The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1351

Chapter 1351 Mysterious Golden Box

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They already had their hands full with the Holy Maiden. To think that now, there was another powerful and hostile being comparable to her!

Yongye Wuheng could hardly imagine how Su Yu could be strong enough to take on the two of them.

True enough, Su Yu had a record of fighting against the Holy Maiden, but whether or not he could defeat her, let alone confront two such strong beings at the same time, was quite another thing.

"Now, are you still willing to cooperate with me?" Su Yu asked.

Yongye Wuheng considered for a long while, and then said with a bitter smile, "Do I have any other choices?"

All exits were closed. Even if they managed to escape by chance, the outside world could have greater dangers awaiting them.

They could only take their chances in the ruins.

"What are our odds of winning now?" Yongye Wuheng asked.

Su Yu said, "Probably one chance in ten. If any of my calculations are wrong, then even less."

After speaking, Su Yu continued to prepare carefully.

Yongye Wuheng took a deep breath and said to Yongye Chuxue, "This time I have really implicated you. You should have gone straight to the Lost Nation to try to find a way of undoing the curse, but now you are stuck here because of me."

Yongye Chuxue shook her head gently. "I dont blame you. Even if we end up safe and sound, this Su Yu may not make it out alive eventually. With such a large number of the Moonwatch Sects subordinates, they are likely to catch him, and they will definitely not spare him."

Judging from todays situation, the probability of him staying alive was extremely low.

Regarding that, Yongye Wuheng had some regrets. "It is a real pity. I have been wondering this man could comprehend the Heaven-fighting Three Strokes and smashed the door of the hidden chamber. I will not forget the familiar sensation I felt then."

Su Yu overheard it, and his heart skipped a beat. However, he pretended not to hear.

Half a day later, inexplicable oppression was weighing down on Su Yus heart, making him breathless.

Their enemies were coming!

At this point, he did not know which being would show up first.

Su Yu did not stop in his tracks and continued to arrange the setup methodically.

Two hours later, Su Yus heart throbbed. He could sense that the crisis was approaching quickly.

Their adversaries were approaching!

An hour later, Su Yu shuddered all over, and the black dragon scales appeared involuntarily on the surface of his body. They were appearing from time to time as if his body reacted to something of the same origin.

Su Yu looked up and was startled.

He was familiar with the enemy, given his bodily reactions.

Was it the World Annihilating Dragon?

However, if the World Annihilating Dragon came, Su Yus body would probably react even more fiercely.

It was not the World Annihilating Dragon, therefore, but something that was closely related to that being.

"Seems like, despite me having taken away the fragment of the Rules, it refuses to give up," Su Yu smiled coldly. "Okay, since you arrived first, I shall let you have a taste of my power!"

Half an hour later, thunderous roars were heard, and scorching air was blasted from above.

On top of that, a terrible aura that could destroy the world emerged.

Yongye Wuheng and Yongye Chuxue finally realized the advent of this horror. Both of them took in a deep breath.

"What an overbearing presence, full of destructive intent and with the aura of a dragon!" Yongye Wuheng exclaimed.

Yongye Chuxue clutched her chest, her eyes open wide in horror, and said, "Brother, if it comes down to this, you should escape whenever you can."

"You want to undo the seal forcibly?" Yongye Wuheng was getting flustered. "If you undo it again, the spell will erupt completely, and no one can save you then."

Yongye Chuxues eyes were surprisingly calm, as if she had seen through life and death. "Life in this world is nothing but a whisper of wind. If we are going to die, lets fight for a glorious death."

"If my sister has such a strong resolve, how can her elder brother escape like a coward?" Yongye Wuheng became inspired to fight.

"Ahem sorry for interrupting your conversation, but could you lend me a helping hand?"

The two of them were startled. Yongye Wuheng stepped forward and said proudly, "I might not be good at anything else, but I will never back down if Im needed to kill the enemy!"

"Then you had better back down. I dont need you to kill the enemy; your strength is insignificant compared to all my setups."

Yongye Wuheng was slightly relieved, but there was some mutiny in his heart, and he asked grudgingly, "Then what do you want me to do?"

"Go to the Center of the Mortal Sanctuary," Su Yu said lightly.

Not only Yongye Wuheng, but also Yongye Chuxue was equally taken aback.

They never expected that at this critical moment, Su Yus would request them to make their way to the Mortal Sanctuary.

"That place has become a world of snow and ice. Dont tell me you want to try to dig out the genesis civil weapon to turn things around?" Yongye Chuxue was puzzled.

Su Yu shook his head. "Thats not it. I want you to take something there. If that goes well, we might survive after all."

Then Su Yu took out a sealed golden box and gave it to Yongye Wuheng.

"Put this thing at the center of the Mortal Sanctuary, where the genesis civil weapon is. Our survival depends on whether you can do it."

Yongye Wuheng tried to examine what was in the box, but the golden box was actually made from the scraps of Golden Flames Forbidden Wood. There was no way to break into it. Thus, he had to give up on finding out what was in the box.

Yongye Wuheng was startled and said, "If I just need to deliver this thing there, it should pose no difficulty, but would it be possible to make it in time? With my speed, the shortest time it would take me to reach the Mortal Sanctuary is five days Can you hold on that long?"

Su Yu smiled slightly, and a Tai Chi pattern appeared over his head. The brother and sister were shrouded in yin and yang. "I can send you over there in an instant."

Looking at the pattern, both of them gasped in astonishment.

"Tai Chi Yin Yang wings!" both the brother and sister shouted in unison.

They were well aware of the existence of the emperor based saint artifact that used to belong to the Taiqing Divine Warrior.

It was a treasure that was long lost to the world, and ranked 19th on the Eternity Divine Weapon List!

"It is actually in your hands!" Yongye Wuheng simply could not believe this. If this knowledge spread out, even the ruler of the Empire of Darkness would definitely want to take a shot at getting the weapon himself.

One of the divine weapons that the legendary Nine Divine Warriors had possessedwho would not be tempted to lay their hands on it?

Su Yus expression was impassive. "Whether we can leave this place alive or not depends on you two."

"Wait," Yongye Wuheng said. "If this golden box can turn things around, why dont you take it over there in person, rather than staying here and risking your life?"

Su Yu smiled helplessly. "If I dont keep the enemies at bay, do you think it will be possible to get this thing over there?"

Yongye Wuheng was full of admiration and bowed low. "I have nothing but admiration for you, but lets entrust this mission to my sister. I am not convinced that my skills are so very insignificant compared to your setups. How do I know if I dont try? "

Seeing the unquenchable fighting spirit in Yongye Wuhengs eyes, Su Yu could no longer dissuade him and gathered all the yin and yang energies over Yongye Chuexues head.

Yongye Wuheng did not give her the chance to speak and passed the golden box to her.

"Wait, dont" Yongye Chuxue was surprised.

However, before she could refuse, the yin and yang flowed and instantly transported her hundreds of millions of miles to the center of the Mortal Sanctuary.

Su Yu and Yongye Wuheng, who stayed behind, looked at each other, and nodded. They cast their eyes towards the distant sky.

There, they saw four fuzzy figures, their auras full of power and grandeur, taking the world by storm.

The dark-clothed youth that was leading the group came forward with his hands clasped behind his back. His face was grave and stern, and his whole body was exuding a disturbing aura.

Su Yus pupils shrunk slightly. It was indeed the aura of the World Annihilation Dragon!

The three in the back were no strangers to Su Yu.

The creature with a cold, proud look and a golden longbow at his back was the Arrow Slave.

There were also the Thunderbolt Immortal, who was shrouded in thunderbolts, and Black Flame Immortal, who was surrounded by black flames.

The four of them came from the skies, and their presence was overwhelming.

"Midgets, we finally meet." The dark-clothed youths tone was indifferent, full of contempt, and tinged with a little annoyance.

Su Yus face was impassive. "Yes, we meet again, you good-for-nothing."

The dark-clothed youth smiled coldly, his splendid white teeth gleaming brightly in the sun. "Good for nothing? Are you talking about yourself?"

"Oh? Who was the one that attacked aggressively but was suppressed for billions of years instead? Was it you?" Su Yu said. "Not only were you unable to kill me, but you also let me snatch the treasure away. Now you decided to retaliate and sent a delegation to look for it. That was your doing too, wasnt it?"

"So, as far as I understand, instead of looking for a hole to crawl into, you were so full of yourself that you actually thought you could strike back. Are you still looking down on others? Do you really think you are so amazing?"

The dark-clothed youths face became icy cold, and a murderous glint appeared in his eyes as his smile got sinister. "You sure run your mouth a lot! However, I am not here to squabble with you!"

Tilting his head, the dark-clothed youth looked at the three beings that accompanied him. "Arent you all here kill him and recapture the descendants of the Royal Annihilator? I shall leave him to you guys!"

Hearing this, Yongye Wuheng was shocked. Did descendants of the Royal Annihilator still exist in this world? Werent all of them killed back in the day?

Furthermore, these people actually fell into Su Yus hands! How could it be?

If the divine blood of the Royal Annihilator was refined, how much would it be worth?

The Arrow Slave was slightly surprised. It was clear that the dark-clothed young man could easily kill Su Yu. Why did he need their help?

However, they were confident of their ability to kill Su Yu. Thinking to their defeat of back then, they were more inclined to kill him themselves.

"Leave the Arrow Slave to me!" Yongye Wuhengs eyes were sharp, and he deduced that the Arrow Slave would be the most troublesome opponent.

Su Yu shook his head slightly. "I can deal with all of them."

Back then, when the four of them were pursuing him, Su Yu had suffered a lot.

Now, however, things were different.

"Haha, listen to him! After a mere half a year, he has not made much progress at all, but his tone has sure become arrogant! Back then, when we chased him, he ran like a dog with its tail between its legs. Now he dares to bark at us," the Arrow Slave said. Thunderbolt Immortal and Black Flame Immortal sneered as well.

Su Yu said, "Four Level Five deities ambushed a junior Level Four Mortal Fairy. Not only did they fail to kill me, but they also lost one member of their gang. This kind of laughable battle record became a glorious accomplishment in your descriptions. Alas, the descendants of Arrow Slave have fallen from grace. Its really sad!"

The Arrow Slaves expression froze, and his spirits sank. Thunderbolt Immortal and Black Flame Immortal also had a gloomy look upon their faces, and their eyes were downcast.

"That was because of your cheating and trickery," Arrow Slave tried to argue back but was interrupted by Su Yus laughter.

"This is what losers will say to defend themselves."

Arrow Slave held his breath, and his expression became stern. "Thunderbolt Immortal and Black Flame Immortal, no need to talk nonsense to him anymore. Lets end this quickly!"

After that, the three jumped into the air, hastening towards Su Yu. The Arrow Slave pulled back his arrow from a distance, suppressing Su Yu with his shooting skills and buying time for the Thunderbolt Immortal and Black Flame Immortal to perform a combined attack with fire and thunder in full swing.

The corner of Su Yus mouth curled up, and he laughed. "Re-using old skills? Im not so sure you will have the opportunity to do it again!"

Then Su Yu raised his left hand.

Suddenly, the wind and clouds shifted, and two majestic black lights crossed thousands of miles of mountains and rivers and formed a Tai Chi symbol in the sky.