The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1347

Chapter 1347 Terrifying Chill

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He did not intend to steal this object. Obviously, this was something he could not touch at present, not to mention that there were hundreds of wizards around. It would be a question of whether Su Yu could leave the place alive with such numbers of opponents. If he fled with this object, even if the slightest trace of this object was exposed, Su Yus identity would also be revealed. When that happened, he would be hunted down by the entire ancient god realm, as well as the Moonwatch Sect.

If that happened, Su Yu really had no other way out but death.

His purpose now was therefore very simple. With this civil weapon, he wanted to create some chaos and draw the wizards attention away.

This way Su Yu could successfully climb the stairs and teleport away from the ruins.

Su Yu quickly flew down to the bottom of the abyss and looked at the huge crystal ball at a close distance. As he descended, he felt more of the terrible power contained in the crystal ball.

After a moment of contemplation, Su Yus eyes opened and he took an instant glance into the crystal ball. It was a mere glance, but Su Yu was forced to retract it at once. He felt intense pain.

His eyes were flushed red and burning as though he had closely approached an open flame.

"Is this crystal ball the" Su Yu forgot about the pain, and his face was full of surprise.

After turning his gaze, Su Yu looked towards the walls of the abyss and thought for a long while. He then took out a Golden Flames Forbidden Wood bead and shot it at the stone wall.


The bead went deep into the stone wall and smashed a large hole in it.

In the depths of the seemingly unusual stone wall, there was an inexplicable movement.

A feeling of extreme danger swelled in Su Yus heart.

Su Yu had no time to retrieve the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood bead. He hurried to leave the abyss and headed straight out.

Almost immediately, when his foot left its original position, a white cold mist suddenly shot out from the hole.

That freezing cold was unlike anything Su Yu had never seen or felt before.

The entire bottom of the abyss was frozen solid except for the location of the crystal ball!

This even included Su Yus Golden Flames Forbidden Wood bead!

The paralyzing cold headed straight up from the bottom of the abyss, passing by everything along the way. Everything its path became frozen and ice-like!

Hundreds of wizards who were digging in the area were frightened and fled immediately.

The chill rushed out of the abyss, spreading in all directions, and the nearby wizards fled in horror, causing chaos.

In the blink of an eye, the center of the Mortal Sanctuary was covered with ice!

By looking from the top of the Mortal Sanctuary, one could see that almost a full tenth of the Sanctuarys area had become a frozen world.

"Whats going on?" The Grand Wizard was so angry that he stood up, watching the cold that was still spreading. He screamed loudly.

The wizards who fled trembled in shock and were very frightened. They knew that had they been just a tad slower, they would be frozen to death.

Hundreds of wizards were clueless and gave incoherent information when questioned by the Grand Wizard as to what had happened.

The Great Wizard had a gloomy look on his face. "What are you still doing standing here? Hurry up and break the ice. If we dont work efficiently for the Holy Maiden, you will all pay!"

Hundreds of wizards flew down immediately and started digging in the frozen abyss once more.

Alas, the hardness of the ice made their task unenviable. The ice was so tough that it took more than a hundred wizards working together to break through a hundred feet.

To re-dig the area completely would take at least one month!

However, the historical remains would have to uncovered in less than a month!

At this moment, a wisp of strong breath suddenly descended nearby.

Amongst the clouds, a pleasant and majestic voice sounded: "All to make way!"

"We pay our respects to the Great Holy Maiden!" The wizards were having mixed feelings at this point as they retreated.


At this moment, a ripple visible to the naked eye penetrated the Nine Heavens and came all the way down to the ground.

The entire Mortal Sanctuary trembled violently, dispelling mist over a million miles. The vibrations were terrifying and many horrified individuals fled in a panic.

The frozen ice was broken layer by layer. Under the pressure of the ripples, it shattered into ice debris, and then melted into water vapor before finally dissipating!

In an instant, all the ice was swept away!

Su Yu was frightened by what he had just witnessed. Such a terrible blow could even rival the power of the Demon Emperor!

No, it was more terrible than that!

Suddenly, Su Yu noticed the gaze coming down from the sky and immediately fled towards the resting room. He immediately cast a camouflage over his Divine power and transformed once more into Gang Dalei.

The gaze seemed to be aware of something and glanced at the resting room where Su Yu was supposed to be. Then, the gaze retreated.


The white clouds gathered in the sky, forming a swirling vortex. In the vortex, a girl who looked to be no older than fifteen or sixteen stepped on the white cloud and descended like a fairy.

The girl had beautiful eyes that looked innocent yet deep and wise. She slowly descended under the worshipping stares of many wizards.

The young girl landed, stared at the bottom of the abyss, raised her hand, and some golden powder fell into its palm.

"Golden Flames Forbidden Wood?" The girls bright eyes flickered. "So, does this mean that they found the ancient tomb of the Kylin Divine Warrior from the ancient god realm?"

In a moment, the golden powder turned into smoke in her small palm.

Her eyelashes fluttered a little, and the Great Holy Maiden then proceeded to stare at the wizards below. She spoke sternly. "I had not left for more than half a month, and such a disaster has occurred. You all really disappoint me!"

She shook her head and let out a resigned sigh. "The Moonwatch Sect is so large, yet it appears nobody here is reliable enough."

Many wizards begged for mercy: "Please, Greatest Holy Maiden, please, we dont know why, but the crystal ball began spreading the cold."

The Holy Maiden waved them away and said, "No matter!"

With that, she threw out two cold bodies.

The bodies belonged to two super-strong guards that had manned the gates of the royal Yongye family realm.

Now they had become lifeless corpses, lying motionless on the ground.

"Take care of them. Draw out their divine blood and refine their souls," The Holy Maiden commanded.

The Grand Wizard hurriedly caught hold of the corpses and said, "I congratulate you for your outstanding achievements, Great Holy Maiden!"

"They were nothing but peanuts, far from being a great success," said the Greatest Holy Maiden, also known as the Greatest Saint Lady. "There are also much more powerful creatures in the ancient god domain. There is a son of the royal family named Yongye Wuheng. He had come to understand the essence of combat skills left behind by one of the emperors. It is a pity that his skills are not yet refined. However, he was still able to stop a blow from me and escape."

Hearing this, the Grand Wizard suddenly remembered something else. He said, "There is still a piece of important news I have for you, Greatest Holy Maiden."

"Oh? Good news? Do you mean to say that you have started the activation of another crystal ball?" The Holy Maiden said lightly.

Grand Wizard said, "It is the Holy Son. The follower that he dispatched smashed the Myriad Bone Mountain in the course of their mission!"

The Holy Maiden looked calm. "How do you know?"

The Great Wizard said, "It was reported by the wizard named Heishan."

"Heishan?" A gleam of light flashed in the Holy Maidens eyes. "Where is he?"

"In the resting spot," the Grand Wizard smiled and pointed to the lounge.

The Holy Maidens face grew fiercer and darker. She said nonchalantly, "Capture him!"

"Madam, but this he is, after all, a follower of the Holy Son," the Grand Wizard said hesitantly.

The Holy Maidens face grew even more frightening. "I just came back from Myriad Bone Mountain and know that they suffered heavy casualties. Three of them were missing, and one of them was called Heishan!"