The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Yinyang Wine Flask
Chapter 135: Yinyang Wine Flask
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The details of the Law Enforcement Tribunal fight had spread all over the Inner Sanctum.

Su Yu had risen since the Fallen Star Contest, all the way into the Inner Sanctum where he had disrupted Cao Xuan's wedding and defeated him in battle at the Law Enforcement Tribunal.

Cao Xuan, one of the four core disciples, had lost to a newcomer when they fought at the same cultivation level!

According to the rumors, Cao Xuan had removed his cultivation limit after feeling indignant about his defeat, and he had attempted to launch a sneak attack on Su Yu only to be beaten half to death by the insanely strong newcomer!

If not for the intervention of his teacher, the Tenth Elder, he would have been killed by the newcomer!

The news was startling. It quickly turned into the table talk of everyone in the Inner Sanctum.

Cao Xuan had become a laughing stock, with people finding the failed sneak attack especially humorous.

In the villa of the core disciples, Cao Xuan reclined in a chair. His entire body was wrapped in bandages.

Surrounding him was his junior, Yuan Hu, and his good friend, Li Hao.

Hearing the news of the outside world from the two, Cao Xuan's face turned sinister!

Yuan Hu let out a furious grunt. "Senior Cao, Let me go teach those gossip mongers a lesson!"

Cao Xuan let out a low grunt to the surprise of Yuan Hu. "Do you think I have not embarrassed myself enough?"

The gossip had started due to Cao Xuan's bad reputation. Wouldn't Yuan Hu assaulting others under his orders invite more gossip?

Slowly retracting his neck, Cao Xuan shrunk to a corner. He knew that his attempt to curry favor had failed.

Li Hao was more tactful. He shifted his gaze, letting out a warm smile. "Don't we know how strong Senior Cao truly is? Without the limiter on your cultivation level, you can kill Su Yu with but a thought. Those people gossiping outside are jealous of you, they're laughing at the expense of your suffering. Being angered by this is just sullying your own status."

These words struck Cao Xuan's heart, making him feel more comfortable. "Those worthless people are not worth my effort!"

"But, Su Yu!" Cao Xuan's gaze turned sinister. He was confident that Su Yu would gift Qin Xianer to him! If he did not vent his frustration he would not be able to eat or sleep!

"Yuan Hu, leave us." Cao Xuan suddenly ordered.

Yuan Hu did not dare disobey, leaving immediately.

Cao Xuan cautiously scanned the surroundings, turning to Li Hao. "Junior Li, it is inconvenient for me to move. Can you help me take care of Su Yu?"

Li Hao's expression changed, his eyes fierce. He nodded without hesitation. "Even if Senior Cao didn't ask me to, I had the intention of doing so anyway. I will immediately find someone to challenge him and teach him a lesson!"

"Challenge?" Cao Xuan shook his head. "Among people of the same generation, there's no one who could stand up to him. Finding someone like that to challenge him will just boost his spirits! But having senior disciples challenging junior disciples is against the rules of the faction, so challenging him would be useless."

"I shall follow Senior Cao's orders!" Li Hao was ready to do as instructed.

Cao Xuan thought for a moment, retrieving a bottle of pink elixir from his sleeve. "This is a high-quality love potion. Even a person who has achieved the Dragon Realm cannot suppress its effects after consuming it. Find an obedient and pretty female disciple, you know what to do next!"

Love potion? Li Hao gasped!

The elixir was an extremely hallucinogen, it would activate immediately after consumption.

Furthermore, it was hard to suppress it using cultivation levels. Even a person who had entered the Dragon Realm would lose himself.

"Senior Cao, you mean to frame Su Yu for molesting a female disciple?" Li Hao asked.

Cao Xuan grunted. "It's fine as long as you understand. Use my name to gather a few disciples from the Law Enforcement Tribunal to guard Su Yu's door, this way he won't be able to give a convincing defense!"

How cruel! Committing rape carried the death penalty in the Liuxian faction.

But, there were rumors of Su Yu committing indecent acts with Yun Yan. Li Hao had no compassion for him.

After Li Hao left, Cao Xuan's eyes flashed with mocking light. "Su Yu, you stubborn wart. Let me show you what I can do!"

He did not think that an attempt of framing would be enough to deal with Su Yu.

During the wedding, Su Yu had killed Xu Rong in front of everybody but was still defended by the Second Elder. What could a rape case full of loopholes do him in?

A mere look from the Second Elder would cause the lying female disciple to tell everyone that Li Hao was behind the entire incident.

Cao Xuan's goal was to teach Su Yu a lesson and to embarrass him, he did not expect Su Yu to be punished!

As for what Li hao's fate would be when he was exposed, Cao Xuan couldn't care less.

Disciples who pandered to him like Li Hao were dime a dozen, he could make do with one less. As for Li Hao blaming him for the incident, he wouldn't dare.

But Cao Xuan did not know that, after Li Hao left Cao Xuan's yard, his lips had formed a sarcastic smile while holding the pink jade bottle.

"Cao Xuan, ah, Cao Xuan. Even though your abilities are strong, how can your dirty tricks compare to mine, when I grew up in the royal family? Using me to aggravate the Second Elder? You really think I'm stupid?" Li hao's eyes were clear, easily seeing through Cao Xuan's intentions.

Li Hao went to the Outer Sanctum and found Yun Yan.

"What matters do you have with me? Have you gotten the Fire Dragon Mantra?" Yun Yan was a little anxious. She had received news from her family that another of their major customers had been poached by the Tie family. She desperately needed the fire style technique to make weapons for her family in order to save them from this crisis.

Li Hao's smile was radiant. "Naturally I've got it. I have applied for leave from the External Affairs Division. I shall return with you to the mortal world tomorrow to complete the wedding ceremony." Li Hao's eyes filled with eagerness.

Yun Yan not only had a beauty that could topple nations and a noble charisma, but she possessed the Bloodline of the Fiery Lotus that he desperately wanted.

During cultivation, absorbing the power of the Fiery lotus from her body could help him break through the bottleneck of the Fourth Level Peak Holy King, propelling him into a Fifth Level Holy King!

Feeling Li Hao's gaze, Yun Yan felt uncomfortable. Hearing that he wanted to complete the wedding ceremony made her petite frame shudder. She hated her future.

"Alright Tomorrow, I shall go with you back to the mortal world to complete the wedding." Yun Yan stiffened.

But Li Hao's gaze changed. "But before we go back, Yun Yan, you have to help me do something. It's something only you can do."

Yun Yan raised her eyes, feeling suspicious. What was something in the faction she could do, but Li Hao and any other Inner Sanctum Disciples couldn't?

"This is a love potion. Please get Su Yu and Qin Xianer out for a drink tonight and put this in their wine, and make them do it tonight! After the deed is done, immediately send me a message and I'll show myself with the disciples of the Law Enforcement Tribunal." Li Hao did not mask his motives.

Yun Yan was shocked. "What? You wish to frame Su Yu? I will never agree to this!" Su Yu had saved her life once, how could she return that favor with this?

"If you don't want the Fire Dragon Mantra, then you are free to decline!" Li Hao squinted.

Yun Yan was furious. "You're despicable!"

"Just give me a word, agree or disagree!" Li Hao's expression was carefree, confident he had Yun Yan eating from the palm of his hand.

Yun Yan bit her lips, hesitating for a moment before gently nodding her head. "Fine! I'll promise!"

She took the love potion, her expression conflicted.

"This is a communication-based jade pendant. It gives off a strong light after you break it. I'll charge in when I see the light and arrest him and Qin Xianer for punishment." Li Hao handed her a fiery red jade pendant.

In his heart, Li Hao had a cold laugh. "I wonder if Cao Xuan knew Su Yu had touched the woman he decided he wanted, would he fly into a fury and fight Su Yu?

"You wish to use me, Li Hao? Why don't I use you to deal with Su Yu! Best if you take care of Su Yu for me, spares me having to do it myself!" Li Hao let out a sinister laugh. He would not let anyone have anything to do with his soon-to-be wife, even if it was just a rumor!

Yun Yan gripped the jade pendant, hesitating. "Su Yu is a cautious person, what do I do if he suspects something and does not want to drink the wine?"

"Then you shall drink it yourself." Li Hao was prepared. He whipped out an ordinary wine flask, no different from those that were given out by the faction. "This is the Yinyang Wine Flask. While it looks ordinary, there's a mechanism within it. Put the drug in the cover of the flask. When the cover is turned to the left, the drug will fall in the wine. When turned to the right, it will not fall.

"When you are pouring him wine, turn it to the left. He will consume the love potion at the same time. When pouring for yourself, remember to turn the cover to the right." Li Hao reminded.

Yun yan bit her lip, accepting it unwillingly.

"Alright, go prepare. I'll get Su Yu and Qin Xianer! When the deed is done, I will teach you the Fire Dragon Mantra the same night we consummate our marriage." Li Hao laughed heartily.

Nodding, Yun Yan left.

Returning to her house, Yun yan took out the three items, the love potion, the jade pendant, and the Yinyang Wine Flask. Her gaze was cold. "Despicable! No matter how much I, Yun Yan, wanted a technique manual, I would never stoop so low as to trick a friend!"


She threw the three items into the small drawer in her room. They were sensitive items, she couldn't dispose of them haphazardly.

"I must tell Su Yu to proceed with caution!" Yun Yan was determined!

In the yard of the Inner Sanctum, Su Yu was racking his brains and planning for the next month of cultivating.

Suddenly, Mo Wu came to him with an envelopan invitation by Yun Yan.

"Hmph! I have misjudged you. You seemed so deeply in love just a little while ago, and now there's an invitation from another lady!" Mo Wu laughed coldly.

Yun Yan? Su Yu suddenly stood up and slapped his head, his heart a little apologetic.

Before the Fallen Star Contest, Su Yu had told her to not leave right after the contest, for he had something to give her. It was the manual for the Five Dragon Blaze he had found on the silver-robed guard sent by the Empire of Darkness!

Recently, Xianer had occupied his heart; without this letter, he would have forgotten about Yun Yan!

Without hesitation, Su Yu headed for the Inner Sanctum and to Yun Yan's house.

When he knocked, Yun Yan was in her bedroom and could not open the door promptly. She apologetically called out instead, "Junior Su, you can come in. Please wait for me in the hall, I'll be out soon."

Su Yu went in, closing the door as he did and retrieving the Five Dragon Blaze.

Yun Yan had not come out, so Su Yu began reading the manual himself.

It was a powerful Legacy level technique with two stages. It was a pretty complete manual.

Su Yu had experienced its power first hand; it was rather powerful, almost on par with Cao Xuan's Six Fingers of Destruction.

Yun Yan had finally tidied herself, leisurely opening the curtains. She looked up to see the manual Su Yu had in his hands!

She was behind Su Yu, not too far away, and so she could see what he was reading clearly.

As Su Yu read the manual in deep concentration, he did not notice Yun Yan sneaking a peek behind him!

"Five Dragon Blaze Legacy level technique, a full two stages?" A wave washed over Yun Yan's heart. It was another fire style Legacy level technique that she desperately needed. But, in terms of power and how complete it was, it was far superior to the Fire Dragon Mantra!

If she could cultivate this technique, then the weapons from her family Yun Yan was frozen on the spot, her legs unable to move.

In fact, she wanted to plead with Su Yu for a chance to read the manual.

But just how rare were Legacy level techniques? To get access to the Fire Dragon Mantra she had to marry a despicable person.

There was no family that owned a Legacy level technique in the hundred vassal clans, it was hard to describe just how precious it was.

Su Yu was not exactly very familiar with Yun Yan, why would he let her read it?

But she knew that if she missed this opportunity, she might never come across such a precious and suitable technique again in her life!

She was conflicted for a moment. Yun Yan clenched her teeth, going back into the house and trembling as she pulled open the small drawer.

She whipped out the love potion, thinking. "If if I got Su Yu into an uncontrollable state, would he give the Five Dragon Blaze to me? Would that be too despicable?" Yun Yan's heart was immensely conflicted, the Five Dragon Blaze had made a huge impact on her.

If she had this manual, she would not need to care about Li Hao anymore and would completely be free of the shackles of marriage. The crisis her family faced would also be solved in just a few years, and then some.

"This opportunity is once in a lifetime, I need to grasp it! If Su Yu accepts the blackmail then all is fine, if he doesn't I will ultimately not frame him." Yun Yan let out a bitter laugh. She could only scare Su Yu. If Su Yu vehemently refused to hand the manual over, she would not really frame him.

Yun Yan retrieved the Yinyang Wine Flask, prepared the wine and love potion, then hurriedly returned to the hall.