The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1343

Chapter 1343 Taking Possession Of All The Treasures

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All of a sudden, terrifying icy winds came striking without any warning!

The ten wizards who were collecting the skeletal remains of deities out there were caught unawares and swept off their feet, crashing in all directions into the stone walls of the mountain belly.

A good load of the skeletons was sent flying off as well, scattering all over the place.

Two unfortunate wizards were pierced by the bones through their vital organs and died.

Seven other wizards were injured in the sudden onslaught as well.

All suffered the effects except for the Grand Wizard, who was shrouded in a dim grey mist, isolated from the skeletal remains that came striking at him.

After a brief moment of shock, the Grand Wizards eyes turned sharp, and a fierce air swirled as he gazed at the surroundings.

He raised his gaze suddenly, staring at the stone wall.

He caught sight of a lady in white who was climbing up the stone wall in an attempt to flee amidst the chaos of the flying skeletons.

"Curse of a Thousand Weights!" The Grand Wizard growled, and intangible waves came swirling out from his mouth.

Xue Xiaoman felt her body grow unbearably heavy. With a soft whimper, she fell from the stone wall.

Even so, after rolling on the ground several times, she stood right back up nimbly, unscathed. Then she brandished the Divine Feather of Frost without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Another surge of horrendous, eerie freezing winds came charging!

However, before it could pass, the Grand Wizard bellowed with a fierce look, "Wind-calming Spell!"

Xue Xiaomans face fell when she realized that though the waves of the spell passed, the freezing winds vanished without a trace!

Sorcery had always been creepy, so Xue Xiaoman wasnt surprised. Glancing around at the scattered remains of deities everywhere, she found that the concentrated divinity had weakened marginally.

She displayed the white ribbon of frost immediately, and it hovered beneath her feet, quickly levitating into the air. It was about to tear through the sky and take flight.

The Grand Wizard laughed coldly. "Sky-forbidding Spell!"

In the midst of flying, Xue Xiaoman lost her momentum and plummeted from the sky.

She faltered. Xue Xiaoman was enraged. "Moonwatch Sect! What do you want? If you really want a fight, dont blame me for being cruel!"

The Grand Wizard sneered, "Outsider, why dont you show me just how cruel you can be?"

After he said that, the Grand Wizard opened his mouth and bellowed, "Deity-immobilizing Spell!"

At the same time, the seven wizards who survived also called out as one, "Deity-immobilizing Spell!"

Eight abstruse waves came sweeping across Xue Xiaoman.

In a flash, Xue Xiaoman felt her soul being frozen in place, and the color slowly drained from her eyes.

Seizing the opportunity, the Grand Wizard yelled again, "Deity-killing Spell!"

An extremely frigid wave carrying a deadly precarious scent swept towards Xue Xiaoman.

At the critical juncture, a bright Buddha brilliance radiated from between Xue Xiaomans brows, emitting the Buddha mantra that made ones thoughts tremble.

Not only did it dissolve the Deity-immobilizing Spell cast on Xue Xiaoman, but the wave patterns of the Deity-killing Spell were also canceled by the Buddha mantra.

Xue Xiaoman awakened in an instant, and a murderous desire flickered intensely in her eyes. "Well! Since you want to die, Ill do you the favor!"


Xue Xiaoman presented a delicate object as large as the palm of her hand. It was an exquisite peacock.

The tail of the peacock was spread ostentatiously, radiating off a resplendent shine. There was the glittering pattern of a ring on each and every feather.

When it was tossed into the air, the little peacock floated, all of the ring patterns on its feathers aimed straight at the Grand Wizard.

The Grand Wizard who was sneering a moment ago became fearful and gasped in shock. "Is this the great civil weapon the the Peacocks Plume?"

The other wizards recoiled in dread as well.

They all remembered well that during their first great war with outsiders, although they were initially on the winning ground, they suffered a major defeat after the outsiders presented a large number of civil weapons!

Honestly speaking, they sustained a one-sided massacre.

Upon activation, these weapons would not be affected by sorcery at all.

Moreover, the Wizards defense was far weaker than that of the outsiders, who practiced divine techniques. Thus, in the face of civil weapons, they were quite vulnerable.

During that war, even the Level-Two Silver Wizard was slaughtered upon the continual attacks of the civil weapons.

What killed him was none other than something called the Peacocks Plume!

Xue Xiaoman was extremely reluctant to use it. Her Peacocks Plume was one of the last remaining ones in the god realm nowadays. Besides, it had sustained severe damage, so it was no longer as powerful as it used to be, just enough to kill a deity of the level of tribe kings.

Initially, she had planned to use it as her life-saving talisman only when she encountered Yongye Wuheng, but she was forced to use it now.

With intense, blazing rage, Xue Xiaoman uttered a merciless word: "Kill!"

In an instant, a stupendous divine brilliance was emitted from the rings, aiming right at the Grand Wizard.

She figured that after eliminating him, the remaining wizards wouldnt be a problem.

The divine brilliance came striking. The Grand Wizard was terrified and broke out in cold sweat. Without losing another moment, he began casting spells. "Transposition Spell!"

All of a sudden, the Grand Wizard disappeared from his spot and was replaced by another wizard in the proximity.

Before the other wizard could react, a beam of divine brilliance pierced through him. He perished, body and soul.

After one failure, the divine brilliance did not relent. A second beam was unleashed, aimed firmly at the Grand Wizard.

The Grand Wizards face changed dramatically as he performed the Transposition Spell once again.

Another wizard was drawn over and reduced to ashes and dust in the blink of an eye.

The other wizards finally went into a frenzy, distancing themselves from the Grand Wizard while pleading him, "Please spare my life, Grand Wizard, please let me live, Grand Wizard!"

However, the Grand Wizard only cared about saving his own life. Why would he pay them a second thought?

One by one, the wizards were slaughtered!

When only the Grand Wizard was left, he had nowhere else to hide, so he gritted his teeth and retrieved a wooden sculpture.

It was a sculpture of a being with three heads and six arms, with a solemn, formidable manner, giving off a boundless domineering aura.

"Epiphany of the Wizard Ancestor!" When the light came at him, the Grand Wizard yelled. The wooden sculpture went ablaze immediately, turning into dim grey mist.

The mist dissipated imperceptibly, and at once, there was an abstruse undulation sweeping across the surroundings.

It swept across the Peacocks Plume, and the divine energy of it was cut off for a moment. Without the maintenance of divine energy, the Peacocks Plume stopped operating right away!

The Grand Wizard finally got a chance to catch his breath. Without a second thought, he began maneuvering his sorcery energy. "Spell of Flying Birds!"

The dim grey sorcery energy condensed into wings behind him and, uninfluenced by the divine energy, it dashed to the edge of the sky and vanished in the blink of an eye.

Xue Xiaoman grasped from across the air, and the Peacocks Plume returned to her.

Having shot a look at the Peacocks Plume, the divine brilliance of which had dimmed, her pretty face was furious. "I had wasted so much energy, but still I couldnt hold them all back!"

She did not find killing nine deity-level wizards in the fraction of a second remarkable at all.

Shortly after, with a flick of her fair wrist, the storage rings of the nine wizards were drawn to her.

After a round of inspection, the look on her face eased a little. "However, luckily, the skeletal remains of the deities did not fail me. I can return and report on my mission!"

Despite her delight, Xue Xiaoman would not forget about another important matter.

Turning around coldly, Xue Xiaoman cast her pretty eyes on Su Yu, who was standing on his spot without budging. Sneering, she asked, "I have let you down by not allowing the Moonwatch Sect to kill me, havent I?"

Su Yu was unexpectedly calm. He shook his head and said, "No, if you were killed by the Moonwatch Sect, I would be in trouble too. Judging from their way of doing things, they didnt seem like they would let go of an outsider like me."

"Haha, you know that! Doesnt matter if I win or lose, you still cant escape death!" Xue Xiaoman laughed, and then her face turned cold immediately, murderous desire flaring up in her eyes.

"If so, you should go to hell and keep my younger brother company!"

Concentrating, Xue Xiaoman presented the Divine Feather of Frost and was about to activate it.

However, right at that moment, an uncanny phenomenon took place!

The Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang flew out from Xue Xiaomans sleeves and buzzed in the air, looking as though they were struggling.

Xue Xiaoman gasped in shock. "What is happening? Has the artifact lost control?"


The struggling Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang finally stopped buzzing. With a swift move, they wound around Xue Xiaoman.

Xue Xiaoman was caught unawares. How was she supposed to have guarded against her own weapon?

And just like that, she was restrained.

As the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang tightened, Xue Xiaomans arms trembled, and the Divine Feather of Frost between the two fingers of her right hand fell.

When it fluttered into midair, a hand caught it haphazardly.

Xue Xiaoman lifted her gaze to look at Su Yus face, which was so placid that it seemed eerie. In an instant, she made sense of things. Shocked and furious, she growled, "Its you you tampered with the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang?"

Su Yu pretended not to hear while examining the Divine Feather of Frost intently. He muttered, "Great treasure, what a great treasure! This must be an Emperor-based Saint Artifact too. Getting two of these in a single day, just how fortunate am I?"

Xue Xiaoman gritted her teeth. "Let go of me!"

Only then did Su Yu take a proper look at her. Smiling gently, he said, "Princess Xue, you must be kidding me. Shall I let go of you and have you hunt me down afterward?"

Su Yus smile broadened as he glanced at the Violet Gold Rings that held her securely.

Having fallen into the deep chasm, of course, he had been dead.

However, with Revival and the Domain of Life, Su Yu had come back to life.

As for the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang, naturally, Su Yu had removed the royal blood of the Northern Xue Nation within them by using the Milky Way Star Sand and instilled the rings with his own blood.

Before Xue Xiaoman even caught up with him, the owner of the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang had already changed.

Besides, due to the presence of the Grave of All Deities, which disrupted the scent Su Yu left behind, Xue Xiaoman was kept in the dark, and thus she didnt realize he had tempered with her artifact.

Su Yu had been waiting for an opportunity, and without a doubt, now was his chance.

"You!" Xue Xiaoman was so furious that her whole body was shaking. Her eyes blinked rapidly and she said in a low voice, "You dont look like a person who wouldnt dare to hurt me due to fear of my identity!"

That was certain. If Su Yu had feared the Northern Xue Nation, would he have killed Xue Qingchen?

"But we could strike a deal!" Xue Xiaoman looked at the Divine Feather of Frost in Su Yus hand, her heart aching.

"I could teach you the method of using this item, and in exchange, you let me go and return the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang to me. Otherwise, you wont be getting anything at all!"

Su Yu caressed his chin and looked her up and down with a calculating glance. Xue Xiaoman felt chills running down her spine. A thought occurred to her, and her face became slightly flushed.

With resentment, she said, "Dont think of touching me! I have a fianc, and hes someone whom you cant afford to offend. Not even the Northern Xue Nation would dare to disrespect him!"

However, Su Yu wasnt bothered at all. He said, "I dont see the need to strike a deal with you. I have my own way of maneuvering the Divine Feather of Frost! Besides, Im sure you have many more splendid treasures on you than these!"

As he spoke, Su Yu reached out and drew Xue Xiaoman to him.

She struggled to resist, but could not fight the restraint of the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang.

After giving her a look, Su Yu extended a palm and reached down the neckline of her dress.

Xue Xiaomans face reddened and she screamed, "Stop it!"

Su Yu kept rummaging, and his hand found its way down along the barrier of her undergarment. He only drew his hand out when he grasped a pendant.

Xue Xiaoman was furious and ashamed. However, when she noticed the Peacocks Plume Su Yu had fished out, her face changed dramatically. "Stop! You cant take that!"

Su Yu flashed a smile at her. "Why cant I? Youre going to be dead soon, anyway."