The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1339

Chapter 1339 Divine Path Of The Wizard Tribe

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"Heh, heh!" Su Yu said nothing but smiled coldly and chuckled.

Su Yu didnt want to kill these Deities because Bai Yunfei and Zheng Shaoliang were not so important to him.

However, it seemed those Deities hadnt drawn enough lessons from that arrow.

The intent to kill started to flash in Su Yus eyes.

"Kill intent? You overestimated yourself." The Deity whose arm was ruined by Su Yus arrow shook his body. Suddenly, his arm which had been ruined was restored immediately.

"Chongshan, wait a moment." The leading Deity stopped Chongshan calmly.

The leading Deity turned to Su Yu and started to look at him carefully. After that, the leading Deity said majestically, "Young human, Ill offer you an opportunity to serve us."

"An opportunity? What is it?" Su Yu smiled as he stood there calmly. He could kill these Level 6 Deities easily, but they still tried to force him to serve them unblushingly.

The leading Deity didnt like Su Yus reaction and scolded him arrogantly as he placed his hands behind his back, "You shall show your due respect to those who can kill you at any time."

Then, he continued to speak, "We will spare your life if you go with us with that precious item."

"What if I say no?" Su Yu asked with a faint smile.

The leading Deity replied indifferently, "We will take charge of that precious item. Maybe we cant control the precious items of aliens like you with our Wizard Strength, but it is quite easy for us to find another alien like you to control this item."

"Just tell me what benefits I can get from serving you." Su Yu continued to say calmly.

The leading Deity laughed after hearing that, "Young human, do you need me to introduce the benefit of serving a Deity? We can provide you with instructions in your training so that you can reach the level of the Prospective Deity at an earlier date. This is a great opportunity that is unimaginable for ordinary people in their lifetime. It is right in front of you, how could you be so ungrateful?"

"Hah, hah, hah Are you sure this is a great opportunity? I believe youd just try to use me as cannon fodder. Your companion made a perfect demonstration of what you are going to do to me." Su Yu said with a laugh.

The leading Deity said calmly, "Thats the way we treat wastes. However, the Moonview Sect cherishes talents like you very much."

"So, what do you say? Are you going to serve us?" The leading Deity asked slowly.

Chongshan was not happy with the plan of the leading Deity, and complained, "This is so troublesome, couldnt we just kill him?"

"Heh, heh" Su Yu said with a smile, "I know a way that I can get a lot of benefits from you without serving you."

The leading Deity said as he furrowed his eyebrows, "What is it?"

"Ill kill all of you." Su Yu said casually.

Hearing this, the leading Deity and Chongshan lowered their faces immediately.

Chongshan said ferociously, "I told you! Without a lesson written in blood, this arrogant guy will never behave himself!"

Chongshan dashed towards Su Yu like a strand of light.

The leading Deity snorted and didnt stop Chongshan this time, "Dont ruin his soul. If that precious item has to be activated by a technique, we will need his soul, so that we can force him to tell us that technique."

"Okay," Chongshan replied with a sinister smile. Then, he appeared in front of Su Yu as he said, "Young man, you have to pay for what you did to my arm."


In the next moment, a gigantic black shadow appeared in front of him and the sound of a dragons roar went into Chongshans ears, causing him to feel his entire body being tortured by great pain.

Along with a dull sound, Chongshan screamed miserably. His body was broken into countless small parts, leaving only his soul.

An enormous dragon claw reached out and grasped his soul firmly.

Everything happened in such a short time, Chongshan even didnt know what happened.

When he looked up, he found he was very close to a ferocious and horrible dragon head.

"Ah!" Chongshans soul only had time to scream in terror before being crushed by that horrible dragon claw.

The leading Deity and the woman were immediately left dumbfounded by this scene before them.

They saw Su Yu had turned himself into a pitch-black dragon that instantly crushed Chongshan within its claws.

A Deity like himself was so feeble in front of that dragon.

"How could he be the World Annihilation Dragon?" The leading Deity and the woman couldnt help but gasp because they didnt believe the black dragon in front of them was the World Annihilation Dragon.

After restoring his human form, Su Yu wiped off the divine blood on his hand as he said calmly before turning towards the last two Deities, "I can not only ruin your arm easily, but I can also crush your body casually."

Seeing this, the two Deities, who were terrified, didnt dare to move one bit as cold sweat dripped down from their foreheads.

"Now, do you still want that precious item?" Su Yu asked with a cold smile.

The two Deities turned pale and their eyes were full of terror.

The leading Deitys pupils constricted abruptly before he spoke in a thrilling voice, "This this was Chongshans idea! He threw your friends to the Ghost Bat arbitrarily! I have nothing to do with his actions!"

"But you didnt stop him from doing that." Su Yus smile became colder as more and more kill intent appeared in his eyes.

The leading Deity spoke as he folded his hands at Su Yu and clenched his teeth, "Please forgive us for our rude behavior just now. If you let us go, I wont report this issue to the Moonview Sect."

Su Yu squinted his eyes and asked, "Are you threatening me?"

"It is just an exchange of interests! I bet you know how horrible the Moonview Sect is! Frankly speaking, the Moonview Sect has sent a lot of powerful experts into this place. If they know what happened here, Im afraid it will be extremely difficult for you to leave here alive" Before he could finish his words, Su Yu immediately became the black dragon again and rushed up towards him.

The leading Deity shouted in surprise, "How dare you"


The black dragon penetrated the body of the leading Deity, covering the area with his divine blood.

This time, even the soul of the leading Deity was ruined together with his body.

Su Yu then restored back to his human form as he said coldly, "I told you I dont like being threatened like that."

After speaking, Su Yu turned around and stared at the woman coldly.

She was terrified, and she asked for mercy by dropping on her knees, "My lord, mercy! I dont want to die! Please spare my life!"

"Spare your life?" After pondering it for a short while, Su Yu said coldly, "I can spare your life."

"Thank you, my lord! I will do whatever you ask me to do from now on!" The woman said hurriedly.

"Answer my questions. First, why are you here?" Su Yu said.

After a short hesitation, the woman said, "The three of us were sent to the Myriad Bone Mountain to obtain the corpses of those dead Deities."

"How many people have been sent to this place? Are they very powerful?"

"Besides the three of us, there are another 10 Deities who are as powerful as us. Only the Grand Wizard is a Level 5 Deity!" The woman replied.

A Grand Wizard? A Level 5 Deity was as powerful as a Tribe Leader.

Su Yu frowned slightly. It seems the Moonview Sect is full of experts. They could send a Deity at the level of Tribe Leader to the Myriad Bone Mountain.

"Then who was sent to the Saint Realm?" Su Yu asked.

After a long hesitation, the woman answered, "Our young Saint Lady was sent there."

The Saint Lady of the Moonview Sect was also sent to this place! Yongye Wuheng said he used to fight against her but said he was not able to rival her and was almost killed by this young lady.

Yongye Wuheng was at least a Deity at the level of Tribe Leader.

It seemed this young Saint Lady was extremely powerful. She should at least be a Level 4 Deity.

"Okay, last question." Su Yu said.

Hearing this, the womans eyes lit up, "What do you want to know?"

"Can you teach me the Divine Path of your Wizard Tribe?" Su Yu asked calmly.