The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Phoenix of Death
Chapter 134: Phoenix of Death
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Su Yu had spread his Icy Divine Wings the entire journey back to the yard of the Second Elder, moving near the speed of light.

When he descended into the yard, there were no signs of Xianer! The unease in his heart grew stronger.


He flew into the room only to see Xianer still laying on the bed asleep. Her petite body was curled into a ball like a little cat.

Su Yu let out a long sigh of relief. It was great that there was nothing unusual going on.

Walking forward, Su Yu reached out to caress Xianer's face.

But just as his fingers were about to make contact with Xianer, a raspy voice scowled behind him. "Stop! Don't touch her!"

It was the Second Elder. She hurriedly rushed over and glanced at Xianer. Her white, ancient eyes showed a little worry, her expression turning serious.

Su Yu's finger's halted.

He looked back, unable to comprehend the Second Elder's words. The feeling of unease welled up within him again.

What could make her, an elder within the faction, so worried?

"Second Elder, what did Cao Xuan mean?" Su Yu's heart felt as though it had been gripped by an invisible hand, shrinking it into a ball.

The Second Elder walked forward, staring at the sleeping Xianer before sighing. "My suspicions were right"

After speaking, she waved her sleeve. A snow-like substance scattered from within her sleeve, forming a thin veil and enveloping Xianer.

Under the substance, Xianer's body was suddenly surrounded by a thin layer of black fog in the shape of a phoenix!

The Second Elder looked at Su Yu with a little pity, gently sighing. "The phoenix of black fog, also known as the Phoenix of Death. It is hardly visible to the naked eye, and will only appear under certain circumstances."

"The Phoenix of Death?" The unease in Su Yu grew.

"The Phoenix of Death only applies to people who have the Bloodline of the Phoenix. Having the Bloodline of the Phoenix does not guarantee that a person could use the power of their bloodline to aid in their cultivation, for the bloodline remains dormant for thirty percent of people.

"The dormant bloodline poses no harm to a person, yet there are no benefits either. But there are a few that possess the dormant Bloodline of the Phoenix whose bloodline will wither as they grew, turning into a bloodline of death. This strain of the Bloodline of the Phoenix is called the Phoenix of Death! This is the case for Xianer."

Phoenix of Death? Su Yu suddenly thought about the incidents from that morning, when he saw the Seal of the Nine Phoenix on Xianer's back faintly shrouded by a black fog. He did not pay it much attention back then; to think that that was a sign of a Phoenix of Death!

Su Yu grew nervous. "How does the Phoenix of Death affect the body?"

"Affect the body? There's no impact." The Second Elder shook her head, but her tone suddenly changed. "It does not have any impact on the body as, once the bloodline completely withers and the Phoenix of Death fully descends, the person would immediately die.

"These events have happened multiple times in the faction. It was also introduced many times in ancient books. Once the Phoenix of Death descends, the wielder of the bloodline dies. No one will be able to do anything about it," the Second Elder gravely said.

Su Yu choked, his eyes fell into a daze. "Immediately die how can it be? Then why would Cao Xuan have the confidence to promise that he can save Xianer?"

A shred of pity flashed in the eyes of the Second Elder. "That is because Cao Xuan has a unique Constitution of the Fiery Sun. If he were to engage in copulation with Xianer, he would be able to use his Constitution of the Fiery Sun to infuse Xianer's Bloodline of the Phoenix with Fiery Sun energy. This way, he could slowly awaken the bloodline and ensure the survival of the bloodline, solving the crisis of the Phoenix of Death entirely.

"Thus, you only have two choices. First, you watch Xianer die! Second, you send her to Cao Xuan and she might be saved."

The Second Elder could not help but grieve for Su Yu Him and Xianer had clearly gone through multiple tribulations until Su Yu was able to rescue her. But his eventual fate was to give his woman back to the hands of Cao Xuan!

Furthermore, if it was really as Cao Xuan had said, he might not save Qin Xianer unless Su Yu begged him.

It was all up to Su Yu. Was he going to keep Xianer for himself and push her to her death, or think for her and bear with the resulting agony?

No matter the option, the situation was too cruel for Su Yu. Su Yu shuddered, why did it turn out this way?

Xianer would either die or be violated by Cao Xuan.It was like a ball of fire burned in his chest; Su Yu was resentful!

"Is there no other way to continue the Bloodline of the Nine Phoenixes without the Fiery Sun energy?" Su Yu could not believe it.

The Second Elder sighed as she gently shook her head. "Other than that, there's no other way"

Suddenly, she stopped midsentence. The Second Elder seemed to have recalled something, but her eyes turned dull again. "It is not to say that there's no other way, but the chance of it happening is extremely small."

Su Yu was like a drowning man who suddenly spotted a life-saving device, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

He even neglected the difference in status and grabbed the Second Elder by her hand, lightly shaking her. "What's the other way? Say it! Say it quickly! I can definitely achieve it!"

The Second Elder did not expect such a reaction, she was shocked by Su Yu's insane gestures. Staring into the glow within Su Yu's eyes, the Second Elder's heart was moved. Did Su Yu's love for Xianer run so deep?

"The method is simple, find the Blood of the Phoenix!" The Second Elder described the method, "The reason the Phoenix of Death will descend is due to the withering of the Bloodline of the Phoenix. If we were to find the Blood of the Phoenix and inject it within her body, the withering Bloodline of the Phoenix would not only completely recover, but also completely awaken much stronger than before. This method is superior to fusing the bloodline with the Constitution of the Fiery Sun. In comparison, the Constitution of the Fiery Sun is but a small stream, while the Blood of the Phoenix is a raging river!"

Blood of the Phoenix?

"Where? Where can I find it?" Su Yu had found hope in a hopeless situation.

The Second Elder sighed. "The Phoenix is a heavenly spirit. There is no guarantee that you will spot it even once in a century. Where are you going to find the Blood of the Phoenix?

"I have read many ancient scrolls from the faction. The last time the Blood of the Phoenix was found was three hundred years ago, by a powerful warrior who had entered the Dragon Realm in our faction. He cultivated it into a Phoenix Blood Elixir," the Second Elder said.

Su Yu's heart felt like it had been splashed by icy water, but he refused to give up. "Where is that senior of the Dragon Realm? Has the elixir been consumed?"

The Second Elder looked at Su Yu in pity. "He has gone missing! Back then, he was one of the four core disciples of the faction, but he went missing when he was training in the Ancient Xianyun Temple."

"Where is the Ancient Xianyun Temple? I'll search for him immediately!" Su Yu was incredibly anxious.

"You can't reach it," the Second Elder sighed as she shook her head, "The Ancient Xianyun Temple is an ancient divine palace that floats in the sky. It has no fixed position, only appearing in the vicinity of the Liuxian Faction once every five years. According to calculations, it will only descend here three months from now."

Three months? "Based on Xianer's condition, how long can she last?" Su Yu asked.

The Second Elder observed Qin Xianer before affirmatively saying, "Half a year!"

"Half a year! Half a year is enough! Since the Ancient Xianyun Temple will descend in our faction, why won't I be able to reach it?" Su Yu questioned.

"Because only twenty people may enter it, based on the rankings of the disciples of the faction. Based on your abilities now, do you think you can enter the top twenty of the faction?" The Second Elder returned a question.

These words were like icy water, causing Su Yu's limbs to turn cold.

His cultivation level was at Second Level Peak, while his overall abilities were at Third Level Peak. But, among the disciples of the faction, he might not even be in the top hundred, much less the top twenty!

At his level of ability, he simply could not enter the Ancient Xianyun Temple!

"Furthermore, even if you managed to enter the top twenty, you would also have no right to enter," the Second Elder sighed as she elaborated further.

Su Yu's heart sank. He let out a low sigh. "Why is that?"

"The people who enter must have a certain degree of loyalty to the faction. I could help you explain your breaking of the faction's rules, but you have only entered the faction for a short time and haven't made any contributions to the faction, so your loyalty could be questioned. The Ancient Xianyun Temple is a place with many valuable resources. People who practice there make insane improvements! The faction would not give the chance to enter the temple to people who are untrustworthy."

Her reasoning was sound. If a person with impure thoughts managed to secure a spot in the top twenty, it could be a huge disaster if they ended up betraying the faction.

This had happened in the Liuxian faction before. Unless you were a senior disciple of the faction or have made considerable contributions to the faction, you would not be given the right to enter.

"How can I prove my loyalty? By giving my entire arsenal of Legacy level techniques to the faction?" For Xianer, Su Yu would not hesitate to share everything he had learned!

But the Second Elder gently shook her head. "I'm afraid that, even if you give your entire body to the faction, you cannot prove your loyalty in such a short amount of time."

Even with Su Yu's stubbornness, he felt a deep despair.

Attaining a spot among the top twenty students would be incredibly difficult. Then, he would have to prove his loyaltywhich seemed impossible! In fact, even if he managed to achieve both of those things and enter the Ancient Xianyun Temple and somehow manage to find the core disciple who had gone missing three hundred years ago, who could guarantee that the Phoenix Blood Elixir that could save Xianer's life would not already have been consumed?

But his despair only lasted for a moment.

Su Yu did not believe in destiny, nor was he willing to bow down to fate!

He had been through despair in the past; the situation before him was no harder than whatever he had experienced in the past!

As long as there was a shred of hope, Su Yu would not give up!

"Second Elder, please tell me, when does the fight for the rankings start? Also, how could I gain the acknowledgment of the faction in the shortest time possible?" Su Yu bowed in respect!

The ugly face of the Second Elder underwent a slight change. Did the cruel truth not have any effect on his determination?

The Second Elder wanted to find the Phoenix Blood Elixir for Su Yu.

Unfortunately, there was a limit to the cultivation level of people who could enter the Ancient Xianyu temple. She could not enter.

"Three months from now, the faction will organize a Xianyun Contest. Those placed in the top twenty will earn the right to enter the temple.

"But the application ends this month. Your cultivation level must be at least Fourth Level Holy King! You are merely Second Level Peak Holy King, you're far from meeting the criteria. If I could, I would advise you to give up"

But she did not expect the level of Su Yu's resolve. "There's no need! In this month, I will definitely break through to Fourth Level Holy King!"

Su Yu had to apply to enter the Xianyun Contest! He had to break into Fourth Level Holy King in a month!

"Alright" The Second Elder exhaled. She had difficulty adapting to Su Yu's determination. "As for how to obtain the acknowledgment of the faction, the only thing you could try is to undertake difficult missions put out by the faction. By undertaking important missions for the faction you might earn their trust. Though, the chances are slim; you might lose your life even before the faction acknowledges you."

"Even so, I have to try!" Su Yu clenched his teeth, not willing to concede defeat!

How could he send Xianer to be violated by Cao Xuan?!

Xianer was a person he had sworn to protect!

"Alright! Work hard. Breakthrough to Fourth Level Holy King in a month to obtain your right to participate, and fight to be acknowledged by the faction. But I cannot help you" The Second Elder could not finish her sentence, coughing violently as a mouthful of dark blood sprayed out from her mouth.

"Teacher!" Mo Wu, who was guarding outside, hurriedly entered to support the Second Elder.

Her cold eyes stared ferociously at Su Yu, harboring a deep grievance. She suspected he had harmed her teacher!

"No matter" The Second Elder calmly wiped away the blood at the corner of her lips, hugging the sleeping Xianer and directing her words to Su Yu. "I have to tend to my injuries and will retreat for three months. Thus, I cannot help you. As for Qin Xianer, I will bring her into my secret chamber, as I would be able to tend to her in time should she have any sudden complications."

"Thank you, Second Elder! I, Su Yu, will definitely repay you a hundred times for this favor in the future!" Su Yu took a deep bow, thanking her sincerely! The Second Elder had helped him a lot!

Gently waving her hands, the Second Elder left with Xianer. Before she left, she nagged Su Yu one last time, "Take care of yourself"