The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1345

Chapter 1345 Yongye Wuming

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From the smooth texture of the bare remains, one could conclude it belonged to a deity-level powerful individual before their demise.

Somehow, however, the divine creature who had been dead for countless ages hadnt decayed thoroughly and was even able to walk amidst the fog.

She had white murky eyes and looked totally devoid of life, except for the mass of fog swirling between her brows.

The black liquid had been projected from her mouth.

"Errr" Having missed her target, an uncanny syllable escaped from the throat of the rotting corpse, and she opened her mouth again to spit another mouthful of pitch-black poisonous gas.

Su Yu snorted coldly. While dodging, he retrieved several pearls made of the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood and threw them one after another.

The pearls penetrated the rotting corpse, but the dead woman did not collapse. Instead, she carried on spitting black mist in Su Yus direction.

Su Yus eyes flickered. The arrow broke free from his grip. It was a sharp deadly arrow of the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood, which severed the neck of the corpse with complete ease.

As the animate corpse crumpled down, a black shadow the size of a thumb spurted out from her neck. The moment it touched the earth, it made its way underground immediately.

"Humph!" Su Yu stomped his feet and the ground shattered apart. The impulse generated from the force shook the black shadow up from beneath the ground.

He fixed his gaze on it and found that it was, in fact, a black worm.

It had the looks of a human but the body of a centipede, which was extremely creepy and peculiar.

A pair of eyes filled with deep hatred were fixed on Su Yu, and an unintelligible scream escaped the creatures mouth: "Kill all of you kill all of you"

Su Yus eyes gleamed with iciness, and he impaled the worm with an arrow, killing it. An awful lot of the black liquid that he encountered a while ago spluttered out from its abdomen.

"This worm manipulated the corpse?" Su Yu wondered. The Saint Realm was very uncanny indeed.

Right at that moment, a shrill shriek of wind pierced right through the fog, aiming straight at Su Yu.

Su Yu thought it was a corpse like the one before, so he dodged aside in a flash.

However, the stringent howl of wind took a speedy turn and sprinted after Su Yu.

Su Yu was taken aback, and the long arrow in his grip was hurled forward without any hesitation. The assaulting object fell apart, and the arrow shot towards the origin of the wind.


Unexpectedly, a sound of collision between two objects made of metal reverberated through the air.

It wasnt a rotting corpse!

"Whos there?" The other person obviously sensed that something wasnt right, and thus bellowed in fright.

Su Yus eyes grew solemn. He parted the fog in front of him, revealing an empty area ten thousand feet in perimeter.

All of a sudden, a disheveled, wretched figure appeared before his eyes.

"Youre a subordinate of General Shangguan?" The person found Su Yu familiar-looking. He pondered for a second before remembering Su Yus name.

Su Yu withdrew the long arrow and stared at the man, who was covered in blood and festering wounds. With a frown, he queried, "Youre a Prince of the Empire, arent you? You were transported to the Saint Realm, werent you? Why are you at the border of the Saint Realm?"

This man was one of the five Princes sent by the Imperial Sacred Faction.

Upon hearing that, the prince was overjoyed. "What? Im at the border of the Saint Realm! It means I am safe! Get out of my way now!"

With a face full of surprise, the Prince sprinted out of the Saint Realm and into the Devil Realm.

"I have escaped for real!" The Prince seemed extremely relieved, as if he had survived a catastrophe.

After ascertaining that he was safe, the Prince turned back and looked at Su Yu.

He raised the long whip in his hand. "Youre called Su something, right? From now on, you listen to my commands! Now, escort me to the exit of the Devil Realm. I want to get out of here!"

Su Yu stared at him with indifferent eyes, and without saying a word, he turned around and ventured into the depths of the Saint Realm.

"Insolent man! How dare you defy my command?" The Prince said with displeasure. "Dont think youre so powerful just because you defeated Xue Qingchen. In the face of deities like us, youre no stronger than an ant!"

As a member of the imperial family, it was not a secret to him that Su Yu had defeated Xue Qingchen.

Su Yu turned around to look at him and replied with nonchalance, "Its not that I wont listen, I just dont want to risk my life."

"The exits of the Mortal Realm and the Devil Realm have been occupied by people of the Moonwatch Sect, and each entrance is guarded by at least four Level Five Wizards! Prince, if you wish to die, Im not keeping you company."

"What? The Moonwatch Sect is here too?" The Prince gasped in shock.

He did not seem to doubt Su Yus words, as he had encountered members of the Moonwatch Sect in the Saint Realm.

The look on his face changed several times as he sorted through his thoughts quickly. "The Frozen River Bottom only remains open for two months each time."

"Once the cold wave hits two months hence, the River Bottom will be sealed once again. If we arent able to leave in time, we would be trapped here for a century!"

"If the Mortal Realm and the Devil Realm are occupied and impassable, does it mean we could only return to the center of the Saint Realm?" The Prince muttered to himself.

Upon mentioning the Saint Realm, his face fell, as though he had experienced something extremely terrifying there.

However, he gritted his teeth and made up his mind. He growled, "Su something, wait for me!"

As he spoke, he leaped into the fog and quickly caught up with Su Yu. He looked him up and down and let out a weird laugh. "Since you could fend off my attack, it indicates that youre fairly powerful."

"Follow me, and you might stand a chance of survival. Otherwise, you wont be able to last long in the Saint Realm, which is teeming with creatures that have lost their way at every turn."

Creatures that had lost their way was he referring to those rotting corpses?

Compared to the Prince, Su Yu did not have much knowledge about the Saint Realm.

After some contemplation, Su Yu nodded lightly. "You should lead the way then, Prince."

The Prince chuckled. "You are just as arrogant as usual. No wonder you had such disregard for Xue Qingchen. You are impolite even to me!"

"But whatever, I am a generous person, and I will not fuss about it. As long as you obey my instructions, of course," the Prince shrugged.

"I am Yongye Wuming, and although Im not as great as Yongye Wuheng among the young Princes, do not belittle me. Ordinary deities can never compare to the deities of the imperial family."

Su Yu replied without emotion, "Alright, I know it now."

Yongye Wuming sucked in a sharp breath. "The look on your face gives me a strong urge to punch you!"

Shooting a displeased glare at Su Yu, Yongye Wuming said, "We are heading for the center of the Saint Realm now, and before that, I want to give you a reminder."

Su Yu looked at him expectantly.

"Conceal your scent, especially your energy waves! The lost creatures are most sensitive to the movement of power; they can sense it even from a million miles away."

Was that so? Su Yu thought of the first lost creature that he encountered. He was on high alert at that time and defensive power was surging on the surface of his body, which drew the lost creature to him.

"If that is it, well get out safe and sound. The Saint Realm should be a piece of cake to us," Su Yu said thoughtfully.

Yongye Wuming chortled. "How could it be as easy as you think? The Saint Realm has dangers lurking everywhere, and the lost creatures arent the only ones hiding in the fog."

"There are also deity-level ferocious beasts that are extremely horrendous. If you run into them, how could you avoid them without using your power?"

Su Yu blinked. "Cant we just kill them quickly and take off right away?"

Yongye Wuming choked on his breath, the green veins on his forehead bulging. "Who are you kidding? If I had such capability, would I still be running from the Saint Realm?"

"Its not that dangerous," Su Yu mumbled under his breath.

Yongye Wuming rolled his eyes when he heard that. "Not even Yongye Wuheng dares to boast like that. You really are conceited and haughty!"

"Alright, stop bragging and come with me. We have emitted waves of energy just now, so the lost creatures will be here anytime soon."

The two of them disappeared into the fog, and a handful of lost creatures emerged right there just as Yongye Wuming had expected!

Nonetheless, what he had not expected was that the lost creatures werent the only ones that turned up.

There were also four magnificent figures!

The leading one was a youth in black clothing, who gave off an air that would make one shiver. His eyes were vicious and icy cold, making him seem very dangerous.

However, even though they picked up such a palpable scent, the lost creatures did not pounce forward. They even recoiled in terror and went hiding in the thick fog.

Behind the youth were three figures which Su Yu would definitely recognize if he were there. They were none other than the Arrow Slave, the Black Flame Immortal, and the Thunderbolt Immortal.

The frightening young mans identity was obvious.

"The creatures of the Ancient God Realm of Nine Dragons are fond of fancy things as always. They even designed an ancient relic with such complexity. No wonder Master destroyed it so easily."

The three beings behind him exchanged glances of puzzlement. What was the Ancient God Realm of Nine Dragons? And what fancy things was he talking about?

"Lets go! Weve almost caught up with that brat," the youth smiled coldly.

A fortnight later

The long-lasting period of the relic was nearing its end, and whiffs of tenuous cold air gradually filled it.

Having traveled for a fortnight, Su Yu and Yongye Wuming finally arrived at the center of the Saint Realm.

"Tsk tsk, how strange. When I was fleeing, there were dangerous fierce beasts and lost creatures all along my way, so why havent I seen any on our way back here?"

Yongye Wuming was befuddled. He couldnt help but shoot a glance at Su Yu. "What do you think, could I have scared them all off?"

Su Yu smiled without saying a word. They had not encountered any danger was because Su Yu had inspected the place with his Souls Eye in advance and cleared off all the latent perils beforehand.

Otherwise, the ferocious beasts at several locations had the power of tribe kings. Su Yu would not necessarily be affected, but the Prince would most probably perish.

"Could Yongye Wuheng and his sister have slaughtered all the dangerous beasts in the area?" Yongye Wuming pondered for a moment, coming up with the possibility.

On their way, Su Yu had asked him about the reason he got separated from them.

It turned out that the little Saintess of the Moonwatch Sect had appeared. The five of the people from the Imperial Sacred Faction could not defeat her even after joining forces, thus they fled in separate ways.

"We are nearing the center of the Saint Realm. I wonder if the two of them have excavated that monumental civil weapon," Yongye Wuming murmured to himself.

However, as he murmured, an intangible wave of undulation floated through the air.

Yongye Wuming was caught unawares and cried out, "Oh no! Its the sorcery of the Moonwatch Sect!"

Yongye Wuming managed to hurl forth a bizarre talisman just in time. It exploded in midair, giving off a string of low booming sounds.

The intangible waves vanished into thin air amidst the noise.

"Hey, lets run down separate ways!" Yongye Wuming produced a talisman and tossed it to Su Yu. He hurriedly called, "All the best to you!"

As he spoke, he moved quickly, prepared to streak through the Void and run for his life.

However, right at that moment, a more intense surge of waves struck!

"Deity-immobilizing Spell!" Yongye Wumings face changed dramatically, and he was petrified. "Grand Wizard!"

He crushed a talisman, but it only managed to block part of the waves.

With a miserable whimper, Yongye Wuming was frozen in place.


The fog parted, and three members of the Moonwatch Sect strode out. The one in the lead turned out to be a Grand Wizard.

Glancing at Yongye Wuming, he sighed in disappointment. "I thought it was the Eldest Prince who has returned!"

"Seize him! Put him at the disposal of the Saintess!"

All of a sudden, the Grand Wizard caught a glimpse of Su Yu, who was still standing there. Dispassionately, he ordered, "Take him as well."

However, much to his bafflement, Su Yu flashed him a placid smile!

His Deity-immobilizing Spell could even freeze a deity of a high level. How could Su Yu possibly be unaffected?