The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1344

Chapter 1344 Fog In The Saint Realm

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As he spoke, an icy light glinted in Su Yus eyes, and he pointed at her head with a finger.

However, a Buddha brilliance shone from between her brows all of a sudden, protecting her all around, and Su Yu bounced back forcefully.

"The Buddha light again?" Su Yu gazed at the spot between her brows. If he counted this time, he had seen the power of this light thrice in total.

Not only could it defend against an assault on the soul, it even seemed that it was capable of defending against physical onslaught.

With a move of his thoughts, Su Yu maneuvered the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang to tighten.

However, the Buddha light was exceptionally tenacious. It remained completely unwavering, which was far more remarkable than the defense of the Ice Blue Divine Armor!

Xue Xiaoman sneered, "The Buddha Majestic Pearl is a gift from my fiance. Unless I am attacked by a Level 3 deity, there is no way you can harm me!"

Su Yu attempted a few other methods, even using the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood arrow, but the Buddha light remained completely unaffected.

Su Yu frowned and gave up trying.

Firstly, he wanted to focus on avoiding the Grand Wizard who could return at any moment, and second, he had accomplished his mission, and it was best to leave as soon as he could.

"Even if I cant kill you, I can still despoil all your possessions," Su Yu said. Suppressing his murderous intention, he reached through the Buddha light with complete ease.

The Buddha light was only responsive to danger and hostility. If one harbored no intentions of killing, they would not be affected.

"What are you trying to do?" Xue Xiaoman questioned, shocked.

Starting from her neck, Su Yu searched around various parts of her body, and wherever he found hidden spaces and storage rings, Su Yu fished all of them out, leaving nothing behind.

Xue Xiaoman was submitted to a full-body search. She was furious and ashamed, yet she couldnt budge and had no choice but to let Su Yu do as he pleased.

Finally, when Su Yu took all the items away, she was left boiling in resentment. She fixed her deadly stare on Su Yu, her teeth clenched in anger.

"Su Yu, unless you can confine me forever, I will hunt you down no matter where you go, even at the ends of the world!" Xue Xiaoman blurted out in hatred.

Su Yu looked at her placidly and said with a musing expression, "You just reminded me that I have to confine you for a period of time. Otherwise, if you catch up with me, it will be annoying."

As he spoke, Su Yu reached out with his hand and tore her clothes down, not sparing even her undergarment.

An impeccable body with snowy, supple skin was displayed right in front of him, naked as on the day of Xue Xiaomans birth. With her exquisite gorgeous looks, she could easily heat a mans blood.

"You have a good physique," Su Yu shot a glance at her full bosom while drawing out the white ribbon smilingly.

Upon being instilled with divine energy, the white ribbon hovered beneath Su Yus feet, carrying him and soaring above the cliff and up to the top of the mountain.

Only then did Su Yu summon the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang back with a mental effort.

Xue Xiaomans face was flushed red and tears of embarrassment were welling up in her pretty eyes. Once liberated, she stepped along the stone walls of the cliff, yelling in boundless rage. "Su Yu! I, I want you"

Before she could finish, Su Yu cut her off. "Sorry, Im not interested! If youre feeling desperate, please find someone else. I have zero interest in naked women who fling themselves at me."

When he finished, a great number of mountain rocks fell from above, and the inner space of the mountains hollow center crumbled.

Xue Xiaoman cried out in a piteous voice as she was knocked back to the bottom of the abyss by a few rocks.

Having taken back the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang, Su Yu flashed a generous smile and swiftly descended from the mountain with his feet on the white ribbon.

Ten days later, from a pit inside the crumbled belly of the mountain, a woman gleaming in divine brilliance crawled out with great difficulty. The snowy white splendor of her body showed underneath a layer of fine black dust.

"Su Yu!" Xue Xiaoman growled through her gritted teeth in scarcely suppressed rage.

Never in her life had she encountered such massive resistance, stinging humiliation, and immense disgrace!

The blueprint that had been within her reach was taken. Someone else had it now.

The Grave of All Deities that she had nearly grasped had also been despoiled.

The famous weapon, the Emperor-based Saint Artifact of the Northern Xue Nation had been lost.

The life-saving treasure, the Peacocks Plume that she had cherished dearly had been taken away from her.

Her virgin body, which she had preserved diligently for many years, had been molested.

And as if all this wasnt enough, she was stripped naked and left alone inside the mountain!

As she thought of that, Xue Xiaoman felt a strong urge to kill someone.

"I will never let you get away with this! I swear!" Xue Xiaoman was outraged.

At that moment, the obnoxious, vicious thief whom Xue Xiaoman hated so much was taking an inventory of his gains in a hidden spot of ruins.

He had mastered advanced sorcery.

He had gotten the blueprint which he yearned for.

He had plundered all the treasures that Xue Xiaoman carried.

He had even gotten his hands on the Grave of All Deities!

It was not an appropriate time to look at the blueprints now, but Su Yu spent ten days and ten nights to complete sorting out Xue Xiaomans treasures.

The Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang had been thoroughly refined, and no longer showed signs of defying Su Yus will.

Su Yu had acquired the method of activating the Divine Feather of Frost by searching through Xue Qingchens soul memory.

In addition, Su Yu had remolded the Peacocks Plume for his own use.

The only challenge was processing the Grave of All Deities. The skeletal remains were too numerous, and the legacies left behind were all jumbled up in a disorderly way.

Su Yu spent ten full days on deciphering the legacies of a mere hundred deities and obtained their Divine Paths.

The remaining majority would take a long time to complete.

With a shift of his thoughts, the silhouettes of a hundred deities emerged behind Su Yus back. They were numerous and packed close to one another, occupying a great corner of the sky.

Ones jaw would drop at the sight of them.

Inhaling deeply, Su Yu left the ruins.

Now that his goal had been accomplished, it was time to leave the Frozen River Bottom and devote himself to the intent study of the blueprint of the World Annihilation Plate replica.

To leave the region, he had to head for the central area where all the realms were located. There was a staircase from which, if he stood on top of it, he could be transported back to the River Bottom.

Having ascertained the direction, Su Yu took flight.

Five days later, at the center of the Devil Realm

From several million miles away, Su Yu had stopped in his tracks. He was very cautious not to advance any further before observing with his Transparent Eye from afar.

From across the mountains and rivers, Su Yu found something unusual indeed.

Many deities with unknown identities were hiding near the stairs.

A scent very similar to that of the Grand Wizard emanated from them. It turned out that all of them belonged to the Moonwatch Sect!

There were around twelve of them, closely guarding the vicinity of the stairs, not allowing the smallest ant to pass unnoticed.

Apart from the eight ordinary Level Six wizards among them, the rest were all Level Five Grand Wizards!

Even more to Su Yus stupefaction, one of the four Grand Wizards turned out to be the same Grand Wizard from the Myriad Bone Mountain.

Su Yu felt a sense of dread. He did not think that the people of the Moonwatch Sect would be guarding the exit of the Devil Realm to catch him. They were cleverer than he had expected.

All of a sudden, the Grand Wizard whom Su Yu had met opened his eyes and shot a look in Su Yus direction with great vigilance.

Su Yu withdrew his Transparent Eye immediately. He quickly turned invisible and concealed his own scent.

A few breaths later, three Grand Wizards hurried over.

"Wu Tong, are you certain that you have sensed someones presence here?" A Grand Wizard with a pockmarked face glanced at the surroundings with doubt.

Another Grand Wizard also shot him a doubtful look, as he had not sensed the presence of any living creatures.

Wu Tong was the Grand Wizard whom Su Yu had met. He looked mutinous. "Impossible! I have sensed the scrutiny of a soul around here!"

The two Grand Wizards had scornful smiles on their faces. "What a coincidence! You sensed it, but the rest of us sensed nothing at all?"

"Or are you only trying to mislead us because you have messed up your task, and now you want to avoid being berated by the Saint?"

Wu Tong scowled and said, "I admit that I have slipped up, and I will not try to avoid the punishment that I deserve. There is no need for me to do so."

The two Grand Wizards scoffed and returned to guarding the stairs.

Wu Tong cast a deep gaze into the distance and turned around back to the stairs as well.

The Grand Wizard who had remained on the stairs had the mark of a golden flame between his brows, and the three Grand Wizards were apparently fearful when they faced him.

"We have to complete the mission consigned to us by the Saint this time. We need to capture the Princes and Princesses of the Empire of Darkness alive so we can trade them for territory," the Grand Wizard in the lead stated.

Wu Tong said, "Apart from the stairs of the Saint Realm, the stairs of the Devil Realm and the Mortal Realm are now controlled by the Moonwatch Sect."

"Unless our opponent is a Level Four deity, he stands no chance of escape. You can put your mind at complete ease on that score, Lord Wu Wan."

As he spoke, Wu Tongs pupils constricted suddenly as he caught sight of a colossal eye suspended in the heavens. It was bleak white, staring down at them coldly.

"Theres an enemy watching us!" Wu Tong cried out in shock and pointed towards the heavens.

The three Grand Wizards looked in the direction which he had indicated but found nothing.

Wu Tong was stunned. "It disappeared!"

The other two Grand Wizards scoffed and said, "He really has gone mad!"

Wu Wan, who was in the lead, cast a thoughtful look at Wu Tong and continued discussing their strategy.

Once again, Wu Tong caught sight of an eye hanging in the sky. He opened his mouth in an attempt to say something.

Wu Wan and the two other Grand Wizards noticed his peculiar behavior. They followed his gaze, but still, they saw nothing unusual.

"Wu Tong, are you done fooling around?" The two Grand Wizards were evidently displeased.

Wu Tong exclaimed, aggrieved, "I really did see it!"

Wu Wan wasnt pleased. "Enough! Stop talking nonsense! Wu Tong, this is my last warning to you!"

Wu Tong opened his mouth again but said nothing. He was starting to doubt himself already. He could be having delusions, as his injury hadnt quite healed yet.

At that moment, an eye emerged in the skies again.

This time, Wu Tong had chosen to ignore it judiciously, thinking to himself, "Delusion, this is only a delusion, it cannot bother me."

From millions of miles away, Su Yu heard all of their conversations.

When they were done talking, Su Yu withdrew his Souls Eye with a deep frown on his face. "Both exits of the Mortal Realm and the Devil Realm have been occupied? This is troublesome!"

If there had been just one Grand Wizard, Su Yu could try breaking past with the many weapons that he had gotten. However, there were four of them in total, and the one named Wu Wan was a leader with even more powerful capabilities than the rest.

If Su Yu tried to break through, it would be extremely risky.

After a moment of contemplation, Su Yu fixed his gaze on the deepest part of the Saint Realm.

That was a place where only deities could set foot, and also the only spot where the exit hadnt been sealed.

He strode forward. Su Yu had decided to venture into the Saint Realm.

After a full fortnight, Su Yu succeeded in traversing past the Devil Realm and arrived at the border between the Devil Realm and the Saint Realm.

The Saint Realm was shrouded in dense fog, and the eerie shrieks and howls of ghosts reverberated through the place, sending chills down peoples spines.

Su Yu stepped into the Saint Realm and felt a sense of discomfort striking at once. It was as though he was being watched, and nothing he did could shake off that feeling.

He tried to walk a few steps further, but the feeling of being watched lingered on.

All of a sudden, black liquid spluttered from the depths of the dense fog, aiming right at Su Yus face.

Su Yu dodged to the side, easily dodging the black liquid.

The liquid splashed on the ground, and the earth began sizzling right away, effusing whiffs of poisonous gas that was extremely intense and corrosive.

Su Yu felt a searing pain even just by standing nearby and had to step away from the area.

With a flick of his sleeve, Su Yu cleared the fog in front of him. It turned out that a rotten female creature was what had released the black liquid!