The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1331

Chapter 1331 The Deity Level Puppet

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Bai Yunfei was not prepared for this sudden attack. He managed to protect the vital parts of his body, but Fu Hongchen broke one of his arms and was knocked out of the palace.

In the palace, this unexpected scene caused different reactions.

Grand Tutor Yuwens nervous expression disappeared in his face slowly. He said sarcastically, "Lord Shangguan, it seems the result of this competition has been fixed."

Shangguan Feiyu lowered his face as he stared at Bai Yunfei angrily. If Bai Yunfei was more cautious, it would be quite difficult for Fu Hongchen who had been seriously wounded to turn the tide.

It seemed that Grand Tutor Yuwen had obtained the opportunity of exploring the Devil Realm in the Ice Sealed River Bottom again. Shangguan Feiyu had to wait for another 100 years to pass before he could take back those sealed materials.

"Cough! Cough" Fu Hongchen stood up and wiped the blood off of his lips. He spoke with a proud smile, "I guess that was the best the descendants of military officers could do."

Shangguan Feiyu didnt want to waste his time arguing with such a nobody. Although Fu Hongchen defeated Bai Yunfei through a sneak attack, Bai Yunfeis failure was undeniable.

Fu Hongchen turned to Yongye Wuheng and asked, "Your Royal Highness, could you declare the result now?"

Yongye Wuheng, who was still shocked by the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood, came to and said, "Lord Shangguan still has one person left in his team."

Hearing this, Fu Hongchen turned around and found Su Yu who was so inconspicuous in the team.

Even Shangguan Feiyu had just realized Su Yus existence at this moment.

He had placed all of his hope on Bai Yunfei and the other three young men. Su Yu had been ignored by him for a long time.

"Su Yu, its your turn!" Shangguan Feiyu sighed as he looked away and started to regret his decision.

Su Yu nodded his head and walked up and stopped in front of Fu Hongchen quietly. "I can wait if you need to heal your wounds."

"Hah, hah, hah! Are you kidding me? With the help of my dragons body, I dont need to heal my wounds before fighting against a guy who is just at Stage Four of Mortal Fairy!" Fu Hongchen sneered, "I can defeat you even if I only had one finger left!"

"However" Fu Hongchen pretended to be generous as he looked at Su Yu, "For the sake of your words, I also offer you an opportunity. If you surrender and admit your defeat, I could let you go."

Su Yu replied expressionlessly, "I was entrusted to defeat you. I cant surrender. Since you have decided to start the fight without healing your wounds, you could attack me first."

Hearing this, Fu Hongchen sneered, "You are overconfident about yourself! I dont know where you get your confidence as a guy who is just a Stage Four Mortal Fairy. Let me tell you how pathetic your strength is compared to mine."


Fu Hongchen dashed forward rapidly. However, he was much slower now compared to his speed when he was at his peak state.

However, his attack was still too fast for a Stage Four Mortal Fairy to dodge.

In the next moment, a giant fist appeared above Su Yus head and started to fall with horrible strength.

Grand Tutor Yuwen and the rest of the descendants of courtiers stopped watching the fight because they believed there was no suspense in the result of this fight.

They started to talk to each other excitedly as if the opportunity of exploring the Devil Realm had been obtained by them.

Grand Tutor Yuwen even started to assign tasks, "You shall focus on the Myriad Bone Mountain this time. First, you shall continue to seal those weapon drawings to avoid Shangguan Feiyu from getting them. Second, you shall try to excavate the corpses of the dead Deities in this mountain. I guess you could find corpses of Deities at the level of Star River Overlords."

"As you wish!" The four teammates nodded their heads excitedly.

When they were talking about their plan, they sensed the atmosphere in this place changed. It seemed like only the five of them were talking and the rest of the people had become silent.

Grand Tutor Yuwen looked up and saw the rest of the people were shocked before he saw Shangguan Feiyu and his team who were quite excited. Those members of the royal family were also looking at the fighting area thoughtfully.

Grand Tutor Yuwen, who was puzzled, turned around to check what happened in the fighting area. Instantly, he was dumbfounded as his eye pupils constricted slowly.

At this moment, Fu Hongchen still held the pose of attacking Su Yu, but his horrible body had been fixed and couldnt move an inch.

A golden ball landed on Fu Hongchens forehead and penetrated his skull.

His soul was seriously wounded and lost the ability to control his body. He kept this pose for a while before he fell to the ground and passed out.

Grand Tutor Yuwen was completely stunned by this sudden change and accepted the fact after a long while.

Fu Hongchen was defeated by a young man who was only at the level of Stage Four Mortal Fairy.

This is unbelievable.

The four descendants of courtiers, who were so excited just now, were also dumbfounded and couldnt believe what they saw.

Fu Hongchen was defeated by the "weakest" member of his opponents.

The opportunity of exploring the Devil Realm, which had been put in their pocket, flew away.

Grand Tutor Yuwen came to realize how serious this situation was. He lowered his face and dashed towards Su Yu like a ghost as he shouted horribly, "Arrogant bastard, how dare you wound my man this seriously? I have to kill you!"

However, he was pushed back by a roar before he could approach Su Yu.

"Grand Tutor Yuwen, how could you attack my underling in front of me?" Shangguan Feiyu spoke as he stood up slowly. His body had been covered by his magnificent Divine Strength.

"Lord Shangguan, we shall obey the law of this empire. This is just a competition. How could he wound my underling seriously? I have to punish him severely to safeguard the dignity of the law. If you insist on protecting him, I have to ask for adjudication from our Emperor." Grand Tutor Yuwen retorted coldly.

Hearing this, Shangguan Feiyu replied with a cold smile, "Are you blind? Cant you see four of my underlings who have been seriously wounded by Fu Hongchen outside the palace? I am looking forward to the Adjudication by our Emperor. Come on, just do it! Grand Tutor, you found this mysterious guy who wounded the descendants of military officers seriously. Could you tell me why did that please?"

When Zheng Shaoliang defeated those descendants of courtiers, he didnt wound them seriously, but they didnt expect Fu Hongchen could defeat them in such a cruel way.

Grand Tutor Yuwen was indefensible. However, he still shouted with clenched teeth, "Stop your venomous slander!"

"I have hard evidence here. Grand Tutor Yuwen, just ask for the Adjudication from our Emperor." Shangguan Feiyu retorted coldly.

Hearing this, Grand Tutor Yuwen walked back as he flicked his sleeves with a grievance. He spoke as he looked at Su Yu thoughtfully, "Shangguan Feiyu, you are good at scheming, not me. I didnt expect that you could hide this inconspicuous young man, who is an extremely powerful expert, in your team. You are even more crafty than me."

Shangguan Feiyu was puzzled when he heard what Grand Tutor Yuwen had said because this was not his trick which was prepared in advance.

Even he didnt expect that Su Yu could turn the tide at the last moment.

Su Yu, who was neither humble or pushy, spoke calmly, "Fu Hongchen, who was wounded seriously, underestimated me. I managed to defeat him with good luck. I am not as powerful as the Grand Tutor described."

His words caused different reactions among people in this area.

Bai Yunfei and the members of the Imperial Sacred Faction who knew Su Yus real strength didnt believe what he said at all.

Shangguan Feiyu and Grand Tutor Yuwen didnt know Su Yus real strength and were convinced by him easily.

"In the end, we won! We will be responsible for the excavation of the Devil Realm!" Shangguan Feiyu said delightedly.

Yongye Wuheng let out a sigh of relief and announced the results expressionlessly.

The royal family was responsible for the excavation of the Saint Realm.

The military officers headed by Shangguan Feiyu were responsible for the excavation of the Devil Realm.

The courtiers headed by Grand Tutor Yuwen would explore the Mortal Realm.

After finishing his announcement, Yongye Wuheng said, "Besides this results announcement, I have another thing to tell you in advance."

Shangguan Feiyu and Grand Tutor Yuwen were surprised.

"According to the guards sent by the Imperial Sacred Faction, an unknown organization used to approach the Imperial Sacred Faction ten years ago. Until now, mysterious strangers could still be seen there. The situation is quite weird. Please make a good preparation for your trip."

Hearing this, the two powerful ministers were absorbed in thought.

Yongye Wuheng paused a bit before he looked at Bai Yunfei and asked, "Could you tell me where you found the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood, please?"

"Su Yu gave the nine balls made from the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood secretly to attack Fu Hongchen." Bai Yunfei stammerer as he glanced at Su Yu nervously.

Yongye Wuheng figured out something from Bai Yunfeis reaction, and turned to Su Yu and asked, "The balls made from the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood are yours, right?"

Su Yu nodded his head as he hooked his finger to take back those balls.

"Could you tell me where you found them, please?" Yongye Wuheng asked again.

Su Yu spoke after shaking his head, "Im sorry, but I cant. I bought them from a street stall by accident. I know nothing about the origin of these balls."

"Really? What a pity." Yongye Wuheng sighed regretfully, "Please go back and take a rest. Well start the expedition in two days."

All of them left this palace.

Yongye Wuhengs eyes lit up as he spoke to Yongye Chuxue who was beside him, "It seems that Su Yu is quite extraordinary. The Golden Flames Forbidden Wood is related to the whereabouts of the Kylin Divine Warrior. Unfortunately, he doesnt want to tell me where he found it."

The Kylin Divine Warrior was the only one whose corpse hadnt been found among the nine Divine Warriors.

In other words, the one who could find his corpse could obtain the inheritance of the Divine Warrior.

Yongye Chuxue spoke with a naughty smile, "This is also the reason I chose him. He has the blood of the World Annihilation Emperor. He has the Heaven-defying Divine Warrior as his Divine Laksana. He also knows where to find the corpse of the Kylin Divine Warrior. He is a guy of great luck. I guess I could obtain an unexpected gain in the Lost Nation."

Yongye Wuheng spoke as he nodded his head, "I hope so. Now, our empire has all kinds of internal and external problems. I also have a bad feeling about the appearance of the Nine-Emperor Tablet." His voice was echoing in this quiet palace.

After coming back to the mansion of the Shangguan Family, Bai Yunfei expressed his gratitude to Su Yu. "Brother Su, thank you very much for ruining Grand Tutor Yuwens evil plan. This is just a small gift to express our appreciation."

Bai Yunfei, Zheng Shaoliang, and the other two young men who had healed their wounds looked at Su Yu gratefully as they gave him a palm-sized puppet.

Su Yu felt the puppet was so familiar as if he had seen it before.

Bai Yunfei, who noticed Su Yus confusion, spoke with a smile, "This is a Giant Divine Soldier, which is the exclusive weapon of the empires Imperial Guards. This puppet is made according to the knowledge of an ancient civilization. It is as powerful as a Deity. Brother Su, whenever you encounter danger in the Devil Realm, you can activate it to protect yourself."

"However, please dont use it in front of Grand Tutor Yuwens people. Except for the Imperial Guards, nobody is allowed to use this weapon. Those who are captured by Grand Tutor Yuwen for using this weapon will be sentenced to death at least."

The Giant Divine Soldier? Suddenly, Su Yu remembered Wang Zixuan of the Great Eastern Alliance used to make a puppet at the level of the Initial Stage Prospective Deity according to an incomplete ancient drawing and remembered why this puppet was so familiar to him.

However, the drawing in the Ancient God Realm was complete. The Giant Divine Soldier was at the level of Deity here.

Su Yu lit up his eyes and asked, "Do you know where the drawing of this puppet is?"

Bai Yunfei nodded his head with a smile, "Yes! All drawings of these ancient weapons are in the Ice Sealed River Bottom by Grand Tutor Yuwen in the name of protection. This time we are going to take them back."

Hearing this, Su Yu was overly excited.

If he could make a lot of Deity-level puppets, he could fill the strength gap between the two great alliances and the Realm of Demons easily.

"Heh heh! It seems the excavation of these weapon drawings in the Ice Sealed River Bottom should enjoy the highest priority." Su Yu murmured excitedly in his mind.