The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1330

Chapter 1330 The Kylin Divine Warrior

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"As you wish." Fu Hongchen stepped out and stopped in front of Zheng Shaoliang. No emotion changes could be seen in his eyes at all.

Zheng Shaoliang asked as he looked at Fu Hongchen, "This is quite strange, I dont remember I having met you in this city before."

"Just start your attack." Fu Hongchen replied indifferently, impatience could be sensed in his words.

"You" Zheng Shaoliang was stunned by his reaction, "You are quite arrogant! Okay, I could let you attack me first to show my due respect to the courtiers. This way, you cant blame us for bullying the descendants of courtiers" However, Zheng Shaoliang heard a voice before he could finish his words.

"Dont underestimate him, he is different from the other four people." Zheng Shaoliang figured out it was Su Yu who reminded him just now. He murmured in his heart delightedly, Brother Su also knows I am quite powerful.

"Brother Su, just look how I defeat all of them alone." Zheng Shaoliang said as he laughed excitedly, "Just start your attack."

Hearing this, Fu Hongchen launched his attack without any hesitation. In the next moment, he became a blurry figure and disappeared instantly on the spot.

Zheng Shaoliang, who didnt have time to react, only sensed a gust of horrible energy appearing behind his back.

"Rising Peaks and Meandering Streams!" Zheng Shaoliang was totally surprised, and immediately protected his body with his Divine Path.

His body was surrounded by magnificent mountains. This way, he could protect himself and fight back at any time.

However, the energy behind his back broke the protection of the mountains and landed on Zhang Shaoliang back heavily enough to knock him forwards.


Zheng Shaoliang, whose chest was penetrated and started to bleed seriously, fell to the ground outside the palace at last.

The powerful energy not only wounded his body but also impacted his soul to knock him unconscious on the spot. Zheng Shaoliang was seriously wounded and knocked unconscious by only one strike.

Instantly, Shangguan Feiyu stood up as he stared at Fu Hongchen.

Fu Hongchens clothes had been ruined by Zheng Shaoliangs Divine Path, and everyone could see his weird body at this moment.

He had a head of human being. However, his body, which was composed of many flesh-like lumps, was quite horrible to look at.

The aura of the dragon could be sensed from those flesh-like lumps.

Although they didnt belong to a Divine Dragon, these flesh-like lumps should come from a dragon who had reached the level of Prospective Deity.

"The Transplanted Dragons Body?" Yongye Wuheng askes in surprise. Right now, he figured out why this man, whose aura was quite ordinary, could be so powerful.

His body, which was composed of dragons flesh, was much stronger than that of most ordinary people. It seemed only Deities were able to cause damage to his body.

"Heh heh! Lord Shangguan, it seems the descendants of the military officers are not as powerful as I expected. He was defeated by the descendant of a courtier by one strike!" Grand Tutor Yuwen said with a crafty smile. The look of frustration and anxiety had disappeared from his face at this moment.

Shangguan Feiyu lowered his face because he knew he had been fooled.

Where did Grand Tutor Yuwen find this boosted man?

Without powerful measures, most Prospective Deities couldnt rival this Frankenstein.

"Zhang Yong, its your turn!" Shangguan Feiyu shouted.

In front of that horrible body of dragon flesh, Zhang Yong stepped out diffidently.

The onlookers shook their heads secretly. They knew Zhang Yong would lose this fight because he had been deterred before the fight began.

As expected, Fu Hongchen managed to knock Zhang Yong out of the palace with one punch. Then, Zhang Yong, who was seriously wounded, fell to the ground and passed out.

Now, Zheng Shaoliang and Zhang Yong, who were half dead, were lying on the ground. This scene was so obtrusive.

Fu Hongchen spoke with a cold smile, "The strength of military officers descendants is just so-so! Next one!"

Shangguan Feiyu lowered his face and shouted seriously, "Jin Shang!"

Jin Shang sighed in his heart because he knew he couldnt rival Fu Hongchen. However, he still tried to defeat him while clenching his teeth.

In the next moment, Jin Shang, who was seriously wounded, flew out of the palace and passed out after falling to the ground.

Until now, Fu Hongchen had defeated three opponents with just one punch each.

Shangguan Feiyu turned to Bai Yunfei and spoke anxiously, "Bai Yunfei, I am counting on you."

Bai Yunfei took a deep breath. The relaxed expression had disappeared in his face. Now, he was quite serious.

Fu Hongchens physique was way too strong.

It was highly possible that he would also be defeated by this weirdo.

However, after touching the items he got in his sleeves, Bai Yunfei became more confident.

"I am Bai Yunfei, nice to meet you." Bai Yunfei jumped out and landed in front of Fu Hongchen gracefully.

Fu Hongchen spoke indifferently, "Start your attack."

Bai Yunfei didnt dare to underestimate his opponent. He took out a silvery sword and launched his attack.

"Integration of Body and Sword!" His body, which was integrated with his sword, dashed towards Fu Hongchen like a strand of white light.

Fu Hongchens eyes had lit up as he reached out two fingers quickly to block the sword.

Bai Yunfei was quite responsive, as he turned the sword and tried to cut Fu Hongchens fingers with the swords blade.

"Chi! Chi!"

The collision between his sword and Fu Hongchens fingers created a lot of sparkles. Then, the two of them continued to fight fiercely.

Fu Hongchen raised his eyebrows because he failed to defeat Bai Yunfei within the first round. Fu Hongchen kicked Bai Yunfei in his Dantian, which was a vital part of his body.

Although Fu Hongchen had no Divine Strength, the dragon strength in his body was powerful enough to ruin Bai Yunfeis Celestial Energy Sphere.

Due to this horrible attack, Bai Yunfei changed his expression as he placed the sword in front of his stomach to defend himself.

However, Fu Hongchen smiled creepily after seeing this reaction. He opened his mouth and spat out a lump of green liquid which gave off a putrid smell.

Bai Yunfei realized he was fooled immediately. Without any hesitation, the Divine Strength in his Celestial Energy Sphere gushed out to counteract the green liquid.

Bai Yunfei managed to defend himself from Fu Hongchens horrible attack. However, before he had time to fight back, Fu Hongchen appeared behind Bai Yunfeis back and punched the middle of his back with a sinister smile.

"Its over!" Fu Hongchen said with a cold smile.

Bai Yunfeis teammates were knocked unconscious by one punch. It seemed he would be defeated in the same way.

However, Bai Yunfei replied with a creepy smile, "Really?"

When Fu Hongchens fist was about to land on Bai Yunfeis body, Bai Yunfei flicked his sleeve backward.

"Swish! Swish! Swish!"

Nine thumb-sized balls that were wrapped up by golden flames flew towards Fu Hongchen rapidly.

Seeing this, Fu Hongchen placed his arms in front of his chest like a shield to stop those balls. He was quite confident because most hidden weapons were not able to penetrate his body.

However, when those balls landed on his body, Fu Hongchens sinister smile was frozen in his face as his eyes were filled with terror.

Those thumb-sized balls penetrated his strong body directly, and all of his vital organs were penetrated by those balls.

"Ah" Along with a miserable scream, Fu Hongchen was knocked back as the wounds on his body were seriously bleeding.

Everyone in the area shouted in surprise when they saw this unexpected scene.

"What are those golden balls? How could they be so destructive? I didnt expect that they even could penetrate his dragons body!" The descendants of the courtiers shouted in surprise.

Grand Tutor Yuwen, who was also stunned, spoke with puzzlement, "These are"

Shangguan Feiyus eyes lit up as he abruptly stood up and shouted in surprise, "Are they"

"Those balls are made from Golden Flames Forbidden Wood which is very rare and precious in this world." Yongye Wuheng stared at those balls as the light of wisdom flashing in his eyes. "During the Great Destruction, the last Golden Flames Forbidden Wood was taken away by the Kylin Divine Warrior to resist the Evil Woman and the World Annihilation Dragon. Since then, the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood disappeared from this world. I didnt expect to see it again."

All of a sudden, all of the people in the area were shocked by the appearance of the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood.

Even Bai Yunfei was stunned because he didnt expect those balls could be so powerful.

Just at this moment, Fu Hongchen, who was lying on the ground because of his serious wounds, jumped up and punched Bai Yunfeis chest abruptly.