The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1333

Chapter 1333 The Horrible Annihilation Cannon

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Instantly, Su Yus body was covered by a dreamy blue light.

Just then, a black arrow shot Su Yu in the middle of his back.

The arrow flew into Su Yus body with horrible energy and poison on it after penetrating his robe.

This creepy arrow, which was far more powerful than the previous one, dealt a deathblow to Su Yu.

Seeing this, the Arrow Slave spoke with a sarcastic smile, "Just rest in peace. The Arrow Slaves attack is divided into Visible Arrow and Invisible Arrow. The one you grabbed was just the Visible Arrow, which is used to attract the enemys attention, while the Invisible Arrow is used to kill the enemy."

The Arrow Slave had shot out two arrows. The one grabbed by Su Yu easily was the Visible Arrow.

However, the Invisible Arrow quietly flew over Su Yu from above and turned around and attacked him from behind sneakily.

This way, the Arrow Slave managed to hit Su Yu with his clever tricks.

The sly and lethal attack was the reason why the Arrow Slaves were so horrible in the age of the World Annihilation Emperor.

However, this arrow didnt penetrate Su Yus body as the Arrow Slave expected. The arrow, which was filled with horrible energy, also failed to knock him back.


Along with a crisp sound, Su Yus body was covered by dazzling blue light. It seemed the arrow was blocked by something.

A pitch-black arrow with a beak-like arrowhead fell to the ground from Su Yus back.

Su Yu spoke with a faint smile, "It seems your archery is not as horrible as your legendary ancestors."

Su Yu looked quite calm at this moment. He was extremely vigilant. The attack on his back, which could even kill a Tribe Leader, was blocked by the Ice Blue Divine Armor. But what if the Arrow Slave aimed at Su Yus head?

This Arrow Slave was the most threatening enemy here. The Arrow Slave Family had a well-deserved reputation.

The Arrow Slave spoke as his four eyes lit up, "The Ice Blue Divine Armor? Shangguan Feiyu was so generous. Yaksha King, the three of you attack him through close combat. I will find opportunities to attack him from afar." The Arrow Slave said as he stepped backward slowly.

Yaksha King and the two Deities walked up to confront Su Yu directly.

"This guy is quite cunning and crafty! Dont waste your words on him, just capture him alive! Then, we can get the whereabouts of the World Annihilation Emperors descendants from him through interrogation!" Yaksha King shouted and rushed up to Su You as his body was wrapped up by dazzling Demonic energy. In the next moment, he appeared in front of Su Yu.

"Mind Elimination!" Yaksha Kings eyes were full of horrible Demonic energy. In the next moment, two strands of substantial black light beams flashed from his eyes and flew towards Su Yu rapidly.

Su Yu didnt dare to underestimate the attack of a Tribe Leader in the slightest.

A lot of Water Elements appeared on his body, and Su Yu dodged the attack through a rapid lateral movement.

Those black light beams missed Su Yus body by only a hair.

Even so, Su Yu still felt dizzy because of the remnant energy from those light beams left in the air.

Su Yu was shocked. If he was hit by those light beams, he would have been immediately knocked unconscious.

He knew that he would be killed instantly if he passed out in front of four experts at the level of Tribe Leader.

Before Su Yu could take any further action, Yaksha King rushed up and started to attack him with the Mind Elimination black light beams again.

However, when Yaksha King approached, Su Yu flicked his sleeve to throw out a lot of small golden balls.

Each of those small balls was as large as a thumb. This time, Su Yu threw out 99 balls like this.

Those balls were thrown out suddenly and they started to fly around Su Yu rapidly. Soon, a golden storm formed by these balls was created around his body.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The body of Yaksha King, who was caught in the golden storm, was penetrated by many balls made from the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood instantly. After a short while, his body was riddled.

Yaksha King groaned bitterly, as he pushed back against those balls made from Golden Flames Forbidden Wood with his Demonic energy before he flew out from the golden storm hurriedly.

Another two Deities, whose bodies were wrapped up by black flames and thunder respectively, rushed up to cover Yaksha King.

When they saw Yaksha Kings body, the carefree expression on their faces disappeared.

Over 1,000 thumb-sized holes appeared on Yaksha Kings body, which now looked like a colander, as he was suffering from massive blood loss.

The two Deities were shocked by this scene. If Yaksha King was a little slow in escaping just now, he would have been killed in the storm of the balls made from the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood.

Yaksha King lowered his face and spoke as he stared at the golden storm seriously, "I remember you only had nine balls like that, how could you have so many now?"

His casual remark startled Su Yu immediately.

Only a few people knew Su Yu had nine balls made from Golden Flames Forbidden Wood. Now, Yaksha King was also aware of it, which meant the big shot behind this was extremely powerful and influential.

After knocking Yaksha King back, Su Yu, who was still covered by that golden storm, tried to leave by moving along the water stream created by the Water Elements on his body.

"He is going to run away!" The Deity, whose body was wrapped up by thunder and lightning, shot horrible lighting with his two eyes when Su Yu started to move.

Instantly, the lightning landed on the golden storm heavily.

Along with a dull sound, those golden balls which were flying around Su Yu rapidly were scattered by the energy of the lightning.

In the next moment, those balls made from Golden Flames Forbidden Wood started to fly in all directions.

However, under the control of Su Yu, half of those balls started to fly towards Yaksha King and his teammates.

Even more amazingly, those balls made from the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood, which were accelerated by the energy of the lightning, became even more horrible.

"Oh no, we were fooled! He used your attack to accelerate those balls!" Yaksha King, who fought against Su Yu before, figured out his intention immediately because Su Yu didnt plan to run away.

"Incinerate Heaven and Boil Sea!" The Deity who was covered by black flames spat out a large area of flames from his mouth. The flames were turned into a mountainous flame giant that grabbed the incoming balls with its hands.

However, an extremely sharp object was flying towards Yaksha King rapidly at this moment.

Yaksha Kings pupils constricted abruptly when he saw a golden arrow, which was wrapped up in dazzling golden flames, was flying towards him at tremendous speed.

"Geraniums Leaf!" Without any hesitation, Yaksha King shouted as he took out defensive equipment. This equipment, which looked like a white leaf, was a copy of an Emperor-based Saint Artifact.

The white leaf multiplied into several hundred leaves that then formed a shield that was placed in front of Yaksha King.


To Yaksha Kings surprise, the shield, which was formed by several hundred leaves, was penetrated by that golden arrow instantly.

He didnt know a ball made from the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood could break the defense of an Emperor-based Saint Artifact copy, let alone an arrow made from the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood.

At this urgent moment, the Deity whose body was covered by black flames yelled in a low voice. Then, the mountainous flame giant rushed up and tried to block that arrow with its hands.


Along with another dull sound, the flame giant was also penetrated. The Deity groaned as he spat out blood bitterly.

Beside him, the Deity who was covered by thunder changed his expression abruptly and created a lightning net and tried to stop the arrow with it.

In the next moment, the lightning net was pierced by the arrow along with an explosion.

The golden arrow was still flying towards Yaksha King.

Three Deities at the level of Tribe Leader failed to slow down that golden arrow even a little bit.

Yaksha King was so terrified because he felt that death was so close to him.

However, a creepy sneer came from behind Sunday Yu at this moment, "Heh heh, do you think you can kill them when I am here?"


A Visible Arrow and an Invisible Arrow flew over rapidly and both hit the golden arrow in the void one after another.

The arrowhead of the Visible Arrow was immediately cut in half by the arrow made from the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood.

However, the Invisible Arrow exploded and created a horrible shock wave, which pushed the golden arrow away forcibly.


The golden arrow, which flew over Yaksha King at an extremely small distance, penetrated the snow mountain behind his back and disappeared in the sky.

Yaksha King, who was saved from death, felt his forehead had been covered by cold sweat.

Yaksha King, whose heart was still filled with a panic fear, made up his mind to kill Su Yu.

However, before Yaksha King took further actions, he got a bad feeling that he was locked by something more dangerous again.

He looked up and found Su Yu had taken out an ancient and broken cannon and had pointed the cannon at Yaksha King.

At this moment, Su Yu was pouring a jar of divine blood into the cannon.

The cannon was instantly activated and started to accumulate horrible energy in its bore.

Seeing this, Yaksha King shouted in great terror, "The Annihilation Cannon!"

This Annihilation Cannon was also the reason why four Deities were sent to capture a Stage Four Mortal Fairy.

This weapon could kill a Tribe Leader with one strike.

If they did their best to organize a defense, they might be able to protect themselves from the attack of this weapon.

However, Yaksha Kings defensive equipment had just been ruined. The Black Flame Immortal and the Thunderbolt Immortal, who used their defensive skills just now, were not able to use those skills again in such a short time. Even the most threatening Arrow Slave had also shot two arrows just now.

The timing of the usage of the Annihilation Cannon was perfect.

They started to remember what Su Yu did just now. First, he attracted their attention to those small balls. Then, he used that horrible golden arrow to ruin all of their defensive measures. At last, Su Yu took out the Annihilation Cannon, which was his most horrible weapon, at this perfect moment.

At the thought of this, all of them couldnt help but gasp. They didnt expect Su Yu managed to push them into a death trap by carrying out his plan in a regular sequence when he was attacked by so many powerful enemies.

They were terrified by Su Yus horrible calmness.


The Annihilation Cannon was fired at last. A strand of a purple light beam poured out from the muzzle and flew towards Yaksha King as it streaked across the sky above the vast snowfield.

"Run away!" Black Flame Immortal and Thunderbolt Immortal were shocked. They didnt want to face the attack of this Annihilation Cannon which was created by an ancient civilization.

The target of the cannon was Yaksha King. They were not able to stop the attack and they didnt want to die together with him.

The Arrow Slave, who was far away, shot out two arrows to stop the Annihilation Cannons attack.

However, the explosion of the Invisible Arrow failed to cause any influence to the purple light beam created by the Annihilation Cannon. In the next moment, the light beam continued to dash towards Yaksha King at tremendous speed.

Yaksha King, who had been covered by a cold sweat, jumped up into the sky and tried to run away. However, the purple light beam vaporized him in the sky ruthlessly.

The remaining light beam poured into the sky and disappeared into the horizon.

The horrible energy of that light beam could still be sensed at this moment.


After this attack, Su Yus Annihilation Cannon, which was not able to withstand the great vibration, was broken into small pieces.

A Tribe Leader was eliminated by this weapon in such a quick and lethal way. Su Yu was impressed by the power of this weapon.

It was a great pity that the technology of the Annihilation Cannon had been lost and he was not able to make another cannon like this again.

"Thunderbolt Immortal, Black Flame Immortal; dont preserve your strength anymore! Just use your Converged Divine Path!" The Arrow Slave shouted seriously from afar.