The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1346

Chapter 1346 The Mysterious Crystal Ball

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A streak of undulating aura surrounded Su Yu, thought it was extremely subtle.

At this moment, the great wizard noticed the existence of these invisible fluctuations and was shocked. He said, "Wizard Strengthyou are"

Su Yus eyes flashed whilst his face remained somber and calm. He said, "I am under the command of the Holy Son, the Wizard Heishan!"

The Grand Wizard and the two wizards by his side had doubtful looks across their faces.

Only Yongye Wuming, though he was surprised for a moment, quickly understood Su Yus intentions. He secretly said to himself. "This guy is very resourceful and reacts so quickly when things happen!"

As for Su Yus identity, Yongye Wuming had no doubt about it. If Su Yu was really from the Moonwatch Sect, Shangguan Feiyu could not be unaware of it.

Obviously, Su Yu used an unknown method to pretend to be a fellow of the Moonwatch Sect.

The Grand Wizard looked at him for a moment. "Holy Son is currently far away at the Lost Nation. Why would he even send his people here? Grab him and give him over to the Little Lady!"

Seeing that the two men in front of him were getting ready to pounce, Su Yu remained calm and relaxed, and uttered the following words: "Black water covers green mountains, the silver plains reflect the glorious white rays."

Hearing this, the Grand Wizard was nevertheless still in doubt. "Even if the password is right, I dont think you have learned much witchcraft."

Su Yu smiled, glanced at the two wizards, and muttered an obscure spell under his breath.

An invisible wave swept past and the two wizards fell into a dream. They immediately appeared confused.

"Spell of Incubus!" The Grand Wizard lowered his head, confirming Su Yus identity. "It is indeed one of the nine witchcrafts taught by the Holy Son, which can only be learned if one is his disciple."

Unlike the Divine Path, the practice of witchcraft required faith.

This included some powerful witchcraft, which was also possible to learn through ones belief in witchcraft ancestors.

So far, the only person in the Moonwatch Sect who had comprehended the Spell of Incubus was the Holy Son.

Therefore, anyone else who wanted to learn the spell had to be taught by the Holy Son himself.

Naturally, there could no longer be any further doubts about Su Yus identity.

Su Yu smiled. Of course, he had obtained the password from the memory of the witch. As for the Spell of Incubus The Wizard Tribe most likely did not know of the existence of a magical power that could imitate the bloodline.

"Paying my respects to the Grand Wizard! On behalf of Lord Wu Tong, I have come to visit the Holy Maiden." Su Yu has learned from the dialogue between the four great wizards that the Moonwatch Sect was not as simple as it seemed.

The Holy Son and the Holy Maiden seemed to be in some kind of competitive relationship.

That time around, when he entered the Moonwatch Sect, he observed that the Holy Son was responsible for the Xueyao Area, and the Holy Maiden was responsible for the Mortal Sanctuary.

The Grand Wizard in front of Su Yu had to be a proponent of the Holy Maiden.

"The Holy Maiden is busy chasing two high-level ancient god domain creatures. If there is anything important, I will pass it on to her." The Grand Wizard naturally put on a cool and aloof look while speaking.

Su Yu replied, "This is related to the failure at the Myriad Bone Mountain. Since the Holy Maiden is not here, I will go back and report likewise."

"Wait!" The Grand Wizards eyes gleamed dangerously. "You havent been able to retrieve all the remains from the Grave of All Deities?"

Su Yu nodded and said indifferently, "Farewell."

"Hold on!" The Grand Wizard now appeared friendlier. "Since you are already here, you might as well take a rest in the city center. Moreover, I believe the Holy Maiden will be back very soon."

This was exactly what Su Yu wanted, so he complied.

The Grand Wizard said, "Can you let me know the specific details of what happened at Myriad Bone Mountain first?"

He knew well that the remains from the Grave of All Deities were something that the Lord of the Moonwatch Sect considered highly important. Therefore, he had given this task to the Holy Son to handle.

Alas, the Holy Son decided to stay safely behind and instructed the wizards under him to handle the affair.

If this mission failed, the blow to the Holy Son could not be underestimated.

Therefore, the Grand Wizard changed his attitude and became more polite to Su Yu.

"Lets wait until the Holy Maiden comes back so that I can tell her in person. There are some secret details that nobody but her is supposed to know."

The Grand Wizard was slightly disappointed but decided not to pursue the matter further. He said, "Well alright, come with me."

At this moment, two other wizards spoke. "Master, what shall we do with this creature?"

The Grand Wizard looked at Yongye Wuming and then at Su Yu again. Frowning slightly, he wondered how this person could be with someone loyal to the Holy Son.

Su Yu had a clever idea and quickly explained, "I encountered this man on the way here. He was lost in the mist and mistakenly thought that I was a creature of the ancient god domain. Therefore, I played the part and used that to lure him back."

"That was clever." The Grand Wizard did not suspect anything and added, "Since you caught him, this person will be left for you to handle. If you need someone to help you, you can always find me."

With that and a wave of his hand, he pushed Yongye Wuming towards Su Yu.

Su Yu steadied Yongye Wuming with one hand, laughed and said, "Thank you, Grand Wizard."

Led by the Grand Wizard, they all marched forward.

The fog here was much thinner, almost unnoticeable at times.

One could easily see an abyss pit ahead. Hundreds of wizards were casting spells and trying to dig something out from the bottom of the abyss.

Su Yu was led across the edge of the abyss and looked intently down toward the bottom. His eyes flickered with keen interest as he scanned the pit all the way down.

Looking carefully, Su Yu was slightly surprised. Hidden in the bottom of the abyss was a giant crystal ball with a diameter of one million meters!

The crystal ball rested peacefully at the bottom of the abyss, but Su Yu had the same feeling as when he faced the World Annihilation Dragon. He was not feeling good about this crystal ball at all.

"This is this the rumored creation-level civil weapon buried deep in the sanctuary?" Su Yu took in a breath of cool air. Just by experiencing its aura, he realized that this object would be extremely powerful, much like the World Annihilation Dragon. If it was ever utilized, heaven only knew how devastating its powers would be.

After a hurried glance at this object, Su Yu left and was led to a resting place.

"You rest here and wait for the Holy Maiden to return. You will be summoned as soon as possible," the Grand Wizard said.

Su Yu bowed his head and entered a temporary resting place.

Upon entering the room and closing the door, Su Yu flicked his fingers. A ray of Wizard power dissolved the curse surrounding Yongye Wuming.

After regaining his freedom, Yongye Wuming opened his mouth and laughed aloud. He patted Su Yus shoulder and said, "You really are a talent! To think that you managed to fool the gatekeepers and sneak into the Moonwatch Sect! It is a pity that a talent like you has to be subordinate to Shangguan Feiyu! If you work with me today, I shall ensure your fortune and prosperity in the future!"

Su Yu rolled his eyes. With peers like Yongye Wuheng, how prosperous might the future of Yongye Wuming be?

Whats more, Yongye Jiuyang had a life span of tens of millions of years. During this period, she had given birth to many Royal Sons. They were as numerous as the hairs on a cow. Yongye Wuming was not the only one amongst the youngest generation.

"Thank you very much," Su Yu smiled slightly and revealed a look that indicated he was deep in thought.

"What else do you want? Hurry up and use your power to bring me closer to the stairs. Then we can take the opportunity to escape. If we wait for this Holy Maiden witch to come back, we will end up as dead meat," Yongye Wuming urged.

Su Yu shook his head. "Dont be impatient! I am posing as a follower of the Holy Son. As the Grand Wizard is under the command of the Holy Maiden, it is likely that they are watching me! In fact, I would be surprised if there arent some strong men who are watching us secretly right now. I am afraid that before we manage to reach the stairs, we would be captured."

Yongye Wuming was shocked by what he heard and secretly tried to explore his surroundings. His heart constricted.

He noticed a vague breath, as if someone was wandering nearby.

"What then? Once the Holy Maiden comes, we are done!"

Su Yu remained calm. "We need to plan our moves. Tell you what, you wait for me here. Ill go out for a bit and will come back soon."

After speaking, Su Yu disappeared on the spot, hiding skillfully.

Yongye Wuming was taken aback. He found that he could not feel any trace of Su Yu at all!

He saw the door of the secret room open and then immediately close. After that, all was silent.

Somewhere outside the door, a wizard was staring at it, frowning in puzzlement. He wondered, "Why does it seem like someone came out? It cant be."

Su Yu was now invisible. He returned to the edge of the abyss and was now staring at the huge crystal ball below.