The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Divine Punishment of Ice and Thunder
Chapter 133: Divine Punishment of Ice and Thunder
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The thunder was rolling, shaking the earth!

The practice venue blew up into pieces, multiple cracks spreading outward in all directions. The powerful waves radiated all around the venue. Dust flew into the air. The dust danced with the arcs of lightning as if a landslide had just occurred!

Many disciples backed away in a hurry. The duel between two Stage One Peak Legacy level techniques was truly horrifying!

The dust and smoke scattered, falling back onto the ground.

The expressions of many from the crowd changed when they looked for the second time! The practice venue was demolished, rubble and debris everywhere.

All they saw were two figures standing on the ground!

One was poised with grace, his purple robe dancing in the wind. His silver hair was swaying wildly as he stood with his hands behind his back.

The other was in tattered robes, his exposed skin was badly burnt. A nauseating smell hit the crowd.

It was immediately obvious who had won the clash!

Su Yu was unharmed, but Cao Xuan was injured. His face was pale and haggard.

In a full-on contest of power, Su Yu had come out on top!

Both techniques were Stage One Peak Legacy level techniques. Su Yu had won because his spirit energy was much higher than his opponent's, reaching the level of a Third Level Peak Holy King.

Cao Xuan had the advantage of his biological limits surpassing that of a Holy King's. Otherwise, the Purple Star Thunderbolt would have been enough to take his life, instead of merely leaving him with light injuries.

But, without question, Su Yu had won this fight!

"You, even with your full powers, are still not my opponent!" Su Yu wore a cold smile. "The only advantage you have was that you had six more years to cultivate than me. In front of me, you have no right to be proud!"

In the past, in Cao Xuan's eyes, Su Yu did not even have the right to speak to him. But today, when they were at the same cultivation level, he could not defeat Su Yu.

This, undoubtedly, was a mockery.

"Victor, Su Yu!" the referee announced.

He had used his abilities to achieve victory, succeeding in taking Qin Xianer back! From this point on, there would be no relationship between Cao Xuan and Qin Xianer! Xu Rong's plans had ultimately been destroyed.

The Second Elder nodded her head. The abilities Su Yu had kept hidden were indeed cause for surprise.

Cao Xuan had been rightfully defeated by Su Yu.

The Tenth Elder had a sinister look on his face. The battle he had been extremely confident about had ended in a defeat!

Losing Qin Xianer was but a small matter, but sullying their reputation was a grave mistake!

A person who had entered the Dragon Realm, with his techniques and battle experience, had lost to a person of the same level as him! In fact, if he did not have the constitution of the Dragon Realm, his life would have been forfeit!

The Tenth Elder had mixed emotions, cursing under his breath. "Li Guang, ah Li Guang! You have already died, why have you left behind a disciple to find trouble with me?"

The battle had come to an end!

No matter what techniques Cao Xuan employed, they were countered by Su Yu. He had been thoroughly defeated.

Glancing at Cao Xuan, Su Yu turned to leave the practice venue. His heart was relaxed. He could finally be reunited with Xianer.

"Ah! What are you doing!" the referee shouted in surprise!

A sharp piercing sound assaulted Su Yu's ears! An all-consuming aura filled the arena like a monster about to swallow Su Yu whole!

It was horrifying; every hair on Su Yu's head stood up. A feeling of unease welled up in his heart!

Behind him, Cao Xuan's eyes were filled with killing intent!

"What are you? Winning against me? Die!" Cao Xuan had disregarded the rules. He shattered the limit on his cultivation level and was charging toward Su Yu to deal a killing blow!

Su Yu suddenly turned his head, his heart thumping wildly. He had caught a glimpse of death.

An icy cold glare encircled in his eyes, followed by an intense killing intent. "If you can't afford to lose, then don't battle!"

"I'll kill you!" Cao Xuan was furious. He did not take the loss well. He had lost to an ant that he looked down upon!

"Hmph! If that's the case, then don't blame me!" Su Yu pointed his fingers toward his eyes, removing two thin contacts. His paranormal red and purple eyes were shown to the world!

"Who do you think you are? I could kill you at my whim..."

His words were cut short as he saw the light from Su Yu's purple left eye!

"Seal of Time!" He grunted heartily. Su Yu controlled all of time with one eye, trapping Cao Xuan into a frozen state!

Cao Xuan's thoughts and instincts were still present, but he could no longer control his body! The cultivation level he was restoring came to a halt. The sneak attack he was attempting came to a stop.

His entire body fell forward briefly before he regained control.

His face was shocked. Cao Xuan involuntarily retreated, maintaining a distance between them.

He thought Su Yu's purple eye was too strange. Nothing should be able to freeze Cao Xuan in the currents of time!

Thus, he made the smart choice to retreat, waiting for his cultivation level to once again enter the Dragon Realm before killing Su Yu with a flick of his finger!

Cao Xuan was relieved he had decided to retreat when he that saw Su Yu had materialized a spear of flames while Cao Xuan was frozen.

It had the color of ice flames, but also the same deep purple glows of the lightning flares!

Purple and blue, ice and lightning fused together to form a three-foot-long spear!

The spear's aura of destruction caused the skin of many to crawl. Its power was far greater than that the giant purple lotus's!

Its threat was enough to cause Cao Xuan, with a dragon's constitution, to suffer severe injuries. It might even have killed him!

The skin on his scalp crawled. Cao Xuan was in shock, losing his voice. "Half Divine grade Holy Decree!"

The Holy Decree was usually cultivated to Top Class Saint grade before plateauing. Even people in the Dragon Realm stopped at that level.

Many people gave up on cultivating the Holy Decree after entering the realm of the Holy King and learning to control spirit energy, for the levels of the Holy Decree above Saint grade were extremely hard to cultivate. Without a special affinity and an insane level of perception, it was very difficult for anyone to succeed.

But Su Yu had cultivated his Holy Decree to a fearsome Half Divine grade!

The Second Elder and Tenth Elder were rushing to stop Cao Xuan, they did not expect Su Yu to show off his trump cardthe Half Divine grade Holy Decree!

The Half Divine grade Holy Decree that required years to cultivate was used by Su Yu, a fourteen-year-old youth!

"Stop!" The eyelids of the Tenth Elder twitched. This move was enough of a threat to Cao Xuan!

Su Yu did not regard his words. He wielded the spear, throwing it toward Cao Xuan!

The spear, infused with azure and purple flames radiated a skin-crawling destructive power!

The ice flames and thunder flares had fused into one! It had taken the form of a spear, flying toward Cao Xuan!

Cao Xuan, in a state of terror, hurriedly flew back in retreat. The distance between Cao Xuan and the spear was great enough that he had enough time to evade it.

Once he made sure that he was no longer in any immediate danger, his lips formed a mocking smile. "Its power is passable, but unfortunately the person using the technique is a pathetic nuisance!"

A pathetic nuisance? Su Yu's red right eye suddenly shone brightly!

"Space Manipulation!"

Everywhere the red light shone, Su Yu was in control!

In Cao Xuan's sudden bewilderment and panic, he was suddenly shoved forward!


Cao Xuan had been forcefully teleported to just a foot away from the spear of flames!

Cao Xuan barely had enough time to muster out a pathetic howl!

"Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder!" With Su Yu's low grunt, the spear of divine punishment, fused with ice and thunder flames, pierced Cao Xuan!


An earth-shaking sound, much louder than the purple lotus, shook the entire Law Enforcement Tribunal! The entire Liuxian Faction including both Inner and Outer Sanctums was shaken by this terrifying sound.

The sound seemed to have a physical form, blasting away the roof of the Law Enforcement Tribunal!

Multiple disciples were caught in the resulting energy waves and were sent flying!

The rolling dust and debris were swept up by the energy waves, spreading in all directions! The shocking scene caused everyone to gasp!

Was this still a blow from a Second Level Holy King?

No! Not even a Third Level Holy King could have an attack this powerful!

When the smoke and dust subsided, the crowd looked on in shock.

They saw the crumbling walls of the practice venue, cracks spreading in all directions as the walls were on the verge of collapse.

A bloody youth with tattered robes was pinned to the wall! A smooth spear made of purple and azure flames was flowing through his body, destroying his life force!

It was Cao Xuan!

There was no undamaged spot on his body. His flesh had been torn apart!

A hole had been torn through his stomach and his breathing was shallow. His eyes were glazed over as he forcefully fought to stay sober.

He had been defeated again!

Ever since the battle began, he had been defeated time and time again by Su Yu!

Su Yu countered Cao Xuan's flames with his eyes!

Su Yu countered the Stage One Top Class technique he had with the Purple Star Thunderbolt!

Su Yu had countered Cao Xuan's sneaky full-powered attack by using his trump card!

From the beginning, Su Yu had systematically defeated him! He had trampled on his dignity and pride!

In fact, Cao Xuan had never managed to inflict any injuries on Su Yu!

The difference between them had led Cao Xuan to utter defeat! A humiliation he had never felt in his life turned into a deep hatred. He raised his head, his eyes shooting out a bitter glare. "Su Yu! Do you think that you have won? Did you think that you could get your woman back by winning against me?" Cao Xuan was agitated, spitting out a mouthful of blood which caused his appearance to look even more ferocious.

"I would suggest you go check on your fiancee now! If you wish to save her, you should obediently give her to me!" Cao Xuan let out a maniacal laugh as if he had latched onto Su Yu's weakness.

It was as if he was the ultimate winner!


A gust of wind filled the surrounding area. Su Yu's figure descended in front of him, disregarding Cao Xuan's words. He pointed a finger at Cao Xuan's chest!

He wanted to kill him, even though he was severely injured!

"Vermin! That's enough!" A sinister, low growl came from behind Su Yu!

Su Yu's body trembled. The vital and spiritual energy in his body was disrupted. He tumbled onto the floor.

The Tenth Elder flickered over, retrieving Cao Xuan from the wall. He checked Cao Xuan's injuries angrily.

Not only had Cao Xuan's flesh been torn apart, but multiple bones had been broken as well. The nerves and vital energy channels in his body were shattered!

There were still remnants of ice and thunder destroying the insides of Cao Xuan!

Even though Cao Xuan wasn't dead, he was basically crippled! To fully recover would take him at least half a year!

"Being so merciless at such a young age and harming your fellow disciples I will not forgive you!" The Tenth Elder squinted as his killing intent surfaced.


The figure of a lady blocked Su Yu, an ugly face displaying a malicious intent. "Why do you wish to be unreasonable here?

"Cao Xuan disregarded the rules and removed the limit on his cultivation level to sneak an attack on his opponent. He deserves death! Since he is not completely dead yet, I shall take pity on him and send him on his way!" In terms of being unreasonable, who could best the Second Elder?


The Second Elder meant what she'd said as she struck Cao Xuan with a finger!

The expression on the Tenth Elder's face changed. He immediately left with Cao Xuan in his arms. At the door of the Law Enforcement Tribunal, he turnedhis expression filled with injustice and fury. "Alright! Su Yu won this match, I I shall not pursue this any further!"

He was worried that the Second Elder would really go crazy with her intent on killing Cao Xuan.

Cao Xuan, bearing his intense pain, clenched his teeth as he howled. "Su Yu! You will soon plead with me to take your woman, haha"

The sound grew further and further until it was silent.

Su Yu's gaze turned cold, the wings of ice behind him waved as he made to leave.

The Second Elder turned fierce. "You wish to die in pursuit?"

"No! It's Xianer!" Su Yu's heart was filled with unease. Did Cao Xuan do something to Xianer? Had he poisoned her with an incurable venom?

Why was Cao Xuan convinced that Su Yu would give Xianer over to save her life?

A deep feeling of unease welled up within him.