so excited when he saw the satisfied smile in Shangguan Feiyus face and the approving expression of the royal family members.

Shangguan Feiyu smiled as he glanced at Grand Tutor Yuwens gloomy face with disdain.

Heh! Heh! It was futile to try to defeat the descendants of military officers with pure strength.

"Grand Tutor Yuwen, you have only one person left! Youd better make good use of this opportunity," Shangguan Feiyu laughed, enjoying his triumph very much.

Grand Tutor Yuwen looked murderous as he stared at the last person on his team. Then, he shouted, "Fu Hongchen, its your turn!"