The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1350

Chapter 1350 Annihilate Them All

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Su Yu came forward, looked her over, and placed one hand on her skin to examine it.

"Hmm, what a weird physiqueno, to be precise, it is a weird curse!" Su Yu murmured, not seeing that the woman was excessively embarrassed and flushing red.

However, when she heard Su Yu say that she was carrying a curse, there was a touch of surprise in addition to her anger.

"Based on my perception, this curse is quite powerful. If it is the sorcery of the Holy Maiden Well, judging from the circumstances of this encounter, it is absolutely impossible to reach that level! Could it be sorcery that was cast by the Leader of the Moonwatch Sect?" Su Yus expression was one of surprise.

He talked to himself without giving too much thought to it. However, when his words fell on the womans ears, she was stunned, as though struck by lightning.

"Have you fought with the Holy Maiden?" The woman was shocked. Who exactly was this person in front of her? It was clear that he was not from the realm of the gods, but he could unleash divine power and carried various magical weapons with him!

"The effect of this curse seems to be a kind of witchcraft poisoning, which will slowly rot your body from the inside with venom. In theory, you should have died long ago," Su Yu explained, and then suddenly said, "The reason you could somehow live to this day is that you are fighting poison with poison. No wonder you can bathe in the venom! The reason why you are still unharmed is presumably that your body is highly toxic and counteracts the poison of the Demonic Toad. "

After removing his hand, Su Yu put away the Violet Gold Yin Yang Ring. Now that he knew what was going on, he could not be bothered to look further into it. He gave her a glance and said, "All the best to you."

After that, he left without taking her life.

The woman felt both relieved and surprised at the same time.

Normally, no one could see that she was actually fighting a curse. In the Empire of Darkness, even Shangguan Feiyu was unable to detect it. Only the monarch Yongye Jiuyang knew of it.

What was the deal with that weird-looking being?

However, thinking back to when he was examining her and running his hand over her whole body, she was angry and full of hatred. "I was just taking a good shower and not bothering anyone! Why did he have to expose and touch me like that? Damn it! He had better not let me see him again or I will make sure he will regret it!"

At this moment, a voice sounded:

"Chuxue, who are you talking to?" A handsome, noble and majestic-looking young man walked in and overheard her.

If Su Yu were here, he would find this man familiar. He was Yongye Wuheng of the Imperial Sacred Faction!

The woman named Chuxue was undoubtedly Yongye Chuxue.

Yongye Chuxue blushed and said, "No it is nothing."

"Hmm? What happened to the poison lake of the Demonic Toad?" Yongye Wuheng asked, his face full of surprise.

After that, Yongye Chuxue had no choice but to tell him what happened and express her grievances.

After hearing that a mysterious person broke in, took away the poison lake, and also molested his sister on top of all, Yongye Wuhengs was livid and said angrily, "How dare he do such a thing!"

"Brother, I do not think that he is malicious, otherwise he would not have left me alive. Just let me handle it myself. If I see him again, I will definitely not let him get away with it!" Yongye Chxues pale white face was burning hot.

Yongye Wuheng said regretfully, "Its all my fault that I brought you out this time. You should not have come to excavate that thing together with me when you have a seal on your body. If the seal is lifted, nobody will dare to treat you frivolously. You originally belong to the Level Three Realm. "

A touch of envy passed across the face of Yongye Wuheng.

The world thought that the most gifted person of the past century was Yongye Wuheng, but only a few people knew that his low-key sister was actually even more capable. She was an exceptionally talented person who attained the Divine Path upon birth. Until now, it was a strictly kept secret of the royal family.

Other than her mother, who was dead already, the only other people in this world who knew about the secret were the emperor and Yongye Chuxues brother.

She was stuck with a curse that sealed off most of her power, and she only unleashed her powers a few times before.

She was taking a bath just now and it was inconvenient to rip off the seal. Otherwise, Su Yu would be dead already.

Yongye Chuxues expression became melancholic. "I hope I can find a solution when I go to the Lost Nation."

Then she asked earnestly, "Brother, how is the situation outside?"

Yongye Wuheng said gloomily, "The two deputy commanders were killed by the Holy Maiden, and the three royal brothers are missing. I presume that they have encountered unexpected events. The exits of the Devil and Mortal Realms are blocked. We are likely to be trapped for a hundred years."

"And" Yongye Wuheng frowned. "Something quite unforeseen has happened in the Saint Realm. The Extreme Ice Eye of the Divine Warrior of Ice and Fire suddenly activated and froze the entire Saint Realm!"

After hearing her brothers words, Yongye Chuxues expression was grave. "Brother, can you find out how such a thing happened? If the Extreme Ice Eye erupted, it is not a trivial matter. The entire Empire of Darkness may be within its range. If it is so, the Empire of Darkness could be destroyed overnight. "

Shaking his head, Yongye Wuheng said, "We have no informants. It would be extremely difficult to find out the inside story. The only thing we do know is that they are trying to capture a mysterious being with a dragon head and a human body. It is likely that it had agitated the Extreme Ice Eye. I searched from the memory of a sorcerers soul and learned that "

His voice wavered a little as he went on and said, "This mysterious man had fought with the Holy Maiden and escaped unscathed."

"A dragons head and a human body?" Yongye Chuxue was taken aback. "Brother, the mysterious being who had just intruded on my privacy looked exactly like that! By the way, casually mentioned that he had fought with the Holy Maiden before!"

Yongye Wuheng was taken aback. "So that is the person they are trying to capture?"

After pondering this for a while, Yongye Wuheng suddenly appeared resolute and said, "Chuxue, we may have hope of leaving the ruins!"

"You mean, work together with him?" Yongye Chuxue felt really uncomfortable as she recalled how the stranger touched her unceremoniously.

Yongye Wuheng nodded. "Exactly! The enemy of an enemy is a friend! The Holy Maiden is chasing him, and at this moment, he will be looking for an exit. We can cooperate with him to escape the ruins together."

Yongye Chuxue blushed. Although she was extremely reluctant, she yielded to reason. "Well, I still remember his aura. He went in that direction."

However, before getting out, Yongyu Chuxue masked her face with radiance and completely hid her presence.

The pair of siblings chased after the intruder quickly. After half a days pursuit, they finally found Su Yu.

However, unlike they had predicted, Su Yu did not rush to escape through the exit, but stayed on top of a mountain, carefully laying out something.

They saw a number of golden rays, and after Su Yu finished setting up one segment, he turned his head and looked at them from a distance.

"Yongye Wuheng Yongye Chuxue?" Su Yu was surprised to meet the brother and sister so coincidentally.

However, Su Yu was currently hiding his identity and did not wish to expose himself. He continued to lay out the remaining setup as if nothing had happened.

Yongye Wuheng looked at Yongye Chuxue, and the latter nodded in confirmation.

Yongye Wuheng patted her hand and said, "Let the insignificant details go, or you will disrupt the bigger plan. With the way you look now, he will have no idea who you are."

Gritting her teeth, Yongye Chuxue fought her urge to attack Su Yu and managed to calm down.

Her brother smiled and walked forward. "I am Yongye Wuheng. I heard that you had fought against the Holy Maiden and escaped. I greatly admire your achievement!"

Su Yu listened but did not respond.

"To tell you the truth, my sister and I are also being pursued by the Moonwatch Sect. If you do not mind, we are willing to help you open an exit so we can leave the ruins together."

Su Yu then stood up and looked at the brother and sister for a while. After thinking about it, he said, "Cooperation is possible."

After hearing that, Yongye Wuheng could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, but before he could express his approval, Su Yu continued: "I do not intend to run away, however. I mean to destroy them!"

After Su Yu finished, the brother and sister, who had been through many obstacles and were royal members of the Imperial Sacred Faction, stood petrified on their spots.

Destroy the Holy Maiden? Even Shangguan Feiyu would never dare to utter such arrogant words!

After thinking about it, Yongye Wuheng said, "I may not have heard you clearly. You should know that two Level Three deities of the Empire of Darkness have unfortunately perished at the hands of this woman."

Su Yu replied calmly and without surprise, "Yeah, I saw it."

What? Yongye Wuheng was taken aback. Did he really see it with his own eyes?

"Then you should know the power of the Holy Maiden. Why dont we choose to target the Great Wizard at the exit? He would be easier to deal with," Yongye Wuheng said.

Su Yu looked up to the sky and said, "I originally thought that I would be safe after leaving the ruins, but now it seems that what awaits beyond the ruins will be even more dangerous!"

Su Yus tingling senses alerted him. There was no safe haven beyond the ruins, and it was highly likely that enemies would be waiting to ambush them. Those enemies would be even more terrible than the Moonwatch Sect!

Hmm? Yongye Wuheng suddenly captured the meaning of Su Yus words.

"You mean" Yongye Wuheng trailed off.

Su Yu gave him a penetrating stare. "You would have to ask the Empire of Darkness what you all have been secretly excavating for so many years. I think the secret eventually leaked out and someone else found out about it."

After hearing these words, Yongye Wuheng and Yongye Chuxue were shocked, looking as if they were exposed, and kept silent.

"In short, if you want to venture beyond the ruins, I will not stop you. If you want to stay and help me, I welcome you," Su Yu said indifferently.

Yongye Wuheng and Yongye Chuxue looked at each other. They both believed what Su Yu just said.

If the knowledge that these ruins were the tomb of the Divine Warrior of Ice and Fire was exposed, it was very likely to draw the attention of a more terrifying enemy.

Coupled with the removal of restrictions on the opening of the ruins, they were even more convinced.

Perhaps this expedition harbored even greater dangers than they had imagined.

With a dangerous glint in his eyes, Yongye Wuheng asked, "How confident are you about annihilating the Moonwatch Sect?"

"I would say the chance of succeeding is about fifty percent," Su Yu replied after thinking for a while.

Yongye Wuhengs eyes lit up in surprise. "You are so confident! If you say so, then there is a good chance we can come out on top. Alright, I choose to join in and fight alongside you! As a condition of our cooperation, I hope you can tell me the meaning of your setup so I can assess whether your claim is true. "

Su Yu laughed and said, "Yes, in order to show my sincerity, I will also tell you another thing. The Holy Maiden is not coming along. She is accompanied by a live spirit as strong as she is!"

Yongye Wuheng was petrified. He felt as though something was pressing on his throat, rendering him speechless.