The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1337

Chapter 1337 : A Dangerous Toad

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When all team members were gathered together, they moved out and arrived at the Frozen River.

The Frozen River was amazingly formed. It was also extremely long and completely frozen.

Because of the special chilly Qi, the ice in this area was very hard. The maximum depth of excavation could be realized by a one year Level 3 Deity and was less than 400 meters.

The total depth of the Frozen River was about 100,000 meters. Therefore, nobody was able to dig to the bottom of the river, let alone find the ruins on the Frozen Rivers riverbed.

Every 100 years, the Frozen River would thaw and numerous hard pieces of ice in the river would melt for two months before the river would freeze again.

The 15 members of the team would have 60 days to explore the riverbed.

Of course, according to the current situation, it was possible that more people would also enter.

Today, 15 team members and two Level 3 Deities appeared in front of the Frozen River.

Half a day later, fiery flames suddenly poured out from the depths of this large frozen river.

The thick ice cracked immediately. The flames poured into the sky from between the cracks in the ice. The next moment, the extremely long river was entirely ignited. This majestic scene was very stunning.

As the description passed around in hearsay, the Frozen River, that had been frozen for 100 years, unfroze right this moment.

"Lets go to the river!" Yongye Wuheng shouted in a low voice as he jumped into the river first.

Bai Yunfei and his friends also jumped into the river by following Yongye Wuheng.

"Where do these flames come from? How could these flames be so horrible that the entire Frozen River was ignited?" Su Yu murmured as he stood on the riverside.

With this question lingering in his mind, Su Yu also jumped into the river and arrived at the riverbed by following his teammates.

On the riverbed, Su Yu found many ancient ruins that were sealed by the ice. It was meaningless for Su Yu and his teammates to try to explore these ruins.

Su Yu saw a gigantic, well-preserved stairway on the riverbed.

It seemed like this time-honored stairway had a history of hundreds of millions of years. It was quite dilapidated as if it would collapse at any moment.

Su Yu knew this was the entrance to the ruins.

The distance of traveling on this stairway determined the depth the explorer could go into the ruins.

If the members of the Imperial Sacred Faction decided to go to the Saint Realm, which was at the deepest area of the ruins, they should go to the top end of the stairway, where they would be teleported into the Saint Realm.

Su Yu, Bai Yunfei, and the rest of the descendants of the military officers should go to the middle area of the stairway. At this spot, they would be teleported into the Devil Realm which was located in the middle area of the ruins.

Fu Hongchen and the descendants of the courtiers only needed to walk forward on the stairway for one or two steps symbolically, and they would be teleported to the Mortal Realm which was located at the periphery of the ruins.

The five members of the Imperial Sacred Faction walked onto the stairway first. Soon, they arrived at the top end of the stairway. After standing there for a short while, they disappeared quickly from the spot.

"Brother Su, after you," Bai Yunfei said flatteringly.

"Wait!" They were quickly stopped by Fu Hongchen the next moment.

"Fu Hongchen, are you really going to make trouble right now? If you ruin the expedition plan, the members of the Imperial Sacred Faction wont let you go," Bai Yunfei said as he raised his eyebrows.

However, Fu Hongchen ignored Bai Yunfeis words. He fixed his eyes on Su Yu. "I want to challenge you again."

Su Yu turned around and glanced at Fu Hongchen. "Go ahead," he said, calmly nodding his head before he turned around to face Fu Hongchen. "You can attack me first."

"Just take care." Fu Hongchen was no longer arrogant like he was last time.


His robe was ruined by his powerful physique, and his horrible body became visible to the people nearby.

Fu Hongchen stomped his feet to dash forward before he disappeared like a phantom. Nobody here knew where he was now.

"He is so fast! I bet he is much faster than last time!" Bai Yunfei exclaimed as his pupils constricted slightly.


Instantly, the air in this area was stirred up by his fist, which created a big bang.

This horrible attack stunned Bai Yunfei, Zheng Shaoliang, and the rest of the descendants of the military officers.

"Oh, no! His attack is almost as powerful as that of a Deity! I guess his body has been strengthened again!"

They tried to rush up to help Su Yu, but it was too late. Fu Hongchens ferocious fist was only three meters away from Su Yu.

When Bai Yunfei and his friends shouted in surprise, Su Yu lifted a hand that was previously placed behind his back and reached out in front of him. He clenched his fist, which was covered by a layer of black scales. In the next moment, his fist precisely collided with Fu Hongchens fist.


A crisp noise was created that was just like the sound of bamboo being broken in the air. One of them was suffering from a fracture now.

Step! Step! Step!

As a man was rapidly stepping back, the rest of the people couldnt help but gasp at the sight.

The one who was knocked back was Fu Hongchen.

Su Yu was standing still. He hadnt moved a bit. He casually pulled his fist back which was covered by black scales.

There was a serious fracture in Fu Hongchens right arm, which covered the limb in fresh blood. At the same time, fresh blood was continuously dripping from his lips.

Bai Yunfei became speechless because he felt as if his throat had been obstructed by something. He believed Su Yu defeated Xue Qingchen with the strength of his equipment. However, Fu Hongchens attack was more powerful than that of Xue Qingchen when he was at his peak state.

Su Yu managed to block Fu Hongchens attack easily and caused serious wounds in Fu Hongchens body. This could only be realized by Deities.

"As expected, you were still hiding your strength. Good luck wasnt the reason you defeated me last time," Fu Hongchen said seriously as he wiped the blood off his lips.

When Fu Hongchen witnessed Su Yu ruin the stone door which couldnt even be ruined by Deities, he knew it was highly possible that he couldnt rival Su Yu at all.

Now, Su Yu had arrived at the Ice Sealed River Bottom, and he didnt mind showing off his strength.

"The winner takes all; you can do whatever you want to me. I admit defeat." Fu Hongchen knew he had lost and was well prepared for whatever Su Yu would do to him.

If Su Yu killed them in this place, the Imperial Sacred Faction wouldnt investigate this case as long as he could stop the divulgence of this secret.

"You can go as long as you stop making trouble for me," Su Yu said calmly as he turned around and stepped on the stairway.

Bai Yunfei made eye contact with his friends, and all of them felt sorry for missing such a good opportunity to kill those descendants of the courtiers.

Fu Hongchen was stunned by Su Yus words because he didnt expect that he would be let go.

When he remembered his arrogant actions and Su Yus indifferent reaction, Fu Hongchen smiled wryly. He believed Su Yu didnt want to waste time on him because Su Yu viewed him just like an ant.

"Please wait a minute, I have something to tell you," Fu Hongchen said after a short moment of hesitation.

Su Yu turned around and looked at Fu Hongchen.

"Xue Xiaoman, who is the eldest daughter of the Xue Lord in the North Territory, will also go into the ruins of the Ice Sealed River Bottom. Her target is the Myriad Bone Mountain," Fu Hongchen said.

"So what?" Sunday Yu asked.

"As Xue Qingchens elder sister, Xue Xiaoman loved her dearly. If she sees you there, she will go after you. Please take care, she is very powerful. It is said that she is the number one expert among the young men in the Xue Nation in the North Territory. She could fight against Yongye Wuheng for 100 rounds. She is an extremely dangerous opponent for you," Fu Hongchen explained.

"Oh," Su Yu said while nodding his head slightly. "Then Ill kill her if she tries to make trouble for me."

After saying that, Su Yu disappeared on the stairway in front of Fu Hongchen and the rest of the descendants of courtiers who were dumbfounded.

"He is so arrogant! I guess he doesnt know who Xue Xiaoman is!" Zhang Yong said angrily as his lips twitched.

Fu Hongchen was also stunned and frustrated a bit and sighed, "This is the difference between him and us."

On the same day, a lot of unidentified experts appeared on the riverside of the Frozen River. They all found the stairway and went deep into the Frozen River.

Su Yu felt the space around him rotating. He then appeared in an open place which was full of birds chirping and the fragrance of flowers.

This beautiful place cheered Su Yu up. He had stayed in this world of water for one year and was so happy to see dry land again.

"This is so amazing. These ruins have been soaking in the river for hundreds of millions of years, but it seems like nothing in these ruins has changed," Su Yu murmured in a low voice.

He found Bai Yunfei and his friends were not in this area. It seemed they had been teleported to different places.

Su Yu found he was near some dark and gruesome palaces.

After glancing at those ruins, Su Yu felt his heart miss a beat inexplicably because he sensed something extremely dangerous.

In the twinkling of an eye, Su Yu moved back without any hesitation.


When Su Yu left that position, a long tongue flew out from a gruesome palace and swept over the spot where Su Yu was standing a moment before.

The tongue was covered with a horrible corrosive liquid, which even corroded the space in this area. Huge plumes of white smoke rose in the air.

Soon, this area was filled with white smoke. Su Yu, who was several thousand meters away, still felt the sting on his skin as if he was about to be ignited.

He was shocked, and he started to check that gruesome palace by activating his Soul Eyes, and he saw a gigantic toad inside.

The toad, whose body was covered in a lethal poisonous liquid, was staring at Su Yu coldly. The demonic energy that poured out from its body was so horrible.

"It is a Demonic Beast that is as powerful as Dakini," Su Yu murmured in his mind with terror.

The Deities were classified into different levels according to the standard of the Ancient God Realm.

All Deities had to break the Shackles of Heaven and Earth. Those who had just become Deities had six Shackles of Heaven and Earth. When they broke one shackle, their strength would be enhanced up another level.

Those ordinary Deities were classified as Level 6 Deities.

The Deities at the level of Tribe Leaders were classified as Level 5 Deities.

Deities like Dakini and Alliance Master Luo were classified as Level 4 Deities.

Powerful Deities like the Sixth Princess were classified as Level 3 Deities.

Deities like the First Prince, who was more powerful, were classified as Level 2 Deities.

The Demonic God of Six Paths was the only Level 1 Deity Su Yu knew.

The toad in front of Su Yu was a Level 4 Deity who was much more powerful than those Tribe Leaders.

Su Yu, who was terrified, left this place immediately. He quickly memorized the location as he left.

"This time I was so unlucky. I didnt expect I could be teleported to a place which was in front of the mouth of a Level 4 Deity," Su Yu murmured. After locating the Myriad Bone Mountain with his mind, he jumped into the sky and left immediately.

The Myriad Bone Mountain was located in the center of the Devil Realm. This mountain hadnt been completely excavated yet, which was quite rare in this place. Therefore, it was always the target of the excavators of past dynasties.

Unfortunately, only experts who hadnt reached the level of Deity could enter the Devil Realm. Therefore, a large area in this place hadnt been excavated.

Several days later, Su Yu saw an extremely tall, barren mountain which was located on the horizon.

The setting sun formed a bloody halo behind that barren mountain, and it looked very evil and scary.

Unknown strength poured from that mountain to seal the sky in that area, which stopped all people from flying over the mountain, meaning everyone had to climb the mountain on foot.

Sensing that Bai Yunfei and his three friends had arrived at this mountain, Su Yu decided to catch up with them.

This mountain was extremely tall, and a lot of paths led to the top of the mountain. When Su Yu trod on a path, he found traces of other people who trod on this path before.

Someone had arrived at this mountain ahead of them.

As expected, some well-informed people got the news about the sudden change in the ruins of the Ice Sealed River Bottom.

Su Yu became more vigilant and found the path which was chosen by Bai Yunfei and his friends. In the next moment, he started to rapidly climb the mountain along this path.

When Su Yu set foot on this mountain, he felt horrible pressure on his body. Normally, he could rush to the top of this mountain instantly. Now, the pressure forced him to climb the mountain step by step like an ordinary person.

Through careful inspection, he sensed the pressure was slowly pouring out from inside the mountain.

"This mountain is very weird." Su Yus eyes lit up as he continued to climb the mountain along that path.

On his way, he found a lot of corpses of creatures who were killed here. It was clear that all of them died miserably.

He also found the blood of those dead creatures on his way along the path, as a lot of creatures had been seriously wounded.

Two hours later, Su Yu found a dry corpse whose blood and flesh had been drained onto the ground.

When Su Yu fixed his eyes on that corpse, he found it was the corpse of a descendant of a military officer.