The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1334

Chapter 1334 Converged Divine Path

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For the two Deities, this opponent, who managed to kill Yaksha King easily, was quite troublesome. If they underestimated him, they might also end up with the same fate.

"Heaven Thunder and Earth Fire!" After having eye contact, the two Deities activated their Divine Path at the same time.

The Divine Path of thunderbolt and the Divine Path of the black flame appeared in front of Su Yu.

Between heaven and earth, two gigantic figures appeared. One was in the south and the other was in the north. In this way, they could attack Su Yu in two directions.

One figure was covered by raging thunderbolts. The other figure was wrapped in horrible black flames.

The figure which was covered by thunderbolts lifted its left hand, as many horrible thunderbolts started to rumble in the dark clouds which covered the sky.

The figure which was wrapped up by black flames waved its right hand, as horrible black flames were raging on the cracked ground in this area.

Su Yu had been surrounded by powerful thunderbolts above his head and horrible black flames under his feet.

When the thunderbolts converged with the black flames, a gust of inexplicable destruction energy was generated. A lot of pitch-dark mist appeared in this area from out of nowhere.

Su Yu reached his hand out to take back the 99 balls of Golden Flames Forbidden Wood which were scattered in this area. He then threw them out, so that they could stay close to him and protect him.

Suddenly, a ball flew into the black mist. To Su Yus surprise, this ball, which was made from the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood, was melted by the mist.

Su Yus pupils constricted a bit. He didnt expect the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood, which was extremely strong, could be easily melted.

The Divine Paths of those two Deities were quite powerful. The black mist generated by the convergence of their Divine Paths was even more horrible.

"Young man, I guess you have been surprised by the converged Divine Path of thunder and fire, right? It is extremely difficult to find two Deities whose Divine Paths could converge with each other among so many Deities. To kill you, my lord has made a lot of preparations." The Arrow Slave said with a sinister smile. He suddenly picked up the golden bow behind his back and shot two arrows.

Seeing this, Su Yu dodged his attack immediately.

The Visible Arrow exploded, but the Invisible Arrow disappeared. By hiding in the shadows, it could attack Su Yu at any time.

However, the Arrow Slave continued to shoot multiple Visible and Invisible Arrows to prevent Su Yu from running away or attacking those two Deities.

"Ill keep him busy. You two converge your Divine Path!" The Arrow Slave said as he attacked Su Yu from afar with a sarcastic smile, "It has been a while since I found interesting prey like him in some time."

To the Arrow Slave, only clever prey was one who could kill hunters were considered challenging.

Su Yu frowned as this Arrow Slave had made a lot of trouble for him. Those two Deities had almost finished the convergence of their Divine Paths. The black mist became more intense and almost filled the entire place.

Su Yu had to stay away from the black mist when he dodged those arrows.

"I have to change this situation, or I will be killed soon." Su Yu thought to himself.

Su Yu was a little bit anxious as he looked at the black mist which had covered the sky. However, then a woman formed by snow and ice appeared behind his back.

"Omnibearing Destruction!" Su Yu shouted in a low voice as that icy woman spat out a gust of chilly wind.

Everything in this area was instantly frozen by the chilly wind, including the black mist.

At this precise moment, a transparent figure appeared behind Su Yu, which was the Divine Path of concealing and disguise he learned from others.

"Hide!" Su Yu shouted in a low voice. His body became transparent and disappeared on the spot.

At the same time, Su Yus aura also disappeared because of the Rule Fragment.

Seeing this, the Arrow Slave stopped his attack and started to look around with a sarcastic smile, "Interesting, this hunting game is becoming more and more interesting. I guess his hiding skill is even better than those Tribe Leaders. He is interesting prey."

"However, if you try to fool a hunter like me with this small trick, you are too optimistic." The Arrow Slave said as he pointed his bow at the sky with a sarcastic smile, "Rain of Heaven Flowers!"

A Visible Arrow and an Invisible Arrow were shot into the sky, which exploded in the sky at the same time and became a lot of small chips.

Those chips blasted upwards and started to fall, which covered a large area on the ground. Under those thickly-dotted burning chips, nothing could hide.

Suddenly, a burning chip bounced off something, as if what it hit was something invisible.

Seeing this, the sharp-eyed Arrow Slave shot an arrow towards that spot without any hesitation.

Along with a groan, a transparent figure of Su You were knocked out from the void.

At this time, the two Deities had finished the convergence of their Divine Paths.

"All-Consuming Thunder and Fire!"

The thunderbolts in the sky and the black flames on the ground started to interact violently.

The black mist between heaven and earth was stirred up by the horrible explosion and started to surge in the area like a furious river.

Everything in its path was turned into the void. Even the balls made from the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood were vaporized.

Su Yu lowered his face because he had been trapped in this horrible black mist which was extremely dangerous.

After taking back those balls made from the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood, Su Yu decided to leave this dangerous area when the black mist was not fully mobilized.

However, when Su Yu was about to run away, an Invisible Arrow, which was hiding in the shadows, flew towards him and slowed him down. He had to slow down as he shook the arrow off carefully.

When Su Yu managed to stop that arrow with the Ice Blue Divine Armor, another two arrows appeared in front of him.

The Visible Arrow exploded before approaching Su Yu to further agitate the black mist with the shock wave created by the explosion.

Due to being a little negligent, a lump of black mist hit Su Yus chest and his chest was turned to ashes.

Seeing this, the Arrow Slave smiled satisfactorily. However, he was stunned by what he saw next.

An emerald halo, of which the diameter was about 40 meters, appeared around Su Yu. In this halo, Su Yus ruined chest was restored instantly.

Additionally, Su Yu could always revive whenever he was killed by the black mist.

"Whats this? Is it also a Divine Path?" The Arrow Slave was shocked, and said with a smile, "I dont think that could last for a long time."

After saying that, he shot two arrows immediately.

Su Yus eyes had been filled with the intent to kill. However, he had no time to attack the Arrow Slave at the moment. If he failed to run away from this area before the Domain of Life ceased to be effective, he would be killed; as even the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood had been melted, let alone his body.

Su Yu ignored the two arrows which penetrated his body and continued to fly towards the horizon rapidly.

"Go after him! I guess that domain has a time limit. Hang on and just dont let him go!" The Arrow Slave shouted to the Deities.

Hearing this, the Black Flame Immortal said with a cold smile, "Dont worry, nobody has run away from our Converged Divine Path until now. It could seriously wound a Level 5 Deity, let alone that guy."

The three Deities started to chase Su Yu in the sky, as he was doing his best to run away from the area.

Soon, 10 minutes had passed.

Su Yu had arrived at the edge of this place. The black mist was very thin in this area and no longer as threatening as before.

At the same time, Su Yus Domain of Life ceased to be effective.

After taking a slight breath, Su Yu continued to move forward.

However, the Thunderbolt Immortal and the Black Flame Immortal behind him shouted in unison, "Explode!"

Instantly, the thunderbolts in the sky and the black flames on the ground exploded at the same time. The large area was ruined by the horrible energy created by the explosion.

The horrible shock waves pushed the black mist away in all directions violently.

Now, the coverage area of the black mist was 10 times larger in this area than before.

Only Level 5 Deities were able to escape from this area now.

In front of this magnificent black mist, Su Yu was as small as an ant. Soon, he was completely devoured by the mist.

Seeing this, the Arrow Slave, the Black Flame Immortal, and the Thunderbolt Immortal let out a sigh of relief.

"Heh heh! Nobody tried to run away from the attack of the All-Consuming Thunder and Fire alive!" The Thunderbolt Immortal and the Black Flame Immortal were quite proud of their Converged Divine Path.

The Arrow Slave said regretfully, "What a pity, it has been a long time since I encountered such interesting prey like him."

When the black mist dissipated, the Arrow Slave walked to the place where Su Yu was devoured and looked around before he said, "Lets check this area. I guess his storage equipment was not ruined in the explosion. Its possible that we can find it in this area."

Hearing this, the Thunderbolt Immortal and the Black Flame Immortal also walked up to search this area.

For them, the assassination of Su Yu was not the number one task. The top priority was to take back the descendants of the World Annihilation Emperor.

"Ahh!" Just at this moment, the Black Flame Immortal screamed miserably as his head was penetrated by a golden sword that appeared abruptly.

Seeing this, the Thunderbolt Immortal yelled angrily as he bombarded this area with horrible thunderbolts.

They then heard a groan in the void. The voice was so familiar. They thought they had completely ruined Su Yus body and soul just now.

"Oh, no! He is still alive!" The Arrow Slave shouted in surprise as he stepped back immediately. As a smart assassin, he realized all of them were fooled.

Su Yu didnt die but took this opportunity to hide and wait when they let their guard down instead.

However, the next moment, the Arrow Slave shouted as he changed his expression abruptly, "Wait! We shall stay together"

"You are quite responsive." A chilly voice came into the Arrow Slaves ears at this moment.

The golden sword appeared from the void again, penetrating the Arrow Slaves heart.


The heart of the Arrow Slave was pierced and ruined by that sword.

The Arrow Slave was Su Yus ultimate target because he was far more dangerous than the Thunderbolt Immortal and the Black Flame Immortal.

Su Yu attacked the Black Flame Immortal to cause panic among them so that he could kill the Arrow Slave when they were dispersed.

If the Thunderbolt Immortal and the Black Flame Immortal were beside the Arrow Slave, Su Yus attack could be stopped by them easily.

As expected, the Thunderbolt Immortal and the Black Flame Immortal didnt have time to stop Su Yu when the heart of the Arrow Slave was penetrated by that golden sword.

It was quite weird that the Thunderbolt Immortal and the Black Flame Immortal were not annoyed by this attack. In the next moment, they bombarded the area around the Arrow Slave at the same time.

It was quite difficult for Su Yu to resist the joint-attack of these two Deities, even he had the assistance of the Ice Blue Divine Armor. He was knocked out from the void and showed up in front of them.

Blood could be seen on Su Yus lips. He was quite pale at this moment, which meant he was a little bit frail.

When the black mist exploded, Su Yu revived himself and hid in that messy place.

Just now, he was attacked by the Thunderbolt Immortal, followed by the two Deities attacking him again.

Compared to the death of the Arrow Slave, his wounds were nothing.

In the next moment, the Arrow Slave, whose heart had been ruined by Su Yu, turned around slowly, which shocked him.

The Arrow Slave said with a sinister smile, "Good good, you are the first prey who almost destroyed me."

Su Yu was stunned by what he saw. In the broken chest of the Arrow Slave, he didnt see any flesh or blood. He only saw some metallic parts?

Immediately, Su Yu activated his Soul Eyes to check the Arrow Slaves body. He was surprised when he spoke, "Your body"

Su Yu found the Arrow Slave didnt have any flesh and blood in his body. The Arrow Slave was a metallic machine. He found that the Arrow Slaves soul was in that machine.

"Heh, heh, heh! Now you know what I am, an artificial creature made by the civilization of the Ancient God Realm. I can change my body at will as long as my soul is still alive." The Arrow Slave said with a sinister smile. He picked up his golden bow and said sarcastically, "I am impressed by your wisdom. It is a pity that your life will end now."

Seeing this, the Thunderbolt Immortal and the Black Flame Immortal took a deep breath. The air in this area was stirred up and started to gather in this area.

The black mist which had dissipated just now came back in a moment.