The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1349

Chapter 1349 Seven Coloured Lake

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Somewhere in the center of the Xueyao Area, a Tai Chi pattern suddenly appeared, and the wind was gusting.

Within the howling wind, a young man with a pale complexion, physically and spiritually overdrawn, stumbled to the ground.

Taking a few deep breaths, Su Yu sat cross-legged, restoring his strength and divine energy.

Thinking quickly, he was busy trying to figure out the situation.

He had provoked the Holy Maiden, angered the Moonwatch Sect, and forced them out of the Saint Realm.

It was highly conceivable that they must be in pursuit of him now, and they would catch up with him within a couple of days.

There was simply too little time left for Su Yu to figure anything out!

Besides the Holy Maiden, Su Yu vaguely sensed another equally terrible danger, which was also bothering him.

"This is really one crisis after another! Therefore, I need to prepare carefully!" Su Yu thought to himself.

After two hours, his physical strength was completely restored, but his divine powers were still far from replenished.

In other words, Su Yu had no chance to escape instantly again.

After thinking for a while, Su Yu raised his hand to summon Yongye Wuming in order to undo the magic seal on his body.

After recovering from his state of petrification, Yongye Wuming took a couple of big breaths and held the air in until his face was flushed. "Ah! Im about to stifle to death!"

Suddenly, he looked up and found that Su Yu was staring at him quietly. His body trembled and his eyes were full of fear.

Although he was petrified a while back, he could still see the battle scenes!

Su Yu actually fought with the Holy Maiden and shattered her fingers, and had escaped from her alive!

This feat alone was enough for him to become famous in the Empire of Darkness!

Moreover, Yongye Wuming even saw with his own eyes what a great sorcerer was in Su Yus palm. He was overpowered in an instant and became meek and subdued.

After such a powerful display of strength, even a fool could guess that Su Yu was more powerful than he had seemed before. He was simply holding back and not showcasing his full abilities!

Immediately, Yongye Wumings face flushed red. There was no hole for him to crawl into and he smiled bitterly. "Master Su, why didnt you tell me earlier that you are so powerful?"

Thinking about how Su Yu had regarded him as a subordinate along the way, Yongye Wuming felt secretly fortunate. Luckily, he did not attempt to order Su Yu to do anything too humiliating before, or he would have become a corpse a long time ago.

"Wuming, can you answer a question for me?" Su Yu stared at Yongye Wuming, his eyes full of penetrating light.

Yongye Wuming patted his chest. "You saved my life. Even if you ask how big my wifes buttocks are, I will tell you without hesitation!"

After a slight chuckle, Su Yu asked earnestly, "I want to know the purpose of the Sacred Faction of the Empire of Darkness in coming to the Sacred Realm."

After hearing that, Yongye Wumings facial expression became uneasy for a short while, but he quickly covered it up with a subservient smile. ."It is not a secret. They are actually excavating a genesis civilization weapon."

Su Yu looked at him coldly and asked, "Is that so? This so-called genesis civilization weapon does it really exist?"

Yongye Wumings expression became more rigid, but he quickly composed himself and said, "What do you mean? The genesis civil weapon has existed for a very long time. It is not a secret; this can be confirmed by any expert."

After staring at him quietly for a long while, Su Yu stood up slowly and said lightly, "Alright, you look out for yourself."

Since Yongye Wuming was hiding something and would not tell the truth even when cross-questioned, there was no point for Su Yu in protecting him, so he decided to let Yongye Wuming get along on his own.

After saying his piece, Su Yu took a step towards the Dark Debris and whispered to himself, "Empire of Darkness, you all are hiding something very diligently"

"Wait!" Yongye Wuming was frightened and hurriedly called out after Su Yu, but Su Yu had disappeared from his view, leaving no traces.

Yongye Wuming cried out in despair as he looked at his surroundings. He recalled that there were sorcerers everywhere and could not help but felt remorseful.

After a few hours, Su Yu reached the Dark Debris.

This was the place where Su Yu had been before. He clearly remembered that there had been a toad as powerful as a Level Four deity here, known as the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad.

Sweeping across the Dark Debris, he saw the place was completely empty and the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad was not in sight.

Flying down, he came to the place where the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad had hidden before. The whole place was filled with signs of battle, as well as the remnants of blood and venom.

"Sure enough," Su Yu contemplated, "A major event is about to take place in the ruins!"

Once the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad identified its target, it would never give up, except for Su Yu who had managed to shake off its chase before.

At that time, the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad must have noticed something dangerous and did not dare to venture out.

In addition, on the Myriad Bone Mountain, the fierce guardian spirit of the Frozen River Bottom, the Nine-headed Devil Sage, had followed the ghost bats and emerged out of the nest, but now the figure of the Nine-headed Devil Sage was nowhere to be seen.

Where did it go?

Su Yu believed that just like the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad, it was captured by a powerful being.

This powerful being had to be something that even the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad feared.

With an intense frown, Su Yu came to an insight. "This trip to the ruins is not so much an adventure. It is actually a trap."


While Su Yu was talking to himself, a strange noise came from the depths of the palace where the Demonic Toad had been.

The Seven Poisons Demonic Toad had occupied the palace for a long time, and it emitted its venomous gas constantly, so the gas was really dense in the hall. Just standing here, Su Yus skin was already stinging with pain.

If he were to go deeper, even Level Six deities would not be able to withstand it.

In principle, no soul could exist in the depths of the palace.

The commotion of earlier had really aroused Su Yus vigilance.

Suddenly, Su Yu drew himself back and used the fragments of the Rules to hide his aura so he could quietly go deeper into the palace unseen.

Sure enough, the deeper he went in, the denser the poisonous gas was. Muddy swamps could be seen everywhere.

A strong corrosive poisonous gas was also spreading from the swamps. A slight contact with it could even cause damage to gods.

Moving forward, Su Yu finally saw the deepest part of the palace. There was actually a seven-colored lake inside!

The waves were rippling and the fragrance was overflowing, totally unlike the poisonous stench at the other parts of the palace.

As Su Yu was still astounded that the innermost palace turned out to be like this, there was a sudden ripple in the center of the lake, and a shadow unexpectedly emerged from underneath the water. It had the form of a woman relishing the joy of bathing.

Her long black hair draped softly behind her back, wet with water droplets that resembled pearls.

She had a delicately formed and beautiful body that looked like a carved statue presented in a shape closest to nature.

Her beautiful face was exquisite beyond comparison and her beauty was akin to that of the women in the Mermaid Tribe.

Su Yu was dumbfounded, not because of this beings breathtaking beauty, but because of her mysterious identity.

His divine powers were undulating and could sense the aura of sorcery, which seemed extremely strange.

"Who is it?" It seemed that she noticed the presence of a stranger. The woman suddenly looked around and saw a man with a dragon head staring blankly at her.

She was embarrassed and alarmed at the same time.

She made a move with one hand and a mass of light emerged all over her body, covering her nakedness, but she had no intention of hiding the cold expression on her face.

After leaving the seven-colored lake, the woman said nothing and moved towards Su Yu with clearly murderous intent.

Su Yus face was calm, and he examined her up and down. "You are neither a live spirit of the Ancient God Realm nor someone from the sorcerers clan. Who are you?"

The woman said coldly, "Ill tell you when I get underground!"

A divine power ran through the sky and came straight towards him.

Su Yus eyes glittered as he took out his Frost Divine Wings and waved it gently.

Suddenly, a violent wind came abruptly. It not only dissipated the divine power but also sent the woman flying and slammed her against the stone wall. She coughed, and the corners of her mouth were filled with golden blood.

"The Frost Feather of the Northern Xue Nation! And who exactly are you?" The woman replied coldly.

Su Yu walked over, pointed the Frost Feather at her forehead, and said, "Now I am the one asking questions! Who are you and what are you doing here? Have you seen who had taken the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad away?"

The woman gazed at Su Yu. Her expression calmed down quickly and was neither haughty nor humble. "I am from the Heaven Defying Empire and had accidentally entered the ruins. I sensed the aura of a spiritual pool, so I came over here. As for the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad, what exactly is it?"

Hearing the woman speak evasively, Su Yu frowned, but could not be bothered to ask further questions.

This girl was only a Level Six deity. If she had known that this place was the lair of the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad, she would not have dared to come.

"Be honest." Su Yu walked towards the seven-colored lake. Now that he thought about it, poisonous gas had ravaged the whole place, so how could there be such an abundant spiritual pool here?

After considering it, Su Yu used his sleeve to scoop up some water.

As he was about to reach out toward the pool, he had a sudden jolt of suspicion and looked back at the woman.

He realized that she was looking forward with anticipation, observing his actions closely. When she saw that Su Yu turned around, she immediately acted as if nothing had happened.

There was a problem with the water in the pool! Su Yu immediately stepped back.

The water he had scooped up spilled to the ground.


Suddenly, the ground was corroded. Green smoke rose up and the floor quickly melted, forming a deep hole.

The hole emitted an extremely pungent smell, exactly the same as that of the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad.

"This Could it be the venom left behind by the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad?" Su Yu was startled and could not believe there was so much of it.

The venom of the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad could kill a Level Five deity. Even if it were a Level Four deity, they would feel extreme discomfort at the contact with the venom.

The most amazing thing was that the venom of the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad would spread a very pungent smell in small amounts, but if it was very thick and abundant, it would emit a fragrance instead, just like the spiritual pond before him. It was extremely deceptive!

If anyone accidentally jumped into it to absorb its spiritual energy, what would happen to them? Even Level Four deities would end up dead!

"This is good stuff!" Su Yu gasped in admiration. Immediately, many different ways of using the venom appeared in his mind. His heart beating in excitement, he activated the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl on his arm.

With a mental effort, Su Yu opened up a deep hole in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

Immediately, the entire seven-colored lake was sucked into the deep hole of the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl and remained stored there.

The woman bit her lip as she witnessed the proceedings. She was resentful but did not dare to stop him. She could only watch helplessly as Su Yu took away all the spiritual liquid.

Su Yu was in a slightly better mood after dealing with the venom. Then he looked at the woman, his eyes gleaming, and said, "You can actually bathe in the spiritual liquid of the Seven Poisons Demonic Toad! This shows that your body is extraordinary."

Even a Level Four deity would not dare to bathe in this venom. This girl, on the other hand, did so without any apparent harm.

The woman clenched her teeth and said nothing.

"I didnt expect you to answer. Oh well, youll talk later." Su Yu took a deep breath and tried to pull her into the Spiritual Pearl.

The woman reacted with surprising speed, fleeing outside quickly with a lingering afterglow.

Su Yu smiled and threw two Violet Gold Rings with one hand. They merged into a single Yin Yang Ring in mid-air and caught her suddenly.

The woman staggered and fell to the ground. She exclaimed, "Who the hell are you? Why is the Emperor-based Holy Artifact of the Northern Xue Nation in your hands?"