The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1332

Chapter 1332 A Hunting Game

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Bai Yunfei and his three friends left delightedly when Su Yu accepted the puppet as a gift.

When Su Yu was about to check the puppet carefully, hearty laughter came from outside, "Heh heh, it seems you have obtained something good as a reward!"

Hearing this, Su Yu walked out of the room immediately, "Greetings to you, Lord Shangguan."

Shangguan Feiyu, who was in a good mood, spoke as he waved his hand with a hearty smile, "Dont be so ceremonious."

He spoke as he looked at Su Yu with a smile, "I didnt expect you are the one who obtained the opportunity of exploring the Devil Realm for us. This time we managed to defeat that old bastard!"

Su Yu replied humbly, "I was quite lucky. It is highly possible that I wont be able to defeat Fu Hongchen if we have to fight again."

"Hey, dont be so modest. You should be proud of your outstanding service." Shangguan Feiyu said as he took out an ice blue soft armor made from weird fish scales, "When I fought on many front lines back in those years, the emperor gave this defensive soft armor to me as a reward. Its name is Ice Blue Divine Armor. It could provide the user with the highest-level defense of a Tribe Leader. If it is activated, I guess only a few people in this city could break its defense."

"As a General who is good at consequence management, I will reward you when you have rendered outstanding services." Shangguan Feiyu threw the soft armor to Su Yu and said, "It is yours now."

After receiving the armor, Su Yu touched it with his hands. He realized it was made from extraordinary materials and could protect him from the attack of a Tribe Leader with full strength. He guessed it could also protect him from the attack of powerful experts like Dakini and Alliance Master Luo. It was quite precious for Su Yu who didnt have efficient defensive equipment.

"Thank you, my lord." Su Yu accepted the armor calmly. He rolled his eyes as he spoke, "My lord, I guess you still need something from me, right?"

Shangguan Feiyu replied with a smile, "Of course, the expedition in the Ice Sealed River Bottom will start soon. We shall close the deal now."

Su Yu nodded his head and took out a jade bottle which contained two drops of the World Annihilation Emperors divine blood.

Seeing this, Shangguan Feiyu fixed his eyes on the bottle eagerly.

Su Yu threw the bottle to Shangguan Feiyu and said, "My lord, I hope you could honor your words."

Shangguan Feiyu grabbed the bottle immediately, speaking with a hearty smile, "I always serve the world with honesty. You could go to the Ice Sealed River Bottom at will, and you can count on Bai Yunfei and his friends for the excavation of the drawings you want."

When Su Yu left, Shangguan Feiyu asked seriously, "Has Elder Qiu sent back any message about his investigation?"

A servant beside him replied, "No, we havent received any message from Elder Qiu yet."

Just then, an aura descended in this mansion and stopped in front of Shangguan Feiyu abruptly.

Seeing the weather-beaten face, Shangguan Feiyu knew this was the old man who was guarding the patterns of the Heaven-fighting Three Strokes.

However, this old man had his Divine Soul left because his body had been ruined. His Celestial Energy Sphere was almost drained.

"Elder Qiu, are you okay?" Shangguan Feiyu was surprised. He immediately started to heal the old mans wounds.

Elder Qiu was sent to investigate the World Annihilation Emperors divine blood in Su Yus hand by Shangguan Feiyu. However, he ran back with serious wounds after such a short time.

"Feiyu! Something bad happened! A large-scale insurrection occurred in the southern area!" Elder Qiu said anxiously as he spat out black blood.

Shangguan Feiyu was surprised by his words, "What? An insurrection? Who attacked you? I remember nobody in the 99 Tribes could wound you! Where are the rest of the experts who went there with you?" Shangguan Feiyu threw out a lot of questions immediately because he was completely shocked by the news.

"The Mermaid Emperor attacked me. He wounded me seriously within three rounds. If those guards didnt cover me when I ran away, I would have been killed by him."

Those guards who covered Elder Qiu had been killed.

Hearing this, Shangguan Feiyu spoke as he raised his eyebrows, "The Emperor of the Mermaid Tribe? How could he wound you seriously within three rounds?"

Elder Qiu, who was as pale as a ghost, replied seriously, "I guess his body has been occupied by a powerful creature."

After pondering it for a while, Shangguan Feiyu spoke as he took out a drop of healing liquid, "Just heal your wounds first."

Elder Qiu took the liquid to stabilize his chaotic Divine Soul. "In this insurrection in the southern area, over half of the 99 Tribes had surrendered to the Mermaid Tribe. If they hadnt attacked the Yaksha Tribe when I was there, we wouldnt have known that the southern area had been turned into a chaotic place until now."

Shangguan Feiyu was surprised and said, "Half of the 99 Tribes have surrendered, that is unbelievable. Half a month ago, the southern area was still a peaceful place. I want to know the one who took possession of the Mermaid Emperors body."

After pondering it for a while, Shangguan Feiyu spoke seriously, "As the number one General in this Empire, I shall put down this insurrection personally. Have you found anything useful about the World Annihilation Emperors divine blood?"

Elder Qiu spoke hesitantly, "Yes, but I suggest that you are to stop investigating this issue because it will land you in great danger."

There were only a few things that could land the number one General of this Empire in great danger.

"Oh?" Shangguan Feiyu said as he looked around vigilantly, "Just say it!"

Elder Qiu uttered three words cautiously, "The Supreme One."

"He is the one behind this?" Shangguan Feiyu asked seriously as his eye pupils constricted. After a while, he spoke after taking a deep breath, "Then, the divine blood obtained by Su Yu"

"The divine blood was taken away by the Supreme One." Elder Qiu said with embarrassment, "That young man is a pretty good genius. What a pity he offended that horrible guy. Now, nobody in this Empire could save him."

Hearing this, Shangguan Feiyu was a bit stunned, "Right, it is a pity. If the Supreme One has made up his mind, nobody could save him. Ask Bai Yunfei and his friends to stay away from Su Yu to avoid being implicated!" After a slight exclamation, Shangguan Feiyu disappeared.

Two days later, a team composed of five members of Imperial Sacred Faction, five descendants of military officers, and five descendants of courtiers gathered in front of the palace of the empire.

The descendants of the military officers and courtiers stared at each other with deep hatred.

"Su Yu, Ill remember you." Fu Hongchen said as he stared at Su Yu bitterly. He still didnt want to accept his defeat because he believed he wouldnt be defeated by Su Yu who was just a Stage Four Mortal Fairy if he was at his peak state and if he fought against Su Yu scrupulously.

Su Yu shrugged his shoulders indifferently and turned to the members of the Imperial Sacred Faction.

This powerful team was composed of three Deities and two Later Stage Prospective Deities, which meant the Imperial Sacred Faction had made a lavish investment in this trip so that they could take back the weapon made by the civilization which could create worlds in the Saint Realm.

The five members of this team might be the most powerful young men in the last one hundred years. If they died in the Ice Sealed River Bottom, the Imperial Sacred Faction would suffer a great loss which was not affordable for them.

Su Yu was quite curious about what was the weapon made by a civilization that could create worlds.

"If there is no other issue to talk about, lets move out. Please arrange your trip according to your traveling speed. Lets meet in the Xueman Building in the Xue Nation of the North Territory before the Frozen River unfreezes." Yongye Wuheng said.

The three Deities of the Imperial Sacred Faction, whose traveling speed was the highest among these people, decided to go to the Frozen River to prepare in advance.

The Xueman Building in the Xue Nation of the North Territory was the nearest faction from the Frozen River.

After speaking, Yongye Wuheng left with his teammates first. Grand Tutor Yuwen and his teammates also left at the same time.

At last, Bai Yunfei folded his hands at Su Yu and said apologetically, "Brother Su, we need to go to the Wuji Fairy Mountain first. We cant go together with you."

Su Yu replied calmly, "Okay, you can go according to your arrangements. I will go there alone."

"Brother Su, please be careful on the way." Bai Yunfei and his three friends left for the Wuji Fairy Mountain by taking weird flying equipment.

Seeing that, Su Yu was lost in thought.

Before this, Bai Yunfei and his friends acted reverently in front of Su Yu. However, it was quite weird that they could leave without him at last.

As a smart man, Su Yu had sensed that something was wrong.

"Thats fine! It will be more convenient for me to go there alone." Su Yu murmured in a low voice before he disappeared on the spot.

After a while, several figures in black robes appeared in the position where Su Yu was standing previously. One of them grabbed a strand of Su Yus remnant aura and smelled it. He smiled sarcastically as he found where Su Yu was heading.

"It has been so long since the last time I played this hunting game. Heh heh"

One month later, Su Yu left the Imperial City and stepped into the territory of the Xue Nation.

Nominally, the Xue Nation was a nation, but it was just a tributary state of the Empire.

The Xue Family used to help the Yongye Royal Family to win the state power from the World Annihilation Royal Family. Because of their outstanding services, the Yongye Royal Family gave the chilly North Territory to the Xue Family as their fiefdom that they then established as the Xue Nation.

The Xue Nation in the North Territory was always cold all year round. The chilly energy in this area could even influence Deities.

Su Yus traveling speed was lowered remarkably when he stepped into the territory of the Xue Nation.

"Splash! Splash!"

Suddenly, Su Yu heard the sound of water from afar when he was walking on a snowy wasteland.

Su Yu found some creatures which looked like horses were running rapidly on the wasteland.

Seven to eight transparent icemen, who were riding on the back of those horse-like creatures, were chasing a small beast who was fleeing in helter-skelter.

"Are they hunters?" Su Yu murmured.

Those hunters passed by Su Yu expressionlessly. The snow that was splashed by their chase blocked his view.

Su Yu lifted his arm slightly and reached out two fingers into the snowflakes in front of them. In the next moment, a pitch-dark arrow was pinched by his fingers.

"Youve been following me for so long a time. Finally, you started to attack me." Su Yu flicked his fingers to throw away the arrow as he fixed his eyes at a position at the other side of the ice frost.

A figure walked up slowly in the ice frost. He was standing erectly and carried a giant bow on his back.

He stepped towards Su Yu as he spoke calmly, "Your perception is impressive. You managed to discover and even grab the arrow I shot out with favorable climate and topographical advantage."

The heavy snow was a favorable climate. The influence of Su Yus traveling speed due to the chilly climate in the North Territory was the topographical advantage.

This guy had followed Su Yu for a month. Just now, he took the perfect opportunity to attack him. However, his action was still discovered by Su Yu.

Su Yu turned around and looked at the guy quietly. His Soul Strength was now as powerful as that of Deities. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to discover the arrow.

"No wonder" Su Yu figured out the reason that Bai Yunfei and his friends tried to stay away from him. Maybe Shangguan Feiyu knew someone dangerous was following him.

The guy stopped at a position which was 300 meters away from Su Yu. Now, he could see the face of this guy who had four piercing eyes.

"Four eyes, golden bow, good at trackingI guess you are a member of the Arrow Slave Family which used to serve the World Annihilation Royal Family." Su Yu said slowly, "It is said that your family has been wiped off together with the World Annihilation Royal Family, I didnt expect to see one here. It seems the one who ordered you to kill me is not an ordinary person."

In the Imperial City, Su Yu used to check the history of the Empire many times, so he knew things about the World Annihilation Royal Family.

Therefore, he also learned some information about the Arrow Slave Family.

They used to be slaves of the World Annihilation Royal Family. All members of this family were born with excellent archery skills and were the best archers of that age. Even the nine Emperors couldnt rival the members of the Arrow Slave Family in archery.

It was said that the chief of the Arrow Slave Family killed the master of a declining royal family who was billions of kilometers away. His deeds even shocked the entire Ancient God Realm.

With bow and arrows in hand, an ordinary Arrow Slave was extremely lethal.

An Arrow Slave at the level of an ordinary Deity could easily kill a Tribe Leader.

In the age of the World Annihilation Empire, the Arrow Slaves were just like a dagger that was hanging over the head of those Deities. Nobody knew whether they could be killed by an Arrow Slave from afar.

The records about the terror caused by the Arrow Slaves could be found in many ancient books.

Therefore, when the World Annihilation Empire collapsed, the Arrow Slave Family was also wiped out and all their family members were slaughtered.

Su Yu didnt expect an Arrow Slave could be sent to kill him.

"I dont want to talk about history now. The only thing you need to know is that I am here to kill you." The Arrow Slave said motionlessly.

Su Yu replied calmly, "You could just have a try."

Suddenly, Su Yu waved his left hand to wrap up the arrow on the ground with a strand of space energy before he threw it into the void.

In the next moment, the arrow reappeared in a snow mountain which was about three kilometers away from them.

When the arrow flew into the mountain, it exploded and completely ruined that giant snow mountain.

Along with an angry roar, several figures appeared in the rubble of the ruined snow mountain.

That roar was quite familiar because it was from the Yaksha King who was surrounded by Demonic Energy.

Besides the Yaksha King, there were two strange Deities. However, they were as powerful as the Yaksha King.

One of them was surrounded by thunder, the other one was wrapped up in black flames; both of them looked extremely dangerous.

Together with the Arrow Slave, Su Yu had been surrounded by four assassins who were as powerful as Tribe Leaders.

The Arrow Slave spoke as he squinted his eyes slightly, "Oh? I didnt expect you could sense that arrow was special. You even sensed the other assassins."

Su Yu replied calmly, "Its quite simple. Since you are a member of the Arrow Slave Family, I didnt believe your attack with that arrow could be so weak. Therefore, it could never be an ordinary arrow. As for them, you are an archer but you chose to stay close to me. The only reason that you tried to attract my attention was so that they could attack me sneakily."

Hearing this, the Arrow Slave spoke with a cold smile, "Its been a long time since I found interesting prey like you."

"However, there is one thing you dont know." The Arrow Slave said as horrible light flashed in his four eyes, "The arrow you threw out just nowwas not the only one I shot."

Suddenly, Su Yu sensed something extremely dangerous flying towards him rapidly.