The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1341

Chapter 1341 The Sacred Guardian Artifact

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Several waves of overweening, powerful forces reverberated through the air above the valley.

Su Yu was taken aback. Raising his head for a look, he saw several translucent snow giants standing majestically at the summit of the mountain, forming a full circle around the valley.

Those snow giants were all puppets of a deity level, with a similar appearance to the deity-level puppets which Bai Yunfei gifted to Su Yu.

The snow giants bellowed furiously and leaped down from above the valley. Along the way, they assaulted the sleeping Ghost Bats suspended from the cliff.


A spine-chilling, shrill sound went off. The first Ghost Bat had been jolted awake!

Shortly after, the second, the third, and then the fourth

Then, all of a sudden, the silent valley was filled with the never-ending, high-pitched ruckus made by the countless Ghost Bats.

Pitch-black silhouettes fluttered their wings, giving off an air of ferocity.

In an instant, the skies were filled with black flying shadows, flickering across the air above the valley.

The group of giant puppets was torn into shreds by the black shadows before they could put up any fight at all.

However, the Ghost Bats that were awakened had erupted in insane rage and were not pacified with the destruction of the puppets. With strident cries, they dashed out of the valley and began their search around the area.

Su Yu held his breath and stood motionless on his spot. Even when a couple of Ghost Bats flitted right next to his shoulder, Su Yu held back the urge to dodge.

He knew that at that moment, the slightest movement he made would be sensed by the Ghost Bats. And if it happened, thousands of Ghost Bats would charge down from above, and there was nowhere he could hide.

When all the Ghost Bats finally left, Su Yu felt icy chills creeping down his spine. It had been a breathtakingly dangerous experience!

Without any further hesitation, Su Yu took a step forward, and with a grasp from across the distance, the box was sucked into the Buddha Pearl.

However, right at that moment, a soft voice sounded out of nowhere near the formation. "Whos there?"

What? Su Yu gasped in shock. Was there someone else in the valley?

His eyes flickered and turned into a bleak shade of white. The pair of eyes then saw everything in the world right through.

Under the inspection of the Eye of Soul, Su Yu discovered in surprise that on the other side of the formation, there was a person invisible like himself, hiding in the area.

It was a young lady in a white dress. Her facial features were delicate and graceful, and her body was willowy and bewitching. She was a true beauty.

Her crystal-like eyes were filled with fierceness as she spoke while coldly glancing in Su Yus direction.

With a turn of his head, Su Yu slowly retreated without making a sound. He had gotten the box, and there was no need to get into a fight with this mysterious woman.

"Humph! I went to great lengths to draw those Ghost Bats away with the aid of the puppets, and youre taking away what is mine?" It turned out that she had also come for the blueprints of weaponry of the ancient civilizations amassed by the empire over the years.

"Heavens Net of Frozen Rain!" Ferocious energy swirled in the beautiful ladys eyes. With a move of her hand, shocking iciness was abruptly unleashed from within her sleeves.

It transformed into countless ice needles in the air, covering the greater half of the bottom of the valley, and rained down in dense torrents.

Flight was impossible in this area, and his speed was greatly impeded as well, so Su Yu couldnt get away in time. He raised his arm, revealing the pitch-black dragon scales on it.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The cold sleet hit his arm, creating a string of sparks.

"Right here!" The white-dressed ladys eyes shone brightly. She opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of freezing air, which transformed into several chains made of ice that swiftly crashed towards Su Yu.

"A deity as powerful as the tribe kings?" Su Yus heart skipped a beat, and the figure of the Goddess of Ice emerged behind him. He growled, "Omni-bearing Destruction!"

A wave of ice patterns froze the space in front of him, greatly slowing down the speed of the assaulting chains coming at him.

Grasping the opportunity, Su Yu leaped onto the cliff wall with vigorous strides and took off, hurrying to leave.

He had noticed some Ghost Bats rapidly returning, as the commotion had drawn their attention.

The white-dressed lady was stunned. "Omni-bearing Destruction? This is the Divine Path of the royalties of my Xue Nation in the Northern Region, only ever inherited by the members of the royal house. Who are you?"

All of a sudden, the white-dressed lady had reached a conclusion, and enmity began stirring in her beautiful eyes. "It is you! Su Yu! You killed my younger brother Xue Qingchen!"

There was only one person in the world who could be adept in the imperial Divine Path of the Xue Nations royal house but wasnt a member of the royalty. It was Su Yu!

Seeing that his identity was exposed, Su Yu did not try to hide any further. Placidly, he said, "It was Princess Yongye who killed him. If you harbor any resentment, you could go ahead and look for her."

"Hahaha!" The white-dressed lady, who was Xue Xiaoman, the elder sister of Xue Qingchen, burst out in mad laughter. "I will get even with Yongye Chuxue, but you were the main culprit!"

Su Yu shook his head helplessly. Why were these people always placing the blame on anyone else but themselves?

It was Xue Qingchen who behaved belligerently first, and it was also Xue Qingchen who tried to kill him. Did she expect Su Yu to behave like a sheep and let Xue Qingchen kill him without putting up any fight?

"Ignorant!" Su Yu said with nonchalance. He didnt want to waste his time on this woman. Swiftly, he leaped above the valley.

"You killed my brother and snatched the blueprints from me, and now youre trying to leave?" Xue Xiaoman sneered ominously. A white ribbon of frost hovered beneath her feet, and as it twirled, it lifted Xue Xiaoman off her feet into the air, and she levitated above the ground.

No wonder she could hide in the valley stealthily like Su Yu did, without anyone noticing. It turned out she had such an exceptional skill that could resist the power of the Myriad Bone Mountain and enabled her to take flight.

A few breaths later, Xue Xiaoman caught up with Su Yu and pointed at him in a supercilious manner. "Die!"

With a flick of her wrists, a violet-gold circlet fell from each of her fair arms. It was as if thunder from the heavens crashed towards Su Yu with a loud boom.

Su Yus eyes turned somber, and golden tornadoes emerged on the surface of his body, each generated from the rotation of a golden round pearl.

The two violet-gold rings crashed forward, colliding with the golden tornadoes.

With an intense, deafening sound of an explosion, the powerful golden tornadoes were broken apart by the force of the two gold rings.

The ninety-nine round pearls made of the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood shot in all directions, slaughtering a handful of Ghost Bats along the way!

Su Yus face changed at the sight of it. What a powerful treasure!

In the instant when the violet-gold rings were falling towards him, Su Yu opened his arms and with a wave, a puppet the size of a palm grew before him, expanding to a thousand feet in size and placing itself in front of Su Yu to shield him.


With several ear-piercing sounds produced from the friction, the deity-level puppet was crushed the second it got into contact with the violet-gold rings.

Su Yu took the chance to draw out a long golden bow and released three arrows consecutively.

Two arrows shot towards the violet-gold rings, and one was aimed at Xue Xiaoman!

Ding! Ding!

After a moment of resistance, the violet-gold rings knocked the long Golden Flames Forbidden Wood arrows off their trajectory, and the last one lost its own direction as well, flying out of the valley.

Pow! Pow!

Along the way, the Ghost Bats they encountered were pulverized into a mess of flesh and blood by the violet gold rings!

Xue Xiaoman erupted in a murderous aura. "Great! There really is someone instructing you to do all of this, someone so powerful that you could even resist the guardian Emperor-based Saint Artifact of my Northern Xue Nation, the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang!"

"If I dont flay you and cut your veins, and torture you until you tell me who the master behind the scenes is, I will be ashamed to face the spirit of my dead Qingchen!"

"Yin Yang Fusion!"

With a low growl, the two violet-gold rings fused into one, transforming into a ring with the shape of a supreme pole.

In that instant, Su Yu sensed immense danger approaching.

The power of the ring was even more horrifying than the Combined Strike Technique of the Thunderbolt Immortal and the Black Flame Immortal!