The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1335

Chapter 1335 Reunion With Cailin

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Instantly, this area was covered by that horrible black mist again.

Su Yu had used his Domain of Life and revival skills just now and would be killed by the black mist immediately.

"This time you are doomed." The Arrow Slave said as he continued to distract Su Yu with his arrows.

Su Yu stared at his three troublesome opponents as a pair of long wings formed by black and white feathers appeared behind his back. Lastly, the wings formed a Tai Chi pattern above his head.

When the wings were spread, the heaven and earth in this world were reversed as Yin and Yang were inverted.

In the next moment, Su Yu disappeared from his spot and Arrow Slaves two arrows only penetrated his shadow.

"Those are the Yin and Yang Tai Chi Wings, the most precious equipment of the Taiqing Divine Warrior!" The Arrow Slave gasped in surprise.

The Black Flame Immortal and the Thunderbolt Immortal were also shocked, "How could the Taiqing Divine Warriors equipment appear in his hands? Even if he has this equipment, how could he activate it? Only Divine Strength could activate such a high-level Emperor-based Saint Artifact."

They were dumbfounded and didnt believe what they saw.

"What a bunch of good-for-nothings!" Just at this moment, a cold voice came in.

"Who is that?" Hearing this, the three Tribe Leaders turned around immediately.

They saw a young man in black behind them who was walking over in the wind and snow.

This young man, who did not look very strong, was standing upright. A pair of cold eyes could be seen in his angular face.

It was quite weird that a pair of dragon horns could be seen on his head.

After seeing this young man, the Arrow Slave changed his expression slightly. He felt his heart beating inexplicably fast. He got a feeling that this man, who was standing there motionlessly, was extremely dangerous.

The Black Flame Immortal and the Thunderbolt Immortal also felt suffocating pressure in front of this man.

"Who are you?" The Arrow Slave asked as he drew his golden bow subconsciously.

The young man in black replied coldly, "Pathetic ant, youd better evaluate your strength before attacking me."

Hearing this, the Arrow Slave frowned as he immediately shot two arrows towards the young man.

It was quite creepy that when the young man snorted, the pitch-dark flames shot out from his nostrils and burned the two arrows into ashes, leaving the Arrow Slave shocked.

The Thunderbolt Immortal and the Black Flame Immortal were also stunned by those pitch-black flames. They shouted at the same time, "The All-Consuming Thunder and Fire!"

Along with a dull sound, the black mist in this area exploded and devoured the young man in black.

When they saw the horrible black mist couldnt cause a scratch on the young man, they started to tremble in terror.

The young man in black said disdainfully, "Pathetic ants." After saying that, he waved his hand and the horrible black mist in this area immediately disappeared.

Seeing this, the Arrow Slave, the Black Flame Immortal, and the Thunderbolt Immortal were dumbfounded.

"I need all of you, just follow me." The young man in black said as he stepped into the void by placing his hands behind his back.

The Arrow Slave made eye contact with the two Deities, and they found terror in each others faces. After a short hesitation, they chose to follow that young man.

That man could resolve their most powerful attacks just by waving his hand, which meant he could kill all of them instantly.

When heaven and earth were reversed again, Su Yu appeared on a snow mountain.

With the help of the Yin and Yang Tai Chi Wings, Su Yu managed to travel billions of kilometers in a blink of an eye.

When he fixed his eyes on the snow-covered city below him, he saw the words of the Xueman Building.

"I am half a month ahead of the schedule." Su Yu murmured in his mind. Maybe Bai Yunfei and his friends had also just arrived.

The Prince and the rest of the royal family should have arrived here a long time ago.

When Su Yu went into the city, he saw a lot of creatures made from snow and ice which he used to see in those snow mountains before.

He also saw a lot of creatures from different races or nationalities like him in the city.

When he passed by a snow building, he sensed someones kill intent. He looked up, and exclaimed in surprise, "Cailin!"

According to the Book Deitys memory, Cailin used to appear in the Frogman Tribe. Su Yu didnt expect he could meet her here, in this place.

Cailin was sitting beside a window on the second floor of this building. When she looked at people walking on the street, she was surprised by the appearance of Su Yu. A strand of kill intent shot out from her eyes. However, the kill intent disappeared immediately. Her face was filled with complicated expressions again.

After falling into the Ancient God Realm, half a year had passed. Cailin knew she couldnt go back to the Realm of Demons, and she was no longer the Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubines maidservant. It was meaningless for her to kill Su Yu now.

"Hey, my old friend, would you mind drinking with me?" Cailin asked.

After pondering it for a while, Su Yu decided to go upstairs simply because he also tried to find the best method of leaving the Ancient God Realm from Cailin.

"I dont know how to leave here." Cailin disappointed Su Yu when he sat down. Her eyes lit up and asked in surprise, "Does this mean you want to go back?"

They were no longer sworn enemies like before. Now, they sat together and drank wine, which was unimaginable in the old days. The atmosphere between them was quite weird.

Su Yu became a bit frustrated after hearing this. It seemed he had to find a way to copy the World Annihilation Plate.

Su Yu asked back, "Dont you want to go back to the Star River?"

"Why should I go back? This lost world is over ten times more prosperous than the Star River. In the Realm of Demons, I am only a Level 6 Deity, and it would be impossible for me to reach a higher level there. But it is different here." Cailin looked at Su Yu thoughtfully. Then, she said, "I am different than you. You are ambitious and try to be a hero in the world, while I am only interested in my future."

Su Yu sighed, "Thats okay, The Star River will be ruined soon. The Realm of Demons and the two great alliances will become the tribute of the Giant of the Bitter Sea when he breaks his shackles. Im afraid you will also be killed then."

After a short hesitation, Cailin sighed. Then, she cheered up, "No, the Giant of the Bitter Sea still needs a lot of time. After a clone reincarnation which has lasted for tens of thousands of years, he managed to become a Level 1 Deity. However, he still needs an opportunity to break those shackles and become a Median Deity or the Star River Overlord in this place. Even if he could devour all creatures, it is still not enough to realize his goal."

Hearing this, Su Yus eyes lit up and asked, "What opportunity?"

"The consent of a Divine Warrior of Heaven and Earth or a Superior Deity," Cailin said.

Su Yu immediately frowned, "Is the Giant of the Bitter Sea able to find a Divine Warrior of Heaven and Earth?"

All of the nine Divine Warriors had passed away. How could he obtain consent from a Divine Warrior of Heaven and Earth? If the Giant of the Bitter Sea was not sure about this, it would be meaningless for him to wait for tens of thousands of years.

"He cant, but the Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine knows a way to get that consent," Cailin said.

Su Yu was immediately surprised, "The Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine?"

"My speculation is based on my instinct." Cailin said as she furrowed her eyebrows, "As her maidservant, I know the Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine is not an ordinary woman because she has a lot of things which dont belong to this age. They belong to the age of the Ancient God Realm."

Su Yu asked again, "You mean something which could turn ordinary demons into the creatures of the Holy Magic Hall, right?"

Cailin replied by nodding her head, "Exactly, Ive worked for her for so many years, but I cant look through her at all."

After talking to Cailin, Su Yu became more curious about the Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine. Why is this woman so mysterious? Is she able to get consent from a Divine Warrior of Heaven and Earth in the Star River when all the nine Divine Warriors have passed away so that the Giant of the Bitter Sea could become a Median Deity?

"Hey, sister Cailin, I didnt expect you would be in the mood to talk to a strange man. This is so rare."

Cailin Stood up and said as she bowed, "Young Master."

Su Yu turned around and saw a cute little girl who was about 15 or 16. This girl was looking at him and Cailin by widening her eyes curiously.

"Young Master, this is Su Yu who is an old friend of mine in the Star River," Cailin said calmly.

Hearing this, the cute little girl said with widened eyes, "Ah? Isnt he that villain who is so notorious in the Star River? Isnt Su Yu your sworn enemy who pushed you into this world? How could you sit together and talk amicably?"

The villain who is so notorious in the Star River? Su Yu looked at Cailin as he touched his nose curiously because he didnt know his reputation in the Realm of Demons could be so bad.

Cailin blushed as she stared at the little girl, replying snappily, "We are no longer enemies."

This little girl knew Su Yus identity, and it was obvious that she didnt want to chat with him. He stood up and folded his hands at them, "See you next time."

Before Cailin and the little girl had time to urge him to stay, Su Yu left quickly.

Cailin sighed, "Young Master, you mentioned his identity deliberately, right?"

The little girl, who was so cute and innocent, spoke thoughtfully, "I only tried to test this man. He is quite vigilant. When he knew his identity had been exposed, he left without hesitation. Now I believe some of your comments about this man. However, it is still quite difficult for me to believe he is a man who could play with the world in his hand as you said."

Cailin sighed, "Nobody could believe that without personal experience. Your reaction is just like my reaction in the old days. Young Master, if you could ask him to help you, this world would be yours." Cailin said as she looked at her Young Master thoughtfully.

"He can help me to rule this world? Good, if he could come back from the Ice Sealed River Bottom alive, I will believe what you said." The little girl said with a disapproving smile.

When Su Yu left the building, he sensed someone was looking at him. It was a Prince from the Imperial Sacred Faction.

"Su Yu? Why didnt you come to meet us after arriving in the city?" The Prince was surprised by Su Yus traveling speed.

Su Yu turned around to look at the building. The aura of Cailin and that little girl had disappeared. "I was delayed by something. Please take me to the meeting place."

The meeting place was a palace built of snow and ice. It was a temporary palace built by the Royal Family for the Emperor.

Inside this palace, Su Yu met the other 14 members of the team.

He was the last one to arrive at the palace.

"What? You are much faster than I expected!" Yongye Wuheng said in surprise.

Bai Yunfei and his three friends, who werent acting as they normally do, murmured in surprise. "I remember we were told that Su Yu was not able to come here. It seems like nothing happened to him. Hes also only one day later than us."

Bai Yunfei and his friends got here by taking that copied Emperor-based Saint Artifact, which was extremely fast.

Yongye Wuheng looked at Su Yu and asked carefully, "You are wounded, who attacked you?"

"I encountered some bandits on the way. I have eliminated all of them. Its okay." Su Yu changed the subject with a smile, "The Frozen River will unfreeze in half of a month. Did the preparation work go on smoothly?"

"No." Yongye Wuheng replied. The rest of the people were also quite frustrated when they heard Su Yus words.

Su Yu was surprised, "What happened?"

Bai Yunfei, who tried to make up to Su Yu, said, "Brother Su, this time the Frozen River is quite weird. We dont know what happened in those ruins, but the restrictions about the age and number of people who could enter that place disappeared."

Hearing this, Su Yu was greatly surprised because the situation had become quite serious.

Without the restrictions about the age and number of people who could go into that place, all experts could enter.

"Luckily, the news hasnt been widely spread yet. Only a few people know it. I guess the situation that a lot of experts from the empire flock here wont occur." Bai Yunfei said gloomily.

Those ruins were already extremely dangerous. Now, something more troublesome also happened.

Su Yu was reassured a bit. He couldnt help but ask thoughtfully, "Do you know the reason for this sudden change?"

The restrictions of the Ice Sealed River Bottom were set up in the age of the Ancient God Realm. If those restrictions could be removed, the World Annihilation Empire or the Empire of Darkness would have done that so that they could obtain all precious items there.

Even the Imperial Sacred Faction was not able to remove those restrictions, who else could do that?

"According to my speculation, it could be done by the Moonview Sect." Yongye Wuheng said seriously.

Su Yu frowned because he had never heard of this sect before. He also didnt read this name in any historical records.

However, the descendants of the military officers and courtiers like Bai Yunfei and Fu Hongchen lowered their faces immediately when they heard this name.