The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1348

Chapter 1348 Heaven Trampling Three Steps

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"If he is Heishan, then who is the missing Heishan?" The Holy Maiden blinked and smiled slightly. "If I hadnt been to the Xueyao Area, Im afraid I wouldnt know that someone was actually trying to cheat me!"

After hearing the truth, the Grand Wizard was shocked. He was deeply afraid, and exclaimed, "Catch him!"


Dozens of wizards immediately fenced the resting room.

Yongye Wumings face was as pale as death. At the most critical time, the Holy Maiden rushed back!

Yongye Wuming knew that he could not escape. Instead, this inspired his fighting spirit, and he said to himself, "Death is more common than anything. If I were to die for my empire, I would be able to do so without regret."

Looking back, Yongye Wuming stared at Su Yu intently. "Hey, boy, would you follow me out and kill all who come?"

Su Yu smiled brightly. Although this man was more of a follower, he was not a coward at the critical moment.

"Of course I am willing," Su Yu said, still in the form of Gang Dalei.

Yongye Wuming laughed heartily and patted Su Yus shoulder. "You do not disappoint me! I will try my best to kill as many deity-level wizards as I can! I have no spare energy to protect you, so please protect yourself!"

Su Yu chuckled. "I will be careful," He promised

"Hahaha!" Yongye Wuming laughed and opened the rooms door with a kick: "Wrenched souls of the Moonwatch Sect, if you have the guts, I challenge you to a one-on-one fight with me!"

Suddenly, dozens of spells rippled through the air!

"Ah I said a one-on-one fight" Yongye Wuming was smashed head-on by multiple spells and had been petrified. Only his eyes could turn.

Many wizards looked at each other.

"Is there something wrong with this prince? What one-on-one fight is he talking about?"

"Yeah, does he think we are fools?"

"Haha, it makes the most sense for many to fight against one!"

The Grand Wizard had a gloomy look on his face. "Not him!"

Hundreds of wizards stared at the chamber again, and numerous ripples of spells swept in.

The building disappeared instantly and was blasted into ruins.

Amongst the ruins, a dark dragon figure lingered.

Looking at the dragon, the wizards were stunned.

The Grand Wizard shot it a glance. "Is that a demon dragon?"


Their answer was a dragons roar, followed by dark gray smoke shooting out endlessly from the nostrils of the black dragon.

With the presence of the dragons breath, the surrounding wizards were frightened and began to back off.

The physical body of wizards was weaker than that of gods with Divine Power. Therefore, if they did not take precautions, Dragon Breath would kill them on the spot.

Sweeping away a group of wizards, Su Yu transformed into a demon-like figure, staring coldly at the crowd.

The Grand Wizard had a somber expression and called, "You are, it turns out, bold enough! You dare to pretend to be a follower of the Holy Son and lie to me!"

"Thats because you are stupid," Su Yu said blandly.

In order to make up for his own mistakes, the Grand Wizard said, "You all stay away! I will capture this horrible being myself!"

After his words were spoken, the Grand Wizard murmured a spell, and violent ripples went straight for Su Yu!

"Beam Soul Curse!"

The invisible ripple darted for Su Yu, enveloping him tightly.

Su Yu smiled slightly. He pinched the Frost-Covered Feather with two fingers and gently waved. A strange cold wind suddenly came forth!

The fierce cold wind forcefully blew away the ripples of the wizards spell.

The Grand Wizard was slightly surprised, and hesitated again before casting another spell: "Wind-Stabilizing Curse!"

As the spell passed through, the violent wind rising in the sky was extinguished. The Frost Feather fell silently.

The wizards gaze lingered on Su Yu. "Deity-killing Spell!"

This was a dangerous craft that could kill gods!

Su Yus face was calm. At the moment the Grand Wizard chanted the spell, he lifted up with one hand, and two Violet Gold rings straddled the void and bombarded the ripples, breaking them apart.

At the same time, the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang reunited in the air, turning into a Tai Chi pattern that instantly trapped the Grand Wizard.

He could not respond in time and was trapped by the Violet Gold rings.

"Tighten!" Immediately afterward, Su Yu clasped his hands, and the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang tightened at once.

The magical power of the Grand Wizards body was forcefully resisting the contraction. Alas, it was no match for the gradually tightening Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang. The pressure went on and was about to crush his body entirely!

At this moment, the Holy Maiden, who stood by the sidelines looking on, finally intervened and said lightly, "Enough!"

Even though the word was lightly spoken, there was still an overwhelming, almost physical ripple of power that came with it.

Buzz buzz!

When the ripples swept the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang, the rings suddenly trembled and popped off the body of the Grand Wizard.

Su Yus eyes were swift and he moved fast. Before the rings could fly towards the Holy Maiden, he swiftly caught them back.

Seeing the calm look on the Holy Maidens face, Su Yu was secretly shocked. This woman was stronger than he had thought.

At this moment, Su Yu was looking squarely at her face.

Wasnt this so-called Saintess, who had accompanied Cailin at the Attic, a seemingly simple girl then?

To think that she was actually the Greatest Saint Lady, the Holy Maiden of the Moonwatch Sect!

"Do you know me?" The Holy Maidens bright eyes were extremely sharp, catching Su Yus shock when he looked at her.

Su Yu did not respond, but considered everything, thinking about the situation at hand.

She did not get an answer from him. This made the Holy Maiden frown slightly.

Su Yu subdued the Grand Wizard, causing him to lose face. He shouted in shame, "How dare you! Come here, my men, lets chant a spell together!"

However, the Holy Maiden waved her hand and said lightly, "Retreat. After all, he had defeated the Princess of the Xue Nation in the Northern Territory and had taken away her holy artifacts and Divine Feather of Frost. You are no match for him."

The Grand Wizard was taken aback. The Golden Rings that bounded him earlier were, in fact, the famous Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang, ranked 70th amongst the Holy Artifacts!

The Divine Feather of Frost was also one of the top 100 imperial sacred artifacts.

The Holy Maiden took a step towards Su Yu. Suddenly, the sky and earth roared, and the aura around them seemed to be experiencing a mad tumble. The air swarmed in all directions, forming a terrible storm, setting off a cloud of dust above the earth.

Su Yu felt tenser and experienced tight pressure all around him.

At this moment, he was even more sensitive. As far as divine breath was concerned, the Holy Maiden was superior to him, second only to the Demonic God of Six Paths.

However, the greater danger Su Yu was in, the calmer he got.

With a twinkle in his eyes, Su Yu galloped towards the stairs, grabbing Yongye Wuming with him as well.

The Holy Maiden was stunned. "The man who pretended to be a fellow of the Holy Son is, in fact, trying to escape from the ruins! So this is your purpose!"

"Unfortunately, his effort is futile. After all, if the Holy Son could block the exit, why cant I?" The Holy Maiden smiled casually.

Near the exit, three Grand Wizard-level powerhouses were hiding. She had also added an extra spell to guard it.

Even if Su Yu were a Level Three Deity, he might not be able to leave the place so easily.

Su Yu was merely seeking his own death, in her opinion.

However, at the next moment, she was puzzled and did not understand what was going on.

As Su Yu was approaching the stairs, he made a detour and headed straight to the deepest part of the Mortal Sanctuary!

After she regained her senses, the Holy Maiden frowned slightly. "What does he want to do? Hide in the Mortal Sanctuary?"

She shook her head lightly and made a seal with one hand. A majestic ripple came out from her mouth and swept across half of the Mortal Sanctuary in an instant.

"Short Distance Spreading Spell!"

With that, the figure of the Holy Maiden appeared everywhere, looking like ripples.

As the ripples swept over Su Yu, all the other figures disintegrated into starlight at the same time, while one figure stood in front of him.

The pout of her mouth suggested an attitude that was playful and cold at the same time. The Holy Maiden said lightly, "Did you think you could escape from my hands?"

With that, she pointed a finger at Su Yus heart.

It looked like a seemingly random gesture of a finger pointing towards him. However, at this moment, Su Yu had the illusion that there was no place in the world where he could hide.

No matter how hard he tried to escape, he had no choice but to endure this blow.

In the face of such a powerful attack, Su Yu could not escape.

"I can only try this trick then!" Su Yu gritted his teeth, and a gigantic picture appeared in his mind.

In a boundless open space, a lonely figure stood by the shore.

He looked up at the sky, his eyes brimming with aggression.

The Heavenly Sword Finger, at that moment, was rumbling hard and seeking to crush everything in the world at once.

The Holy Maiden, with a pale face, suddenly trembled and said, "This this is Yongye Wuhengs move No, it is purer than Yongye Wuhengs!"

As soon as she had uttered these words, Su Yus eyes shot out the spell of war, creating a never-ending flow of troops.

Echoing through shimmering time and space, the words spread far and wide across the ancient universe.

"The Heavenly Divine will never die; the Battle Sky will never perish!"

"Heaven-trampling Three Steps!"

In the first step, the Heavenly Sword was broken!

In the second step, the Qingming crashed!

In the third step, the entire Qiankun was destroyed!

With only three moves, Su Yu shattered the endless sky.

Su Yus display of power flew across the sky. His eyes were bright, and he fought alone in the space.

The overwhelming desire to destroy all that came his way transformed into a tyrannical power. All hell broke loose.


The Holy Maiden hurriedly retracted her fingers. In a flash, she retreated back over ten thousand miles in an attempt to avoid the mysterious force that broke out.

She looked down at her fingers. Despite retracting so quickly, they were still brittle and shattered into pieces!

The grey mist flashed once, and soon her fingers recovered.

Alas, they immediately shattered into pieces once more.

Only after thousands of repairs could she finally offset the remaining mysterious power affecting her fingers.

The face of the Holy Maiden wore an expression of shock. ."Sure enough, it was Yongye Wuhengs move, and he has learned the Emperors essence of the battle technique! However, compared to him, Yongye Wuheng has merely gleaned the basics!"

She raised her head again, stared at Su Yu, and suddenly appeared murderous. "My Moonwatch Sect had been inactive for hundreds of millions of years. I did not know that the Ancient God Realm of today was so full of genius! I confess he astonishes me."

"This person cannot be allowed to live!" The Holy Maiden looked solemn as she stared at Su Yu coldly.

Having performed the Heaven-trampling Three Steps once, Su Yu had severely overdrawn on his powers. His energy was now extremely depleted and deficient, and even his camouflage showed fluctuations. It could not be maintained perfectly.

The Holy Maiden flew towards Su Yu and stood ten feet from him. She regretfully said, "You are a talent. It is a pity that you were born in the realm of my enemy. Unfortunately, I have to end your existence!"

However, Su Yu, who was now putting up no resistance, gave her a smile. "I think, before ending my existence, you should save your people first."

At the end of his speech, Su Yu said, "Explode."

The Holy Maiden frowned, and suddenly realized what had happened when eight mighty claps of thunder rang out from the abyss.

Suddenly, the terrible cold rushed out of the abyss and swept across the Mortal Sanctuary!

The Holy Maiden was shocked and angry. "You did this!"

The first time that the ice power in the abyss accidentally leaked, she discovered traces of the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood.

Thinking about it, she realized it had actually been this mans deed as well!

In addition to triggering the release of the icy power, he had also buried eight additional Golden Flames Forbidden Wood beads, saving them just for this moment!

Between saving hundreds of her people and killing Su Yu, what would the Holy Maiden choose?

If she hesitated, hundreds of wizards would be frozen to death. Even the Grand Wizard would perish without much resistance.

Biting her lips, the Holy Maiden said angrily, "You are so cruel!"

The previous rebellion and escape were all a pretense to distract the Holy Maiden from the abyss.

Had he not done so, the Holy Maiden could have easily stopped the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood beads before they detonated.

Now it was futile. She could not stop them even if she wanted to.

She now had to face a dilemma. She had to either head back to rescue her people immediately or give up her clan and eliminate Su Yu.

She had no time to hesitate at all. She had no time to deal with Su Yu, even though he was so close at hand. She turned back to the abyss with a quick mental effort, cast a powerful spell, and resisted the frosty force of the ice.

Compared to the force of the ice that had leaked before, it was now eight times stronger.

Even the Holy Maiden was stretched to her limit. As she resisted the icy frost, she shouted, "All back off!"

All the wizards, panicking, ran away from the center of the Mortal Sanctuary and fled collectively towards the Xueyao Area.

The Holy Maiden protected them whilst moving backward and blocking the ice at the same time. They retreated in this manner all the way to the edge of the Mortal Sanctuary. Only then did the icy power finally come to a halt.

However, the destruction caused by the power of ice was amazing.

Looking from above, one could see the entire Mortal Sanctuary had been transformed into an eternally frozen land.

All the fog, including the lost creatures in the fog, was frozen forever!

The entire Mortal Sanctuary had become a giant ice block, and there was only one passageway, kept open by the Holy Maiden, all the way to the center of the Mortal Sanctuary.

At this point, everything in the Mortal Sanctuary had turned into ice, including the teleportation portal.

The wizards looked pale and were thoroughly shocked.

The Holy Maiden clenched her fists tightly, her beautiful face full of annoyance.

Her mission had failed!

Moreover, it failed all because of a seemingly insignificant person she thought she could easily erase off the face of the earth.

At this moment, the Holy Maiden suddenly looked towards a point in the Mortal Sanctuary.

She saw a gray flame burning.

This flame made the expression of the Holy Maidens face change instantly. She shouted, "Be careful! There is something coming out of the Mortal Sanctuary!"

As soon as she said those words, a young man in black robes came out of the flame. His face showed an expression of indifference, and wherever he stepped, he left dark flames behind. He behaved as if nothing had happened as he walked out of the ice.

Three tribal king-level deities followed him.

The young man did not avert his gaze as he passed the Holy Maiden. He casually glanced at her, his expression vaguely pitying. "What a group of miserable beings, not even able to resist a simple challenge."

Having finished his speech, he led the three deities with him and galloped towards the center of the Xueyao area.

The Holy Maiden did not dare to attack. Her intuition told her that this young man was terribly strong and was not someone she should provoke.

Moreover, his hurtful words made the Holy Maiden think hard.

Unable to comprehend their meaning, the Holy Maidens eyes glanced toward the center of the Xueyao Area, her face expressing great annoyance. "What an arrogant creature you are! To think that you would go to the center of the Xueyao Area immediately!"

"First you spoiled things for the Holy Son. Then you thwarted my tasks. Unless you were sent by the True God, why do you have to oppose my Moonwatch Sect?"

With an expression of deep murderous intent, twinkles flashed across the Holy Maidens eyes. With a flash, she headed straight for the center of the Xueyao area.

The youth and the Holy Maiden, two powerful and extraordinary enemies, were now chasing Su Yu together with the intention of killing him.

A huge crisis loomed over Su Yus head!