The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1340

Chapter 1340 Within Easy Reach

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Before the female deity could answer, a seam opened up between her brows, and her soul was devoured.

All the memories about the wizard tribe that were contained in her soul were now intercepted by Su Yu.

In comparison to the vast memory that the Book Deity had, the female deitys memories could be recorded on a single memorial tablet.

With the activation of Time Acceleration, it only took Su Yu a short while to internalize all of her memories.

"The Wizard Ancestor, the sorcery energy, and sorcery. Interesting," Su Yu mumbled under his breath. Reaching out from across the air, he collected all of the divine blood that was spilled on the ground.

When a part of it was absorbed into his body, he made a move of thought and muttered something in some abstruse language, and a strange, grey-black mist was formed on the surface of his body. It was sorcery energy!

"The Spell of Incubus!" Su Yu called out softly, and an intangible wave of undulation floated out from his mouth.

When the wave passed, Bai Yunfei and Zheng Shaoliang fell into a deep sleep without any warning.

They were late-stage Prospective Deities, yet under the influence of the sorcery, they were completely defenseless.

"Wake!" Su Yu said gently. Only then did Bai Yunfei and Zheng Shaoliang open their eyes in puzzlement.

When they realized that they had entered the dreamland, they could not help but be terrified. If this happened in the process of a fight, just how horrendous would it be?

"Brother Su, you have learned sorcery," Bai Yunfei said in disbelief. Legends told that the sorcery energy of the Moonwatch Sect was derived from the belief in the Wizard Ancestor, and could never be learned by outsiders, but Su Yu

How would they know that Su Yu possessed the magical ability to imitate all bloodline powers?

Once he had obtained the divine blood of this deity, he could use it as a medium, so it wasnt difficult to trigger the energy in the bloodline.

"Some tactics," Su Yu replied casually. He thought for a moment, and said, "I was transported to a strange spot of debris, and encountered a toad which was a Level Four deity. Have you any idea what it was?"

Even just recalling the scenes of what had come to pass, Su Yu could still feel the danger.

"A toad" Bai Yunfei scowled and began pondering. All of a sudden, he seemed to have recalled something, and his face changed. "Are you talking about the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad of the Dark Debris?"

Upon hearing that, Zheng Shaoliang stared unblinkingly at Su Yu, as if he saw an apparition. "You you saw the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad, and still you returned alive?"

"Oh? Is the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad that dangerous?" Su Yu put on a surprised look.

Zheng Shaoliang shuddered. "Its not just dangerous, its notorious for its ferocity! Since the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad became known for the first time in history, its deadly powers have been legendary."

"It will never give up on any prey which it has set its eyes upon. In one instance in the past, in order to capture its prey, the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad chased after it all the way from the Dark Debris to the Myriad Bone Mountain."

"It even jolted the Nine-headed Sacred Monster awake. They got into a fight, and it got hold of the prey eventually!"

"It is hard to imagine that the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad actually let you go. This must be the first time ever in recorded history!"

Upon hearing that, Su Yu mused. When the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad came after him that time, he was alerted so he could flee in advance, and the Toad didnt seem to have any intention to come after him.

Was he not the target of the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad?

Keeping his face impassive, Su Yu decided not to mention it. He then cast a look at the corpse of the Ghost Bat on the ground. "Have you any clue what this thing is?"

Bai Yunfei looked at the carcass of the Ghost Bat, and still felt almost overwhelmed with fear.

He said, "This thing is called the Ghost Bat. It is said that this bat is the messenger of the Nine-headed Sacred Monster, and always follows by that monsters side."

"When the Monster sleeps, the Bat will protect it, and it hardly ever comes out. Somehow, we have still run into it. It is very uncanny."

Was that so? Su Yu gazed at the summit of the Myriad Bone Mountain, which soared up through the clouds, and mused for a long while.

He then said, "You have heard the interrogation of the witch just now. The extent of danger involved in this expedition will exceed what we could expect. It is no longer just simple training, and I cannot guarantee that youll be safe and sound throughout the journey."

Upon hearing that, Bai Yunfei and Zheng Shaoliang turned solemn at once. First, it was the eerie appearance of the Ghost Bat, and then the Moonwatch Sect. Furthermore, it was said that many great sorcerers who were as powerful as tribe kings awaited on top of the Myriad Bone Mountain.

Realistically, based upon their capabilities, they stood almost no chance of survival if they insisted on climbing the mountain.

Su Yu was waiting for them to make a choice.

After a moment of musing, Bai Yunfei said, clenching his fists, "Brother Su, you have saved us twice, and we are beyond grateful for that."

"It wont be convenient for us to keep encumbering you, so Shaoliang and I will quit here. Anyways, if you cant get hold of the blueprint, we have no hope at all of succeeding."

As he spoke, Bai Yunfei presented a map to Su Yu. "This is the location where Grand Tutor Yuwen has hidden the blueprint. A hundred years ago, Grand Tutor Yuwens people had built a small-scale transmission port at this place."

"Throughout the past hundred years, anything which he found the need to hide would be sent through this transmission port and transported to the vicinity of this location."

"If you find the transmission port, you can find the blueprint as well."

Su Yu accepted it and nodded. "Be careful on your way downhill."

Once he finished speaking, he spread the map and took a glance. After ascertaining the location of the transmission port, he continued his way up the mountain.

An hour later, Su Yu had almost arrived at the summit of the Myriad Bone Mountain.

The place was riddled with jagged, craggy mountain rocks, and was precariously steep. It was full of endless perils, and one would plummet right off the mountain cliff by missing a single step.

In the vicinity of the Myriad Bone Mountain, where flight could not take place, even a deity would shatter into smithereens if he fell from such a height.

Su Yu leaped from cliff to cliff and hurried up the mountain, and soon arrived at a spot full of strange-looking rocks and stones.

According to the map, this was where the formation was located.

However, Su Yu did not venture in recklessly, but took a detour and leaped onto a spot that was higher than the location indicated on the map. With a birds eye view, he took a glance at the region where the formation was, and his face quickly fell.

The formation was built inside a valley within the recesses of the mountain, but it wasnt the only thing in the valley!

On the suspended cliff wall of the valley, many Ghost Bats hung upside-down!

All of them were in deep sleep, and they moved their wings from time to time, emitting blood-curdling, peculiar cries.

Inside the valley, countless white, sun-bleached bones were scattered, packed close to one another. These were the skeletal remains of the young elite warriors who had perished in the Myriad Bone Mountain throughout all these years.

At a rough count, Su Yu estimated that there were about a thousand Ghost Bats.

He had lost some of his confidence at the sight of them.

At the first sign of movement, all of them would be jolted awake and then they would attack him at once. At the face of such onslaught, even a Level Four deity would perish, body and soul.

"Things are starting to seem more and more complicated!" A profound, bright gleam was flickering in Su Yus pupils.

According to Bai Yunfei and the others, the Ghost Bats stood guard by the sides of the Nine-headed Sacred Monsters all year round. However, right now all of these Ghost Bats had emerged, which was extremely creepy.

"Luckily it is I who came here. If those were Bai Yunfei and the others, thee blueprints could never possibly be extracted," Su Yu thought inwardly.

With a move of thought, Su Yu began maneuvering his Divine Path, and with the help of the Power of Law, he went invisible surreptitiously.

Gingerly, he climbed down step by step along the cliff of the valley.

Every single step that Su Yu took was extremely cautious. He was trying to avoid making the slightest noise and alarming those Ghost Bats.

The valley did not seem deep, but it took Su Yu half an hour to make his way to the bottom successfully, with the use of all his four limbs. Along the way, there were a number of times when he nearly touched the sleeping Ghost Bats.


Su Yu heaved a silent sigh of relief, his eyes intent on the box located ten thousand feet away.

The blueprint of the World Annihilation Plate replica was just inside the box!

With a fluttering heart, Su Yu advanced relentlessly towards the box with nimble, brisk steps.

Ten thousand feet!

Eight thousand feet!

Six thousand feet!

Four thousand feet!

It was right before his eyes now, within easy reach!

With quickened breath and heightened concentration, Su Yu opened up a Buddha Pearl to accommodate the entire box.

However, right when he was fast approaching his target, a strange noise sounded from above the valley all of a sudden.