The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1353

Chapter 1353 The Dragon Swallows The World

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"However, even the ancient emperors couldnt stop me, so what is a mere sword array?"


The dragons long tail swept across and the world collapsed. The mountains and rivers dried up, the atmosphere shook, and one side of the world was destroyed, turning into nothingness.

In the sky, the nine bright suns shimmered violently, and the golden light started flickering.

Su Yus face was calm and his hands came together to make a sign. "Cut!"


In an instant, the nine golden suns in the sky changed their positions, leaving numerous blurry imprints of themselves in the sky.


Suddenly, there was a muffled sound, followed by an anguished dragon howl.

A golden long sword pierced the body of the World Annihilation Dragon. A flow of dragon blood gushed from the wound to the outside world.

"Ah! Ants! This is Golden Flames Forbidden Wood! This wood I had destroyed it! It cannot exist anymore!" The World Annihilation Dragon roared.

Su Yu closed his eyes, manipulated another gold sword to cross the void, and aimed for the World Annihilation Dragon again.


There was a muffled sound, and nine Golden Flames Forbidden Wood swords penetrated the body of the World Annihilation Dragon but did not manage to kill it.

Su Yu frowned slightly. The tough and resistant body of the World Annihilation Dragon was indeed incredible.

According to Su Yus calculations, there were not many creatures in the world who could be able to withstand the nine-sword array forged from the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood.

Yet the World Annihilation Dragon, and actually, all World Annihilation Dragon-related beings that contained its breath, were as tough as could be.

If it were any other god, except maybe those that used the top thirty royal sacred artifacts, they would be killed instantly.

The body of the World Annihilation Dragon was struck by the Nine Handed Golden Sword, but that did not cause much damage to him. Instead, it further enraged the dragon, making it roar out in anger: "Ants! No one who ever attempted to harm the dragon had a good end; you shall be no exception!"


With a loud hiss, the body of the Dragon suddenly trembled, and a turbulent dragons breath spewed out of its mouth, turning into an endless flame that enveloped thousands of miles.

Su Yu was the target of the concentrated flames.

This dragon breath was different from Su Yus dragon breath.

Su Yu stared and muttered: "Seven Colored Poison Pool!"

Su Yu held his hands up towards the sky, and a turquoise bead emerged from the hidden void. It then opened suddenly.

Endless colorful liquid sprayed down from it, much like how the heavens filled up the Star River.

The liquid was fragrant and full of the smell of spirits.

Raining down from the sky, it fell on the dragons breath flame. It sprayed the dragons breath all over and the flame was instantly thwarted.

The powerful flame of the dragons breath was soon extinguished.

The remaining quantity of spiritual fluid poured over the body of the dragon.

Suddenly, its scales were corroded, but as they were so durable, it caused the dragon almost no harm.

However, at that instant, the nine golden swords that had penetrated the dragons body managed to dig further into his flesh, corroding his body from the inside. This was due to the effects of the spiritual fluid that had corroded the dragons scales.


The World Annihilation Dragon screamed loudly. One could clearly see the colorful poison gradually spreading across his entire body.

"Ants!" The World Annihilation Dragon was furious. He thought that Su Yu had exhausted all his tricks. He had not anticipated that it was merely the beginning and that Su Yu had even more powerful moves up his sleeve.

However, even that was not enough to cause severe injuries to the World Annihilation Dragon, let alone kill him.

Stubbornly bearing the pain, the World Annihilation Dragon laughed angrily. "This dragon has not eaten a soul for a long time. You shall be the first in a billion years!"


The dragons roar once again shook the sky, and the entire ruins trembled.

The dragons inner power caused all nine golden swords to fly out of his body, one by one.

The wounds left behind healed quickly.

At the same time, a flame of dragons breath came out from his body, burning uncontrollably.

A trace of colorful mist could be seen flying out of its pores.

He was so powerful that he made the venom inside his body evaporate!

"Divine Dragons Devour!" The World Annihilation Dragon opened his mouth, and the whole surroundings shook wildly.

The horrifying sucking force that was produced pulled mountains and rivers into the dragons mouth.


The earth exploded, and continents spanning hundreds of thousands of miles were cracked and torn far apart. They had split apart in an instant, and then they were all rolled up and headed towards the mouth of the World Annihilation Dragon.

In the Mortal Sanctuary, hundreds of miles away, the ice and frost had shattered into countless fragments.

Yongye Chuxue, who had just deposited the golden box, was stunned by the sudden fragmentation. She hurriedly retreated and was just barely able to resist being sucked in.

The gods who had just arrived at the center of the Xueyao area were shocked by the overwhelming power they experienced. Fear and uncertainty showed on their faces

The sucking force swept many wizards away, propelling them through the air as they screamed.

The Holy Maiden was solemn. She immediately lifted her hands and made a seal whilst she uttered a majestic and boundless mantra, shielding all the people present.

With that, they managed to stabilize their footing.

The Grand Wizard was horrified. "Holy Maiden, what magical power is this? It is so terrible!"

The Holy Maiden looked calm but was rather pale. "As far as I understand, it is that mysterious black-clothed youth. As for the move this is the magic and power of the dragon, Divine Dragons Devour!"

"The dark-clothed youth is actually a dragon?" The Grand Wizard was shocked. "No wonder it is so terrible! This Divine Dragons Devour, I am afraid it can swallow the entire area easily!"

The Holy Maiden shook her head and said, "The current Divine Dragons Devour is only a fraction of the actual power. Otherwise, not only the entire area would be swallowed up, but a Median God as well.

"The true Divine Dragons Devour was created specifically to devour the Median God."

The Grand Wizards throat seemed to be blocked, and he was speechless for a moment. Then he took a long breath and said, "Then we"

"No need to go after our enemy anymore. If he is also chasing that creature, we dont have to do it ourselves!"

However, just then, the Holy Maiden suddenly perked up: "Wait, whats that? Why are there suddenly over a hundred more gods breaths?"

After staying silent for a while, the Holy Maiden said, "Let s go and take a look. The situation seems to be somewhat fishy!"

They were far away, many hundreds of millions of miles from the epicenter. However, they were still affected so much by the tremendous force. She could only imagine the devastating effects on Su Yu, who was in the Xueyao Area.

Once the Divine Dragons Devour was utilized, the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation was immediately swallowed!

Yongye Wuheng could not resist it either and was sucked away instantly.

The four great wizards guarding the exit of the Xueyao Area, the great wizards guarding the city, except for those in the Mortal Sanctuary, all souls, relics, and historical remains were swallowed by the dragon.

Looking at the whole region at this moment, it was a shocking scene indeed!

Where were any traces of the ruins? All was bare everywhere, exposing the magical space power.

The atmosphere, the sky, the earth, the spirits and everything else that could be swallowed were gone. Only the magical space power remained, and even the frozen river below could be seen through the barriers.

Above the barren land, a dark dragon continued sucking up everything like a bottomless pit.

In front of him, there was a slim figure standing, and behind that figure, there were hundreds of thousands of transparent shadows.

Those shadows worked together against the Divine Dragons Devour to prevent the lone figure from being sucked in.

After a long time, the World Annihilation Dragons sucking power weakened.

The mouth of the World Annihilation Dragon closed. Its huge blood-red eyes stared at the figure before him, and he could not believe it as he stared at the hundreds of shadows soaring behind Su Yu.

It looked like many gods were supporting Su Yu, who seemed like a divine king leading them all.

In particular, one of the extremely powerful figures startled the World Annihilation Dragon, who said, "Heaven-Defying Divine Warrior! Impossible! Such a high-status god, how could he seek refuge with one that is clearly far beneath him?"

He looked at Su Yu again, obviously shocked. "Say! Who the hell are you? The heavens and earth surround you and so do the Nine Emperors. Even the Heaven-Defying Divine Warrior is willing to become your Divine Laksana. Just what kind of creature are you?"