The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1352

Chapter 1352 The Imperial Warrior Sword Formation

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The pattern of Tai Chi shrouded the area, covering all three of them.

Arrow Slave sneered. "An ambush?"

With that, he retreated first.

As a god with a long-range attack type, standing out of the enemys attack range was his usual strategy.

However, just as he moved, an icy cold wind suddenly swept towards him from outside the Tai Chi pattern.

Arrow Slave was frightened and channeled all the divine power in his body, in an attempt to forcibly break through the storm and leave the area covered by the Tai Chi pattern.

Alas, not only did he fail, but he was also pushed into the center of Tai Chi pattern by the storm.

"Tighten!" Just as Arrow Slave was frantically trying to react to the situation, Su Yu let out a low murmur and the Tai Chi pattern in the range of ten thousand million feet shrank rapidly.

It shrank from ten million feet to one million feet, from one million feet to one hundred thousand feet.

The external storm also shrank with them, making them unable to escape the pattern.

Arrow Slave said coldly: "To capture the thief one must first capture the king. Once we eliminate Su Yu, the ambush will break by itself!"

He raised his golden longbow, pointed it at Su Yu, who was away from the storm, and shot an arrow.

The long golden arrow penetrated the atmosphere. It remained within the storm for quite a while before it successfully passed through it and headed straight for Su Yu.

Su Yu was busy mobilizing his powers at that moment and could not move.

Just as it looked as if the arrow would penetrate his body, icy blue light suddenly appeared all around him.


The long arrow contacted the ice-blue light, but could not go in any deeper. After a few moments of stalemate, it finally fell to the ground.

At this time, the Tai Chi pattern compressed further so that only ten square feet of space remained covered.

Arrow Slave finally looked anxious and cried, "Its too late to perform the combined attack! Lets break out!"

Thunderbolt Immortal and Black Flame Immortal were shaken by what they heard and startled by the situation in front of them. There was no way in which they could possibly manage to perform the integration of Divine Power.

The three of them utilized all kinds of magical artifacts they had and all their Divine Powers to resist the rapidly shrinking Tai Chi pattern.

Alas, the Tai Chi patterns strength was unstoppable and it continued shrinking with astonishing speed.

Ten feet, eight feet, five feet, three feet, one foot!

Finally, the pattern was condensed into a mere half-foot!

The three of them were squeezed together forcefully.

At this time, the Tai Chi pattern finally showed its true powers. Seeing it, Arrow Slave and the two others were extremely frightened.

"Sacred artifact belonging to the Xue Nation of the Northern Territory the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang?" This artifact, which ranked 70th, was extremely famous. The number of powerful beings that had died because of these rings was countless.

There was no exception. In the end, they would all be squeezed to death.

"Quick! Lets channel our Divine Power together! With the three of us working together, it is possible to counteract the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang!" Arrow Slaves face turned serious and anxious as he called out desperately.

He never thought that, a few months after they last met, he would find himself in such a position when facing Su Yu again.

When the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang compressed again, the Divine Power of the three finally resisted their force and managed to stop the rings from contracting further.

Arrow Slaves face was as gloomy as dark water. He said sternly, "If I do not kill him today, I am not worthy of living!"

"Then you should just be a ghost," Su Yu said lightly. He took out a delicate-looking peacock.

The peacock flew in the air, and the circular halo of its feathers sent out a beam of magical light that shot at the three.

Suddenly, divine light appeared everywhere. Arrow Slave seemed to have his heart stuck in his throat and said in horror, "This is this the Peacocks Plume that had killed the Silver God, a Level Two deity, in that war of the past?"

As soon as these words came out of his mouth, a ray of light shot straight at him.

The Arrow Slave was terrified. He immediately grabbed Black Flame Immortal and pushed him forward to conceal himself behind him.

Within a moment, the divine light struck Black Flame Immortal, who shattered into pieces. He did not even have time to scream in pain.

Thunderbolt Immortal was furious: "Arrow Slave, you"

As soon as he uttered those words, another ray of light shot out, aiming squarely at Arrow Slave.

Arrow Slave was frightened and yelled, "You Su Yu, cant you break the net with me? Must you really bring me down?"

"Hehe, to this day, you still have the guts to talk about what happens when a net breaks. If you die, the net wont break!" Su Yu said coldly.


The divine light struck once more, and Arrow Slave tried to shift his position again. However, Thunderbolt Immortal resisted his attempt and said. "Arrow Slave, you cowardly dog! You deserve to have your race destroyed so that only your souls remain! When the gate of the late royal family was attacked, you betrayed them. Now that we are being killed, you betray us again! No wonder you were transformed into puppets. Haha, you truly deserved that"

Arrow Slave seemed to be deeply affected by these words, and his face turned gloomy. He pulled a spear out of his sleeve and pierced Thunderbolt Immortals head from behind. He then said, "Now you just shut your trap!"

Thunderbolt Immortals eye was pierced by the arrow and he thrashed in agony. With the last bit of his strength, he spoke, "Hey, Su Yu, his key weakness is between his brows. He cant be killed by shooting other parts of his body, so dont misfireuh"

The Arrow Slaves wrist turned, and the arrow twisted, ending Thunderbolt Immortals life completely.

"His brows, why then, thank you." Su Yu said. Without showing any emotion, he raised his longbow, which was made out of Golden Flames Forbidden Wood. "The last arrow is for you."


Along with divine light, the golden arrow moved forward, leaving a trail of afterglow behind it. It headed straight for Arrow Slave with its mark on the deadliest target, the spot between his brows!

At this moment, even if he wanted to escape, he had no chance.

At this juncture of life and death, Arrow Slave yelled at the dark-clothed youth: "Master, if you do not act now, when do you intend to do so?"

"Hehe" The dark-clothed youth, who was watching from the sidelines, had an evil smile on his face. He took a step towards Su Yu. "Who gave you the authority to kill my men?"

With those words, the World Annihilation Dragons breath covered the entire sky.

If the Holy Maiden were present, she would certainly be jealous of that terrible blaze.

However, Su Yu did not even bother to look and said coldly, "Get lost!"

As he said those words, he took a step forward.

Suddenly, the world was booming and shaking, as if being torn into pieces. A mighty roar of thunder flooded through the entire barren universe, shattering the eternal time and space.

Shocking and rising, the thunder turned into an astonishing force capable of defeating any counter-power.

The dark-clothed young mans complexion suddenly relaxed and he raised his arms.


As if he were suffering from an omnipresent bombardment, the dark-clothed youth ripped off his shirt, exposing a dark body covered with scales.

His entire body had craters everywhere, looking very much like a Martian landscape.

The dark-clothed youth retreated a few steps, and the corner of his mouth overflowed with black blood. It seemed that he had suffered many injuries.

At the same time, a piercing scream broke through the sky.

Arrow Slave managed to avoid the divine light of the Peacocks Plume, but the point between his eyebrows was penetrated by the residue light of the arrow tip. A group of his soul fragments drifted out.

His eyes were dimmed, and Arrow Slave was now unable to compete with the Violet Gold Rings of Yin Yang.

With a rattling sound, Arrow Slaves body was squeezed tight until he exploded. With that, he had completely disappeared from the world.

Yongye Wuheng was shocked to see all that had just happened before his eyes.

In the beginning, he was somewhat annoyed by Su Yus evaluation of his own powers. He had truly felt that Su Yu was not doing him justice, and did not have complete trust in Su Yus judgment.

However, he was now utterly convinced!

Su Yu killed three Level Five gods in one go. This was something that Yongye Wuheng could not possibly achieve.

What had shocked him the most was that he actually knew very well the style of fighting that was used earlier.

The stance of the Heaven-fighting Divine Warrior, the first step of the Heaven-trampling Three Steps!

In the blink of an eye, Yongye Wuheng realized who this strong being in front of him really was.

He was Su Yu!

The same Su Yu who fought against the Holy Maiden and snatched away holy artifacts from the royals of the Xue Nation of the Northern Territories!

Su Yu was also the one who stole the seven-colored poison pool!

Having finally figured out his companions identity, Yongye Wuheng could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. He was actually glad. If his sister would consider Su Yu as a potential husband, any other frivolous sins of his could be ignored.

For a while, Yongye Wuheng could not help but laugh. This was a guy who could thoroughly comprehend the Heaven-trampling Three Steps! His sister would be lucky to get such a man.

In contrast with his joy, the dark-clothed youth was extremely gloomy.

After all, he failed to save Arrow Slave and was injured himself instead.

The disdainful arrogant look on his face was long gone, replaced by blatant murderous intent. He gritted his teeth and said, "Fine! Good The essence of the combat skills of the Heaven-fighting Divine Warrior; to think that it actually fell into your hands!"

What he cared about right now was not the death of Arrow Slave, but his own pride and ego.

Su Yu raised his hand and grabbed the Violet Gold rings, pulling them back. He then drifted towards his opponent and said indifferently, "Waste always remains waste. You could not even protect those that you had meant to protect. You can only open your mouth and speak gibberish."

Hearing this, the dark clothed youth in the sky laughed wildly. "Ant! Dont think I dont know that you set up an ambush here! You are merely waiting for me to strike! Looking at it, it seems that the ambush is almost exposed, isnt it?"

He let his three followers attacked first; this was not done without reason. It was a test to see if Su Yu had set up a trap for him.

After all, Su Yu not only survived under the fragments of the Rules but also refined the fragments into superior power. Could the World Annihilation Dragon handle that?

Yet he only knew that Su Yu arranged an ambush and nothing more. Thus, he needed to be a little more attentive.

With that, the evil young man shook his body, dissipating the powers left around him and turning into a fierce thousand-foot-long World Annihilation Dragon. He roared loudly and flew across the sky.

Seeing this, Su Yu said with sarcasm, "Exhausted all your means? Before running off, shouldnt you try to find out more about me?"

"Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation!" Su Yu shouted without giving his enemy a chance to respond.

Suddenly, the area all around him started shaking.

Nine brilliantly dazzling golden suns suddenly appeared in the sky. They hang from the heavens and surrounded thousands of miles of mountains and rivers.

The sky, the earth, the mountains, and the rivers were rendered golden by the sunlight, and it looked as if the entire world fell sparkled.

Yongye Wuheng looked up. Facing the dazzling golden light, he could not open his eyes.

Not only was the golden light blinding, but there was also a sharp and terrible formation of swords in the atmosphere. They solidified from the golden light and poured down to the ground.


Yongye Wuhengs sense of danger gave him a sharp warning. He immediately withdrew from the edge of the mountains and rivers.

Although the swords had never been deliberately set up to target him, his intuition told him that if he stayed on, he could very well be killed.

He withdrew from the mountains and rivers, stepping back thousands of miles. Yongye Wuheng then immediately channeled his divine power to his limbs and veins.

Tiny needle-like objects were forced out of his pores.

In addition, deep within him, there were countless traces of fractures.

The flesh, the viscera, and the bones also had injuries that could not be detected by the naked eye.

Yongye Wuheng took a breath of cool air and looked up at the nine suns again. Horrified, he said, "What kind of sword array is this? Wait, why is it looking familiar? Perhaps I have seen it before?"

The World Annihilation Dragon was surrounded by the sword array and frowned slightly. "The Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation Another inheritance to the world left behind by a former emperor. You have the shadow imprint of the nine emperors of a bygone era! I really do not know what kind of creature you are. Even as the World Annihilation Dragon, I cannot see through that yet."