The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1338

Chapter 1338 The Death Of Ghost Bat

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Su Yu believed this guy was killed about four hours ago. According to the fighting marks in this area, Su Yu figured out Bai Yunfei and his friends tried to defend themselves. However, one of them was killed instantly and Bai Yunfei and the other two people ran away.

It seemed they encountered something dangerous.

On the neck of the corpse, Su Yu found a hole that was as large as the diameter of a finger. Since his blood and flesh had been drained, Su Yu concluded that he was killed by Demonic Beasts.

Two hours later, Su Yu found another corpse on the path who was also a descendant of the military officers. Again, this guy became a dry corpse after losing his blood and flesh.

Su Yu squinted his eyes slightly as he quickened his pace.

After another two hours, Su Yu had climbed halfway up the mountain when he heard the sound of fierce fighting.

"I got company," he thought to himself.

Su Yu rushed up to check the situation. He found five people, including Bai Yunfei, Zheng Shaoliang, and two men and one woman who were wearing black robes. According to the aura of the three strangers, they should be Level 6 Deities.

The woman, who was as pale as a ghost, was quite feeble because she was suffering from a serious bleeding wound on her neck.

It turned out Deities also came to the Myriad Bone Mountain after the cancellation of those restrictions.

Like Bai Yunfei and Zheng Shaoliang, the three Deities were staring at a weird Demonic Beast they were surrounding.

At first glance, this Demonic Beast looked like a giant bird with a horrible spear-like beak which was around 10-meters long.

Golden divine blood could be seen on the edge of its beak and should be from the wounded womans neck.

The giant bird with the long beak sneered like a person as it looked at its five opponents. The ear-piercing scream that came out from its beak made it appear quite fierce and tough.

Bai Yunfei and Zheng Shaoliang were scared, back when they encountered this Demonic Beast on their way up the mountain, they immediately ran away, and two of their friends were killed by that beast. At last, they met three strange Deities when they climbed halfway up the mountain.

However, the three Deities immediately started to fight against that giant bird. Bai Yunfei and Zheng Shaoliang took this opportunity to stay alive and hide.

"Brother Bai, we should have spent more time waiting for Brother Su. Now, we are trapped here after losing two friends." Zheng Shaoliang complained.

They were teleported to a place which was very close to the Myriad Bone Mountain after arriving at the mountain after less than six hours.

They spent one day waiting for Su Yu, but he didnt show up. When they discovered that some strangers started to climb the mountain, they became more anxious. At last, they also started to climb the mountain recklessly.

However, they encountered a horrible Demonic Beast when they had just started to climb the mountain.

This Demonic Beast had appeared in the historical records three times. Its name was the Ghost Bat, it has been said that it was an underling of the Nine-headed Devil Sage who seldom appeared.

According to those historical records, those who encountered this Demonic Beast were immediately killed by it.

None of them expected that they could be so unlucky to encounter this dangerous beast when they had just started to climb the mountain.

Bai Yunfei felt remorseful. However, when he saw that seriously-wounded woman, he couldnt help but say, "I guess even Brother Su couldnt rival this ferocious Demonic Beast."

When Bai Yunfei saw the two male Deities confronting the Ghost Bat nervously, he stepped back by dragging Zheng Shaoliang and was about to run away sneakily.

However, as soon as they moved their feet, one Deity who looked like a sub-chief, shouted in a low voice, "You are not allowed to leave here! We may stay alive if all of us attack this Demonic Beast together. If we split up, we will be killed by it one after another!"

Bai Yunfei understood what the man said, however, he also knew the three Deities tried to use him and Zheng Shaoliang as bait to attract the Ghost Bats attention so that they could take the opportunity to attack it.


Suddenly, the Ghost Bat started to move, creating a gust of wind by flapping its large black wings and then disappeared on the spot.

The next moment, the Ghost Bat appeared behind one Deity in a black robe inexplicably. It reached out with its sharp claws to grasp that Deity and rapidly stabbed its spear-like beak into his neck.

"Be careful!" The leading Deity shouted to remind that Deity as he attacked the Ghost Bat. "Activate your defense now!"

The Deity who was grasped by Ghost Bat was terrified. He took out a hide that was covered in weird patterns that was almost as strong as the copied Emperor-based Saint Artifact used by Xue Qingchen.

At the same time, plumes of gray energy poured out from his body and formed a complicated rune, which stopped under the Ghost Bats large beak.


The Ghost Bats beak was so sharp that it penetrated that hide immediately, making it useless in protecting him from its beak.

The Ghost Bat continued to stab its beak towards that Deitys neck, but its beak was stopped by that gray rune for a short while before it disappeared.

However, this short period was long enough to save that Deitys life.

The leading Deity rushed up at this moment as he shouted, "Discomposure Incantation!"

He reached out his finger, causing the gray mist on his fingertip to disappear into the void and form invisible ripples that swept over the Ghost Bats body.

The greedy Ghost Bat was immediately distracted and its body started to tremble when its beak was stopped for a while.

The Deity who was grasped by the Ghost Bat took this opportunity to break away from its claws and shouted loudly. However, his shoulders had been badly mutilated.


The ferocious Ghost Bat was annoyed when it found its prey had run away and turned around to grasp the woman who had already been seriously wounded by it.

The woman was not able to rival this Demonic Beast when she was at her peak state, let alone now that she had been seriously wounded.

"Evil beast, how dare you!" The Leading Deity shouted loudly as his body was wrapped up by the raging gray mist. "Myriad Ghost Mercy Mantra!"

Instantly, the area was filled with numerous ghost cries that were extremely ear-piercing.

The Ghost Bat, who was flying, was disturbed by this upsetting noise and was slowed down as its body appeared from the void.

The woman took this opportunity to run back to her companions with difficulty from her injuries.

The Ghost Bat became more ferocious after losing its target again and turned around and started to roar at the three Deities.

The three Deities were as pale as ghosts now, except for the leading Deity, who was only a little bit feeble compared to the other two Deities who had been seriously wounded.

"Lets go! We cant rival it. We shall retreat and ask for reinforcements immediately!" The leading Deity instantly made up his mind.

The Ghost Bat figured out their intentions and flew around, starting to rush towards them again.

Seeing The Ghost Bat rush towards them, the three Deities changed their expression slightly. The Deity, who was grasped by the Ghost Bat just now, drew Zheng Shaoliang into his hand and threw him towards the Ghost Bat ruthlessly.


The sharp claws of the Ghost Bat penetrated Zheng Shaoliangs body like a piece of paper. The Ghost Bat appeared from the void as it stabbed its spear-like beak towards Zheng Shaoliang without any hesitation, buying the three Deities some time to run away from the Ghost Bat.

Bai Yunfei was shocked. Although he was very angry, he didnt dare try to save Zheng Shaoliang by attacking the Ghost Bat.

"Im afraid I have to sacrifice you later!" The Deity who used to be grasped by the Ghost Bat said as a chilly light flashing in his eyes, drawing Bai Yunfei into his hand.

Later, if the Ghost Bat caught up with them, he would throw Bai Yunfei towards it to buy them some more time.

However, it seemed the leading Deity sensed something immediately as he changed his expression and shouted, "Chongshan, take care!"

The Deity whose name was Chongshan was holding Bai Yunfei in his hand. When he heard the warning of the leading Deity, he knew something dangerous was coming towards him.

A golden shadow was flying towards him rapidly in the void.

As a Deity, Chongshan was shocked by the lethal energy in that golden shadow. He knew it was something extremely dangerous that could even kill him.


Before he had time to react, that golden shadow penetrated his hand which was holding Bai Yunfei. His hand, arm, and shoulder were completely pierced by that golden shadow.

Chongshan was knocked back by this horrible energy towards the Ghost Bat.

"Oh, no!" The leading Deity and the woman changed their expressions abruptly. They knew Chongshan would be penetrated by the Ghost Bats beak soon.


The leading Deity and the woman were shocked when they heard a dull sound. It sounded like something being penetrated.

They became dumbfounded when they turned around and looked as if they just saw a ghost.

The horrible beak of the Ghost Bat, which was around 10-meters long, was penetrated by that golden shadow before it flew into the Ghost Bats body through its beak. At last, its body was also penetrated by the golden shadow which took out a lot of golden divine blood with it.

The Ghost Bats body was ruined by the horrible energy on that golden shadow.

The Ghost Bat started to scream miserably as it started rolling on the ground and throwing Zheng Shaoliang away, ruining a lot of mountains with its giant wings, which created a lot of noise.

Gradually, the Ghost Bat stopped its struggling as it became motionless and its eyes went dim.

The three Deities in black robes were surprised by this scene. When they found the one who shot out the golden shadow after checking the corpse of the Ghost Bat, they became even more surprised.

Bai Yunfei rushed up to drag Zheng Shaoliang away from the Ghost Bat. After putting some healing pills into Zheng Shaoliangs mouth, Bai Yunfei turned around to check the one who killed the Ghost Bat. Then, Bai Yunfei and Zheng Shaoliang dropped to their knees towards their savior. "Thank you so much for saving our lives! Please accept our sincere appreciation!"

They were lifted by a gust of strength. They were surprised by hearing a voice which also dropped them into wild joy.

"Fortunately, I arrived just in time. Im glad to see both of you are okay." Suddenly, a figure who was wearing a white robe appeared in front of them like a ghost and helped Bai Yunfei and Zheng Shaoliang to stand up.

When they saw this man in the white robe, they started to cry with joy.

Bai Yunfei had a look of shame upon his face and said, "Brother Su, everything was caused by my reckless decision. We lost two members on the way. I bet the situation would have been different if we set off together with you."

"We didnt agree to climb the mountain together, dont blame yourself," Su Yu said.

Hearing this, Bai Yunfei was so touched and his heart was full of appreciation.

Zheng Shaoliangs eyes lit up as he shouted in surprise, "Brother Su, do you know how powerful you are? You killed the Ghost Bat with one arrow! From now on, I I will follow your lead and serve you forever!"

Su Yu replied with a smile, "Its just a lift of a finger. Dont mention it. Now, please step back."

He then turned to the three Deities and shouted coldly, "You are members of the Moonview Sect, right?"

Su Yu was impressed by their gray mist and strange incantations.

Hearing this, Bai Yunfei and Zheng Shaoliang knew who those Deities were. They said as they stared at them with deep hostility, "Brother Su, the energy they used just now was Wizard Strength. They are members of the Moonview Sect."

The three Deities also looked at Su Yu carefully. They thought he could be a powerful Deity. However, they put their heart at rest when they found this young man was just a Stage Four Mortal Fairy.

Maybe he killed the Ghost Bat with a powerful weapon.

The Deity whose arm was ruined by Su Yu said as he stared at Su Yu coldly, "Young man, you ruined my arm just now. Do you want to say something about that?"

"Say something about that?" Su Yu replied with a cold smile, "You should be thankful. Just now, the Ghost Bat was my primary target. I only planned to teach you a lesson by ruining your arm. If you want to die, I can fulfill your wish now."

Hearing this, that Deity couldnt help but sneer. "It seems you dont know how horrible the Moonview Sect is. Maybe you can wound me by attacking me sneakily, but do you think I can let you go easily when you are standing in front of me?"